【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 11. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 11. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 11 His Highness must
be the famous Prince Li… that won the battle
of south with tactics. Yes, that is my son, Wu You. I hope he is what you expected. Prince Li does have
the outstanding figure of a royalty, the look of a righteous prince. He will indeed be a suitable
husband for Princess Rong Le. I came all the way to
the Northern Realm… in order to hasten the progress
of our marriage alliance. It doesn’t really matter
who the Princess marries. The good will of
the two nations comes first. There are other princes
in the Northern Realm. Since you are here,
why don’t you have a look around? Maybe there is a man that
suits the Princess better. Your words do have a point. After all, Rong Le is my only sister. I should spend more time
in considering the options. Princess Rong Le has
the quality of a good queen. But unfortunately,
the Crown Prince is already married. A hunt is just the same as a battle. Even if we face a powerful enemy, even if the opponent
has the higher ground, as soon as we find out
what his weakness is, we can turn the tide of the battle. I thank you for the advice. See? I think I know where the entrance of
the secret chamber in Qin manor is. So, the Book of Mountains and Rivers
is within our reach? No. This is an emergency signal.
It’s an urgent message. Someone wants to
assassinate His Majesty. What? There is faction that
objects the alliance… and is using this opportunity
for assassination. This is bad. My brother is on a hunt with
the Emperor of Northern Realm. I will send my man
to inform His Majesty. No, there are others on the hunt. If the soldiers find out about
the mole from Qi, we have nothing for our defence. I should go. No, this is too risky. As the last resort, I can
save my neck with my identity. -But my lady, this is…
-I should go. Don’t worry, you can count on me. Who is there? I thank the Crown Prince
for joining our hunt. You are welcome. It’s my honour to join you. It’s also part of my duty. Just now, I could tell Prince Li has
remarkable wits and skills. And now we are having
this friendly conversation together. The Northern Real
is full of decent people. My brother, Wu You,
is an arrogant person. If he offended Your Majesty,
I apologize for him. -It’s okay.
-Your Majesty. Your Highness. Beasts lurk in the area
ahead of us. We need to be cautious
if we move forward. Your concern is unnecessary. I may not possess your prowess
in martial arts, but I am good with the bow. It’s not the beast that I fear. I only fear there might be
no game for our hunt. Hold on. What’s wrong?
Are Your Majesty afraid? I shall accompany you to the
main camp after I shot this deer. I have no fear for the game. But this deer is walking
with a slow pace. There is sentiment in its eyes. From what I see,
it’s already pregnant. Animals are sentient beings.
Such act of killing… is too much for me to bear. Your Majesty are right. Emperor of Qi,
you are a ruler of a nation, but ever so merciful. I am surprised. Since it’s pregnant, I shall not kill it. Wu You, we have been
looking for you. You are here all this time? Greetings, Emperor of Qi. Crown Prince. Thanks to the Emperor of Qi, you finally get a chance to
leave the Eastern Palace. Wu You. Didn’t you see the deer is with child? You are always so reckless. If you really did hit the mark, that would be your sin. Congratulations, Prince Li.
Hit at the seventh inch. It’s a python. Prince Li really is remarkable. Brave and adept with a bow. A man of sympathy too. Emperor of Qi, you should know that… we need to kill the evil
to save the good. If we simply speak on paper, there is no difference from
pretentious diligence. Wu You. How could you be so rude
to the Emperor? Your Majesty, I apologize
for my brother. Prince Li never minces word
when he speaks. Otherwise he wouldn’t
have refused the engagement. He rejected the kind offer from
Your Majesty and the Princess. I never run away from
my responsibility. Your pretentious concern is
not needed here, Crown Prince. I refused the engagement
on my own free will. If you need someone to
be responsible for that, you may place the blame on me. I, Zongzheng Wu You, am no coward. I don’t need the other
to defend my action. Rumour has it
Prince Li is a prideful person. He thinks he is
superior of everyone. I get to see just how true
the rumour is. Rumour has it Emperor of Qi
loves his sister more than anything. I feel like… that is just an exaggeration. Your Majesty traded
your sister’s life for an alliance. You used her as your pawn. There is no love in this action. That is hilarious. In the world we live in,
war ravaged every corner. Life is full of uncertainty. I had no other choice. I don’t know about the others. But I will never do
the biddings of others. That is only your accusation. It is not my motive at all. I simply feel that my sister
is no ordinary lady. You two could make the perfect couple. I should do my best to persuade you… so you would agree to this marriage. If you miss this chance, I hope you won’t
find yourself regretting it. I have never known the taste
of regret in my entire life. So long. Wu You must have found a big game.
I should help him out. Brother, wait for me! Young and arrogant. I hope Your Majesty are not offended. General Fu,
you are close to Wu You. Go and check on him. Yes. Come. What happened? Someone sneaked in
when I was on patrol. I was knocked out. Did you see the person? It happened too quickly. Animals can tell the scent
of human beings. That eagle might have
recognized my scent. This is bad, I can’t let it find me. Let’s split up.
You lead the troop to the right, -I will go to the left.
-Yes. Prince Li. What majestic game
have you found here? There is no game. I simply wish to be away
from the vile man… and take a break. I am a little exhausted as well. May I take a break with
Your Highness here? I said I wish to be away
from vile man. I shall be on my way now. What will you do to me next? What do you want of me? I told you. We have different backgrounds. We shouldn’t have
be involved in any of these. You lied to me. And now you are
blaming me for it? I wish there was another way.
But I had no other choice. The duty I have on my shoulder… is the task I must carry out. You knew I won’t harm you. That is why you are acting so bold. That is not what it is. For me, Your Highness… are like the moon
shrouded by the clouds, a blossom hidden by the mist. I can’t seem to understand you. I know. Perhaps you already know
I am from the Western Qi. You even brought me here
to lure me into your trap. You had everything planned, you wouldn’t let me
get away so easily. You are asking for the rhetorical. Can’t you see? You will most likely be executed
if the others catch you. But me, I am the only one that
can’t bear to see you get hurt. -I am putting this on a bet.
-What bet is it? A bet on my life. I want to know if you
are truly in love with me. I want you to know, you won the bet. I hope Your Highness
haven’t forgotten. The difference between us… is more than just
our status and background. There are duties the both of us
must carry out. Man Yao. We are the same. Your duty is mine too. Once, the burden was too much
even for me. I thought all hopes are lost. But Man Yao, fate brought us together. Because of you, I learned to never give up. I made up my mind. Whatever it takes, I will hold onto those
that is right in front of me. I will never give up. But somehow, there will always be
something you must let go. No. Man Yao, that is not true. Do not despair so easily. I care not about who you were. I don’t care what your motives are. None of those matter to me. I just want you by my side. -Your Highness.
-Man Yao. I love you. War is upon our nations. Catastrophe ravaged the land. The alliance shall be formed
to free the lands of suffering. The marriage alliance
shall last forever… as the two nations join hands. Together, we shall fend off
the Wei forces… so the land can finally know peace. The treaty will be signed
and with the world as witness, none shall betray this vow. In celebration of
the forming of this alliance, for the next three nights, curfew will be lifted. Everyone can enjoy the celebration
with the lantern festival. Long live the Emperor. Your Majesty have my gratitude. Man Yao. I care not about who you were. I don’t care what your motives are. I just want you to stay by my side. Rong Le. Brother. I have a report from the Kite. I have never expected a trap will be
set up in the hunting ground. Rong Le. You shouldn’t have
risked yourself for me. What if you got hurt? With the jade amulet you gave me, I can overcome any danger
that is thrown at me. But Wu You… I mean Prince Li… is almost certain I am no commoner. He thinks I am a spy from Qi. It doesn’t matter what he knows. I won’t allow him to hurt you. Zongzheng Wu You
has a sinister intention. Refusal of the marriage, the taunting during the hunt, and the set-up to test you, he doesn’t plan to hide
his hostility for us. He has a bold ambition. If he finds out who you really are, things won’t end well for us. Should I… request to the Emperor and
cancel the engagement? Brother, Prince Li is not
an unreasonable person. With the alliance formed,
Western Qi is the inferior force. We need the Northern Realm
to recover from the damage of war. We cannot terminate
the engagement now. I don’t want to be the cause… of your worries. Rong Le. You don’t need to shoulder
everything on your own. Because you are the person
that care for me the most. You are also the person
I trust the most. My good sister. I will not disappoint
your trust in me. I will live up to
your expectation too. Once I get the
Book of Mountains and Rivers, the two of us can go home. Man Yao. I love you. What’s the matter? Rong Le? I am fine. I am fine. What are you laughing at? I was just thinking that… since His Majesty came here, Princess Rong Le has been smiling
a lot more. She told me His Majesty
might bring her back to Qi. I am so happy for her. Did she say anything about
going back with her brother? Yes. Well, the Princess is always
in danger while she is here. If she is back at Qi, no one would dare to harm her
under His Majesty’ protection. Do you want to go back too? Honestly, for me, wherever the Princess is,
that is where my home is. We rely on one another in this land. There is the Princess… and there is you, Sir Xiao. Sometimes, I don’t feel like
we are master and servants. It’s more like a bond of kinship. I just want my loved ones… to be happy, well
and have a good life. No matter what happens, you must take good care
of the Princess. I will give it my all to protect you. The treaty may have been signed, but the Emperor of Qi is persistent. The marriage must be settled
for good before he leaves. Without the marriage as reassurance… and keep Princess Rong Le
in our nation, the alliance is as fragile
as a piece of paper. It can be broken at any moment. Indeed. Both nations want the advantage. Without any limiting factor,
the treaty will break at anytime. The matter with the marriage
alliance must be dealt with. The Emperor of Qi
hinted me several times. He thinks Wu You can be
a great leader one day. He is willing to help Wu You
with the strength of Qi. But Wu You is unbending. No one can force him to do anything. Your Majesty, how are you
going to persuade him? What happened to Concubine Yun… was indeed my fault
for letting him down. All these years, this child of mine
never bowed down to anyone. He went against me at every corner. I let him do as he pleased. But the future of
Northern Realm is at stake. I cannot allow him to act ruthlessly. Your Majesty, you mean to… I knew it all along. For the past few months, Wu You has grown intimate
with the peasant girl. Your Majesty? My lady, you are frowning
and look absent-minded. Is there anything I can do
to share your burden? Chen Yu, I appreciate this. There is one matter… that I’m still struggling to decide. No, I do have a decision. But I just couldn’t be certain enough. I wonder what is the matter
that is bothering you. Chen Yu. Have you ever loved someone? My lady. Someone like me… doesn’t have the right
to speak about love. I keep having this odd feeling lately. I feel like my heart… is being filled with something. It’s so warm and sweet. It’s taking my breath away. I feel like… he means more than anything
in this world to me. However, the feeling is also bitter at times. It feels like a burden
is weighing you down. Which is why there are
many other things… that are more important
than loving someone. I will live up to your expectation. Once I get the
Book of Mountains and Rivers, the two of us can go home. My lady! What is this? Prince Li ordered his man
to send this here. Open it. This is so beautiful. My lady. I think Prince Li made this
specially for you. His Highness is inviting you
to the lantern festival. It’s the custom here. As the lanterns are lit,
lovers meet with each other. They make the promise for life. My lady. Whatever your decision is, you will always have my support. I was thinking… I should just follow my heart. I need to make
the choice I think is right. Brother, you are still
not done with Man Yao yet? The lover in the dream of
countless ladies in this country? The all mighty Prince Li… is being toyed by a mere lady. You spent months on her
and made no progress. You got nothing on her either. I need an opening. Right, you need the right moment. But you can’t always send me
to guard that old house. While the Emperor of Qi is in
Zhongshan, we need more security. Especially during
the lantern festival. Crowds of people will be there. It’s easy for someone to sneak in. Just stay put and guard the house. Brother. Let me take a break for once, okay? Our father hardly ever launches
celebration in the city. I was hoping to meet some
pretty ladies with this opportunity. Thanks to you, I have to
guard the old manor. Maybe the old man was
just lying to you. -There is no vault to begin with.
-Don’t be ridiculous. Brother. Why don’t you decorate the manor
with some lanterns? You can bring Man Yao
with you there for the night. In that quiet house, you two can do whatever you want. Killing two birds with one stone. I won’t be available that night. Fine, I get to be the expandable. Ya Li, are you going to the
lantern festival with someone? I never like to be in the crowd. I want to be at home
and have some rest. Besides, there is no one to invite me. You are brilliant and gorgeous. That is a fact known by all. I heard there are tonnes of men
waiting to propose to you. But sadly, none of them
is to your liking. Your Majesty, please
don’t make fun of me. I know. Are you waiting for someone
to meet with you? I heard from someone earlier. They say you were meeting
Wu You in the Teahouse. Ya Li, you have nothing
to be worried about. For the time being, Prince Li
might not marry Princess Rong Le. I was thinking about
matchmaking you with Prince Li. His Majesty can grant you
the engagement with Prince Li. Your Majesty,
I don’t wish to get married. I don’t deserve the love
of Prince Li either. Ya Li, please get up. Why? Do you think Prince Li
will mistreat you? His Highness has never mistreated me. -But I am just…
-Mother! Greetings, Your Majesty. Please don’t make it hard
for Miss Ya Li. Miss Ya Li has her own reasons. She had to keep it
a secret for Wu You. What does that supposed to mean? Mother. I shouldn’t be the one that tells you. But seeing how concern you are
with Wu You’s marriage, I must bring it up to you. Be quick with it. Wu You is in love with someone. -What?
-However, the lady is a daughter of a merchant. She meets clients and
runs a teahouse alone. What? This is getting more outrageous. This is not adequate at all. No, Your Majesty.
That girl is actually… So, he was telling the truth? Ya Li, I assure you,
I won’t leave you disappointed. I must inform His Majesty now
and get this problem solved. Mother, calm down. Did you hear what
the Crown Prince said just now? We didn’t hear a word. Good. If the rumours
reach His Majesty’s ear, the consequences is more than
any of you can handle. We understand. The arrival of the empress. Your Majesty. It’s been a while
since I am summoned here. I heard from the physician that… Your Majesty
are a little under the wind. The Emperor of Qi came to our visit. There are much affairs to work with. Your Majesty must
take care of yourself. I thank you for the concern. Your Majesty. I wonder if
the Emperor of Qi came here… to discuss about the engagement
of Prince Li and Princess Rong Le. Lately, there seems
to be some rumours… about Prince Li’s engagement. Have you heard anything about it? I don’t have a clue about this matter. Recently, the daughter of
Secretary Sun entered the palace. I do feel pity for her… and her bond with Prince Li
as childhood friends. This is nothing to be worried about. Wu You is a temperamental child. Please keep an eye on him for me. Yes, Your Majesty. Brother. Rong Le. This is the scene
I have been seeing in my dream. It finally came true today. I feel like we went back in time… to the life we spent
in the royal palace of Qi… which was peaceful and quiet. It would be great if there is
no war to be fought. I could stay by your side
for the rest of my life. Rong Le. Do you feel unhappy
with your life here? No, not at all. Why don’t we have some fun
at the feast in palace tonight? Every time I went to the palace,
people question my motive. I don’t like that. I can send Xiao Sha to take you
to the lantern festival. Xiao Sha should be in the palace. Your safety comes first.
You need not be worried for me. Tonight, I am not going anywhere. Very well.
Have a good rest tonight. Rong Le. Something seems to be bothering you. Is there something
you haven’t told me? I… Nothing. I’ll go home once I get the book. Then, I can stay by your side forever. Sure. I should be on my way now. Brother, are you all right? Are you having a relapse?
I’ll get the medicine for you. Little Xun! -Little Xun!
-I am fine. My dear sister. I have a good news for you. My men has found the
whereabouts of the Physician. I believe your headache
can finally be cured. Rong Le. As long as you are well, I’ll be free from all sicknesses. Thank you I should go now. Take care. Same goes for you. Your Highness. Is Prince Li really going
to leave tonight? I am not certain either. Do you really plan to get
the Book of Mountains and Rivers… and leave this land for good? Tonight is
the best opportunity we have. ” The Minister’s Manor ” -Leng Yan.
-Yes. There are eyes and ears
everywhere in the festival. -Keep your eyes open.
-Yes. Understood. All the entrances
and exits are heavily guarded. No one shall pass through here. Brother, you can always
count on Leng Yan. I want you to stay put as well. I give you my word. I won’t even step out of this house. I have other matters to see to. Don’t you dare sell me out. Otherwise… Brother, what are the odds?
Why are you here? Who said you can come out? I talked to Leng Yan about this. He will guard the house for me. I can have some fun here. You came out without my permission. Here is something you don’t know. There is a tournament
in the House of Fragrance. Any who gets the right answers
for the riddles… can watch the new
Flower Queen get elected. You should come with me. I am not interested.
Go if you want. You are not
interested in riddles, but what’s so fun about
watching the lanterns? I am waiting for someone. Man Yao? You need to be
careful not to fall for her. -What if…
-What about your riddle games? Right. You agree to let me go? -I am really going now.
-Just go. Brothers on patrol, come in and get some warmth. Let’s have some wine. -Come on.
-Let’s go. Come on. Brother, to Master Leng’s health. -Sure.
-To Master Leng’s health. I’ll get you some wine. -Fill the cup.
-Come on and start eating. Dig in. Man Yao. You must come here.


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