Подсветка в домике Silver Family

Подсветка в домике Silver Family

Hi everyone! In this video i’m going to show you how we will make an illumination in my toy house and what will come out of it.
I almost stopped playing with it this house seemed boring to me and that’s why we decided to add an illumination to be able to use it in the evening in the dark or as a bed light.
And finally to make it cooler to play with. We going to add an illumination to the branches, to the kitchen, to the first and ground floors and to the birdhouse. So lets begin the project! To do so we will need: wire, power source and usb cable, cutters and LED bulbs, hot glue gun and a soldering iron Cutting, drilling, soldering, assembling! This is how the house looks like at daylight. Everything is visible, but you going to do in the evening? That is why we made an illumination.
And at dawn you can easily turn it on and everything is visible. Like and share! Be an optimist!

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