▶ Rolex Sky-Dweller 18k Yellow Gold, Champagne Dial, Arabic UNBOXING & REVIEW – 42mm, 326938

▶ Rolex Sky-Dweller 18k Yellow Gold, Champagne Dial, Arabic UNBOXING & REVIEW –  42mm, 326938

Hi, this is
Chris at Jaztime.com. Today, I’m going to be showing you the Rolex Sky Dweller in yellow gold. This is a brand new Rolex Sky Dweller. It’s reference model 326938. Let me open up the box here. This is a brand new watch, and we’re gonna see what’s inside the box. We’re gonna take a look at the papers. It’s a Rolex 326938, as you can see here. Warranty card, it’s got two. The actual watch itself,
let’s pick up this beauty, get a good close-up of this. Okay, so this is a yellow
gold watch, a yellow gold case with a yellow gold bracelet, oyster links, as you can see this is a half polish, half polish meaning that this
is actual a mirror finish on the center links,
and also a satin finish on the outer links, here. It has an oyster, Oyster
deployment, safety deployment. Open up the watch this way, by peeling off this deployment this way. Let’s hold this watch in our hands. This is a real beauty here, this is a 42 millimeter watch. It has several different complications, and we’ll go through them. It’s actually a GMT function. It has an annual calendar function. It has a quick hour jump feature, and it also has a quick date switch, that can go up and down rapidly. Look at that, focus. This has all the
attributes or the functions that all the other watches have, that’re actually useful
on a day-to-day basis. One of the best things about this watch is how Rolex designed the bezel to be used as a command bezel. And, what do I mean by that? You can switch between
the various functions, in order to set the time and
the date and the calendar, and I’ll show you how it works here. In the neutral position,
the watch, this bezel will actually move as
you see me turning it. That’s another function,
that’s another function, that’s another position as well. And, the original position
that I showed you here is a neutral position where, when you take out the
crown, you roll it around, it doesn’t do anything. This watch is set, it’s ready to go, okay? Now, if you did want to set
the watch from a dead start, you would actually be putting
it into the first position, and I’m doing that with you right now. This is the first position, okay. Now, that it’s in the first position, I can go ahead and pull out the crown, and I can set the time. As you can see, the time is
actually moving around in there. The hour and the minute hand are moving, and you can see in the center dial, the white dial with the numbers on it, that’s the GMT position. So, at 22, you’re looking
at ten o’lock tonight, okay? So, after I set it to 22
right here on that GMT, that’s ten o’clock at night. Now, we can actually turn
it to the third position, and I can adjust the quick hour jump here. You see how the hour hand
is jumping around in there without the minute hand moving? However, every two times I do this, it’s gonna change the date as well. You just saw that right at
the three o’clock position, where it changed from the
sixth to the seventh, okay? Now, we’re gonna adjust
one more thing here. We’re gonna adjust the date. Gonna pop that crown
back in, adjust the date, and now we’re on the
date setting function. We’re gonna pull that crown back out so we can adjust the date, and you’ll see it’s
going now really quickly. What I want you to notice here, when I’m actually switching the date, if you look at these rectangle windows, right outside of the Arabic numbers, there’s little rectangle openings, which allow you to
actually see the calendar, so for the first hour
marker, you’re looking at, I guess, January, February, March, April, May, June and so on. So, when I changed it to
the 30th, you can actually see it right here at the
three o’clock position, that black marker. And, it’s gonna switch to April, hopefully you guys saw that. I’ll do that again one more
time so you can see that. After the 30th or the 31st, it’s going to switch to April
right here, there you go. Let me do that one more time,
and have it change to March. And, you’re gonna see it
switch from April to March. There you go, that’s pretty cool, huh? Okay, after we’re done
setting that time and date and calendar, you can actually
pop this crown back in, and set it back to the neutral position, where you can actually just
wind the watch and set it, and pop it on your wrist. Now, for now, this watch is only available in precious metals, such
as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Maybe sooner or later, they’re gonna come out with a stainless
steel, who knows? Only Rolex knows, really. It’s a beautiful watch, not to overbearing on the wrist. It is a 42 millimeter watch. You can definitely feel it on your wrist, but it is really rugged,
really well-built, and it has a ton of different functions that you can actually use
on a day-to-day basis. And, thank you for watching. If you like this video,
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