नॉमिनी गोल्ड खरपतवार नाशक|दाम|NOMINEE GOLD herbicide price in India|Uttar Pradesh|AGRIL CAREER

नॉमिनी गोल्ड खरपतवार नाशक|दाम|NOMINEE GOLD herbicide price in India|Uttar Pradesh|AGRIL CAREER

season of rice cultivation means headaches of weed problems then what should we do so to avoid this headache welcome to the YT channel AGRIL CAREER everyone myself DEVENDRA..farmer’s friend we practice many activities in order to avoid the weed problem in rice..from the beginning till last we do practice at the time of nursery preparation! or at the time of rice transplantation…like puddling..or use of some organo chemicals here we will talk about NOMINEE GOLD, and how you can get it?? it better works in the field of rice!! there is a substitute of NOMINEE GOLD….that is TAKILA..maybe you have heard about it the product shown on your screen is for govt. supplies only(INDIA) you can also purchase it from the general market, but it will cost you much you can see the label….FOR GOVT SUPPLIES ONLY you can get it from your respective blocks !! contact there for the details or you may contact the district agriculture officer you may see the composition of this product and how to use it on which crop , but remember this is for rice only the market price is 835 INDIAN RUPEES net content 100mL so what is the dose , here it is …100mL is for one acre (1hectare=2.5acre) lets see the results now on the paddy/rice field you can the only greenery of the field…no loss of chlorophyll algae can be seen accompanied with azolla the azolla is natural …it is not cultivated if rice field has algae then azolla will surely grow !! the field looks better the absence of weed provides full nutrition to the rice crop which results in better vegetative growth and finally leads to the better yield this variety is quite thick…this is rice plant ..not sugarcane(lol) the leaves are quite green and healthy no infestation an attack of insects/pests , as we cared much at time everything proper vegetative growth the availability of water boosted the growth treated properly with ogano-chemicals hope you enjoyed the video this is the aerial view of the field perfect !!!!!! hope you liked the vieo hit like , do share and comment what organo-chemicals do you use? is it simple 2,4-D ,NOMINEE GOLD? or is it TAKILA ? HIT THE subscribe and post notification button , see you up next!!


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