▶ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Black Skeleton REVIEW, Rose Gold, Openworked – 15407OR.OO.1220OR.01

▶ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Black Skeleton REVIEW, Rose Gold, Openworked – 15407OR.OO.1220OR.01

Welcome to jaztime.com. Today, we’re gonna be
reviewing the Audemaurs Piguet Royal Oak, Double-Balance
Wheel, Open-Worked Skeleton. 41 millimeter, reference
15407OR.OO.120OR.01. We’re gonna go through some pricing, The bracelet, the dial, the movement, and let you know where
you can purchase this at jaztime.com for the lowest
price anywhere online. So, let’s jump right in. As of 2016, the watch
retails for $76,800 US, and you can buy it at
jaztime.com for $76,700. The watch was released in 2016. It’s limited. Only the boutiques get them, meaning not all your
AP-authorized dealers have them. Just the boutique stores have them. Very limited quantity, so, hence, it’s a very desirable piece. This is actually one of
my personal favorite ones, so I’m proud to present this to you. Now, let’s go ahead and
start with the most obvious and most coveted part of this
watch, which is the dial. The dial, as you can see, is skeletonized, meaning you can see right through it, and you can see the inner workings of it. It actually uses the same
movement as the other Royal Oaks, except it’s
been heavily modified. It still uses a caliber
31 32, but, of course, with a lot of modifications in it. So, talking about the dial,
we’re gonna have to talk about the movements, since
you can see right through it. Now, there are 245 parts
to this caliber 31 32. It has 38 jewels, and a total diameter of the movement of 26.59 millimeters. And it looks pretty darn cool. It also has a power reserve of 45 hours. And I might mention,
the reason they call it a Open-Work Double-Balance Wheel Skeleton is because, do you see
where my thumb is pointing? That’s the first balance wheel, and do you see where my
thumb is pointing now, at the two o’clock position? That’s the second balance wheel. And the reason they have
two balance wheels here is because it allows for the watch to be that much more accurate. In fact, Audemars Piguet
climbs that it makes it a lot more accurate, and I believe them. So, let’s move on to the bezel. The bezel is gonna use the
famous octagonal-shaped bezel, with white gold screws that are polished, so you have a brushed finish on the bezel, and a polished screws,
and what you’ll notice about these screws, if you look closely, is that the screws are actually octagonal. Have you ever wondered how you get an octagonal screw in here? You can’t just turn it. Well, in fact, you get it from the back. Do you see how the back
has circular screws? You screw it in from the back. And this whole plate, this
whole piece comes off. Mmkay? And one of the good things
or awesome things about AP is you’ll notice on this
bezel, when I’m turning it, you’ll have a high polish
on the outside of the bezel, brushed right where my thumb is pointing, and then you’ll have,
again, high-polished screws. I mean, the polish on the APs, Audemars Piguets, is really amazing. Now, let’s move on to the bracelet. The bracelet itself is also very amazing. And you’ll notice here that it has, of course, it’s made
of 18 carat rose gold, or, as they call it, pink gold. Now, here’s what I’d like
to draw your attention to. AP does such a great job
polishing that you’ll notice here, you’ll have, at the edges,
you’ll have a high polish where my thumb is going back and forth, and then, where my thumb is
going back and forth here, it’s actually brush polish,
and it’s kind of hard for you guys to see this, but
if you look really carefully, right where my thumb is pointing, in between, that’s high polish, and in between the lugs is high polish. I mean, looking at it up close,
it’s really quite amazing. Now, let’s move on to the buckle. The buckle is using a deployment style, double-deployment, so
you simply press here, in the center, and it pops right open. Now, I’m gonna bring your attention to this part of the buckle, and that it has the hallmarks for gold. Can you guys see those
hallmarks at the edges? They’re really quite small, mmkay? Let’s take a look at the
hallmarks on the caseback now. Now, as I told you,
the movement’s probably the most special thing about this watch, and you can see, from this video, take a look at that movement. Now, it still uses the 31 32, but it’s just heavily modified. And you’ll notice up at the top, you’re probably wondering
what those things are, those are actually
hallmarks, gold hallmarks. Okay? So, just a recap, this watch is limited. As of 2016, it was produced. They used to make a 39
millimeter version of this. Now, they make a 41
millimeter version of it. That’s the case size from my
thumb to my index finger, 41, and I might add, as well, that the height or the width of this is nine millimeters. It’s much thinner since
it’s part of the Royal Oak collection, not the Offshore collection, and therefore, it sits
much better on the wrist. And this watch retails for 76,800, you can buy it at jaztime.com for 76,700. You might be wondering, why
should you buy it at JazTime when it’s almost the same
price at the authorized dealer, and that’s because this
watch is absolutely limited. Nobody has it. JazTime does have it, and it’s brand-new. It’s exactly the same as getting it from the authorized dealer. So, check us out at jaztime.com. If you like this video, press
the subscribe button below, or check us out at jaztime.com, where we offer a free warranty, free shipping, and a low price guarantee. We can’t wait to see you at jaztime.com.


  1. Beautiful watch, but someone else needs to review this watch, because his lack of knowledge is quite evident

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