▶ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, Black Index, UNBOXING & REVIEW – Rose Gold, Leather

▶ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, Black Index, UNBOXING & REVIEW – Rose Gold, Leather

Hey guys, it’s
Ken from JazTime.com and today we’ll be going over the Audemars Piguet’s
Royal Oak Chronograph in the rose gold. The model number for this
watch is 26320OR.OO.D002CR.01. But of course we’ll have
a link to this watch in the description below. So before we start we’ll
be doing that unboxing, reviewing of the case. I’ll show you how to adjust the time. We’ll also go over the
strap and I’ll show you where you can find this watch
for the lowest possible price. So when buying this watch
you can expect the watch to come in this large AP box along with booklets of information located underneath the outer box. One is the instruction
booklet of the Chronograph and the second one is the
certificate of guarantee or the warranty. So let’s move on and review the case now. So the case size is 41
millimeters in diameter. The thickness of the
case is 10.8 millimeters and has a nice low profile
as you can see there. So this will fit under
a suit cuff very nicely, very easily, it won’t get caught. The bezel is of a rose
gold octagonal shape with a high polish around the sides as you can see it’s very
much more reflective. It gives it a nice shine around the edges. And the dial color is black and it has that nice square pattern and that’s what Audemars Piguet calls the grand patissier pattern. The dial also contains
white index markers. White index markers and hands
are fashioned in 18 karat rose gold to prevent any tarnishing. Additionally, there are three subdials each track a different
measurement of time. As you can see here on the left we have a 12-hour cycle,
the 12, three, and six, nine are indicated there. The bottom subdial
tracks a 60-second cycle as the 60, 15, 30, and 45
seconds are labeled there. And on the right we
have the 30-minute cycle which has a 10, 20, and 30 label there. And between the four and
five o’clock position we have the date right there and I’ll show you how to adjust that as we move on to the crown. So let’s review the crown now. The crown is located here at
the three o’clock position and it is currently in wearing position, meaning that the crown is
screwed in against the case and is ready to wear. Rotating it out counterclockwise
will unscrew the crown and pop it out to the
hand winding position. During the hand winding position the watch can now be manually wound 20 to 30 times clockwise as you see here. Any more and it might damage the watch. With a light tug of the crown we’ll set it to the date position in which you can adjust
the date very quickly as you can see between the
four and five o’clock position the date just easily
swaps as I go clockwise. There’s a click every
time I swap to each date. Very useful than having
to do two revolutions of the hand around the dial
to switch the day only once. With a final tug this will set the watch to the hand setting position which you will be allowed to
set the hands bidirectionally and along with that that
will stop the seconds in the subdial down here
once pulled out fully. And you can go ahead
and screw that back in. Always make sure to
screw this crown back in nice and snug against the case as it keeps this watch water
resistance up to 50 meters or 330 feet, okay? So now you’re probably wondering why isn’t the main second hands moving? Well this is because this
watch is a chronograph which is a fancy way of
saying a stopwatch or a timer. So basically the top
chronopusher located here at the two o’clock position you just have to unscrew
it counterclockwise and it pops it out and what that does is it actually starts the
second hand’s movement, as you can see it go now. And you’re probably wondering
well what the purpose of this? Well, when you press it in
again it will stop the movement and the purpose of the chronograph is, well some back history, the
chronograph was invented to track the lap times during horse races so you could start the timer
when a horse starts its lap and you can also stop the
timer when it finishes its lap for accurate time tracking as the subdials on the left and right here will move over one tick. Obviously, once this makes one revolution it’ll make a minute tick down here and once those two
revolutions the subdial, the left sudial will make
one tick for the hour. ‘Cause this tracks 30 minutes
and that will track an hour and this whole dial will track one minute. So once you stop the timer, rather once you stop the
second hands from moving it allows the bottom chronograph pusher located here at the four o’clock position, it allows it to reset the
hands back to the start as shown there. See the hand moves back. I can demonstrate that one more time. So the hand moves and you stop
it at the five minute mark or five seconds mark and bam, resets. That’ll reset the main seconds hand here and the two subdials on the left and right back to the 12 o’clock position as well. Once again, always make sure
these are nice and screwed down back against the crown. And another thing to mention is the timer cannot be
reset once it is moving. So you have to stop it
before you can reset it. Okay, so let’s move on to
the back of the case now. So the back of the case has
the Royal Oak model name shown in the middle there. You can see very shiny, very reflective, and it’s finished off
with that satin finish bordering around it and
additionally it has the high polish around the bezel as well
as you can see there. Kind of very similar to
the front of the case which has that satin finish on the bezel with that high polish
around the sides as well. The movement of this watch
has Audemars Piguet’s in house movement called a self-winding
caliber 2385 movement. It is a movement with
a 40-hour power reserve and it’s made up of 37
jewels and 304 parts that all synchronize together to allow the chronograph function and the adjustment of the
date, as you saw earlier, to adjust the date very
quickly and very easily. So let’s go ahead and
review the strap now. So the strap is a black
alligator leather strap. It’s very simple, very durable and the strap tapers from
the case down as you can see is a little bit thicker as
it gets closer to the case as it goes down into a smaller taper and this actually keeps that nice, it keeps that nice curvature
shape against the wrist and it also has Audemars Piguet’s name embossed onto the inner portion
of the strap right here. Very cool, very beautiful strap. The buckle is Audemars Piguet’s
18 karat rose gold buckle it has the name Audemars
Piguet indicated there as well. It works a little bit differently. It actually has the little
portion actually punches into one of the holes and sits on top of one of the clasp blade. This single clasp blade is
actually a very unique design because it actually helps
keep that curvature shape, keeps the curvature shape of the strap when you wear it so it’s
very nice, very nice to have. So let me go ahead and show
you this watch on my wrist now. Okay, so here’s that watch on the wrist. Look at that, it’s very beautiful. Look at that high polish
on the side of the bezel. It’s very, very nice. Very reflective. The dial is also very beautiful. It has that black really contrasts with that 19 karat rose gold
and it just really pops. Oh and overall, look at that,
even the profile, very low. It will fit under suit cuffs,
once again as I mentioned. Will fit under suit cuffs very well and just an overall very
classy, very nice watch. That really isn’t too busy of a face. So if you have any
questions about this watch please leave a comment below. If you wanna buy this
watch or any other models for the lowest possible price
please check out our shop at JazTime.come. We have the lowest price
guarantee, a one-year warranty, free shipping, and if you like the video please like and subscribe. We got lots more to show you guys. Thanks for watching, hope
to see you guys soon.


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