Here’s a review
in the light of the Rostov dusk. As promised. Homie says it, homie does it.
And if he don’t. he says once more. Ando is coming…
Where are you coming from, btw? [A]: Where am I NOT coming from?
From Simferopol. Where else were you, guys?
[A]: We traveled almost the whole Crimea. And Armen stayed there, didn’t he? [A]: Armen lives there, just in case. Oh, okay. I got it.
[A]: Well, he didn’t want to but he stayed there. Yeah, if someone’s missing some backstory,
just recently we had this review of their Elantra Ando did it for our dear Armen Armen, the owner, is from Simferopol So the guys took this mini-tour And Armen stayed there,
and Ando promised to drop by on his way back and show us the car in its intermediate condition. This project is not over yet. [A]: So many requests.
Well, let’s show it then. So, he’ll tell you about it and I will try to find an angle
where the sun doesn’t blind you that much We have a nuclear
Rostov dusk today. So, the first thing we see –
well, rather hear The project’s not done yet,
but the main thing is in place It’s already playing, it has
the quality and the volume. And, sure, you can’t
render it with a microphone but I hope you guessed
by the echo how loud the car was playing. And it does
deliver good frequency rendering. Ando will tell you about
the system composition now What hits the eye right away is that there’s the exterior
and there’s the sound. So, I’m guessing
the interior is not done yet. [A]: Yes, the interior is not finished [A]: And the port is not set up at all. [A]: In the front, we were supposed
to have 20 cm (8″) speakers [A]: but we didn’t have the time.
These covers, I rented them from our guys [A]: So there are 14 pairs of Sylvesters. Fourteen?!
Are you going to close the windows? [A]: Right now?
– Nay, in general. Raise the covers. [A]: Oh, that? No, I’m not going to. That’s a new trend I wouldn’t say I disapprove it
but it’s really dangerous. I think the view shrinks a lot. [A]: Yeah, dangerous
and very inconvenient. But you can install more speakers. [A]: Nah, I’m more
comfort-oriented right now. [A]: I’m not chasing high volume and so on. The seats are not from here, are they? [A]: These come from a BMW. Check this out.
A Russian car with comfortable seats. [A]: The front is fed by Deaf Bonce 1500.2 Is it the AUG one? [A]: No, the old one.
– Oh, so, the Apocalypse. [A]: This one comes from the Almera. [A]: Here’s a good old 12-kW GR This is an old one.
[A]: Yeah, some real old school stuff. But it’s a bit of a lottery, though.
But good for a couple of shoots around the year. [A]: And for the tweeters, we have
here a Machete 80.4. This one here, right? What’s there?
[A]: There is nothing there. So, we got really convenient navigation
through this iPad here. And we can turn some music on from here?
[A]: Yeah, sure. The head unit is an Alpine 92 and it’s painted with what exactly? [A]: This is real copper. Okay, a coppered Alpine. See, he’s taking coppering
to a whole new level Usually, the body can be coppered
to avoid interferences and stuff and Ando coppered it
from the facade, too. But copr… [A]: Corp… Whatever it is,
I don’t think it’ll save from interference. We got this here… FYI, this is
the largest subwoofer in the world. ‘Ural’ seem to have a bigger one
and they’ve labeled it as 34″ This is a 32″ The guys from Alphard didn’t believe it,
grabbed a ruler Is there another way for men
to resolve their differences? When all arguments are through,
men just grab a ruler and they measured it.
Turns out, the basket here is the same. I wasn’t there, I don’t know. In the previous review,
the one with Vasya from Pyatigorsk, there were two Urals
and I was confused whether to write 32″ or 34″ The claim is 34″
but they measured and got 32″ This is a fair 32″,
in claims and per the ruler. And ti’s here alone. This is probably the first car –
after that ’02 – with a single 32″ sub on board. The ’02 was a temporary project
to see how the sub operates. I think they got 163 dB.
[A]: Yeah, 162-163 or so. It does deliver.
Gotta mention the flaws right away. Of course, the motive part
weighs a crazy lot. And I think this sub
won’t move fast enough to vers the higher pitch. And I’m generally sceptic
about single coils. You’ve already felt it, right?
It’s not easy to play it up. Yeah, this is more
of an image project, a music one. Clearly, it’s not gonna give out…
Well, maybe it will give a result. [A]: No, man, I’m not trying
to get a result here. Look. [A]: I’ll show you one thing
just don’t laugh, okay? What about noise proofing?
[A]: I did it just for comfort. I’m not seeking results. I mean, those times are gone, man. [A]: As long as it’s warm and quiet.
– The times when you needed it to be loud are gone. Plus, Ando has earned his reputation…
[A]: Yeah, whatever needed to be proven was proven. Show us the rear.
I suppose there’s some lithium? [A]: In the back here I’ve got
my very first lithium from the golden Almera. Still with that paint on, huh? There’s some honey from the Crimea.
Ando is bringing some honey for his daughter. [A]: I glued all of this for now
because it hasn’t been finished. [A]: It’s gonne be completely different. See? The guy just like that
put together a project that may take some people
a few years to make. [A]: This is the port here.
It’s got no opening, no nothing. [A]: Even the fur gets in the way. I can’t even catch it on tape.
I need to go round, I guess. [A]: From the inside. There it is! So, have you done any measuring,
like, for frequencies? [A]: No, not ever. I don’t even know
what it’s set for right now. Tell us about the exterior. [A]: Yes, the important stuff.
This is natural copper, too. [A]: It’s not copper paint.
This is, as Asatur said, [A]: it’s called blue vitriol or something [A]: This is copper. Well, something that contains copper? [A]: Not ‘containing copper’,
this is THE copper. So, this is a copper car?
[A]: Asatur painted my car personally. [A]: Huge thanks to him for that.
This is just out of this world. How much would it cost if I came
with no discounts and stuff, just from the street? [A]: Pain job like this
would be about 250k. [A]: At the least. [A]: And that’s considering
your car is a Lada ’13. Leave Moscow for the regions! Here, this job would cost
some 15,000 rubles. And if you find an Armenian garage…
They’ll do it for 4,600. You’ll have to finish
the job yourselves, though. And it probably won’t be copper. Well, how is this done,
what’s the technology? [A]: Well, only we know
how it’s done. Come to us, and we will do it. Expert comments are on their way! [A]: If you havent’ noticed,
these honeycombs paly with the light real well. [A]: Lighter here, darker there.
– Yeah, they are irridescent. [A]: If you followed the project
you could’ve seen we had quite a few options [A]: I posted photos
and different options of the ’13 [A]: Well, we ended up doing it
completely different. The wheels are not original
but we will say they are… [A]: Yeah, the rims are not original
but let’s say they are. In case you decide to sell the car. Have you replaced the brakes yet? [A]: The wheels are quality
and they look really nice. that’s the key. [A]: And this BBS will go, too.
Most likely we’ll put a monkey there. The assassin one?
[A]: You bet. Look! I actually missed a teeny detail.
Both Armen and Ando have a grenade here. But Armen’s is just a grenade here. And Ando has a grenade
and then another grenade. Looks exactly like a real one! Okay, now Ando will play a bit for me here
and then we’ll take a trip around the town, right? But only in places
where no alive people live. Or they do
but they love music. If you are listening
without hadphones or decent speakers you don’t hear a sh*t off your phones. Turn on some headphones! Profoundly deep. So, what can I say?
It’s a great start. I loved the upper range.
The thing gives a really nice punch. The eigh… Ah, almost said
‘the eighteen’. The 32″ punches really bad. Kicks your heart out. But there is no hurricane yet.
That’s something to be finished. Well, I mean, it’s liquid.
It’s all trebbly – the roof and the trunk lid. If you make it blow hard
the car will be busted.I’m telling ya I know that for sure. We’ll take a spin and listen to some music
from the outside, just like you love it. People have been asking for it a real lot! My bad. I haven’t done in a long while.
Sorry for that, guys. And given we have a ’13 here!…
You can see this is a ’13, right? So, we’ll play some music, make some footage
from around, and you just lay back and enjoy. And we’ll drive into the sunset! Right, right, we forgot!
We haven’t played it yet and still forgot to say it.
Should I say that or will you? [A]: Let me.
– Okay, last time Armen did it. Go. [A]: Bye, everyone!
Kive LOUD. That was hideous, huh? No, it was okay.
Let’s do it like this. You’ll say, I’ll make it in slow-mo,
and it will be like a bass boost. Okay, say, ‘Bye, everyone,
live LOUD’ in bass boost. [A]: Bye, everyone.
Live LOUD. [A]: Hi, everyone.
We’re having an unusual review today! Look at him!
He knows the stuff! Play some, play some for Zebra.
Hey, Zebra! You up for some music? Of course, you are! Dance! Look, it’s gonna dance now. .. Will you?
[A]: Alright, let’s do this.


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