【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 01. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 01. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

[Youhug Media] E01 Princess Silver Episode 1 You can never escape us. Your Highness! Your Majesty.
Princess Rong Le is awake. Your Majesty. Come on. Even if you disagree with
this marriage alliance, you shouldn’t have run away
on your own. You are wounded and blamed. Are you happy now? Who are you? What is this place? Rong Le. Your Majesty,
Physician Liu’s worry came true. Her Highness might have
had a concussion. That is why she lost her memories. Her Highness?
What are you talking about? I lost my memories? I don’t understand a thing you say. You are in the royal palace
of Western Qi. I am the Emperor of Western Qi. You are my younger sister. You are Princess Rong Le
of this nation. I am … Princess Rong Le of Western Qi? Yes. Your Majesty. The medicine is ready. Don’t be worried about this. According to the physician, as long as you take
your medicine on time, you will slowly regain your memories. Take your medicine. I am not taking this. It’s all right. You just woke up, you must be
feeling a little discomfort. Stay here and rest well. You may take it when you wish to. Little Xun. Rong Le. You have my word. I will do whatever it takes to
help you regain your memories. Calm down and get well. You are dismissed. Let the princess have some rest. Yes. Rong Le? Princess? Marriage arrangement? Amnesia? An emperor for brother? Why can’t I remember any of these? Who exactly am I? -Is this where I lived?
-Yes, Your Highness. You are His Majesty’s only sister. His Majesty loves you very much. No matter how busy His Majesty
is with the nation’s affair, whether it has been days or longer, he will be here to visit you. Your Highness is very clingy to
His Majesty too. Your Highness. Your Highness? Your Highness? Your Highness. Your Highness. Am I really a princess? Your Highness. Your Highness, why are you here?
Are you all right? Your Highness. Your Highness? Your Majesty. You seem to be feeling better now. I promised you I will
help you find the memories. I can help you regain
the lost memories if you want. However, if you act recklessly
like you were just now…. and charge right into everything, not only will it not help, you will even get hurt and lectured. Please, refrain yourself
from doing that. This was your favourite place once. It feels familiar, does it? Does it remind you of something? Rong Le. Back in the days, you love to brew tea in this room. You were great at brewing tea. No one in the whole palace
can compare to your skills. Let’s give it a try. You should try too. How is it? See? You may have lost your memories, but I think… the muscle memories
for your interest still remain. Rong Le, don’t worry about this. Everything will be back to normal. These are your favourite desserts. Give it a try. It’s okay. One step at a time. Let me play you a song. It was once the song
you love the most. You always asked me
to play it for you. I always think… the time we spent playing
music and brewing tea… were the happiest moments of our life. So that reminiscence does not linger, so that sorrow never lasts. Why is the handwriting different? Your Highness. Your Highness, it’s time
to take your medicine. Ling Yue. Can you tell if I wrote this poem? Yes, you wrote this. I was there when you wrote this. All right, Your Highness. Come on, finish this medicine. I will drink it later. The Empress Dowager arrives! Come on, Your Highness.
We should be kneeling. Arrest her. What do you want?
Let go of me! Why are you arresting me? The alliance of Western Qi and
the Northern Realm is a reality. You are going to the Northern Realm
whether you like it or not! Seize her! Your Majesty. Mother, please calm down. Rong Le broke the rules
because she has amnesia. She must fulfil this marriage
whether she has lost her memories or not. Mother, the Northern Realm
is far from here. She might never have a chance
to come back if she leaves. Rong Le is still
suffering from injury. It’s only reasonable
if she refuses to go. As for the marriage arrangement, maybe we should delay it. The army of Chen is advancing
on our borders. There are still skirmishes
within our land. We have no power
to fight the enemies. The fate of this nation
is hanging by the thread. If we ally with the Northern Realm, Chen will be pincered
by both of our nations. They will retreat tactically. I simply don’t understand. Why are you still hesitating
on making the decision? As for the war with Chen, I will come up with a strategy. But Rong Le is suffering
from wounds and amnesia. The marriage… needs more time to be considered. After all, it’s all about her. I was kind enough to spare your life
and crowned you the princess. Now, I still have the power to
make you dead and buried. Mother, please show mercy. The date for the wedding
is a week from now. I shall order the servant to place
that poison wine in the main hall. Mother. Why must you do this? You can either send her on a
litter to the Northern Realm… or you can prepare for
my funeral a week from now. The choice is on you. Your Majesty. Rong Le? Rong Le? -What do you want?
-Don’t be afraid. I will not send you away
for a marriage alliance. I will sneak you out of here now. Don’t be afraid. I am taking you to a place. Once you are there, everything will be clear to you. You have once lived here for quite a while. You liked this place. Do you like it? So that reminiscence does not linger, so that sorrow never lasts. How do you know? Are you suspecting that… these words weren’t
written by your hands? Come with me. These handwritings
seem similar to mine. The writings on the wall are mine. Rong Le, you were very fond
of my handwriting. You always tried to copy
the way I write. The words on these papers… are the writings you copied… while you were having free time. This little hut does
feel familiar to me. If I were a delicate princess
that grew up in the palace, why does it feel so alien to me? You were born and raised in
the Cold Harem. Your mother was a peasant
with mesmerizing beauty. But he offended my father
and was banished. She was already pregnant with you. Eight months later, she gave birth
to you in the Cold Harem. That is why the Empress Dowager
was so mean to me. She went through some accident. Her face was scarred. It changed her personality as well. I see. Rong Le, you suffered a lot
in the past. But you were stubborn. A royal guard once received
the kindness of your mother. During your time in the Cold Harem, you secretly learned some
martial arts from him. So, I wasn’t some kind of
delicate lady at all. That is why I have so many
calluses on my hand. When we first met each other, we were still children. I remember you said that… if anyone ever tries to pick on me, you would be the first to
stand up for me. Why didn’t you tell me any
of these earlier? Rong Le. I don’t really want you to remember
these unpleasant memories. But I never thought… you would get suspicious of me. The genesis of thoughts
is nothing but an illusion. You need to trust your heart. You must believe that… I am the person… that wishes to see you happy the most. Rong Le. These were your favourite flowers. What’s wrong?
Are you all right? -Are you all right?
-I am fine. Your Majesty! Your Majesty, I must
send you back now. Take Rong Le with you. You are severely wounded,
we must go now! Take Rong Le with you and go! Yes. Are you all right? Brother! Wake up! Brother! Xiao Sha, head back to the palace!
Hurry up! Yes! Your Majesty wished to cheer
Princess Rong Le up… and even took the risk
of sneaking her out of the palace. But you were ambushed by
the assassins of Chen. Are you happy now? Take Xiao Sha out of here. Punish him with eighty beatings. Thank you for sparing my life. Stop. Come with me. As of now, the land is in turmoil. War ravages the nation. The land of Qi is not
rich with resources. Our army is weak. The national treasury is
almost empty because of the war. We should be having peace
to recover from the loss. But as you can see now, all the new recruits in the army… are either too old or ill for battle. Sending them to face the force
of Wei and Chen… is a suicide mission. It’s either the marriage… or the war? Correct. If you can feel no guilt while
they are sent to their deaths, if you could bear to see
His Majesty fight for this nation… despite all the pain he is carrying… and in the end has his head
hanging over the city gate, then I hope… you could live to be
a witness of this tragedy. Why did you come back? It would be nearly impossible
to leave the palace again. Drink the medicine. Your Majesty, we are short
on troops and crops. The people are running
out of resources. The marriage alliance with
the Northern Realm can save us. Your Majesty, the marriage is
the best viable plan we have. If Your Majesty is unwilling
to give up the Princess, I shall gladly send
my daughter instead. I cannot allow that! Silence, all of you! The peace of Qi… is not to be traded with
a woman’s life! Your Majesty, for the sake of Qi, I shall send my daughter
in Her Highness’ place. I am willing to do the same. You… Don’t forget… that I am the Princess of Qi! If anyone is going, it should be me. Brother. I heard the Northern Realm
is wealthy and powerful. They have an abundance of resources. Rather than listening to
all the officers’ complaints… and the Empress Dowager’s
loathing, maybe I should go. I might change my life for the better. Brother, I made you some tea. Try it out. Come on. Try it out. Try it out. Come on. Is it good? Indeed. Rong Le. Thank you. Your Majesty, medicine for
Princess Rong Le. Rong Le. It’s the advice from
the royal physician. You need to take this medicine
every month regularly. It helps to regain your memories. Greetings, Princess Rong Le. Your Highness, look. This bridal robe is beautiful. Look at the fabric and its texture. Your Highness, please forgive me. I was thinking Your Highness
might miss His Majesty a lot. I was trying to cheer you up… so you won’t be frustrated
by this arrangement. Your Highness, please forgive me. I know it’s my mistake. After we moved to the Northern Realm, I wonder when will we be back again. After our nation prospered, you can come home eventually. As for me, I have been alone my entire life. I can be a servant anywhere. Ling Yue, while you are with me, don’t think of yourself as a servant. Order by His Majesty. As the good will of His Majesty… for forming an alliance
with the Northern Realm, Princess Rong Le shall be sent for
the sake of the marriage alliance. In hope that Prince Li of
Northern Realm, Zong Zhen Wu You… and the Elder Princess of Qi,
Princess Rong Le… can live in harmony, and lead a life happily ever after. The end. At ease. Much obliged, Your Majesty. I carry this jade pendant
ever since I was a child. Take this with you. It shall keep you safe for me. Brother, remember not to
push yourself too much Take care of yourself. -Xiao Sha.
-Yes! From now on, you shall be Princess Rong Le’s
personal bodyguard. Heed her orders. Keep her safe. I shall protect Her Highness
to the day I die. I bid you farewell, Brother. Rong Le. I heard the man Princess Rong Le
is going to marry… is Prince Li of the Northern Realm. He is the favourite
son of the Emperor. I heard he has a dashing look
and strong figure. Lian Xin, if Prince Li
is such a great person, why isn’t he married yet until now? Well, I don’t know. Prince Li of Northern Realm,
Zong Zhen Wu You… may be living in seclusion… and rarely interferes with
matter of Imperial Court, but according to our spies
in Northern Realm, Prince Li is actually… a man of great intelligence
and tactics. Once, General Fu Chou
of Northern Realm… pacified the skirmish at southern
outskirts with 30 thousand soldiers… while the enemy was strong
with over a hundred thousand warriors. He overcame the enemy
that outnumbered them. It was all thanks to
Prince Li’s strategy. Maybe being married
to this man is not so bad. Your Highness, that mask
cannot be removed if you wear it. It could be a bad omen. The sedan of Princess
Rong Le has arrived. I, Yang Wei, welcome the arrival
of Princess Rong Le. Why isn’t Prince Li here
to welcome the bride himself? Well… A moment, please. Princess Rong Le travelled
all the way here. Yet you refuse to welcome her
into your palace. You are clearly looking down on us. We are starting to
doubt your sincerity… for the marriage alliance
between our nations. Please, don’t take this wrongly. His Highness has work to see to
at this moment. He couldn’t manage to come here
in time for the welcome. Please, we apologize for this. Prince Chen arrives! Your Highness. At ease. So, Princess Rong Le from
Western Qi is in the sedan? Greetings, Prince Chen. I heard rumors about your
hideous look and odd temper. Which is why you are yet
to be married until now. But surprisingly, you do
have a pleasant voice. Lian Xin. I appreciate the praise, Prince Chen. Perhaps my voice is the only
aspect of me that is decent. Rumour has it you are
ruthless and stubborn. You are a lady without manner. From what I see here,
that might not be the case. At least you do possess the manner
a princess should have. At least you know your place here. Your Highness. I welcomed Princess Rong Le’s
bridal sedan. I was hoping Your Highness
would set out… to welcome our honorable bride. If my brother doesn’t want her here,
nothing can be done. Trust me, you might as well
just go back. You know the temper
of Wu You well enough. If you upset him, -I doubt I can save your neck.
-But… Order from the Emperor, welcome
Princess Rong Le to the palace. I am Princess Rong Le
of Western Qi. It’s my honor to meet Your Majesty. At ease, Princess. Rise. Much obliged, Your Majesty. Greetings, Princess Rong Le. Pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. I wonder why you are
wearing that mask. This is the custom of Qi. The bridegroom must take off
this mask himself on wedding day. I hope Your Majesty is not offended. In that case, it won’t be an issue. Your Majesty, Prince Li is… What happened? The servants at his manor said that… Prince Li is taking a rest. His Highness won’t be coming here. -Wu Yu.
-Yes. You and Captain Xiang of Royal Guards
will go to the manor. Bring him here with
any means necessary. If you can’t, there will be
no place for you in Imperial Court. Are you serious?
I don’t need to be here again? You will spend your life guarding
the royal tomb in western county. Father. You know Wu You’s temper well. He is just… Fine, your wish is my command. Father, Wu You is here. Prince Li arrives!


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    This drama is completely English sub on

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