Welcome to our DIY project channel! This is our craft channel. hi my name is Jessica and this is Karen we’re sisters and we are the owners of Karen sue studios Karen’s actually the designer of Karen sue studios and I’m a little bit more behind-the-scenes i’ll tell you a little bit about our company we started this company in 2013 and we started with just a couple of different jewelry lines they’re handmade vintage leather and some gemstones We are excited to say that now what we have expanded a lot and we have some pretty cards and magnets and the most exciting of all is that we just released a new adult coloring book illustrated by Karen Sue and here it has 37 of illustration we released it on amazon it’s called life of the wild and this is Watson and if we don’t introduce him and in sunshine sometimes actually 20 years old we got her since grade is really adorable and we absolutely love our animals and they’re definitely a huge inspiration our life students like all the animal products i think their camera shy anyways we’re really excited about our YouTube channel because we decided we want to start this because we really love crafs since we were young we always we’ve just been makers we’ve always been doing and making crafts moving on to the next project what kind of projects did you do when you were little while I did love Legos I don’t have to consider crafting I definitely love working with clay anything have to do with my hands making things and you know it’s just really carried on throughout my life channel is a do-it-yourself channel I’m going to be teaching you some of the craft projects that we’ve done in the past and we want this to be like a really open community so feel free to you know leave comments ask me questions and i’ll try to get to and answer all of your questions about any projects that you have you can follow us on currency Karen Sue Studios on Instagram and Facebook for future updates and subscribe today so you can see all the exciting things that we have kids we definitely want you to be on our journey and we can’t wait to share with you. Thank you for watching our DIY craft project channel

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