【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 02. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 02. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

[Youhug Media] E02 Princess Silver Episode 2 I am Princess Rong Le
of Western Qi. It’s my honor to meet Your Majesty. At ease, Princess. Rise. Much obliged, Your Majesty. -Xiao Sha.
-Yes, Princess. Present the gift to His Majesty. Yes, Princess. Bring it in. Your Majesty, in order to
thank you for your generous gift, my brother has prepared
this returning gift. Please accept it. White jade glaze cup. I have heard that this white jade glaze cup
has been existed for hundreds of years. There is only a pair of these
in this world and it’s priceless. If you use them to drink tea, the tea
will be fragrant and refreshing. If you use them to
drink water in summer, they can cool you off, quench your
thirst and you’ll feel invigorated. And your body will be revived.
These cups are really intriguing. The Emperor of Qi has
given me such a treasure. Minister Yang, write a letter for me. I want to express my thanks
towards Emperor of Western Qi. Yes, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, before our princess
departure, my emperor has ordered me
to pass on his words to you. What is it that
Emperor of Qi has to say? He said that… the white jade glaze cups
are indeed rare treasures. But they are incomparable
to Princess Rong Le… who is more valuable in his mind He hopes that your country
can treat our princess well. By doing so, the hundred-year-deal
between us two will be secured. Of course. Princess Rong Le is the peace
ambassador between us two countries. She is undoubtedly the
honored guest of our country. And she will be marrying my son. We will give her the best treatment. Your Majesty, Prince Li… What is wrong with him? I have already summoned him for
more than two hours. Where is he? Servants in Prince Li’s Manor
said that Prince Li is resting. So, he cannot attend the court. -Wu Yu.
-Yes, father. Go to Prince Li’s Manor to summon him. Bring him to the court
no matter what you have to do. Yes, father. Wu You, come out! Wu You, I beg you.
Let’s attend the court, alright? ” Simple and Unadorned ” Wu You. If you don’t come out,
I’ll be sent to the royal tomb. Your Highness. We can’t continue like this.
His Majesty is still waiting for us. Don’t blame me then. Father, Wu You is here. Arrival of Prince Li. Insolent! How dare he comes here
in this manner? Father. Just now, you told me
to use any way I can… to bring Wu You to the court, right? Shut up! Scoundrel, get up now! Wu You, don’t be rude. The princess is the peace ambassador
between us two countries. I already prepared your wedding suit
for you. Change into it quickly. We’ll seal this engagement… in the great hall today and you’ll
get married as soon as possible. When did I agree to getting married? Your marriage is already set. Whether you agree or not,
this marriage will go on. Guards! -Change the clothes for Prince Li.
-Yes, Your Majesty! Your Majesty. Do you really want to use force? If you really don’t want to do it, I can find another person to
get married instead. Wu Yu. Father. Since you can find a stand-in
for my marriage, how about letting him
consummate the marriage too? Scoundrel, how dare you say that. I won’t marry her. If you really want to forge alliance
with Western Qi through marriage, please choose another person. I’m not sure about other things… but in this Northern Realm, we have a lot of princes. You are chosen by Emperor of Qi. The marriage is already set.
How can you just change it? Your Majesty. Please allow me to speak my mind. Please do, Princess. When I was coming to the
Northern Realm, I was thinking… about what will my
future husband be look like. I was thinking that even though
he might not be perfect, at least he would not
behave like this. The Northern Realm’s
marriage proposal… has described so highly of Prince Li. It said that he is courteous, brave, intelligent and
extremely resourceful. But the Prince Li that I saw… is not courteous. He is arrogant and rude. He is not brave and intelligent.
Only rampant rudeness He is not resourceful.
Instead, he is willful and wild. Just like a kid that
will never grow up. He acted like a
spoiled child in public. I understand. Mutual consent is needed
in a marriage. I also want to marry a
husband of my choice. And I want to have a
happy and beautiful life. I don’t want to move so far away
from my country to get married. But for the benefit of my country, I came to this country out of duty. I as a woman can do that… while a prince
like you keeps on rejecting it. Can’t you take this righteous cause
for your country? So all in all, you are set on me. That might not be true. I just hope that you can give us
a chance to know each other. But if you still haven’t change
your mind after half a year, I’ll do as you say. I’ll marry to another
without complaint. You sounded so righteous. But in my opinion, a strong country does not rely
on alliance through marriage. Only the weak will cower
behind the skirts of a lady… to hide his own weaknesses. Of course, your self-sacrificing spirit today
is very touching. But I, Zong Zheng Wu You, will not exchange my marriage… for some benefits. I’m not interested at all… in your half-a-year deal. Do you have no interest or
do you have no confidence? You gave excuses and wanted to escape. Are you afraid that you’ll lose to me? A taunt. You said that you are powerful. Are you afraid to take on this bet? Looks like the famous Prince Li… is not that impressive after all. We’ll do as the princess has said.
Half a year it is. This court is adjourned. Wu You, I think your plan
will fail this time. Princess Rong Le is not
an easy opponent. What if she still forces you
to marry her after half a year? Nobody can force me against my will. Although it’s rumored that
she is ugly, she has a nice voice. She has a sharp tongue too.
It’ll be fun to bicker with her. Wu You, how about just marrying her? If you admire her so much, you can marry her. No. She is too capable.
I can’t handle her. Greetings, Your Highness. His Majesty has summoned Prince Li. I don’t have time for him. If you don’t have time to come
to me, how about I come to you? Father. Father, I’ll take my leave first. Let’s go. I know. You still bear grudge towards me for
the things that happened in the past. All these years, you paid no attention
to the country’s affairs… and you didn’t attend court. You don’t even want to see me. And I let you. But today’s matter holds great
importance for our country. You can’t act recklessly about it. During the war against Wei last time, crown prince had directed
the armies with wrong method. In the end, they lost and fled
from the war until they were… forced by Wei army to strip off
their armors. Such disgrace. I have to bring back
the honor of our country. So, I have to declare war
against Wei again. And having an alliance
with Western Qi… can strengthen our hold. It is of vital importance
for our country. Crown prince is the one who made
the mistake in the war with Wei. What has it got to do with me? I already made an exception by
helping out with the issue in south. What else do you want? I was very glad when you
lent a helping hand… with the issue in the south. It shows that in your heart, you still care for the country. Wu You, if you can forget the past… and let go of the prejudice
and resentment towards me, With your brilliance, you’ll pioneer
a great undertaking in the future. You want me to forget the past?
Impossible. And it’s impossible that I’ll marry… that princess from Western Qi
after half a year. Your Majesty. You are the one bent on using woman
to consolidate your power. As for what I want, I’ll get it honorably with
my own capability. Wu You. Recently, my body is not
as strong as before. I’m already past my prime. This country… needs a capable and reliable heir. You are still in the prime of manhood. You have so many women and sons. Your heir is the crown prince. Nothing to do with me. This princess is as spoilt and
willful as the rumors said. Never thought that this arrogant
Prince Li will suffer too. He always looked down on me
because His Majesty dotes on him. This princess… has helped me to vent out
my grievance towards him. I think that this arranged marriage
between Prince Li and the princess… will be very unfavorable to you. If Prince Li really marries
the princess of Western Qi, his might will be redoubled. And sooner or later,
he will threaten your position. Minister Yu, you worry too much. Before my father regains
his lands back then, as the eldest, I had gone into war
by his side far and wide. I’m so much more popular
than Wu You… who paid no attention
to the country’s affairs. Even though I lost in
the war with Wei, my father has never
tried to demote me. As for this Prince Li, do you think they will
really get married… based on today’s situation? How wise of you.
You outmatch you opponent. Your Majesty, Princess Rong Le has
reached the Northern Realm safely. And she had entered the palace to meet
the emperor of Northern Realm. Have you released the Kite to
search for highly-skilled doctor… as I had ordered? We had sent a team…. to Snow Mountain and other places
the doctor has been to search for him. Arrival of Her Majesty! -Step out first.
-Yes, Your Majesty. Greetings, mother. -Rise.
-Thank you, mother. I had reminded you time after time. Those who seek to be successful… have to be ruthless and incisive. Rather bear brief and sharp pains
than lasting ones. Thank you for your teachings. Have you investigated the
assassination done to you by Chen… when you went out from the palace? Don’t you know that… those people had already
been silenced by death? Greetings, my princess. We have reached the Princess Manor.
Please get off from the carriage. ” Princess Manor ” His Majesty had decreed. Princess Rong Le is an honored guest
of this Northern Realm. Make sure to serve her well.
Give her the best treatment. We’ll do as his command. This way please, Princess. You are our honored guest. We should be the one
responsible for your safety. Your entourage is new here.
They are not familiar with this place. They need to get used to it slowly. Your guard will be staying
temporarily in a post-house. No need to worry about them. I don’t mind with the others. But my personal bodyguard,
Xiao Sha, is sent by my brother. Before I left, my brother
specially reminds me that… I can’t let this guard leave my side. If even he has to
stay in a post-house, I would not know how
to explain to my brother. Alright. Let him through. This way please, Princess. This manor is specially
made for you, Princess. The design in this place is
made according to your likings. We hope that you’ll find this
a home away from home. His Majesty is deeply apologetic for
the things that happened yesterday. He has specially prepared some gifts
as a way of expressing that. Thank you for His Majesty’s kindness. Madam Qiu Yi. She is the housekeeper
of this manor, Qiu Yi. You can go to her
if you need anything. Greetings, Princess. Be at ease. I won’t keep you from
resting then, Princess. You may leave too. -Anything else?
-You are still an unmarried lady. Although Captain Xiao is with you, he is still a man. According to the rules, he can only
stay in the outer courtyard. I am the princess of Western Qi. As long as I’m still unmarried,
I’ll still be a Western Qi’s citizen. This is none of your concern.
You may leave. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Please don’t make it difficult for me. I’m entrusted by His Majesty to
take care of Princess Manor. -I’m just following the rules.
-What are the rules? Since His Majesty has given me
a manor with Western Qi design, here, my words are the rules. Leave. Looks like you are not willing
to obey my order as well. If that’s the case, I won’t be
staying in this Princess Manor. Let’s go. Princess. Princess. Please calm down, Princess.
I don’t mean to disobey you. I’m just doing it for your own good. Xiao Sha. Captain Xiao.
What are you doing? I should be the one asking you. How dare you block
the princess’s path. What are you trying to do? I want to ask His Majesty. Are you treating me
as an honored guest… or are you trying to cage me. You have overstated things. I can do nothing when
Prince Li rejected the marriage. But if the servants in my manor
dare to disobey me… I think Prince Li
wouldn’t blame her… for killing one or two of her servants
to vent out her anger. Please spare my life.
I’ve learnt my mistake. You are the mistress in this manor. If you insist that Captain Xiao
should stay here, I won’t dare to stop you. But if you want to leave the manor, even if you kill me, I’ll have to send some guards
from the manor to go with you… in order to protect you. If something dangerous happens to you,
even my death… wouldn’t be enough for me
to atone for my sins. Prince Li of the Northern Realm,
Zong Zheng Wu You, is a very talented man, the sole disciple of Qin Yong,
ex-chief Minister of Northern Realm. So, it’s very possible that he has… ‘The Book of Mountains and Rivers’
written by Qin Yong. -The Book of Mountains and Rivers?
-That’s right. The Book of Mountains and Rivers… has recorded the rise and dip
of the mountains, the cities, the pools and strategic
places from all over the world. It has detailed information about
astronomy, geography, meteorology… and the fastest way to win a war. So, there is a rumor that… those who possessed the book
will possess the world. If I can get my hands
on this book within half a year, I can go back to Western Qi
and stay by my brother’s side. -Princess.
-Do you have the information? Yes. It’s in Moon Embrace Teahouse. Alright. I have to go out a while. You want to go out alone? This Princess Manor
is heavily guarded. We need to find a way
if I want to go out. Alright, Princess. Madam. Madam, such beautiful flowers. You just plucked it for
the princess, right? How kind of you, Madam. Miss Ling Yue. The princess is our mistress. It’s only right to serve her. But you are not our mistress. This pot of flowers is very expensive. What if you break it? Madam, let me bring it in for you. Have you no regards for the rules? Ever since the princess lives here, as the housekeeper, I don’t even
have the chance to meet her. It’s all because of you and Lian Xin. Princess gave the order
to not let you in. How dare you threaten me
with princess. Captain Xiao. This is just a misunderstanding. It’s just that I haven’t been
serving the princess lately. Those who know… will know that those two
have served the princess well. Those who don’t will think that
the princess is being petty… and is still mad at me
for the incident last time. Madam, you think too much. Our princess is very generous. She just complimented you just now. She said that you are very meticulous. And you ensured that everything
in the manor runs smoothly. By the way, the princess
is going to award you. She had asked you to gather
everybody in the garden. She wants to award everybody at once. I’ll leave this to you then,
Miss Lian Xin. Thank you, Captain Xiao. Please give these out to everybody. Please ask the kitchen to
prepare more food for tonight. Tonight, there will be a feast
for everybody. Thank you, Princess. Thank you, Princess. There are enough for everybody. Don’t fight for it. Take it. This is for you. Wu You. No need to argue with father
every time you see him. Actually, he cares for you the most. Alright.
I won’t talk about it anymore. Wu You, look. Look at what I’ve brought you. Take a look. -This is a good tea.
-Of course it is. This tea set is not a
normal tea set as well. I got this treasure from the Rare Item
Chest in Moon Embrace Teahouse. I heard that this
Rare Item Chest contains… luxurious clothes and rare treasures
from all over the world. I have to plead the shopkeeper… to sell me the tea and the tea set. Wu You, I know that you love tea. If only we can go for tea tasting
in the Moon Embrace Teahouse… and take a look at their
Rare Item Chest… Moon Embrace Teahouse, right? That’s right. Come along with me. This is indeed a good tea. But I think it doesn’t
taste very pure. It’s not pure? Impossible. I can’t lie to you, Wu You. Do you think you can lie to me? -No.
-Fine. On behalf of this tea, I’ll go with you this time. ” Moon Embrace Teahouse ” How rude. How can you just go away
after running into me? Mistress, you are here. We have been waiting for you. Although it’s far,
I have arrived safely. This teahouse is
brimming with customers. Looks like it’s doing well. Good soil to plant the tea tree in. And the best water to
steep the tea leaves in. Our master has high aspiration.
Of course we’ll have good business. You might be doing well. But I heard that you are already
carried away with your success. Just like the kite that
flies high above. We are no longer of
importance to you. That is not true, Mistress. No matter how high the kite flies,
the master still holds the string. Since you are already here personally, from now on,
you’ll be the decision-maker… for every matters
regarding this teahouse. Looks like you are the shopkeeper
of Moon Embrace Teahouse. Yes, I am. Greetings, Mistress. This way please, Mistress. Greetings, Princess. Be at ease. From now on, when I’m here,
I won’t be a princess. You just need to call me
mistress. Yes, Mistress. Before this, there were rumors about the
princess of Western Qi being ugly. Is that the work of Moon Embrace
Teahouse and the Kite? You are indeed brilliant. His Majesty knows that
you didn’t do it willingly. So, he wants to buy you
as much time as he can. I understand the troubles he took. We’ll come back to this matter
after half a year. I think you know the my purpose
to come here. We are still searching for
The Book of Mountains and Rivers. Can you tell me more about
The Book of Mountains and Rivers? Have a seat. Sixteen years ago, there were some major incidents
in the Northern Realm. For example,
Fu Yuan passed away in a fire. Fu Yuan? Fu Yuan is the youngest daughter
of the previous Emperor of Chen. Before Northern Realm reclaims
their lands, they align with Chen. Fu Yuan was set for marriage. In the end, Fu Yuan had
to leave her home town… to marry the Emperor
of Northern Realm. After the emperor reclaimed his lands,
he appointed her as Queen. But after that, they turned against
each other for reasons we don’t know. Fu Yuan was sent to the Cold Harem. And she passed away
in an accidental fire. So, this fire is related to
The Book of Mountains and Rivers. We are yet to be sure
about the relations. But there are a few other incidents
that happened on the same year. Emperor of Northern Realm’s most
favourite concubine passed away too. These two women were
eyesores for each other. But they died one after
another in accidents. Not long after, ex-chief minister,
Qin Yong and his family were killed. Word is, he was related to
Lady Yun’s death. From then on, the Emperor of
Northern Realm has imposed a ban. Everything regarding Qin Yong,
including the book became taboos. Nobody dares to mention
about it after that. There is no word about it at all? Although Qin Yong is dead, many
of his former subordinates still live. I started my investigation from here. And I did find a person. Princess. The night feast is ready. Please inform the princess,
Miss Lian Xin. When are we going to start the feast? The princess hasn’t
been sleeping well lately. She is still napping. When she wakes, I’ll inform her. I’ll take my leave then. -Ling Yue.
-She’s gone? Why is the princess still not here? I’ll go and bring back the princess.
Both of you stay here. Wu You, we are here. If you want to drink tea in Zhongshan, everybody will come to
Moon Embrace Teahouse. But if they want to listen
to music and drink wine, they will go to House of Fragrance. The Flower Queen of the
House of Fragrance, Miss Chen Yu… is indeed a beauty that put
the moon and flowers to shame. But nobody knows her true identity. So, Miss Chen Yu has news about
The Book of Mountains and Rivers. I’m still not sure if she has… any usable information. But I’m sure that… her father who was punished is the
former subordinate of Qin Yong. Good. She is an important lead. You have to investigate more
about her. By the way, is there anyone
looking out for her? Miss Chen Yu is a beauty of her own. Of course she has a lot of admirers. A lot of aristocrats from the capital
want to get close to her. Recently, I heard that Prince Chen
has frequented that place. Alright, understood. From today onwards,
you are the mistress here, your name is Man Yao. Before this, you roamed the world
doing business with your father. And you came back recently
to take over this teahouse. On the surface, Moon Embrace
Teahouse is opened to all. And we have the best silks and satin
in the Rare Item Chest. But actually, we are using it as
a cover to gather information… and as a cover up for
the Kite’s activities. So, this is the rendezvous
point for the Kite. Using a shop as a cover.
That is quite smart. Mistress, we had prepared the papers
that’ll prove this identity of yours. Everything is flawless. ” Rare Item Chest ” Help! Sir Zhao! Are you alright, Mistress? Go. Sir Zhao! Sir Zhao is dead. So, this is the real reason
you brought me here. Wu You, I don’t mean to lie to you. But this man holds the evidence
against higher-ups in court… that worked with local officers
to sell posts and titles. He doesn’t trust anybody.
He trusts only you. He said that he’ll only hand over
the evidence when he sees you. Wu You. I know that you rarely
meddle with this kind of things. So, I rarely trouble you with these. But look at him. Sir Zhao is just a
minor local officers. He risks his life to keep
this piece of evidence… so that one day, he’ll have the
chance to clean up the officialdom… and give a glimmer of hope
to those with real talents. Wu You. I just want to help him.
I don’t know that it’ll be like this. So what if he’s a good officer? He has aspiration but
he overreached himself. They dare to murder him
under our scrutiny. This is outrageous. I have to
avenge Sir Zhao for his death. Wu Yu. Selling official posts
and titles are grave crimes until… they dare to kill someone during
daylight in heavily-guarded capital. Do you still think that
the power behind this… is something that you
can take care of with ease? What do you mean then? Even if you report this case
to the authorities, you won’t get any results. Unless you have an
irrefutable evidence. Give this man a proper burial. Take care of his family. Your Highness. All of the assassins
had ended their own lives. We found only this. No need to look. Someone must have
taken the content. Father. -What’s the situation?
-Luckily we took precautions. We managed to murder Sir Zhao
before he meets the two princes. Just that none of my men came back. And the paper is gone. We can’t let Prince Li
get his hand on this paper. It seems that those princes have
ended up empty-handed as well. Maybe the assassins had taken care
of that paper before they die. You can’t take this lightly. Most of the money from selling posts
goes to the crown prince. But our family is the middle-man. If this matter is exposed, our family will be standing
at the line of fire. And we’ll be in big trouble. The crown prince never thought
of Prince Li as a threat. If he doesn’t meddle with official
affairs, why would he meet Sir Zhao? Prince Li is a beast that lurks in
the dark waiting for his chance. Crown prince has underestimated
his opponent. Keep a close eye on
Prince Li and Prince Chen. Report to me if something is amiss. Yes, father. Are you alright, Mistress? Prince Li has two major taboos. One is alcohol and another one
is touching women. Just now was a close call. No wonder. I just never thought that… they’ll be here. Prince Li loves tea. That’s why they hide their
identities and come here. You have to be careful.
There must be no flaw. Understood. Come here, both of you. Let me ask you,
why is Sir Zhao murdered? And, why did they
try to kill both of you? Is Sir Zhao your friend? That’s right. Let’s be clear. Are you asking me
or am I asking you the questions? Pardon me. Your friend is the cause
of the incident today. Moon Embrace Teahouse
has suffered great loss. Normally, we will have to ask for
compensation from both of you. But since that both of you
had saved us just now, I won’t be asking you
for the compensation. Let’s just say that you had
repaid it by saving our lives. Who are you? -This is…
-I’m not asking you. My name is Man Yao. I’m the mistress of this teahouse. Mistress? Why I never know that the
Moon Embrace Teahouse has a mistress? And you are a woman. Although I’m a woman,
I have the aspiration of a man. Since young, I roamed the world
doing business with my elder. I never thought that
I’ll encounter this incident… right after I reach here. Is that so? You haven’t answered me.
Why did they chase after you? Did you see anything? I really don’t know. When I came out just now,
they were already fighting. Luckily both of you managed
to save my life in time. Have you seen this before? Think carefully. This is the
possession of the deceased. We found it here.
But the content inside are gone. I really don’t know.


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