【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 13. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 13. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 13 He is the first I trust… after I woke up and lost my memories. I never thought he would abandon me,
deceive me and set me up. I am still struggling. Should I hate him… or should I trust him? Princess. Perhaps your brother has
his own reason to do so. I dug up some information after that. Five years ago,
when I first reach Northern Realm, I once used the Kite to
send letters to General Fu. During that time, General Fu
was just a sergeant. At first, I was curious too. Why did we need to use the Kite
to send a letter to a sergeant? That’s right. I heard it with
my own ears today about… Fu Chou becoming the general of Wey
in a few years’ time. All of these… are related to my brother
and Western Qi for sure. Behind these complex
interests and disputes, lies the unfathomable
heart of His Majesty. It’s not something that I can guess. Long Yue. People like you who are in the Kite… left your hometown and
buried your names. And all of you sacrificed
almost everything. Have you ever wonder… whether or not it is worth it? I lost my parents since young
and I was brought up by Kite. Loyalty to His Majesty and Western Qi
has become our belief. So, I have never thought of this question. When I was walking
on the street just now, I kept on thinking that… did I do something wrong? I’m prepared to sacrifice everything
for Western Qi by coming here. I don’t mind to sacrifice love. But when I think about… marrying a complete stranger, I still can’t accept it. Princess Rong Le. If you can’t accept all of these, then you should follow your heart. If you are willing to trust Prince Li, then you should… forget about your
impeding identities… to flee to a faraway place and
keep live together forever. But I don’t know… what is it that he wants. Mistress. Prince Li is here. Alright, you may go out now. Alright. ” The Book of Mountains and Rivers ” I recall that… we had a deal last night. I said that I’ll be coming to the
teahouse to meet you today. Although it’s already late, I will not break the promise
that I made to you. ” Prince Li’s Manor ” I’m fine now.
No need to worry about me. Can you tell me… what had happened? If you don’t wish to say it, then don’t. Wu You. Have you ever been
tricked and set up… by a person that you trust? In this world,
who else will be able to trick me… and set me up besides you? I did hide something from you. But I have no choice but to do that. And I didn’t do it to trick you
or to cause harm. That’s the reason you are able
to stand here and talk to me. Man Yao. I don’t know
what had happened to you. But I had never seen you
so crestfallen before. You once told me that… the things that are
important to me today… might one day become
a thorn in my heart. I lost my faith. I don’t know how
to continue my life… form this point onwards. Do you trust me? When my mother passed away, I once thought that… there will be no more
light in this world. But I met you. Man Yao, any sufferings,
no matter how great, will pass. If your faith betrayed you, no need to worry about it at all. Because it means that it’s
not worthy to be your faith. If you have nothing to believe in, then believe in me. My future will be your future. Our future? When I first saw you in the
Moon Embrace Teahouse, you were calm and collected
when you faced that assassination. From then on,
you were already in my mind. When I met you the second time,
you were willing to cut off… your arm in order to save Chen Yu. I have never seen another girl… with so much passion and
courage as you do. After that, during my mother’s
death anniversary, I went into Moon Embrace Teahouse
without any recollection of it. Now that I think of it,
I think it’s fate. From the moment I hug you… in order to move away
from the assassin, in my heart, I knew that… you are destined to be… different from how I see others. Wu You. When my mother and teacher
passed away after one another, I really thought that… there is no more hope in my life. But you came to me. You are the one who had
awaken my fighting spirit. You made me remember
my aspiration and my duty. Unfortunately, war is now a constant in this world. Because of it, many people… have lost their home and
the lands are barren. So, I have to change
this world for a better one. I really hope that one day, there will be no more war. And the people can live in peace. It would be so nice. In order to achieve that, my teacher used to
work his heart out… to initiate the
people-based transformation. But too bad. That day,
I heard you talking about it…. with His Majesty in the palace, right? As long as you can find the book, you can reinitiate the
people-based transformation. Not only this transformation
can benefit the people and the nation, it can change the whole world. My father promised that… as long as I can find the book, he’ll give me freedom
to choose who I marry. After you marry me, we’ll carry out the
transformation together. When the world is in a safer place… and the people are living in peace, I promise you that… I’ll travel the world with you. And we can enjoy all
the beautiful scenery, how about that? Will that day really come? Yes. At first, I thought that my future
is shrouded in darkness. Now that you tell me all of these, I feel that I can see the light again. Wu You, can I… really trust you? Trust me. I trust you. Marry me. I’ll start to prepare for
our wedding tomorrow.You are in my thoughts for so long
without you knowing about it.
Who is going to talk about
this love between us first?
Luckily, I am attentive to myself.That’s why I let you
turn back the time.
The western wind is preventing you
to accept the spring here.
But I’m still waiting under
the rain with you.
Although the future is unpredictable,I’ll do my best to create
a story together with you.
Half of autumn is gone.And it’s still a long way with winter.But I’m already waiting for
spring together with you.
In order to preserve your naivety,I’ll fight for the world
to be peaceful again.
This chill will bridge the path
for two lovers who are apart.
Little Xun. What is it, Your Majesty? Bring me wine. Your Majesty, don’t drink too much. Bring me wine. Yes, Your Majesty.Although we are both against it,our love is still sprouting.I might sound love-struck,
but I can’t help but to say it to you.
Fate will tear down my mask for me.Through the mirror,
I saw that you are so quiet.
So, I carved your name on my heart.Wu You. I’ll leave everything to you then.I’ll tell you that I’ve never left.I have gone through life…in one day’s time.And you are still the
only one I’m waiting for.
Although there are a lot to take in,
I don’t want to live in regret.
Because of this love,
I have found my happiness again.
Although there are a lot to take in,I don’t want to live in regret.Because of this love,
I have found my happiness again.
No matter what,we won’t be apart.” The Book of Mountains and Rivers ” Your Highness.
You didn’t sleep for the whole night? You should rest. Leng Yan. Go to the city and prepare
the best things for me. I’m going to get married. So, naturally, I’ll need to
have a grand wedding. -Your Highness, this…
-No, before the wedding, I want you to take care of
all the other… marriage customs
and protocols as well. If this is about other things,
I’m willing to do it at any cost. But you have never been a fan
of over elaborated formalities. I don’t care. You have three days. You’ll be held responsible for it
if it’s not done properly. Yes, Your Highness. Are you really going to leave
just like our mistress? From now on, take a good care of this place. Don’t let the mistress and me down. But… Alright then. Don’t worry. I’ll take a good care of this teahouse
and wait for your return. I heard that you have been looking
for this score for quite a while. Mistress has asked me to pass it
to you after her men found it for her. Before this,
she kept on telling me that… you are a noble and unsullied person.
You should forget about the past. Don’t limit yourself by staying… in this teahouse to
repay her kindness. Instrumentalists like you… are meant to live freely
in this world. Not only has she given me a new life, she is the one who
understands me the most. Just that I don’t know where to go
now that she has left. Everybody will find their own path. Just look at me. I’m going to
go out for an adventure… in case I can’t do it
anymore when I’m old. Let’s go. -We’ll see you out.
-Alright. ” Moon Embrace Teahouse ” Where is the princess? Who is the princess? The princess is already gone.
You won’t be able to find her. If we can’t find her.
None of you can leave as well. Seal off this place and search it.
Arrest the rest of the suspects. Roger that. Wu You. Wu You. When I met Leng Yan just now,
I heard that you’re getting married. This is the first time Leng Yan
asked for my help so humbly. Did the sun just set on the east? When I pressed him for answer,
he said that you’re getting married. Congratulations to you, Wu You. Finally, the beauty is in your hand. Don’t worry.
I’ll invite you to my wedding. My method is great, right?
I already told you. As long as you put your heart to it,
you can have any women you want. As long as you use a little trick, Man Yao will follow you
around obediently. I never thought that… a delicate lady like her… will be so sentimental. She entrust me with
everything just like that. The Book of Mountains and Rivers? Wu You, you found the book. Didn’t Old Man Xin say that
he couldn’t find it? Don’t tell me that Man Yao
has given it to you. She really gave it to you? How did she get her hands on it? During the lantern festival, I heard that someone had sneaked
into Qin Yong’s manor. And that person fought with Leng Yan. Is that her? That’s not right. That day, you went to the
lantern festival together with her. Did you already know that the
place will be empty on that day? You wanted to test Man Yao to see if
she knew the hiding spot of the book. You did it on purpose. No wonder. Wu You. No wonder you were
so out of yourself that day. You even allowed me to go to
the House of Fragrance. And even that Leng Yan went
to party with the guards. You were giving her a chance
to sneak into the manor. Wu You. You did that
on purpose too, right? Just like I said, Wu You. The path to a woman’s secret
is through her heart. I just never thought that
you’ll be able to make her… fall in love with you so fast and
willingly give the book to you. But you had caused me to feel
so guilty about this for so long. So, everything is under your control. Wu Yu, I’m not… Wu You, with this book, nobody can tie you down
anymore, right? Not even father. It doesn’t matter if Man Yao
is a spy from Western Qi. She has contributed to this nation.
What do you plan to do with her? Don’t tell me that you have
truly fallen in love with her. -Of course I…
-Of course it’s not true. Nothing is true. Man Yao. You used the rain as reason to
hold me in the manor for a few days. And you shared the information
about the book with me. Was that part of your plan? You took me to the library
in the manor to enjoy the scenery… so that I can find the secret room.
Was that part of your plan too? -Man Yao.
-If you deny it, why did you admit that
it was your plan… to lure me into your eagle’s
surveillance area with news about… assassinating the Emperor of Qi
when we were in the hunting ground? Yes. Those are all my plans. I have never considered… The Book of Mountains and Rivers
to be more important than you. Wu You, this book is fake. Man Yao. Things have reached this stage. No need to pretend anymore. All of you had used
all kinds of dirty tricks… to get this book from me. Since you have already gotten it,
why bother lying to me now? I never cared about that book. I care only about you. Do you think that I’ll trust you? You are just like them. On the surface,
you say that you care for me. But you are actually setting me up
and using me to get what you want. I fallen again and again
into your traps. Man Yao.I don’t think that we will be
talking anymore after this.
We have been through so much.Why didn’t I realise it sooner?My heart is bleeding
when I saw you leaving me.
Look at this, Wu You.
Everything is jumbled up. This is not even
The Book of Mountains and Rivers.Although we haven’t known each other
for long, I already miss you so.
Do you dare to…face the possible truth?If you had gone
according to my plan… and didn’t fall into the honey trap
of Zongzheng Wu You, it wouldn’t have turned out like this. As long as you give me the book, I promise you. After you are married with
Fu Chou for one year, I’ll bring you back to Western Qi. Any sufferings,
no matter how great, will pass. If your faith betrayed you, no need to worry about it at all. Because it means that it’s
not worthy to be your faith. If you have nothing to believe in, then believe in me. My future… will be your future. Just like I said, Wu You. The path to a woman’s secret
is through her heart. I just never thought that
you’ll be able to make her… fall in love with you so fast and
willingly give the book to you. Yes. Those are all my plans.After all of those hardships,
we are no longer young.
I’m doomed to live
in loneliness forever.
It’s bad but I can’t help it.Are you suffering just like me?
Are in turmoil as well?
After all the boom and bust,
I have lost all hope.
Where have you been for today? I’m so worried about you.Let’s drink to forget our worries
and bottoms up…
for you who have turned Gray.Did the princess pass anything to you? No. Sir Xiao, the princess has
been gone for a full whole day. When will he be back? Sir, we received a decree… saying that the princess will be
marrying a general from Wey. Is that true? Sir Xiao. Why are you locking me up? Open the door!
Why did you lock me in? Sir Xiao. Come… Sir, we have already switched out
the guards who are in the… outer perimeter of the Princess Manor
just like you asked. Now, this manor is under the control
of His Majesty’s guards. Arrest everybody in this manor. And you’ll be fully responsible
for this manor from now on. If anything about
the princess is leaked out, you’ll be held responsible for it. Roger that! This… Brother… Your Highness. The Moon Embrace
Teahouse is closed to all today. I have already searched all possible
places that Man Yao might be in. But I couldn’t even
find a trace of her. -What about Western Qi.
-Everything seems to be normal. They are still preparing for
the princess’s wedding. I think they still don’t know that
Miss Man Yao has given you the book. If they know,
there’ll be more danger for her. Ask Minister Wu to help you. We have to make sure that she is safe. Yes. Wu You. Wu You. I didn’t mean to let
the cat out of the bag. But, do you really don’t mind that… she had used this
fake book to test you out? ” General’s Manor ” Brother. I want to go home. I want to go home. I… You are awake. Take your medicine. Where is my brother? He is not here. Where are you going? Where can you go? You know very well that… you have no room to retreat anymore. You came out from Prince Li’s manor
like a living dead. He is looking all over
the place for you now. Look like… something real bad has happened
between the both of you. The teahouse is already sealed up and
the people inside are all arrested. What did you do to
Long Yue and the others? If I let you out now, your brother and Prince Li
won’t let go of them for sure. You don’t wish to cause harm to
Long Yue and the others, right? If you dare touch my people, I’ll guarantee that
you’ll get nothing. You might have forgotten. But there is no such thing
as ‘your people’. Take this medicine. Your best option… is to stay here. Any news? General Fu is here to see you. I don’t want to see him. General Fu said that he’s just
following order to go to… each princes’ manor to send out
his wedding invitation. Let him in. Greetings, Prince Li. Prince Li, I’ll be getting married
in two days’ time. I hope that you’ll be able to
grace us with your presence. Congratulations. Recently, you have helped the court
by offering yourself for the wedding. Now, you’ve became the
favourite of both emperors. You are a talented man. And now,
you have the most ideal spouse. You look radiant today. I bet you are ecstatic that… you’ve gotten everything you want. I have to thank you for that. If it wasn’t for you who are so set
on rejecting that marriage, I wouldn’t have gotten
what I want so quickly. Sometimes, your dream… might not come true if it’s too big. Thank you for your warning,
Your Highness. By the way, this Man Yin Chamber is prepared
for Miss Man Yao, right? I hope that I’ll be able to
attend your wedding soon. And I hope that
you and Miss Man Yao… can get married in the near future. Thank you for your blessing. I still need to go to other manor
to send out my invitation. I’ll take my leave now. Leng Yan. You have a lead? There are only a few words from
the message sent by Minister Wu. Tell me. Miss Man Yao is in
the General’s Manor. If that’s the case, why did Fu Chou come here just now? Move aside. Without the general’s permission,
you can’t step out from the room. Please go back in. Stop it. General Fu. Xiang Ying, leave us. Alright. You are still set on leaving? I won’t let you control me. I won’t be your puppet. Go ahead then. General Fu, Prince Li is here. And he has the manor
circled with his guards. Now, you have two choices. First, you can go to him. I won’t stop you. Second, do as I say… and I’ll send him away for you. I don’t want to see him. Prepare a bath and
a change of clothes for this lady. Roger that. I’m sorry that I didn’t get
to welcome you sooner. Please don’t blame for that. No need to be so polite. I’ve came uninvited
because of my wife. I heard that she’s here in your manor. So, I’ve came to bring her back. Are you going to get married already? Who is the lucky one? But you said that your wife
is in my manor. I’m afraid that you are
wrong about that. If that’s the case,
when I manage to locate her, you’ll know who she is. Guards, search the place. -Search the place!
-Stop! Insolent! Wu You. General Fu has invited me to
his manor to have a feast. I never thought that you’ll
come here to make a scene. According to the law, without order from the Supreme court,
no one can barge into the… private manor of officers
with ranking six and above. What do you think you are doing? According to the law, an officer cannot have an illicit
meeting with the wife of a royalty. Why can’t I search the place? Wife of a royalty? When did you have a wife? Looks like you have no respect
for me anymore. Even if our father is here today, I won’t let anyone stop me. You… As the sayings go,
meeting by chance is a rare thing. How about this? I’ve already prepared
a feast in my manor. How about both of you
enjoy the feast first… and after that, if you still want
to search my manor, you can search it
after the feast is over. What if I insist to search the place? Then you’ll be humiliating my country. A bully. First, you rejected the
marriage in the great hall. You had humiliated Western Qi. Now, as you wish, I had chosen General Fu Chou instead. In two days’ time, I’ll be marrying
into this General’s Manor. But you are making up excuses
to search this place. You have continued to
show no respect to us. Do you really think that… the Western Qi is afraid of you? Looks like you’ve gotten more
and more piercing with your words. This marriage is too rushed. I can only lightly decorate
the Tranquil Garden… according to Western Qi’s style
for the wedding. I’m not sure if it’s
to the princess’s liking. So, I had invited her over
to take a look at it. I never thought that
she’ll really come. You are so meticulous
and caring for me. Compared to those
conventional courtesies, I’m more touched by your actions. In this world, there are some
who are short-sighted, shallow and rude. But I’m very lucky… to be able to meet a person
who is as generous as you… and one who is of the same mind. You had made such a scene
at the great hall… just to wait for the arrival
of the General Fu, right? Thank you for your compliment. How about this? Let me show both of you
around the General’s Manor. You can use that chance to look
for your wife too, Prince Li. Let’s go. After you, Princess Rong Le. Miss, this is the dress and headpiece
that the general had prepared for you. Let us put them on for you.


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