▶ Rolex Submariner, yellow Gold, black Dial & ceramic Bezel – REVIEW 116618LN

Hey guys, this
is Kevin from JazTime.com and today we’ll be reviewing the Rolex Submariner
reference number 116618LN. We’ll be talking about the
pricing, the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards
the end of the video. Okay, so you can get this watch from an authorized Rolex retailer for $34,520 or you can come to Jaztime.com and get it for as low as $25,700 as of August 2017. Moving right on to the dial now. The dial is very basic LD Submariner. We have the maxi dial which
are 30% larger hour markers, indicated by these circular hour markers, the index six, nine, and
the triangular twelve. These markers are fashioned
in 18-karat yellow gold to prevent any tarnishing
and additionally they do glow in the dark with a blue, highly
legible Chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence. The colors these styles
come in is a blue dial and the black, which I have here. Also, the bezel blue or
black as well corresponding to the dial color. Next off, we have the Mercedes hands, which is the circular hour hand here with the minute hand as well. They are fully filled with luminescence and also fashioned in
18-karat yellow gold as well. At the three o’clock position,
we have the date window with a cyclops lens on
top for magnification and easier viewing of that date. Besides that, very basic Submariner dial. Moving on to the bezel now. The bezel is a unidirectional
rotatable 60-minute graduated, scratch-resistant
Cerachrom, which is a name for the ceramic that Rolex uses. And it’s numerals and
graduations are coated in a gold. What that means is that these
individual index markers along with the Arabic numerals 10, 20, 30 they are all coated in gold. The stainless steel
model of the Submariner, they’re coated in platinum but this one is just full gold on gold. Rolex has opted to use
ceramic for the bezels now as the ceramic keeps that
color throughout it’s lifetime and gives a very nice
shine to the watch as well. Additionally, one of the hugest properties of the ceramic is it’s
incredibly scratch-resistant. So it’s a very, very
nice feature to have now. Besides that, as I mentioned, it is a unidirectional rotatable bezel. As you can see,
unidirectional only being able to move to the left. And the use for the bezel
is it tracks elapsed time. So, this is a diver’s watch
so, with divers in mind, for divers that wanna keep
track of their oxygen levels, so they would just move the
pearl dot to the minute hand. Let’s just say that their
oxygen level started there, they know they probably have
maybe 10, 20 minutes left of oxygen and they can
see that minute hand track that elapsed time across that bezel. But, as I stated, it is unidirectional so it cannot go backwards. It can only go forwards and
that’s just for protection in case they accidentally bump the bezel and it shifts it back a little bit and gives them a false
reading of their oxygen, how much oxygen they have left. Besides that, if you’re not a diver, it’s good for every day use as well. Such as if you’re running a mile, you can also track how fast
it takes you to run a mile. You got a business meeting,
you can see how long and how efficient those
business meetings are by tracking the elapsed
time with that bezel. It’s a very simple feature to have. Just gonna reset that there. Alright for the case size, you’re looking at a 40 millimeter case. From my index finger to my thumb here, that’s 40 millimeters in diameter. The case, of course, is
all 18-karat yellow gold. For the profile of the case, not too high. It will fit in a suit cuff,
dress cuff very nicely. And of course, we have
the very nice high polish on the side of the case
that patterns very nicely with the bracelet. On the other side as well, same thing. We have that nice high
polish 18-karat yellow gold with crown protectors on
the right side of the case to protect the crown, of course. The crown itself also
18-karat yellow gold. And it’s a screw-down Triplock,
triple waterproofness system that unwinds counter-clockwise, rather unscrews counter-clockwise. And that pops it out to the first position in which you can wind the watch and you go clockwise for that. You wanna do it 20 or 30 times, no more as you might put too much
tension on the movement and you might damage it. A simple tug of that crown will allow you to adjust the date instantaneously
going clockwise as shown. And a final pull out of
that crown will let you set the hands bi-directionally. One thing that I’ll mention
is that the second hand, or the hack movement, will stop and that’s for precise
time setting such as if you wanna set your watch
down to the exact seconds on an atomic clock, you can. And, of course, always make
sure to press your crown nice and tight and screw it nice
and tight against the case as you want to keep this
watch water-resistant. Specifically for the
Submariner, you’re looking at water-resistance of
300 meters or 1,000 feet as this is a diver’s watch. Now for the bracelet. It is a little more of a
hybrid of a dress watch and a sports watch. As you can see that the
oyster bracelet has a nice, high polish right down the center and that’s juxtaposed by the satin finish or brush-steel outer piece links and that goes throughout
the whole bracelet. As you can see, same pattern on the clasp and on to the other side of the bracelet. And that’s all 18-karat yellow gold. That’s solid gold, not gold-plated. So for the clasp now. We’re looking at a safety
folding oyster clasp, as shown. This is the little safety
which is this little hinge here that locks on top of the folding oyster. And here’s the clasp
plate, nice high polish with the Rolex name embossed
onto that clasp plate. One neat feature to show you
guys is that behind the clasp, we have what’s called the
Glidelock extension link which is these little rivets
on the back of the clasp. That allows for two millimeter
increment adjustments for the bracelet. And that’s easily done
by pulling the bracelet at a 45 degree angle and you
can go ahead and just pull that bracelet outwards for a maximum of 20 millimeters of adjustment. So that’s how it looks all the way out. And press it back in and
that’s how it looks back in. So it’s a very nice feature to have. Mainly it was kept into
with divers in minds for wetsuits and such. You would be able to
adjust for the wetsuits for the small little millimeters
it would add to your wrist. However, it can also be used
for every day things now, such as if your wrist swells up from heat then you can adjust for
a little more comfort and vice versa if it’s colder. Also, if you wanna pass this
watch down onto somebody else, say your son, you can also
adjust it very slightly for their wrist as well
without having to take it to a jeweler and having
them remove a link and such. So it’s a very nice feature to have. Alright so moving on to the movement now. So the movement is housed
in this oyster case back. And it’s Rolex’s tried
and tested movement. It’s their perpetual, mechanical, self-winding caliber 3135
movement that has been used for over 10 years now. So you know it’s an
incredibly reliable movement. They’ve tested this
movement over and over again so you know this movement will last you. It has a precision of minus
two, plus two seconds a day. It has the functions of
the center hour, minute, and seconds hand with the
instantaneous changing of the date, as I’ve shown you. And then you have the
stopping of the seconds hand for precise time setting. The oscillator is a paramagnetic
blue Parachrom hairspring and it winds via a
bidirectional self-winding via perpetual rotor. The power reserve of the Submariner is approximately 48 hours. Meaning you can put this
down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday evening and it should still be
keeping time just fine. So I’m actually gonna go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now. So, once again, safety
off, folding oyster open. Very simple. Snap, snap. And there it is. Very beautiful watch. The high polish on the
bracelet, it pops very nicely because adding that
additional shine all around and just that black ceramic bezel definitely adds a nice
shine to it as well. And knowing that that
black will last throughout it’s lifetime, being incredibly
scratch-resistant as well, very nice to know. Alright, so, if you’re interested
in purchasing this model or any other model for
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