▶ Rolex Datejust 41, Silver Index, Fluted White Gold Bezel & Steel, Jubilee REVIEW – 126334

▶ Rolex Datejust 41, Silver Index, Fluted White Gold Bezel & Steel, Jubilee REVIEW – 126334

Hey guys this
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JazTime.com once in a while. Today we’re gonna be reviewing
the Rolex Datejust 41. This is the model number or
reference number, 126334. We’ll be going over the
dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards
the end of the video. So jumping right into the dial, we have the silver
index dial, which is one of the standard dial
types that you can get on the Datejust 41. As it is a dress watch, there are a few other
configurations for the Datejust 41 so if you’re interested
in the silver dial, you can see that beautiful silver dial. It does have the sunburst
style dial as well, you can see the sort of
contrasting of the light with a higher against the darker as I sort of tilt in against
my light source here. But if you’re not interested
in the silver dial, you feel like it’s a little
bit too plain for you, you wanna do a little bit better, that also comes in a blue dial as well and also dark rhodium. And if you’re feeling, you wanna go a little bit more plain jane, then there is also the white dial as well, that does not have the
sunburst style features where it’s just a nice flat white dial, sort of like a polar
dial from a Explorer II. Besides that it also does come
in a special slate colored, green, roman, a slate dial with green Roman numerals all around. We actually do have this in a longer video for that on our YouTube channel, if you wanna check that
out, in that specific color. Otherwise you can also go more luxurious and get diamond hour markers. They’re fashioned in 18 carat white gold to prevent any tarnishing and
that’s diamond hour markers in either the blue or black dial. And also you can get it in
the mother of pearl dial as well, if you wanna go above and beyond. But the Datejust 41 is so
very, a very simple watch. Very recognizable as it follows
the same Datejust structure of the Rolex crown logo at
the 12 o’clock position. Made out of the 18 carat white gold. Index hour markers all throughout, except for the 3 o’clock position where it has the date
window with a cyclops lens on top of that sapphire crystal for magnification easier
viewing of that date. The hour markers and
the hands are fashioned out of the 18 carat white gold,
as I mentioned previously. It’s to prevent any tarnishing
from happening on the watch. The white sort of, white
indices and the tips of the hands are luminous,
so that means this watch, it does glow in the dark
for up to eight hours with a highly legible Chromolight display with long lasting blue luminescence instead of the green luminescence. So this watch will be easily
readable during the day and at night as well. Moving on to the the bezel now. The bezel is a very beautiful 18 carat white gold fluted bezel. This is the only other white
gold portion of this watch. You can see it captures light very nicely, as you’ll see sort of like the sunburst, it works in conjunction with it. Nice highlights with the lighting but also you see little glimmers
of contrasting of the dark, that really brings more of that shine out. If you’re to be driving in your car and the sunlight were
to be sort of beaming on this fluted bezel, you’ll
see sort of a disco light show on the ceiling of your car and it just looks absolutely gorgeous. This is also made with
conjunction with mind the lugs of the watch, you can see the casing, the lugs themselves are
a very nice high polish to sort of frame the dial,
frame nicely in the shine. And you can see it from
the side profile as well. Nice high polish on the side matching with the sides of the bracelet. And on the other side of
the, as well with the crown on the 3 o’clock position
with the Rolex crown logo on the crown itself there. As the name states, Datejust 41, it is a 41 millimeter watch so from my index finger to my thumb here, that 41 millimeters in diameter. Once again I wanna show you the profile. You can see it’s not
too thick of a profile. That is actually one of the
updates from the Datejust II. This is the successor from the Datejust II and we actually do have a
comparison video of that. The older style model, the
Datejust II model versus the 41. But the basically summary of
it is that lugs themselves, the bezel, the case sizing,
all nice and slimmed down. So it doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist, it doesn’t feel to bulky, it doesn’t sit too high off the wrist. It feels very comfortable and
will sit under dress cuffs so it cuffs very nicely and very easily. This is a very grab and go wear watch. So we’re gonna go a head and
move on to the crown now. So the crown functions are located here at the 3 o’clock position. We’re gonna go ahead and unlock that by going unwinding it
counter-clockwise as shown. And in the center position, this is where you can wind
the watch by going clock-wise and all you need to do is about 15 to 20 full clock-wise turns to get the watch started once more and for the power reserve of that, we’re looking at about
a 70 hour power reserve. And we’ll talk more about
that towards the movement. But bedsides that, pulling out the crown to the next position, oop, actually let me move the minute hand out of the way there. You’ll be able to adjust
the date instantaneously, as shown just by going clock-wise. Just very easily, very simple to use. And then pulling the crown
out to the final position, it will stop the seconds
hand or the hacking movement. You see the seconds hand has stopped right before the 6 o’clock position. You will be able to set
the time bi-directionally and down to the exact seconds such as to an atomic clock online. You can set it to the exact second timing. So pressing the crown back in will start that seconds hand once
more and always make sure to screw your crown nice and
tight in against the case, as you wanna keep the water
resistance of this watch. This watch has a standard
Rolex water resistance of 100 meters or 330 feet. Once thing I did forget to mention, the crown is a Twinlock
water proofing system, which helps get that
sort of water resistance of the 100 meters and 330 feet. Moving on to the bracelet now, so the bracelet is a five-piece link Jubilee style bracelet. It has a nice high polish down the center, coming all the way,
starting from the bezel. High polish of the lugs
matching very nicely, straight down the middle. And then the outer of
the five-piece links, the larger sort of half circular portions of the links are nicely
satin finish, brushed steel to add that sort of contrast. It will work very nicely together to bring out more shine
out of the bracelet. It is interrupted however by the clasp, as the clasp uses a sort of
sportier style looking clasp with the folding oyster clasp. So you can see the nice
high polish down the center, even on the Rolex logo
and then the satin finish. And the onto the other
side of the bracelet. You can see the nice tapering
from smaller to larger. And you’ll see that same patterning of the high polish down the
center three piece links and the satin finish on the outer two. Of course if you’re not interested
in the Jubilee bracelet, this watch does come on a
oyster bracelet as well. So that is an option but
one thing that I mention is that for the Datejust 42
up from the Datejust II, another thing that had changed is that they changed out the clasp. So it used to be, or rather the Jubilee
bracelet wasn’t even offered in the Datejust II. This is new to the Datejust 41 line. Where it has the Jubilee style bracelet but they’ve updated the bracelet. Instead of being a full
patterning of Jubilee, it’s stopped by the oyster
clasping now and not too, not quite sure about the change in design but it’s still very
beautiful none the less. So we’re gonna go ahead
and open the clasp now. You’re gonna see the Rolex
name embossed on there. On to the high polish of the clasp blade. I show you from this side as well. See that very nice curvature of the clasp will fit underneath your
wrist very comfortably. So there’s that high polish once more with the Rolex embossed. And we’ll go ahead and close that up. So we’re gonna go ahead and
move on to the movement now. The movement is housed in
this oyster case backing. You can see nice satin
finish on the backing of it with the high polished
around to border around it. The movement itself is
an updated movement. It is a 3235 movement now. The 3235 movement is an in-house made, perpetual self-winding
mechanical movement. As I’ve shown you what the
functions of the watch itself, we have the usage of the
center, hour, minute, and second hand, instantaneous
changing of the date, and stopping of the seconds
hand for precise time settings, I’ve shown you with the crown functions. The power reserve of
the watch I did mention, is a 70 hour power reserve. And it is an update from
the previous movement, which was a 3135, which had
a 48 hour power reserve. So we have almost a whole additional day onto that power reserve. And you’ll be able to put
this watch on Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday afternoon, it’ll be keeping time just fine, or a Monday afternoon rather, it’ll be keeping time just fine. They’ve also updated a few other things. One of the things they updated is that they added a high performance
Paraflex shock absorbers. Which is an in-house made
shock absorbers for our Rolex which they claim will
absorb 50% more shocks than the industry standard
KIF shock absorbers. And of course the oscillator is still a paramagnetic Bleu Parachrom hairspring, which adds a resistance against
magnetism for this watch. Now let me go ahead and show
you this watch on my wrist now. There we are. So you can see, very different change with the Jubilee bracelet. It doesn’t really, it doesn’t,
I did like the previous style where it’s just Jubilee
straight throughout but the clasp is so just
a nice little touch to it. I so think it is a good
step in a right direction. And there is the watch on my wrist. I do have an average man’s size wrist. This is a seven and a half inch standard. And you can see it a little
bit wiggle room there. Can see that beautiful
silver dial, the sunburst. You can see that sunburst
working very beautifully, you can see the contrasting
of light down from the center with the sort of lighter
shades of that silver area. And in conjunction with that fluted bezel, looks very beautiful. The high polish just looks
absolutely gorgeous making this dress watch really pop. So if you’re interested in
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