♥ Masha and the Bear Toys Cartoon Маша и Медведь (The Golden Fish, Garden of Ice Cream…)

♥ Masha and the Bear Toys Cartoon Маша и Медведь (The Golden Fish, Garden of Ice Cream…)

Mishka! I can do that! Mishka, look! Mishka! So, what do you think? Hey, where are you going? Mishka, I’ll help! Bye kids! My tummy hurts, I could eat something…There’s
nothing. He ate the last one! Hey, stop! Good… Dang it! Now what? Mishka! I need help, get up! Do something to stop the train. Mishka! One…Two! This will be delicious. She run away Hey, bunny, come here. What’s going on? Mishka! Mishka! Oh, you opened the door. What are we going to do now… Hocus pocus! Bunny, where are you going? Wait for me! Where did he hide… Not here… Not here… I know! Bunny, are you in here? Oh well… Time to wake Mishka up. Mishka… Mishka! Mishka! I’m hungry! Let’s go! Mishka, look what I found! Food! Food! Food! Food! What’s this?! Mishka, I’m here! Time to go home. Look, magic string beans! You never let me do anything! Now what? Bunny, let’s throw the ball around. Stop, where are you going?! Anybody there? Mishka, there’s someone in the well! I can hear something inside! Okay! Hold on tight! Pull! Get some water for the fishy. Because you saved me, I shall grant you each a wish… Mishka, what do you wish for? Very well, and you Masha? I want candy! Lots of candy! Very well. Go to sleep, your wishes will be granted in the morning. Mishka, hurry up! The fishy granted our wishes! I’m so bored, I don’t have anything to do… Sheep, do you want to play ball? Let’s go somewhere else. Sorry, Mishka. Oh, we’re in trouble now! Hey, stop! Where is he going?! Mishka, are you alright?


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