【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 10. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 10. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 10 You have been… stuck in this manor for too long. You even refused to
go out with Prince Li. I’m sorry that I had made you worry. But you are not well. I wish to accompany you in the house. I didn’t mean to blame you. If you want to be filial to me, go to Chengxi for me tomorrow. What is it that you need
that is so urgent? I heard that the Rare Item Chamber
in Moon Embrace Teahouse in Chengxi… specialises in selling
one-of-a-kind treasures. His Highness is a
regular customer there as well. I want to decorate the house
in order to welcome him. I heard they just brought in some new
high quality treasures and jade ware. But the servants
don’t know how to choose. I understand. Tomorrow, I’ll go
there personally to pick them out. Great. But from their shapes,
I think they are both female. I’m different from you. I have my own mission. Why did they have a
Western Qi’s tool in this manor? Don’t you think that
this is a very familiar scene? Wu You, what are you thinking?
You have a faraway look. Are thinking about Man Yao? Wu Yu. You have monitored
Man Yao before this, right? I did it because I was
too clueless back then. I thought that you’ll be distracted
from serious work because of a girl. I never thought that you are actually
a very calculative and lethal man. No only you managed
to defeat Yu Shi Hai, you managed to heroically
save a beauty too. You are really good. Did you find anything
when you monitored her? No, I found nothing. Nothing aside from running into her
repeatedly outside of the teahouse… and the House of Fragrance. You are the one who said that
there’s something wrong with her. That’s why I sent someone to
keep an eye on the teahouse. But in the end, I found nothing. Man Yao… knows some martial arts skills. Female from Western Qi. -Greetings, Your Highness.
-General Fu. You are loyal and are of valuable
service to the emperor and the nation. There’s no need for these
conventional courtesies. Thank you, Your Highness. General Fu. I’ve always admired you. But you had rejected all
of my previous invitations… with the reason being you are still
recovering from your wounds. I wouldn’t dare to
reject your invitation. That’s why I came here
right after I recovered. Great. After you. After you, Your Highness. Go away. You have great foresight and
you are both brilliant and courageous. You are the pillar of Northern Realm. But lately, you haven’t been to
the court, claiming to be sick. May I know the reason? Southern fringe is stable now. His Majesty is now making preparations
for the war against Wei. I’m just a general
who leads the soldiers. I’m not very familiar with
other affairs in the court. So, I think it’s better for me
to recuperate… and prepare myself for war. I am a grounded person and yet… I get to meet with
the capable general. Looks like you have really
given me an honour to meet you. -The honour is mine.
-General Fu. If I make any other mistakes
in the court from now on, please be so kind
to snap me out of it. You are too kind, Your Highness. It’s my duty and my honour… to be in service for His Majesty
and Your Highness. Cheers, General Fu. Cheers, Your Highness. Thank you. This tea is indeed very fragrant. And this is a very exquisite tea set. I personally picked out this tea set. This is the crème de la crème
of a tea set. Listening to you talking
about tea and steeping tea… make me feel like drinking tea
is a refined activity. You are too kind, General Fu. You didn’t come here today… just to drink tea. Am I right? Are you suggesting that
I’m the kind of person… who knows only
how to fight and won’t… come here specifically
for a cup of good tea? I won’t dare to do that. You lead the army
to protect the nation. You abide the laws and
you are an intellect. You are well-applaud
as the scholar-general… in all of Northern Realm. You are too kind. -Farewell.
-Miss Sun. The goods in Rare Item Chamber
are indeed delicate and unique. Everything here is exquisite. I’m too dazzled by all of these. Miss Sun, which one do you like? Miss Sun. Miss Sun, please have a look. This is a pair of newly-made
icy jadeite jade cups. They’re made from the same block of
jade that came from western region. The jade cups have the same veins
and they are totally the same. There is only a pair of these
in this Rare Item Chamber. Just like the man and woman
in this world. When fate comes,
they’ll each meet their other halves. Please let my master
fulfil her desire… to have this pair of jade cups. You shall own these cups
since it’s fate for you to find them. Please go to the tearoom
downstairs and wait for a while. Ping. Send these jade cups
to Miss Sun’s manor. Alright. Miss, the tea leaves that you requested. Thank you. Miss Sun, we can leave now. Alright. Greetings, Prince Li. Greetings, Prince Li. My servant doesn’t know the rules.
I’m sorry for that. It’s fine. I’ll take my leave then. Your Highness. Unfortunately, our master
is with a customer today. Please wait while I inform her. Who is it that is so important? He is the General of Defence. No need to inform her then. I’m the one who invited
General Fu to come here for tea. But my master
didn’t mention about it. Miss Sun. Meeting by chance is a rare thing. How about we go inside to
have a cup of tea together? Sure. After you. My lady, Prince Li is here. Tell him that I’m not in. What is it? You want
to hide from me again? Greetings, Prince Li. General Fu. Why are you here? I happened to pass by this place. So, I came in to have a cup a tea. Nothing else. If you need to talk to Miss Man Yao, I’ll take my leave now. Slow down. I’m not here
for anything important. Meeting by chance is a rare thing. How about you sit down and
we can all have a cup of tea? By the way, this is Miss Ya Li,
the only daughter of Sir Sun, the Central Secretary
of Northern Realm. After you, Miss Sun. Cheers, Your Highness. No need to be so polite, General Fu. General Fu. The emperor and crown prince
think highly of you. You are the pillar of Northern Realm. Since you have something to
discuss with the general, it’ll be inconvenient for me
to stay here. I shall take my leave then. Man Yao, if you are not here, who is going to serve us the tea? No need to be so uptight. I don’t have anything
important to say. I just feel like having a chat
with the general suddenly. Drink up. Coward. Princess Rong Le will not eat you.
Are you going to go in or not? -Sir.
-Now I know. This is the reason Wu You let me out. Good for him.
He went to meet his lover. And he set me up with
this old, ugly and fierce princess. Look. He even asked that blockhead
to keep an eye on me. What are you looking at?
And you! Why did you follow me along? Every day, you either pester Wu You
or following me around. I’m following you around? I’m just afraid that you’ll bully
Princess Rong Le. You like Wu You, right? If you like Wu You, go to the owner
of Moon Embrace Teahouse. -No use to come to this princess.
-You… Such a dummy. I follow you
because I’m afraid that you’ll… Stop right there. -What are you doing?
-Aren’t you going to go inside? Go inside and ask Miss Ling Yue
to get ready. -The sooner the better.
-Yes, sir. Prince Chen, Princess Zhao Yun.
Please go in now. Captain Xiao of the Princess Manor
has personally come to welcome us. Welcome. Today, the tea that you prepared… is different from the usual. Even I have never tasted
this kind of tea before. General Fu, you are really
well-respected. I don’t know anything about tea. I just feel that although
this tea is bitter, the aftertaste of it
is sweet in the mouth. To be able to give out
such a comment… shows that you are just being modest
about your knowledge in tea. I’m different from
the privileged and the wealthy. I’m just a person
from the lowest social strata. I lead a vagabond life for a living. So, drinking is just
a way of survival. I really don’t know
how to savour a tea. Your life is just like this tea. There’s sweet after sweat. That’s why you can taste
the flavour of this tea. Unlike somebody… who has already tasted
all the tea in this teahouse… but never been able
to taste the flavours. It’s just a thoughtless comment. Of course I’m in no way comparable
to His Highness’s knowledge in tea. I just only understand
the meaning of… drinking tea after
your explanation just now. The tea that you chose is in
accordance to the life of the drinker. Miss Man Yao, it’s really admirable… that your teahouse is so successful… although you are
the only one managing it. But this time, what I have tasted… is different from
what you have tasted. How about we listen to
Miss Sun’s thought on this? I’m not that smart. I don’t know
how to distinguish flavours of tea. For me, all the tea in this world… is bitter and astringent. I don’t know why… but the tea today
has a sour bite to it. But it’s alright. It suits my feelings
and my appetite today. We have the same taste, Your Highness. That’s why we are always
in perfect unison… when we are on the battlefield. In battle, you have great foresight
and you are very decisive. You can win easily even without me. As for court, I hope that you
have a clear look on things, can distinguish right from wrong
and can go side by side with me. As for other things, if you have taken a fancy
to the things that I like, I would suggest you to be
careful with your actions. Thank you for your advice. But I think that the matter
with the heart… is all about fate and destiny. It’s not up to us. Miss Sun, be careful. I’m fine. I’m too clumsy. Please pardon me,
Your Highness, General Fu. I don’t feel well suddenly. I think I’ll take my leave now. -You are not going to check on her?
-No need. Just now, General Fu said that
he’s going back already, right? Please be a gentleman and
escort Miss Sun home. I’ll take my leave now. You should stay away from him. You don’t have any rights… to question the people
I called friends. Fu Chou is a complicated man. For me, I think that you are more
complicated than he is. Man Yao, are you saying this… to provoke me on purpose? Your Highness, I’ll be leaving now. Are you angry at me… because of Fu Chou? I won’t dare to do that. After you. Miss Sun, the carriage is ready. -You can go out first.
-Yes, Miss Sun. Do you have something to say,
Miss Sun? We have met once
in the southern fringe. How have you been, General Fu? Miss Sun, you are… Two years ago, I ran into a battle when I was
in my hometown alone. I want to thank you
for saving me back then. Madam. I see. I was just merely helping out. I’m ashamed that I had forgotten
about it while you never did. After you saved me,
you left immediately. So, I never had the chance
to thank you. I feel very unease about it. This is nothing.
You don’t have to take it to heart. Miss Sun, let me escort you. After you. Well, this will do. Safe journey, Miss Sun. Princess Rong Le, long time no see. Where are Ling Yue and Lian Xin? Lian Xin has gone back to
Western Qi to get married. Our princess is worried that
Ling Yue will be upset. So, she gave her a few days to rest. Princess Rong Le, Wu Yu is the one
who wanted to meet you today. He insisted to come here to meet you. I’m here to pay my visit. Why does this tea taste so bad? Is it that bad? Let me have a taste. It’s indeed bad. This is incomparable to the tea
in Moon Embrace Teahouse. Princess Rong Le, let me bring you
to the teahouse to taste their tea. I heard that the Rare Item Chamber
has some brand new dresses again. And they are all imported. We can’t find those in the palace. Let go and taste the tea there. Our princess is still having flu.
It’s better for her to stay home. Please go back,
Princess Zhao Yun, Prince Chen. Princess Rong Le,
you are still having flu? Our princess is not feeling well.
Please go back, Princess Zhao Yun. Princess Rong Le
hasn’t even rejected me. How dare you reject me in her stead? Sir Xiao, this is the very first time
I invite Princess Rong Le. Moreover, more reason for her
to drink tea if she has flu. Tea can relieve and detoxify the body. Maybe she’ll get better
after drinking tea. -Don’t you think so, Princess Rong Le?
-Princess Zhao Yun is right. I don’t really feel well today. Princess Zhao Yun, Prince Chen. How about we go there… Princess Rong Le. Today,
we keep on inviting you sincerely. But you keep on rejecting us. Is this how Western Qi
treats your guest? Princess Rong Le is not like this. Princess Rong Le, let’s go. I have lost. It’s already so late.
Aren’t you going to go back yet? It’s not every day that
I can play chess with you. Can we play one more round? Alright. Wu You!
Look who I’ve brought along. Such a coincidence. I’ve brought
Princess Rong Le with me too today. Both of you can use
this chance to have a chat. Greetings, Princess Rong Le.
I am Man Yao. Miss Man Yao, please rise. Wu You, come and have
a talk with Princess Rong Le. Prince Chen.
Are you going to marry me? I… If you want to take off my mask today, it means that you are going to
marry me and be my husband. I… -I forgot.
-Wu Yu. This is the custom of Western Qi. Only the groom can take off the mask. You are too rude.
Apologise to Princess Rong Le now. Quick. I’m sorry, Princess Rong Le. Wu Yu, you are too rude. Princess Rong Le, my brother
has indeed offended you today. Let me apologise to you in his stead. Please forgive him. That day, you purposely make things
difficult for me in the great hall. Now, Prince Chen is trying
to take off my mask. But he is not willing to marry me. Are both of you trying to
embarrass me on purpose? I can’t be sure that you didn’t
put anything into the tea… that will make me embarrass myself. Princess Rong Le,
please don’t mind them. This is just a little game
that we like to play. Since Prince Li is inviting
Princess Rong Le to drink tea, it won’t do for the rest of us
to continue staying here. If Prince Li and Princess Rong Le
need anything, you can just call me anytime. Wu You,
Princess Rong Le is still here. Prince Li, Prince Chen, Princess Rong Le is still sick. I’ll have to bring her back first.
Farewell. Princess Rong Le. Usually, Brother Wu You
is not like this. Wu You, how can you do that? What’s so good about Man Yao?
Compared to Princess Rong Le… I’m going to visit
the House of Fragrance. Wait for me. It’s better for you to go back now. Do you really hate it
that much to be with me? I’m doing this for your own good. If you’re really doing it
for my own good, stop avoiding me already, alright? Forget it. It’s already late anyway. I’ll see you next time. I’m so scared. You did very well just now. -Really?
-Really. I never thought that
you’ll be so smart. You have portrayed the princess well
with your talks and your expression. -Even I…
-No, Sir Xiao. It’s nothing. I just managed to learn
how to be a little bit like her… because I have served her
for some time now. But we still need to be careful
from now onwards. Even now,
my heart is still beating wildly. It’ll be alright. Looks like I’ve guessed wrongly. Looks like love can really
make someone become dumb. Even the wise Wu You
has become it’s victim. How is it possible that
Princess Rong Le and Miss Man Yao… are the same person? They are totally different. Princess Rong Le is a spoilt
and wilful girl. And she’s ugly. Not only Miss Man Yao
is pleasant-looking, she is very sophisticated. They are totally different. Moreover, Princess Rong Le is
so aloft and she is a pampered girl. How can she be
the master of a teahouse? Are you happy now? Your cleverness
has overreached itself. Now, you have offended both parties. It’s been so long since I last
see you. I miss you like crazy. I’m going to visit the Northern Realm
and I’m going to travel fast. I’ll be meeting you in ten days’ time. Long Yue, I’m not dreaming, right? My brother is coming to
Northern Realm to meet me. I just received this message
from the Kite. It’s definitely true. Long Yue, take a look at me.
Have I changed in any way? Did I become thinner? I didn’t… -rest well lately.
-Enough. You are still the same. And you are still beautiful. Every time he writes to me,
he’s always so worried. He feels that I didn’t eat well, didn’t take good care of myself
and didn’t take my medicine. Prince Li often comes here
to look for you. You have to be careful.
Don’t spill the beans. I understand. A messenger from Western Qi
has sent us a letter of credence. The Emperor of Qi is
coming here personally… to sign the treaty with me. After that, we’ll have no worries for
the upcoming war against Wei. I’ll entrust you to
facilitate this meeting. But we are still undecided
about the marriage alliance. I’m afraid that it’ll affect
the alliance between us. We are almost done with the
preparations for the war against Wei. This alliance is a must. I will not let anything
affect this alliance. What is your plan then? Western Qi has chosen Wu You
for this marriage alliance. So, of course… we need to give Wu You a push first. Brother, please advise Wu You
not to be so headstrong. But with his personality… If he refuses to do it no matter what, we’ll think of another way then. I heard that Princess of Western Qi
is interested in Prince Chen. Since young,
Wu You cares more about… Wu Yu than he cares for himself. Alright, I understand. General Fu. I had searched far and wide for this. I hope that it will be to your liking. Great sword. Crown prince must have heard
about your meeting with Prince Li. He’s getting antsy. -You may go out now.
-Yes. When will the Emperor of Qi
reach Zhongshan? He’ll reach here within three days. You may go out now. Yes. Emperor of Qi is reaching soon.
What is your plan? You know what my intention is. I will not accept this marriage. Back then, His Majesty has his
own difficulties too with your mother. If he didn’t marry Fu Yuan, the Northern Realm today
will not be like this. You don’t have to talk about
the past with me. You are not here today… just to pass on a decree telling me to
accept the marriage alliance, right? Your father has exhausted
himself for this alliance. He’s not as healthy as before anymore. If you are really unwilling, let Wu Yu marry her instead. I don’t want. Father is being too partial. Same with you too, uncle. I knew that you are
eavesdropping on us. Uncle. No matter it’s me or Wu Yu,
we won’t accept this marriage. Officially, this alliance is fake.
We just want to strengthen our forces. Because of some dignity, we want to put the people in dire. And personally, we have feelings and everyone
has their own aspirations. I don’t want to be like His Majesty… who can make a bargain with marriage. I don’t want to be
unfaithful like him. You are right, Wu You. Wu You. Have you fallen in love with someone? I… I have things to do. I have to leave.
Both of you can continue. Looks like I’ve guessed correctly. Actually, His Majesty
has already made a plan for you. If anything untoward happens
in the war against Wei, he’ll let all of you go back to the
three states in southern fringe. After the treaty with Western Qi, the Central Secretary,
Sir Sun Ji Zhou… will be sent back to
the southern region. The prominent family of Sun… has been taking roots in that
three states for a long time. He can best assist you to settle down
in the southern region if needed. How is His Majesty? If His Majesty knows that
you are asking about him, of course he’ll be so gleeful
that all of his illness will be gone. The arrival of the Emperor of Qi! -Greetings, Princess Rong Le.
-Greetings, Princess Zhao Yun. Princess Rong Le,
you have a sore throat. So, I have brought along
some sore throat medicine for you. Thank you, Princess Zhao Yun.
Have a seat. Princess Rong Le, you are so capable.
You are even good in wood-carving. I just learnt it. This looks easy, but it’s actually
quite difficult to carve. It’s slippery if your hands are wet.
I’ve already ruined many of them. Princess Rong Le, I have never
seen you so happy before. Are you very close with your brother? That’s right.
We don’t have any other siblings. So, it’s just me and him on our own. My brother told me that
when I was young, he made me a box of
wood sculptures to play with. I’m so envious of you. Unlike me who have no other siblings. You have Wu You and Wu Yu, right? Actually, I’m quite scared of Wu You. And that Wu Yu
likes to bully me all the time. Princess Rong Le. If only you can be my real sister. If you marry Wu You,
you’ll be my real sister-in-law. Princess Rong Le,
did I say something wrong? Actually, Wu You is very kind. He always sends someone to
take care of me and protect me. But he never says it out loud. Princess Rong Le,
don’t ever fall in love with Wu Yu. He is just a heartbreaker. Why do I feel like
compared to Wu You, you are more worried about that dummy? That’s not true.
I’m just worried that he’ll bully you. Princess Rong Le,
can you teach me how to carve? Be careful, Princess Zhao Yun.
Don’t cut your hand. Princess Zhao Yun, if you like it, just ask someone to
send it to your manor. Don’t be like Princess Rong Le.
She has so many cuts on her hands. Ling Yue. No. I want to personally make one
to be given as gift too. Even if I’m not good in it,
at least I have put my heart in it. Just like Princess Rong Le’s
regards for her brother. I have to do it myself. I’ll be fine. Princess Rong Le, His Majesty
is going to come to the manor soon. It’s better if we keep
Princess Zhao Yun away for a while. She has a close relationship
with Prince Li. I’m worried that
there will be troubles. But I feel pity for
Princess Zhao Yun… because she is always alone. She is still young. It’ll fine for her
even if she makes some mistakes. I have always treated her
like a younger sister. I can’t bear to see her sad. What is it, Princess Zhao Yun? It’s nothing. Princess Rong Le,
is this really your brother? Why do I feel that
it looks like Wu You? Long live the Emperor! Rise. Thank you, Your Majesty. Have a seat, Emperor of Qi. Thank you, Emperor of Northern Realm. You came here despite
the long distance. I’m really touched by your sincerity. From now on, we’ll work in unity… to defend against our enemies. You are very courageous
and full of compassion. We’ll work well together. Although you are young, I feel that we can
get along very well. I built this nation with
blood and sweat. According to our custom, when we have visits from
honoured guests, we’ll welcome them
with a hunting party. What do you think about that? My warriors are brave and
are good shooters as well. How about we let our warriors
compete against each other? Excellent. Those with the most hunt
will be rewarded handsomely. Same goes to me. Long live the Emperor! Princess Rong Le. Princess Rong Le. His Majesty has to go to the palace
for a feast before he can come here. I know. Ling Yue. Look at me. -Do I look well?
-Yes. Everything looks good. You look very well and
your dress is beautiful too. Is the room for my brother ready yet? Don’t worry, Princess Rong Le.
I have already cleaned it up. As soon as I heard that His Majesty
is permitted to stay in this manor, I have been cleaning it up for him. Princess Rong Le.
His Majesty is here. -Brother!
-Rong Le. I miss you. Quick. Let me take a look at you. Look at you.
You have become thinner. But at least, you look well. Did you take your medicine on time? Yes, Ling Yue will make sure
that I take them every day. How are you feeling, brother?
Why do you I feel that… you don’t look so well? This is an exhausting journey. How can I possibly look well? You shouldn’t have
come here in person. This is a long and arduous journey. The world is in chaos now. And you are not feeling well too. I’m here in one piece, right? Moreover, this alliance
is very important to Western Qi. Besides, I want to
come here to see you. I’m worried that
they’ll bully you here. With you here, who dares bully me? By the way, I’m just one step away
from The Book of Mountains and Rivers. That’s great. Compared to the book, your safety is more important to me. Believe me.
Give me some time. I promise to let you
do as you please, to do anything you want… and to marry whoever you want. I know you are worried about me. But you have to believe in me too. I’ll definitely keep
my promises to you.


  1. The English sub quality is quite good for this series. Just that some went by too fast to catch up with the conversations. Great job to the sub team.

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