【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 03. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 03. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

[Youhug Media] E03 Princess Silver Episode 3 Have you seen this before? Try to recall the details. This belonged to the deceased.
It was found here. But the content is missing. I really have no idea. Let’s go. Your Highness, are you all right? Xiao Sha, this is Long Yue. Come with me. There is a secret passage
to the alley. It’s safer for Your Highness to
use this exit. Sir Zhao dropped this pouch just now. If the authority comes
for investigation, be cautious. Yes, I will handle this matter
with cautions. You should know by now
this is no simple matter. I understand now why Sir Zhao
insisted on meeting you. The evidence he was holding… would only be useful when
they are in your hands, Brother. Only you can go up against
the force behind the case. But sadly, Sir Zhao is killed. We need to find more
information on that lady. Wait, Brother. I thought you are not
interested in women. I noticed just now you had
your eyes on her. What’s wrong?
Are you having feelings for her? This is very unusual. Everyone is waiting
in the dining hall. Your Highness, please
present yourself at the hall. What are you doing? I apologize for making it
such a fuss for you. But I don’t have much
of an appetite. Go without me. Enjoy yourself with
the foods heartily. Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness, I was keeping
watch outside the room. I never saw you coming in.
How did you get in here? I was so scared just now. I have Xiao Sha with me,
I have my ways. My mother passed away
when I was four years old. But Lady Yun took pity on me. She brought me to the palace
and raised me there. I still remember the days
I was haunted by nightmares. I couldn’t fall asleep. It was Lady Yun that
kept me company all the time. She played me the song of a
vessel flute until I fell asleep. For me, Lady Yun is like a mother to me. Brother. I know the very sight of me
was a nuisance for you. You felt like I took
Lady Yun from you. You kept ignoring me. But when someone picked on me, the first person that
stood up for me… is none other but you. Just because you are
bringing up the memories… doesn’t mean I will help
with this investigation. Brother, the culprit
is no normal killer. Their identities and background, the authorities have no
records on them. Are we going to let
Sir Zhao die in vain? Brother, for the sake of Lady Yun, we can just… Did I say something wrong again? You have been following me for years. You should know well not to overstep. These are not the matter
we should be discussing. I… I apologize, Brother. Owl. You could have been soaring
in the endless sky. Why did you choose to
come back to this palace? Your Highness. This is the evidence of
rank-selling from… Crown Prince and
Minister of Personnel. Xiao Sha. -Your Highness.
-Do you know… what kind of a person
the Crown Prince is? I heard he is ambitious,
cruel and petty. He is not easy to befriend. We need to be cautious with
people like him. Yes. Right. I am sure you know me well
before I lost my memories. His Majesty brought you out
to the hut sometimes. I was always there. When did you first met me? I think it’s after
His Majesty’s coronation. I picked you up from
the Cold Harem. Was that the first time
His Majesty met me? I don’t think so. So where did he first met me? Well… I am not sure either. Although I am His Majesty’s
personal bodyguard, I can’t be around him
all the time. You may go now. Your Highness, there is an
invitation from the palace. The Empress will hold a ball
three days from now. Your Highness are invited. There is also a list of guests
that will be attending. Please, have a look. Very well. Please reply to Her Majesty for me. I will be at the ball on time. Yes, I shall go now. Your Highness. Your Highness, Prince Li’s
name is on the list. Her Majesty is aiming
to make a match between you and Prince Li? But why are so many other
strangers invited as well? Xiao Sha, do you know
the names on this list? These are princes that are
yet to be married. Matchmaking me with Prince Li? It might as well be a blind date
for me and the princes. Your Highness, maybe His Majesty
thought Prince Li refuses to marry? Is that why they are holding
this blind date? Wait, what do they take us for? It’s not like anyone
can marry a princess. Your Highness, this ball
is held by the Empress. I cannot enter the inner palace. Please, watch your back. If Prince Li is not around, I doubt the other would
dare to disrespect me. Why wouldn’t Prince Li be there? His name is on the list. But he might not attend the ball. Princess! -Stop following me, okay?
-Princess! You wouldn’t go
to the lake with me. You are not interested in
flower viewing either. Princess, do you think
I don’t deserve you? I simply don’t want to be with you. Can you please stop bothering me? Princess! Princess! Stop! Who is that? Your Highness. Elder son of Prince Qing He
and Princess Zhao Yun. You should know, Princess Zhao Yun
grew up without parents. She has no siblings either. So she is living with her uncle
for the time being. You have nothing
to be so arrogant about. You are just an orphan that
lives under other’s care. You should be grateful I am
even laying my eyes on you. I am warning you, let go of me! I am letting you go.
Try me! I will tell Brother Wu You
and let him finish you! You are bringing up Prince Li now? But he never attends
events like this. You are not going to see him. How dare you push me! Stop right there! Sister, save me! You Highness, this is
Princess Rong Le from Qi. Scram! I thought who is here. It’s the hideous Princess of Qi. No wonder she is so nosy. I heard Prince Li abandoned you. So you want one of us
to marry you instead. Fat chance. Listen, even if I am not going
to marry anyone, I would never marry someone
that is dumped and hideous. I thought only Prince Li
behaves in this manner. I never thought the elder son
of Prince Qing He is bold as well. I can say whatever I want! I am taking off that mask
to show your hideous look! Nicely done, Princess Rong Le!
He deserved this! Brother Wu You, you are here. Prince Li? What did you say just now? Nothing, I said nothing. I said… if Prince Li doesn’t like this woman, I would never marry her. If this is the woman my brother likes, -you would marry her?
-No! No, what I meant was… I won’t marry her whether
Prince Li likes her or not. You might as well be a eunuch then. No! Get lost. -Guards, take him away.
-Yes. I am here by the order of the Empress. -Get up!
-You can’t take me by force! -You can’t do this to me!
-Prince Qing He got a son at old age. He spoils his son a lot. -Let go of me!
-He lets him do anything. He is even bold enough
to cause trouble here. He should have known his place here. I am glad Brother Wu You is here. Otherwise Princess Rong Le
would have been caught up in this. Speaking of you, you know he is a scoundrel,
why did you mess with him? I didn’t mess with him. He kept bothering me. If I were to have martial art skill
like Princess Rong Le, I would have beaten him to a pulp. Princess of Qi actually
knows martial arts. There are two things
Prince Li never does. He never drinks. He never touches a woman. Who says a princess
cannot learn martial art? If Your Highness wishes
to know more about me, you will learn that I know more than
just martial arts. Your Highness is willing
to attend the ball. It means you do have
some interest in me. Why don’t you come
to the ball with me? The Empress arrives! All hail the Her Majesty. At ease, all of you. -Thank you, Your Majesty.
-Thank you, Mother. I have heard rumors about
how talented the princess is. It seems to be true from what I saw. Please, I don’t deserve the praise. Prince Li is here. Come to the ball before you leave. Coincidently, Ya Li is here in the with us today. I am the daughter of
the Central Secretary, Ya Li. Greetings, Princess of Qi, Prince Li, Prince Chen
and Princess Zhao Yun. I have matters I must see to. So long. It’s almost time for the
death anniversary of Lady Yun. My brother needs to retrieve
some belongings of hers. He does it every year. A filial son indeed. Since Prince Li is not coming with us, Wu Yu, you shall go in his place. Come, have a toast. Princess, you came a long way. His Majesty was concerned the welcome
was not decent enough. I was ordered to hold
this feast for you. All the guests are about your age. I hope you won’t feel awkward here. Thank you for His Majesty
and Your Majesty. You have never been
to our nation before. How is your life at the manor? His Majesty arranged a
modest manor for me. -However…
-What is wrong? Are the servants not attentive enough? If so, I can arrange to get
the other servants for you. I need to ensure you are having
a good time in here. Your Majesty misunderstood. The servants are
taking good care of me. Perhaps they are
taking care of me all too well. I wish to see the view of the capital. But that seems impossible. Why? Is someone stopping you
from leaving the palace? That is not the case. Every time I tried to leave, all the guards are coming along. It’s too high-profile,
I feel concerned about this. Which is why I couldn’t go out. They simply wish to
ensure your safety. But I already have a
personal bodyguard. He was sent by my brother
before I came here. I see. Well, I shall send the order. From now on, you may leave
the palace as you please. All the guards need not follow you. Much obliged, Your Majesty. Princess, enjoy yourself. Make yourself at home. Enjoy the foods. To your health. Prince Chen, all you
care about is the food. What about the Princess? But I am not Wu You. I wouldn’t expect anything
from Prince Li. But if Prince Chen is here, I do have some expectation. What do you expect from me? I heard rumors about… how subtle and dapper you are. You know how to care for a lady. If I could have your
attention and caring, my life in the Northern Realm
might be more interesting. Indeed! Prince Chen knows
what’s best for a lady. Should you ever need any help
on any matter, you can always ask for his help. Your Majesty, this is just… Princess Rong Le, Wu Yu is simply unreliable. Brother Wu You is a good man. Do not fall for the rumors. Princess, I wonder
what hobby do you have? Your Majesty. I don’t really have any
interest in particular. However, I do love tea. I wonder what Prince Chen
does in his free time? Well, I love to visit the public house. What are the odds? I went
to some places in my homeland. But I have never been
to a public house. I wonder if Prince Chen
have the time… to show me around the public house? Are you even a woman? You actually want to see
a public house? My intention is not
about the public house. I just want a chance to
know you better. I wish to find out
what kind of lady do you like. Mother, pardon me
but I am feeling unwell. I must be on my way now. Little brat. Princess, make yourself at home. Same goes for everyone. Your Highness. Perhaps… His Majesty is going
to let Prince Li marry the princess. I thought we have another six months. Even if that is my father’s plan, there is nothing my father can
do if she refuses to get married. Your Highness must know, Her Majesty held a feast recently. The Princess showed her
liking in Prince Chen. Prince Chen and Li are inseparable. If Prince Chen marries her, it would be just like
Prince Li married her. Your Highness, we cannot
let our guard down. She is but a mere princess. There is no way she
is a threat to me. Besides, judging from Wu Yu’s temper, if he really does marry that
roguish princess, that could be a great show to enjoy. Your Highness, do you know Prince Li is investigating
the case of rank-selling? I thought no one knows? How did he find out? A snitch told Prince Li. But rest assured, I came prepared. The snitch is no longer with us. But we can see just how
ambitious Prince Li is. We can’t afford to get sloppy. Wu You is always care-free
and a man of seclusion. He tricked me into trusting him. But he is actually
plotting against me. Calm down, Your Highness. What we must do now… is to stop Prince Li from
expanding his influence. The order for the marriage
is yet to arrive. It’s not too late for us. You mean… Your Highness is already married. Marrying the princess is not possible. Unless, we make her… married to one of us. My Father won’t agree with this. Unless… Not only is Princess Rong Le hideous, her behavior is even more surprising. She asked to visit the public house
with me while Her Majesty was there. Wu You. Why would a lady
even act like this? Isn’t that great? You don’t need to visit the
public house on your own. You can bring your wife along. A couple sharing the same interest. That could be a great tale for us. Wu You, stop making fun of me. Don’t you think something is fishy? She was into you just moments ago, and now she got her eyes
on me instead? Something is not right about this. A conspiracy, something is at miss. If you know she is planning something,
why bother worrying? I am being cautious. I may not as good-looking as you are, but at least I am subtle and dapper,
chivalrous and a gentleman. Did she really fall for me? Brother? Time flies like an arrow. Even Ya Li is of age
to get a husband now. So, your father is Wu You’s teacher. You were a childhood friend of Wu You. You are meant for each other. -What a shame.
-Your Majesty. I don’t deserve Prince Li. It’s the Emperor’s decision.
The Princess is in our land. They may not be married yet, but the marriage
agreement still stands. Ya Li. What is your plan now? I am still too young. I just want to spend more time
with my father. I don’t wish to plan
for a marriage yet. You may not be in a hurry, but I am concerned. Your mother was like a sister to me. If you ever find someone you love, you must let me know. I will be your witness. Yes, thank you.
Your Majesty. You have always been
an obedient child. Perhaps too obedient. You might run into trouble someday. Your Highness. I am leaving. Do you need the guards with you? No. I am sure you all know
about Her Majesty’s order. From now on, I don’t need the guards to follow me. I have Xiao Sha to protect me. Yes. Is there anything else? I must come along
to ensure your safety. Sending guards may be
too high-profile. If it’s just me, it won’t draw
as much attention. I grew up in Zhongshan. If there is anything
great on the street, -I know all about them.
-I am not going out now. Back to the room. I knew you are here. Why? Are you still upset about
what happened back there? You’ll see, Wu You and I will teach
that son of Prince Qing He a lesson. How dare he bully you. No, I know. As long as you and
Brother Wu You are here, no one would dare to bully me. Besides, I have Princess Rong Le
to back me up now. The princess? Don’t be so naive, okay? Haven’t you heard? Not only is she ugly,
she has a foul temper too! Of course not! Your heart brings
about the appearance. She is so kind, she can’t be ugly. When I first met her, I feel like she is so friendly. But I don’t get it. Why would Wu You refuse to marry her? What could you possibly understand? Wu You was too protective for you. It made you naive and simple-minded. You should just listen to me. Stay away from all the troubles. Okay? What? You are no better than me! All you ever know is to have fun. How dare you lecture me! Princess Rong Le humiliated you
in front of everyone, I like her even more now! You… Madam Qiu. I heard you came from Zhongshan. Master Xiao, how may I help you? I heard Zhongshan is a land
full of beauties. Princess? They say the dairy cake
of Zhongshan is delicious. Let me get you some from the market. Beauty… I have never seen one. But I did see a lot of ugly ladies. But… Master Xiao, why are
you leaving again? I am… Why is your face all red? Sorry for the long wait, Master Chen. -This way, please.
-Ladies, bring out the wine! Master Chang, how do
you like the lady? Not bad. Look at this handsome young man. You are so striking that
all our ladies are outshined! Madam, I wish to see Miss Chen Yu. Please, make this arrangement for me. Unfortunately, Chen Yu is being
reserved by those gentlemen. Come. Let’s go upstairs. Come. I thought he doesn’t touch
wine and women. Those gentlemen are here
for Miss Chen Yu too? After all, Miss Chen Yu
is one of the kind here. Madam. I simply ask for Miss Chen Yu
to play a song for me. It won’t take up too much time. Well… Sure, not a problem at all. I will send Miss Chen Yu
to your room first. Then, I will send her
to the next room. As for the other gentlemen, they did pay for her. I can’t possibly disrespect them. Right? Greetings, sir. I have heard about how gorgeous
and beautiful you are. Now that I met you, the words are true. Much appreciated, sir. You are quite the gentleman yourself. I am not here to seek pleasure. I simply wish to
strike a deal with you. Sir, I doubt I am the right person. I am but a humble courtesan. Why would you need me
for a business deal? Sixteen years ago, there was a local officer. He was involved in Qin Yong’s mutiny. His whole family was executed. A total of 79 family members
were killed. But when the bodies
were sent in for autopsy, one body was missing. I heard the missing body… belonged to the youngest daughter. His family name is Yu. Her daughter was born in the morning. As the sun rises, the child was born. He gave her the name Yu Cheng,
meaning morning. Chen Yu… Yu Chen. I don’t know what you
are talking about. I am sure you understand. If I can find out about this, so can the others. Don’t you fear for your own safety? If I mean you harm, I wouldn’t bother with
the explanation. What do you want from me? Miss, calm down. I am not telling you this
to threaten you. I am seeking the truth of the past. As for your compensation, name any price you want. What if I tell you… I want to leave this place? Can you make it happen? If this is your wish, I shall try my best. Madam Qin’s greed knows no bound. She won’t let me leave. Unless… your status is even more
prominent than her mastermind. -Mastermind?
-Man above all, all but one. It’s the Crown Prince? Miss Chen Yu,
the guest asked for you. Fine. I don’t think you can help me. So long. Will you put your faith
in me for once? I have a plan to get you
out of here today. Are you serious about this? Wu You, the girl I am fond of… is skilled in instruments and dance,
elegant and gorgeous. She may not have a noble status, but she is more innocent than
most noble women. I apologize for the long wait. I am sorry for my tardiness. As a token of apology,
I shall present you a dance. Would you like that? The rest of you can leave now. Chen Yu, I have never
seen you dance before. I get to witness it
thanks to my brother here. While you are dancing, approach the man with green outfit. You might get hurt, but not killed. Leave the rest to me. Help! Help! Help! Madam, help me! Leng Yan, stop! Who dare hurt my precious baby? Tell me who did this,
I will settle this for you. How are you going to settle this? Wu You, just show some mercy. She might not mean it. Did my girl do something
to offend you? Chen Yu is the best we have here. The hands she used to play
the chords with are priceless! What if her priceless hands
are exactly what I want? What did she do to you? Why would you want
to cut her hands off? I accidentally touched
Prince Li’s shoulder. Prince Li? Kneel! You doomed me this time! Please, show some mercy. The House of Fragrance
is a big family, we rely on her hands for livelihood. Chen Yu, how did you find out
who we are? I can tell you are no commoner,
you look chivalrous. I know what I see. Your Highness refused to let us know, I wouldn’t dare to speculate
your identity. But His Highness called you Wu You. I am certain you are Prince Li. It was a careless mistake of mine. I hope Prince Chen can save my life. -Leng Yan.
-Yes! I want her out of my sight. -Brother!
-Stop! I think I have met you somewhere. Can we speak in private? Mistress? Madam Qiu. The Princess is resting.
Please, do not bother her. Captain Xiao. I am here… to send the medicine. Madam Qiu, the Princess
is not feeling well. If someone bothers her
and she seeks to blame me… I will keep this soup warm. She can have it when she is awake. She wanted to go out this morning. But she hasn’t stepped
outside the room. She is not making a sound either. She is gone.
Madam Qiu is gone. It’s getting late.
Why isn’t Her Highness back yet? You are right. Did something happen to her? Should we send Brother Xiao
to check on her? No, Master Xiao is her bodyguard,
he can’t leave his post. Madam Qiu is keeping
watch on us outside. If he leaves now, they will find out the Princess
has sneaked out. The people here will take it wrongly. What do we do now? I just told everyone in the manor. The Princess is not feeling well
and she needs to rest. Yes, fortune favours her.
I am sure she will be fine. Right, Lian Xin. Her Highness has headache
ever since she has the amnesia. She had headache
around this time last month. It’s almost time. Hurry up and prepare the medicine
for Her Highness. Keep an eye on it.
Remember, do not let anyone else
touch the medicine. -Is that clear?
-Okay, I should get going. I will be guarding outside. Leng Yue, keep acting
like the Princess. Remember not to move around
or talk to anyone. You have an keen sight. I am Man Yao, the young owner
of Moon Embrace Teahouse. I didn’t recognize you that day. I didn’t know you were royalties. If I did anything to offend you, I apologize and
hope you can look past it. After you left, I found something in the Teahouse. Let me see it. I don’t know what it is. May I ask, is this enough to save Chen Yu’s life? Wu You. This really is a letter from Sir Zhao. But why is this in your possession? When you left that day, I thought the room needed
to be cleansed of bad luck, so I ordered some men
to renovate the private room. I found this in the wall. I thought the deceased
might have left it there. Besides, this might be
rather important to Your Highness. Why didn’t you tell us sooner
if you know this? I was about to hand it
to the authority. You want to trade this thing
for the girl’s life? I wish to pay for her deed. I was planning on appointing her
as musician in my Teahouse. I want my Teahouse
to be known by the world. Miss Chen Yu is great
with music and her look. There is no better option
other than her. But this letter means nothing to me. It’s not worth a person’s life. Brother. But for me, Miss Chen Yu is worth
more than any treasure. Fine. You may trade your hand… for her life.


  1. Prince Chen and the princess even have more chemistry than the lead. But because it's a nice story okay I'll continue watching

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