【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 12. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 12. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 12Emperor Wen watches from the heaven,shining bright and bring us light.The Zhou kingdom has its age,but the fate of nation
is yet to be known.
Princess, what happened?
Are you all right? I am fine. Princess. What are you searching for? The poetry collection. ” The Book of Mountains and Rives ” Who is there? After them! Go on, I’ll cover your escape. Go on! Leave! -Stop right there!
-After them! Look, the lights are beautiful. Man Yao. Dear, let’s go. Sure. What are you staring at? -You are here.
-Sorry for the long wait. I was thinking if you
come here tonight, it means you agreed. I’ll wait as long as it takes. Your Highness. While you are here,
there is no need for formality. Wu You. Come with me. -We can hang it here.
-Okay. The scenery of the city
looks even more mesmerizing… with all the lights and colours. With different moods, the scenery… will being a different vibe too. You are right. Lights and laughters are everywhere. This is a wonderful time. Why don’t we write down
our wishes too? Never mind. I once thought making wish
is an act of foolishness. I thought if I wish to have something, I must work hard to get results. But you are here right next to me, I am worried for what
will become of us. I feel like I am in a fantasy. Maybe the will of heaven is the
only thing I can rely on now. What if… I let you down in the end? I know you won’t. Come. What did you write? I am not telling you. Fine, but I can tell you what I wrote. What did you write? A house full of children. Nonsense.
Let me see it. I am serious. Man Yao! I am glad you came out all right. But I am surprised… you are good at swimming. I never told you I can’t swim. It was just your wild guess. When are you going
to stop surprising me? I got this. We can barely see anything on it. You actually kept it. Of course. Our most wonderful
memories are in there. I hope it will remind you of me, just as… how this token… reminds me of you. Wu You. I will cherish it. Okay. Okay, change into some dry clothes. The breeze is strong at night.
You are drenched in water. Don’t catch a cold. You should go home. Very well. I’ll see you off. I will be here tomorrow. Goodbye. Wu You. Farewell. Mistress. Chen Yu, Wei. I am here to bid you farewell. There is another family business
that needs my attention. I need to leave. This is my parting gifts for you. My lady, please don’t leave me behind. I took a vow to follow you
for the rest of my life. You can still stay in this teahouse. Should you ever want to leave, Long Yue will make the
arrangement for you. Come on, get up. This is the end of everything? Do you really plan to… hand over the book to His Majesty
and return to Western Qi? Maybe you should think about yourself
and for Prince Li as well. My sacrifice for Qi
is part of my duty. But Your Highness shouldn’t
sacrifice your happiness. Both of us are doing this
for our nation. People are suffering. A little sorrow and tears
are nothing compared to that. But do you really want
to leave Prince Li? I can tell. Prince Li is deeply in love with you. You do care about Prince Li. Since His Majesty can
get his hands on the book, Your Highness’ mission here is done. Both you and Prince Li can
stay here and live happily ever after. No. I can no longer face him. I have no other choice. My brother and people
of Western Qi need the book. This is the reason why I came here. Maybe the two of us… are destined to be separated. Sometimes, I wish… I am not the princess of Western Qi. Officers, why do you come to
our teahouse at this late hour? Which of your is Miss Man Yao? -I am.
-Take her away. Brother, what took you so long? The guards said someone
sneaked into the house. They even fought Leng Yan. But they got away. Bring Master Xin here. Let’s see if we can find
the secret entrance. That old man? Brother, let’s forget about him. Wu Yu. Prince Li, a letter came
from Moon Embrace. Miss Man Yao has been arrested
by Royal Guards. Your Majesty, Miss Man Yao is here. You are the owner of
Moon Embrace Teahouse? Man Yao? Your Majesty. I am Man Yao. Tell me. What is your relation with Prince Li? I have no relation with Prince Li. -There is nothing between us.
-Father! Greetings, Your Majesty. No relation at all? If that is true, why would
Prince Li arrive here so soon? Do you think I know nothing at all? Wu You, you are impatient as always. If you really care about this lady, you shouldn’t have come so quickly. Let me see just how much
she means to you. Father, not everyone is
as cold-hearted as you. How could one be so calculating
when it comes to love? If there is no other matters, I shall be on my way now. Do you really think you can save her? Father. Did you really use her as
an excuse to summon me… just to show me… how you are going
take a helpless girl’s life? A son that knows me all too well. You may take her with you today. If you want her to live, it’s simple. Complete your wedding with
Princess Rong Le. With that said, I will let her
become your second wife. I don’t need a second wife. She is the only woman I’ll ever marry. I will marry no one other than her. Besides, both Your Majesty
and I had a deal. If I am able to find the Book of
Mountains and Rivers in six months, Your Majesty will allow me
to decide for my own marriage… and reinitiate the reformation. The deadline is yet to come. Is Your Majesty trying
to back out on our agreement? Fine. I will follow our agreement. But before you find the book, I am keeping this girl as hostage. If you completed your end of the deal, then everything shall go well. Should you fail to do so, I’ll make sure to take her life. What if I insist on
taking her with me? I’ll see you try. -Wu You.
-Fear not. I am taking you with me. You have one more chance. Marry the Princess of Western Qi… or she will be dead. After all these years, I thought you know me well enough. For my entire life, I hate to be threatened. I address you as my father… because I still see you as such. But if you choose to force my hand, there will only be two outcomes. One, she is leaving with me. Two, both she and I will die here. You insolent child! Is it worth it to lose your life
over a mere peasant girl? That is up to me to decide. You… Your Majesty. Your Majesty, Princess Rong Le
and the other officers… have arrived at the main hall.Princess Rong Le?Did my brother…Just in time. I shall stand out today… and settle it once and for all
with this Princess Rong Le. Father, I want you to witness it. Wu Yu, what is going on here? I have no idea either. Father summoned me here. His Majesty and Emperor of Qi arrive! At ease, my officers. Yes, Your Majesty. Take your seats. Princess Rong Le arrives.Ling Yue?No, she is not Ling Yue.What is going on here?Greetings, My Lords.Not only is her figure same as mine,even her voice is the same.At ease. Yes, Your Majesty. Princess, have a seat. Why did you turn the Princess down? Is it because the rumours… say she is ugly? Man Yao, I made you a promise. I will only ever marry you. I only know today… that you have an agreement
with His Majesty. What if the time is up… and you still can’t find the book? Do you need to follow
the order to marry her… and give up on
reinitiating the reform? I assure you, I will find the book. I will marry you. What if you can’t find it? Even if I fail, I will do anything to
make sure you are safe. I will shield you from danger
for the rest of my life. I give you my word. Later, with everyone here as witness, I will reject the Princess. Clam down. Princess Rong Le. Before this, I gave you six months
to make your decision. But Emperor of Qi hopes
that before he leaves, the matter with your
marriage can be settled. Which is why I summoned
all of you here. Princess, you may use
this opportunity… to pick your husband… as both your brother and I
wish to see you happy. May our alliance last
for generations to come. Indeed. I do wish to see my sister… marry the love of her life. Whoever that man may be, as long as he is the one she loves, she will have my permission. I give her my word. Your Majesty is thoughtful. I am grateful for the kind offer. Princess Rong Le is
a reasonable person. A role model for all ladies. Princess, you may start
the selection now. Listen closely. Even if you marry me,
I am still going to the public house. I will never obey you. I thank you for the tea. I am surprised as I am grateful. General Fu is a hero of our land, a man with great devotion
and contributions. You and the Princess could
make the perfect couple. Emperor of Qi, what do you think? I shall respect the
decision of my sister. Thank you, Your Majesty. General Fu, heed my order. Yes, Your Majesty. General Fu Chou of
the Northern Realm… and Princess Rong Le of Qi… will complete their wedding
three days from now. Order received, Your Majesty. Hold on, General Fu. -Congratulations.
-Congratulations, General Fu. We’ll be sure to attend your wedding. -Thank you, everyone.
-Congratulation. Please. I wonder where
Miss Man Yao is right now. I was a little preoccupied just now. I didn’t get a chance to
greet her in person. Do you wish to get her blessing? She needs to return
to the Moon Embrace. I have Wu Yu send her back. General Fu, you have a fiancée. I advise you to keep your distance
with Miss Man Yao. Indeed, Prince Li. Does Your Highness not plan
to give me your blessing? Then I shall congratulate you. You got what you want. Thank you, Prince Li. Prince Li. His Majesty asked for Your Highness. Now that the engagement with Qi… -has come to an end.
-As for my love with Man Yao, say no more. From tomorrow on, I will attend the
Imperial Court every day. Wu You. You finally came to your senses. I knew it. I knew you would
understand my effort. Your ambition is for the country. Mere love is simply insignificant. I am going back to Imperial Court
because of Man Yao. If you insist on
making it hard for her, perhaps where my ambition lies… is something you will
never understand. Wu You. I have never doubted your talent. If you want to reinitiate
the reformation, as long as it doesn’t interrupt
the campaign against Wei, I give you the permission
to execute your plan. You really mean it? I am a man of my word.
You have my word. Good. I hope Your Majesty… will never interfere with
my personal life again. You shall witness the change
I bring with the reformation… and reliaze a land of benevolence. For the sake of Northern
Real’s greatness, I will give it my all to find
the Book of Mountains and Rivers. We finally got this troublesome
engagement over with. My nightmare has come to an end. If it wasn’t for my brother, I would rather just charge
right to the House of Fragrance. Then Your Highness may go now. Stop pretending.
I bet you are happy too. By the way, I should
be congratulating you. Your Highness, we are here. Miss Man Yao, see you again. -Move out.
-Yes. If Your Majesty hadn’t planned
all of these, there is no way I could become
the General of Defence… of Northern Realm
in just a few years. According to our agreement,
I will repay Your Majesty’s help. I held up to my end of the dead. Rong Le will get married
just as we planned. As for our next move, it’s all up to you.So, my brother had
this planned all along?
He let General Fu marry an imposter…so I can return to my home
in Western Qi.
I believe with your talent, taking control of Northern Realm
is almost certain. Whether it’s about Miss Man Yao… or the other plan, Your Majesty can always count on me. I hope that after I married
Miss Man Yao, Your Majesty can continue
to support me. I assure you, General Fu,
you have nothing to worry. But someone could be listening to us. In that case… General Fu. You knew who I am all this time? Princess Rong Le. Rong Le. Mind your manner. Xiao Sha, send General Fu
back to his manor. Yes. Goodbye, Your Majesty. This way, please. Brother. I can’t believe what I just heard. Tell me the truth. You want me to marry Fu Chou… so you could overthrow
the Northern Realm’s throne? You even got a double ready. If that double of mine
marries Fu Chou, you can take me home with you? Rong Le. Enough of this tantrum. I have made it clear
in the main hall today. Princess Rong Le of Western Qi… will be marrying General Fu Chou
of Northern Realm. The wedding is three days from now. How is this not real to you? You even got an imposter
to pick a husband for me. What else are you capable of? Brother, I don’t understand. If your motive is to have me
married to Fu Chou, why did you send me here
to look for the book? How many of your vile plans
are waiting for me? How dare you bring up the book! Do you think I know none
of your secrets? You might as well come clean to me. You keep messing around
with Zongzheng Wu You, what exactly do you want? It’s you. Answer me. Rong Le. Have you ever thought
about your own mission? Have you ever thought about… the risk of compromising
your identity… if you continue this relationship
with Prince Li? When that happens, not only will you lose the book, you might also expose all the
Kite agents in Northern Realm. Zongzheng Wu You is starting
to suspect you. If he finds out you are
the real Princess Rong Le, it won’t end well for us. I am doing this for you. I have to make a change of plan. But what I heard just now… is that your plan has been
going on for years. These are just part of your plan. Today, the Princess chose her husband. But I wasn’t even told of your plan. A double? Why don’t I know I have a double? Her voice and figure are almost
the same as mine. She was hand-picked for this task.
You took your time preparing this. You waited years for this. And you claim to be
doing this for me? If you had followed my orders… and didn’t fall in love
with Zongzheng Wu You, none of these would have happened. Rong Le. As long as you hand over the book, I promise you, a year after you marry General Fu, I will bring you home to Western Qi. A year? Who knows what kind of wicked plan
you have for me after that? What you say to me now… are so confusing that I can’t tell… which of them are lies. Have you ever asked how I felt? Have you ever asked me if
I am willing to be your pawn? I will never believe
a word from you again. Princess! -Princess!
-Xiao Sha, stop! Princess. Ling Yue? Yes, Your Majesty. What did you hear just now? Nothing, I didn’t hear anything. I just saw the Princess run off. -Dismiss.
-Yes. Your Majesty, I’ll bring her back. -We can let her…
-Don’t bother. She will be back.Because you are the person
that cares for me the most.
You are the person
I trust the most.
Good sister.I shall not disappoint
your trust in me.
Princess Rong Le of Qi…will be marrying General Fu Chou
of Northern Realm.
If you hand over the book,I will bring you home with me.Lies.These are all lies.Halt. Captain Xiao came to the teahouse
and looked for you. He was in a hurry. It’s like this is about
something urgent. I don’t know what happened… between you and your brother. But, we should go back for now. Standing here won’t do us any help. Your Highness, have some tea. Long Yue. Did you know… he wants me to marry Fu Chou? I only knew about this
a few moments ago. If I had known this, I would have
let you be ready for it. I believe you. But I can’t believe… the brother that loves me the most… is actually… Your Highness. I have known you for some time. I know well enough
about your personality. I thank you for saving me.
In my heart, you are like a sister to me. You can tell kindness from hatred. You repay all those who helped you. Same goes for His Majesty. He is the first I trust… after I woke up and lost my memories. I never thought he would abandon me,
deceive me and set me up. I am still struggling. Should I hate him… or should I trust him? Princess. Perhaps your brother has
his own reason to do so.


  1. I find it funny that the Emperor would order Prince Li to marry the princess and not Man Yao but Prince Li wants to be with Man Yao and not the princess. Bruh they the same person LOL. But then I hate it when her brother would use a double to choose her groom for her. I thought all he cared about was his sister's well being and happiness and not power. I had such a good impression of Luo Yun Xi in his drama, Fox in the Screen, but ever since Ashes of Love to this drama, his character has been turned a bit evil and scheming that I don't like it anymore. I know he isn't like this in real life but it bothers me that he plays this kind of character. This is a very good drama so far though! Can't wait for more episodes and would totally recommend!! <3 <3 <3

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