Hey guys! Today we put the GoPro Hero 3 black and the GoPro Hero 4 silver to the test and I think it’s a quite fair comparison because both cameras can deal with the 4k resolution at 15 fps and the GoPro Hero 3 gets already discounts, so they are almost at the same price range by now! So this is how the cameras are mounted I will also show you a white balance test, but I wasn’t sure if I did everything right, because the results were kind of strange so I checked back in the manual, but both cameras were set on “auto white balance” mode The problem is we have kind of strange situation here, I used two construction beams with each 400 Watt and even the Panasonic camera which is now recording this green screen setup can’t deal with this situation. Thanks for watching! I think GoPro did a really good job on the Hero 4 specially the low light performance is amazing, and also the white balance was a surprise. If you have questions put it in the comments, also give us a “Like” or “Subscribe” and see you next time! Bye!


  1. Very interesting comparison, thank you. Amazing how much better the low light shots look with the new model. Not to mention the white balance—with the Hero 3, even the outside shots have a yellow tinge to them.

    In our GoPro Hero 4 silver vs. GoPro Hero 3 black comparison test the new model from GoPro Inc. proves how much engineers worked on refining a product which was already outstanding!! WATCH THIS!! 😉

  3. why did you split the screens? it would be better if you used like 5 seconds of full screen hero 3 and switch to full screen hero 4 at a time.

  4. Hero  3 black? I think that is just a hero 3 silver vs a hero 4 silver because the 3 printed number on front appear to be grey ,not black, or can that hero 3 camera record on 4k at least at 12/15 fps?.

  5. What kind of exposure control is there in a gopro. Shooting into the light for example. The colour balance seems better on the 4. The 3 is underexposed a little I think. About .25 of a stop equivalent. Thank you for posting the video.

  6. Very good job! I like how you even did the sound comparison! I have never seen that before. The Hero 4 does look much better. Good stuff! If you folks want to see a low light test of the GoPro and the DRift, check this out: GoPro versus Drift Ghost-S low light test: Indoors/Party

  7. You are not using a hero3 black edition. In 0:50 you clearly show that you are comparing the hero4 to the hero3 silver. The difference in video quality between the hero3 silver and the hero3 black is enormous. Very misleading!

  8. hi rtcmanga… i hope u will reply to this question….what would u suggest that i should buy?? the go pro hero 3 black?? the go pro hero 4 silver?? or the go pro hero 4 black which is an extra buck for that matter..?? i badly need your advice… kinda new at this. . .

  9. were these tested in the case because if the hero 3 was in an older case it might cause the yellowing effect. this is quite common with many plastics and even in glasses

  10. Hi there,

    What would you recommend to buy? The gopro 3+ or the gopro4 silver?
    Cause this movie is about the 3, not the 3+ right?

  11. Great! – I really liked watching that vid. But Utube for me here on my equipment slows down a little – its my ISP not this site but its annoying at times! I am sure we have only a few differences and I like ur technique u have. When you have a mo please view the appropriate videos on my channel (see playlists) and tell me your opinion of them. All comments gratefully recieved! Good luck with your channel!!

  12. hello, Id like to use the go pro for pictures mainly, maybe some video, a website says the hero 4 silver doesn't have 4k, but the hero 3+ black does, any suggestions? nevertheless i see they have the same camera quality picture wise, and in your opinion does the lcd screen matter that much, is it an inconvenience not to have it? please reply thank you!

  13. So you are usingtoyota in germany, well hero 4 was at left 3 at right and labels at oposite way, then i wont say anything 😀 i dont like world 🙂

  14. Bin die ganze Zeit am rätseln, 3+ Black oder 4 silver. Liebe es Unterwasservideos zu machen und mit der Familie Fotos zu machen. Ist die 4 silver wirklich dafür geeignet gute Fotos zu machen?? Vielen Dank, super Video

  15. Boa tarde amigo… gostaria que vc me ajuda se quero comprar uma go pro so que estou em duvida se compro a 3 black ou a 4 silver qual das duas e melhor? me ajuda gostaria de saber rapido para que possa comprar logo e usar no carnaval… aguardo

  16. Hey i hope you see this one.

    Im planning to get gopro hero3+ BE.

    Its around 350$ now.

    What is the comparison between 3+ BE and Hero4 Silver. Please enlighten me kinda new at this. Thanks!!

    Great vid btw!

  17. Any suggestions between HERO4 Silver vs HERO3+ Silver?
    I may do dog sledging/skiing/hiking, so just wondering which one is better since I heard they are more or less the same. I am considering HERO3+ Silver because of its cheaper price, and I still need to buy a SD card and a handhold mount. Thanks!

  18. You say you're comparing Hero 4 Silver vs Hero 3 Black but in reality you've compared Hero 4 Black vs Hero 3 Silver – see 4:30 and 0:50 for confirmation.
    I've both, and Hero 3 Black is somewhat better than Hero 4 Silver in video quality, definitely not worse – it just doesn't have the display, that's all.
    Please don't mislead people – you're costing them their hard earned money. Not cool!

  19. Quite misleading video.  You stated early on you would change the title to correct that you used the HERO 3 SILVER.. which does not have the same capabilities of the black at all.  please fix this as some of us looking to upgrade our camera might not be so diligent to look back through your comments to find you a/ admitted mistake and b/ didnt correct it.  

  20. Was gonna plan to get the Hero 3 Silver in the summer, but I think I'm gonna go big and get the Hero 4 Black for my 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 4 LE……. Anyone thinking the same as me???

  21. Welche Einstellungen muss man denn wählen, um die beste Low Light Auflösung zu bekommen? Wenn ich IOS auf 64000 stelle, habe ich zu viel rauschen und sonst kenn ich keine Möglichkeit, das Bild heller zu machen, was habt ihr gemacht?

  22. Hey ,
    Ich möchte mir auch eine GoPro zulegen und bin mir nicht sicher ob ich die hero4 Black oder Silver Edition holen sollte. Die Black Edition ist meiner Meinung nach nicht viel besser(von der Leistung) als die silver Edition. Außerdem kostet die Black Edition 100euro mehr die es kaum wert sind oder?
    Was ist deine Meinung +rctmanga ?

  23. Dear Martin  ,    i have a strange question since you did this comparison   first   thanks for the movie      i had so many GoPro   like 3 , 3+ and now 2X 4 Silver  
    looking back on the stills picture   somehow the 3 only was the best  , sharp and color and i cant fine answer  why ?     all the videos on the net mainly checking the Video and not the stills   any idea why the stills on the 4 Silver are not good like the   3 black .    i am missing my old 3 black beside the the "eating batteries" ….. it was perfect   thanks in advance

  24. That audio test was a total waste of time and somewhat embarrassing! How do you differ with the audio when you are playing them both at the same time?! Some advice: next time mute one and switch between them, a little common sense!

  25. Fiz um comparativo no meu canal entre Gopro 4 e Sony Action à noite e também de dia. Quem quiser, dá uma conferida lá.
    Gopro é ótima, já tive uma Gopro 2 e hoje tenho uma Gopro 4… A Gopro 4 é fodástica, mas não me atende na filmage noturna.
    Hoje tenho uma Sony Action AS-200, além da Gopro 4, e posso afirmar com plena convicção que a imagem noturna da Sony é de muito superior a imagem noturna da Gopro, a Sony apresenta resultados mais próximos ao olhos humanos. Já durante o dia, ambas são perfeitas, ao ponto de eu não conseguir declarar uma vencedora.

  26. I use this camera to video running races and obstacle courses>>>ur2.pl/683   The new stability is over the top quality and reason to buy the 6 vs 5. Had to buy a case for the camera to keep mud and dust out but otherwise no complaints. Sound quality amazing too.

  27. The Hero 4 Silver is an awesome camera. It is my favorite GoPro. I have had every Gopro but the Hero 2. I just sold my Hero 4 Black and Hero 7 Black.

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