▶ BLACK vs. BLUE Rolex Submariner Two-Tone COMPARISON – 18k yellow Gold, Ceramic Bezel, 116613

Welcome to jaztime.com. Today we’re gonna be
reviewing the Rolex Submariner in two different colors. On my right is gonna
be the blue Submariner and on the left is gonna
be the black Submariner. Both of ’em are a 116613. Now let’s take a look at the difference. Now obviously since these
have the same model number of 116613, they’re gonna have pretty much all the same features and
well it’s the same features. The difference being,
obviously you see the one on the right is blue and the
one on the left is black. Now is that the only difference? Well, in fact pretty much yes. The clasp, the bracelet,
the case, the crown, they’re all gonna be the same. The only difference is one
is blue and one is black. Now where is it blue
and where is it black? You can see on this bezel here that my right finger is goin’
around, that’s all blue. And along with the dial. And you can see on your left here that this is all black on the bezel and all black on dial. And that’s pretty much the difference. Now we made this video because a lot of you
guys at home can’t decide between black or blue. And we wanna put them side by side so that you can do it from home and decide, do I wanna go with black or do I wanna go with blue? Now I’m gonna give you some hints from my personal taste on this. Because I’ve seen more than 10,000 watches and most people, in general, when they’re picking up
the two-tone Submariner, they’re looking for the blue one. The blue one you see on the right. And that’s because blue,
it’s more of a special color than the black one and it’s specific to just the two-tone and the white gold. Whereas black, you see
here, it can look similar to both the stainless and the yellow gold. All right? You’ll also notice here, the
dial is slightly different between the black one and the blue one. What do you notice about the
writing in the black one? The writing here is actually white. Whereas on the blue one,
what color is the writing? The writing is actually gold. Okay, now I’m gonna try this on my wrist and let you guys see what you think. What do you think would
be good for you guys? Leave it in the comments below. What do you prefer? Do you prefer this black one
that you see, black and gold. Or do you guys prefer more the blue one that you see on my right wrist? Which one would you wanna wear? Black or blue? Leave it in the comments section below. If you like this video, click
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