【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 06. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 06. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

[Youhug Media] E06 Princess Silver Episode 6 In order to save me, you have a fallout with
the Crown Prince. People might take it wrongly
if words got out. What they think is none
of your concern. But for me, you are… a rare well-matched partner in chess. I really enjoy playing chess with you. I don’t wish to be affected
by common views. Did you really save me… for the sake of chess only? You who came to a strange land
to build our lands together. I think of you
when night has fallen… and when the fog has parted. Your Highness. We have reached
the Moon Embrace Teahouse. My yearning for you has turned you… Thank you, Your Highness. Farewell. You are my happiness,
my worries and… my abyss. I can’t touch you for you are like… the reflection in water. I don’t want distance… -Leng Yan.
-Yes, Your Highness. -Let’s go back.
-Yes, Your Highness. I just want to watch you… in this cold world. I didn’t manage to protect you.
I have failed the emperor. And I have failed you too. You did well in arranging
the matters in the manor. Ling Yue and Lian Xin
have become smarter too. I should have gone back immediately. But Long Yue has destroyed
all the contraptions. -And I can’t just use the front door.
-Mistress. Mistress. Thank you for sacrificing
yourself to save me. It’s my fault for not being
meticulous enough… until I have caused you such disgrace. If you need anything else from now on, I’ll put my life to it. We are here in Northern Realm. We should take care of each other
and complete this mission. I won’t let you sacrifice yourself. Thank you, Mistress. How’s Chen Yu? She is still unconscious
from being severely wounded. Prince Chen has already sent
someone over to treat her. She can come when
she’s feeling better. I’ll leave this Moon Embrace
Teahouse to you. We can no longer use this place
as our rendezvous point. We need to find a
new place immediately. Yes. Don’t worry, Mistress. I already made the arrangement
last night. We can get in touch… with Kite and Western Qi soon. But we can no longer use
the original secret path. Meanwhile, I hope that
you can stay put… while I look for
another route for you. For now, it’s better if you
go back to the manor at once… in case something else happens. Arrival of Her Majesty! Greetings, mother. It has already been two months. Why isn’t there any progress at all? Don’t be anxious, mother. -Recently, the Kite…
-You can’t be overcautious. You need to give them a kick. Greetings, Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Drink the medicine. You’ll feel better after you take it. Go out. I am in good health. No need to worry about me. As for the rare book hunt, put your safety before
everything else. There is no rush. I feel relieved that
you are doing well… in the Northern Realm. Xiao Sha. What do you need, Princess? For the Eastern Suburb Inn
and the man that saved me… that I had asked you
to investigate in, have you found anything about them? I already checked the inn. It often has a lot of customers
and it looks normal enough. As for that man, I had asked the innkeeper.
He did remember the man. But that man left after
staying for just a day. And he didn’t leave behind his name. It might be because
I was wounded that day. That’s why he has to find the
nearest inn to treat my wounds. I don’t think it’s necessary
for you to repay his kindness. In this world, this kind
of meeting is a fate. But there is something that
I have been wandering… to report to you. I think I know what it is. Answer me first. Did you touch the lock on this box? That box contains the secret letters
between you and the emperor. And I have never touched it. Usually, only you, me,
Ling Yue and Lian Xin… can come into this room. And you are the only one who
knew what’s inside. But I believe you. Are you going to report that
there might be spies in our midst? How did you know? By the way, where is the assassin
that was knocked unconscious? That day, after I changed
and came out from the room, I saw that the hiding spot for the
assassin was not very secure. I was afraid that
he’ll cause troubles if he wakes. That’s why me and Lian Xin
tied up his hands and legs… and threw him into
the firewood storeroom. After that, we rushed to your side… and we don’t know what happened next. That’s right. After Yu Wen Jie barged into my manor, I started to feel that
something is not right. How can two girls that
grew up in a palace… know how to deal with an assassin
so cleanly and neatly? And somebody has touched this lock. I had laid down a trap
when I designed this box. That’s right. Recently, I had
found some problems as well. -Princess Rong Le.
-Princess Zhao Yun! Princess Rong Le. I had read Princess Zhao Yun’s pulse. Her blood flow is blocked. I think
someone pressed on her pressure point. She didn’t faint because
of the drugging mist. No one else can know about this.
Keep a close eye for these few days. Yes, Princess. Lately, the weather is very nice. Everything is coming to life. I’m old already, I need to come out and
take a walk indeed. Luckily I have you to accompany me. It’s my pleasure to accompany you. Moreover, you are still young. There are many tricky things happening in
this palace. Here, we grow old rapidly. But in the spring sunlight, you look so lively. It must be because
something good has happened. I heard from your father that… Wu You has already promised… to go sightseeing with you
in the suburb in a few days. Prince Chen is tagging along too. Both of them are very busy. So, we haven’t set the date. Actually, I’m already very happy
that I can accompany you… to come out for a walk. Look at you. I heard that Princess Rong Le
has recovered. How about you pay her
a visit in my stead… and invite her
for your excursion? We can use this chance… to matchmake her and Wu Yu. Prince Chen and Prince Li
are very close. If Princess Rong Le is willing
to marry Prince Chen, His Majesty will be
glad to see that too. Alright. You have a good taste. This hairpin is from western region.
It’s expertly carved in copper. The carved flowers
symbolizes good fortune. They said that Moon Embrace Teahouse
has a mysterious Rare Item Chamber. And it contains treasures from all
over the world. I’ll take this. Welcome to the
Rare Item Chamber, Miss. We have high quality
silks and satins here, high quality rouge in rose color… and jade-wares that are
expertly carved. I’m not sure if you are willing
to sell the things that I want. What do you want? I want the string of
a soft-winged kite. Soft wing can stand against
the wind to rise up to the sky. We have this in our
collection as well. Your Highness. Unfortunately, our mistress has gone to the
tea plantation to check on the source. She will only be back
after a few days. Recently, I had come here three times. But every time,
I just happened to miss her. Our mistress is very
devoted to this teahouse. I’m truly sorry, Your Highness. How about I ask Miss Chen Yu
to come and play a song for you? No need.
I’ll just come again next time. ” Rare Item Chamber ” Wu You. Our teacher is set on marrying
her daughter, Ya Li to you. Even the empress has supported that. But you are still engaged to Western
Qi’s princess. What should we do? What they want has nothing
to do with me. But Wu You, you are in love with Miss Man Yao
from Moon Embrace Teahouse, right? Look at you.
You should just admit to it. You went to the teahouse again
these few days, right? But she’s avoiding you.
Actually, that’s weird. For a money-grubber
businesswoman like her, you are a money tree for her. She’s not a money-grubber. Please tell me more. The art of steeping is about
patience and the state of mind. If you are not a resolute person… who is indifferent to worldly matters, you can’t capture the quintessence
of the art of steeping. I think the way to enjoy tea… is not about the tea itself… but the state of mind one has
when one drinks tea. How about you relax your mind
and taste the tea in earnest? A person like her cannot
be a money-grubber. She is not a person like that. Why did she act like that then? She is keeping you at arm’s length. Could it be that she’s baiting you… -to attract your attention?
-How can you make a hasty conclusion? Look at you. You clearly like her. Arrival of His Majesty! Wu Yu, recently, I didn’t see you
much in the court. You hang out in
Prince Li’s Manor every day. You learned nothing but bad habits
from your brother. That’s not true. Enough. Leave us. I have something to discuss
with your brother. Yes, father. Wu You. I haven’t seen you in a long time. Ever since I last saw you
in Yun’s Tomb, I had been thinking a lot. If you really don’t want to marry
the Western Qi’s princess, I won’t force you. The empress told me that… you know Ya Li,
the granddaughter of the… Central Secretary since young. This will be a good marriage too. I don’t see how this is
a good marriage arrangement. Do you really like the
granddaughter of Sun family… or just the power of Sun family
that takes root in three states… of the southern region? Wu You, you should understand
the troubles I took… to give you those three states
in the southern region. Why do you have to fight with me
everytime? Somebody told me that… you reject the idea
of marriage alliance… because lately, you had been
spending your time… with a business woman. And you wrecked the prison of the
Ministry of Justice because of her. My choice has nothing to do with her. As for why I refuse to marry
the Western Qi’s princess, I think you know it
better than anyone. You hung the map in your reading room. I can see that you are very clear
about the situation of Northern Realm. The crown prince’s failure has
affected the Northern Realm. We have lost hundreds and
thousands of our soldiers. In order to avenge them… and to get rid of
this thorn in our side, I have decided to ally
with Western Qi to battle Wei. Do you really think that
we lost that war… only because of the crown prince’s
mistake? The people has to pay war tax
every year and they are suffering. Northern Realm is not
in top condition anymore. Even if I marry the
Western Qi’s princess or… the daughter from a noble family, it would do the country no good. I had never lost in a battle before. If I lead the army in personal
this time, we can defeat Wei for sure. When the time comes,
we can conquer the world. We are not racing against the time
to conquer the world. If we begin another war now,
you’ll ruin our country. For now, it’s best
to recuperate and wait… -until the country is strong again.
-Shut up! Until now, you are still holding on to
the fallacy of that traitor, Qin Yong. His People-Based Transformation
theory. What nonsense! -He killed your mother!
-My teacher is not a traitor. Since you don’t dare to mention
his name in front of others, how dare you speak of my mother? I know clearly who killed my mother. And don’t ever forget. The reason Northern Realm can become
so strong in such a short time… is because of my teacher’s
People-Based Transformation theory. Looks like you still
haven’t given up on it. I don’t take part in managing
the country anymore. Do I have to let you dictate… my thinking and my beliefs too? Fine. Since you are like this, I’ll make a half-year deal
with you too. Within half a year, if you can find the long lost
rare book of Qin family, The Book of Mountains and Rivers, I’ll allow you to restart your
People-Based Transformation. And I’ll allow you to marry freely. The Book of Mountains and Rivers? Yes. You didn’t forget
about that book, right? If you can’t find it, you have to marry the
princess of Western Qi. And you have to help me
take down Wei as well. The book has been lost for so long. It is not an easy thing to
procure in the first place. Moreover, even if I managed to find
The Book of Mountains and Rivers, you won’t give an
explanation to the world… -about my mother and teacher, right?
-You! Other noblemen and women
in the capital city… treated me with venom. Why are you willing to befriend me? I feel very guilty for passing on
my illness to you the last time. That was just a false alarm. I’m so healthy that
I recovered after a nap. I remember that when
I was bullied by others, you were the only one who
stepped out to help me. Look at this. Is this flower pretty? -You are prettier than the flower.
-Really? Looks like both of you
are having a good time. Greetings, Princess Rong Le
and Princess Zhao Yun. I heard that the Princess Manor
is decorated with Western Qi’s design. Now that I see it today,
it’s really the work of craftsmanship. You flattered me, Miss Sun.
Take a seat. Miss Sun, have you been to Western Qi? I’m a home type of girl. Unlike you who travelled the world, besides Zhongshan, I only ever
travelled to the southern area… every year during Qingming festival. Zhongshan is very beautiful.
You should go out and walk around. Alright. By the way, Prince Li
and Prince Chen… had invited me to go on
an excursion in the suburb. Are you willing to come along as well? That’s great. Princess Rong Le, you are already engaged
with Brother Wu You. You should get to know each other more
and bond with each other. Although Brother Wu You
looks fierce most of the time, he’s actually a righteous, bold, talented, intelligent and
sophisticated man. He’s the real hero. I think that Prince Chen… is younger, more energetic
and interesting. He is an intriguing person. In comparison, Prince Li is cold
and hard to predict. How did you become so close with him? I stayed in the palace for
a while when I was young. He wasn’t like this in the past. He treated others kindly. He still treats me kindly now. A few days ago, he had helped me
by teaching that elder son a lesson. Princess Rong Le. Don’t be fooled by Wu Yu. That man is a sweet talker
and he’s insensible. He has many fans
in every corner of this city. Princess Rong Le. Moon Embrace Teahouse has sent
this new tea for you to taste it. Their shopkeeper said that… today, they have an important guest. They have tea tasting, chess playing,
flowers viewing and sword dance. They had reserved a seat for you. If you ever have the time,
the invitation is open. I just asked Xiao Sha to go
and buy me some tea leaves. I never thought that their shopkeeper
will be so generous. Award the person who sent the tea. Express my thanks to the
shopkeeper for the invitation I’ll go there when
I have fully recovered. Yes, Princess. You know the shopkeeper
of Moon Embrace Teahouse? I heard that she’s really good. And she has collected many
treasures from all over the world. For example,
she has this high quality dress… and rare night-luminescent pearl… from western region
in her Rare Item Chamber. Princess Rong Le,
can you bring me along? Princess, what is wrong? You have just recovered. The doctor said that
you have to rest more. We have disturbed you from resting. Princess Rong Le, rest well. We’ll invite you again to go out
with us another day. I’ll take my leave then. Princess Rong Le. I’ll visit you again
on another day as well. Alright. Tea tasting, chess playing,
flowers viewing and sword dance. The teahouse is all about
peace and tranquility. They don’t allow any weapons. Usually, Long Yue will
find some excuse for me. Since she sent someone over today, it must be because
there’s no other way. Ling Yue. Help me with the clothes. Yes, Princess. ” Moon Embrace Teahouse ” You are here, Miss Man Yao. I’m wondering if you could
make me some tea today. I know clearly whether
you are here to drink tea… or to pick me. How can you be so sure that
I’m not here to drink tea? If you are here to drink tea, why would you hide wine
inside the bamboo tube? I purposely used this old bamboo tube
for soup to hide this wine. I thought that it’ll be able
to hide its smell. I never thought that
you’ll find out about it. You are really good. Wu You can’t drink wine. But I can’t drink tea. I can don’t eat for a day
but I can’t live without wine. You are the mistress here. How about
you drink some with me today? What are you thinking about?
Wu You is not here. Since you have already invited me, of course I can’t
reject your kindness. But I’m the same as Prince Li. I can’t drink wine. We have a full house today. If I drink too much and
embarrassed myself, humiliating myself is nothing, affecting your reputation which is
the real problem if someone sees me. After all, everybody knows that… Moon Embrace Teahouse
sells only tea and no wine. I never thought that besides… being meticulous,
you are good with words as well. Since you already said that,
I’ll feel guilty to force you. Fine. I’ll act nobly today… and enjoy this good wine by myself. Take a seat. Sit down. Somebody please bring me
my tools to warm up the wine. -Miss Long Yue.
-Miss Chen Yu. How’s the mistress? She is still with Prince Chen. They have been in there for so long.
I’m worried that she’ll be in danger. Prince Chen is very unpredictable. I don’t know what his plan is. Please spare my life. No matter what,
you have to make tea for me today. Alright, Your Highness. Go and check on them again at once. Alright. Miss Man Yao. Before this, I heard from
Long Yue that… you just came to Zhongshan
not long ago. Before this, where were you? Are you interrogating me? No, I’m just asking for fun. My father is a businessman. I had followed him
everywhere since young. We don’t stay in one place. Travelling around the world has
always been on my wish-list. Where have you been travelling before? I had been to many places. I don’t know where to start. Just tell me about some
of the places you went. Just think of it as
broadening my horizon. Are you drunk? I heard that you are an expert
in travelling and having fun. How can there be places
that you don’t know of? Where were we just now? You want to know that
which places are beautiful to me. Yes. I really want to know. Tell me. I already told you just now. Are you drunk? You didn’t tell me just now. I want you to tell me about some
places but you haven’t said anything. Let me think about it. Miss Man Yao. Before you come to Zhongshan, where were you? Before I come to Zhongshan, I am… Where were you? What’s wrong with me? I am… in a tearoom. It sounds so nice. Where is the tearoom? The fire for your wine has gone out. Let me light it up for you again. Miss Man Yao, are you alright? Wu You, you are here. Wu You, this is the Shilixiang wine
that I stole from your manor. I thought that it can
lower one’s guard. We were doing fine just now.
Wu You, I never thought that it’ll… That it’ll… It will indeed lower one’s guard. Are you alright, Miss Chen Yu? Your Highness, I feel dizzy. It’ll be alright. You are awake. This is a specially brewed
hangover soup. Do you… want me to feed you personally? Slowly. It’s a little bit bitter. Thank you for your help. I won’t disturb you then. Look. You can’t even stand straight. How are you going to go back? Don’t worry. After you sober up, I’ll ask someone to send you
back to Moon Embrace Teahouse. I’m really grateful to you
for saving me. But, I can’t trouble you further. Why do you have to keep me here? Why did I go into the prison
to save you that day? Because you know that I’m innocent. You are wise and just. You can’t just be impervious
to the injustice, right? Do you have to lie all the time? I know that you bear good will,
but I really need to go back. I have to take care of the teahouse. How much can your teahouse
earn in a day? I’ll pay you. What is it? Man Yao. This is a good chance
for you to name a price. Aren’t you glad? Since you have invited me
so warmly to stay here, I’ll accept your invitation. 100 tael a day. I thank you first, Your Highness. Alright. The water is reflecting the light
and dusk is upon us. This beautiful scenery is fleeting. But you are not willing to enjoy
this scenery with me in peace. You are just thinking
about rejecting me. It’s not that I’m not willing, but I… am different from you. Unlike you… who can do things as you please… Again with your teahouse. Man Yao, you are not like others. But you keep on pretending
to be a sordid merchant. Are you looking down on me? Do you think that I’m not worthy
for you to treat me sincerely? You have exaggerated. You are a royalty, you are
charming and elegant. Unlike me who is just a commoner. I’m not very knowledgeable. -That’s why you’ll think that…
-Forget it. I don’t like to force people. If you really want to go back, go ahead. Helmsman, please turn back… and let me off at the nearest wharf. Helmsman. Helmsman. Helmsman. He is old.
His hearing is not that well. I have a way if you want to go back. Calm down and enjoy
the scenery with me. And I’ll ask someone to send you
back to Moon Embrace Teahouse. Why do you have to make things
difficult for me? Prince Chen had invited me
to join him with wine. What are you going to do
to keep me here? Sister Ling Yue.
How about we go back? Go back? Lian Xin, think carefully. This is a rare chance that
the princess is not in tonight. Are you sure about that? Fine. Let’s go. Here. Carry them here. Yes, Sir. Cover them well. Line them up nicely. -We still have some bodies there.
-Alright. Scoop him up. -Check over there.
-Yes, Sir. Be careful. Greetings, Your Highness. What happened here? Your Highness, it’s a shipwreck. Quick, there are bodies over there. Yes, Sir. Move it over here. Deputy Minister Ma from
the Ministry of Personnel. Give them a proper burial. Make sure
to get all of them out of the water. Get me two horses as well. I rushed here after
I received the report. I just simply brought
that horse with me. You can take that horse
if you don’t mind. He is just a child. Is this an accident? There won’t be so many accidents. Let’s leave now. We can still make it back to the city
before the gate is closed. Do you know this man? If this is an accident,
will someone uphold justice for them? Justice? There is no justice
in this chaotic world. Aren’t you a self-claimed merchant
that cares only about money? Why are you so set on this? Everybody has compassion. Even you won’t feel nothing
when you see such tragedy, right? Then what do you think… I should do? I wouldn’t dare to ask you
to do anything. I just feel that… what have they done wrong… until they have to suffer like this? I’m too much of a busybody. In the end, I’m just another person in this world. We can do nothing about it
in this chaotic world. Maybe one day, I’ll become one of the
innocent sacrifices as well. Let’s go. With me here,
who dares to sacrifice you?


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