【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 15. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 15 Here, have some water. Before the soldiers catch up to us, we need to plan our next move. Wherever you go, I will follow. Same goes for us. The effect of the drug is fading. Don’t worry about me. However, I think we should split up… or we’ll all be arrested. Long Yue is right. We are in the same boat,
we are sisters in arms. Everyone needs to
have her own goals. You shouldn’t follow me
and give up on your future. Princess, where are you going? I don’t know. I am no longer a princess. I once thought… Western Qi is where my home is… and the Northern Realm
is where my duty calls. But now, there is no place for me anywhere. The world is vast, there will be
a safe harbour for us. Miss Chen Yu. Are you planning to travel the land
and learn the way of the lute? I am going to Chen. I heard the music there
vigorous and passionating. It’s much different
from the music here. What about you, Xiao Wei? I am… I am going to Western Qi. I worked for Western Qi
in the Teahouse for years. But I never knew what
the land is like. Speaking of which, Your Highness,
it reminds me of Lian Xin. I wonder how is her life
with her husband. I have no attachment for Western Qi. However, while I am still young, I wish the see the places
I have never been to before. Not bad. The horizon is endless. We must not bind ourselves
in this small land. I pretended to be a
merchant for so long, but I never got the chance
to visit any places, what a shame. Long Yue, will you come with me… and witness the wonders of the world? Certainly. In that case, I bid
all of you farewell. We will each go our separate ways. Nothing will ever change,
we will meet again one day. Come. Brother, I’ll lead the men
and go after them. Not even the owl can sense them.
This is our last bet. You take the right
and I take the middle. -Make haste.
-Yes. Man Yao! Run, they are catching up to us. Run! The assassins from
Creed of Vengeance. Get on the horses, keep searching. -Long Yue.
-Hurry up. Brother? What’s wrong? Do you think I am gone? I should have seen this coming. You lied to me again and again. You will surely deceive me once more. Trusting you was a mistake. Not bad. Before I get the Book of
Mountains and Rivers, I will never let you escape my grasp. What do you want with the book? You lied to me. You said you want it
to save Western Qi, to strengthen the army
and help the people. But the truth is you conspired
with Fu Chou… and lied to both sides. You used the alliance as a cover… for all of your evil plans. Have you ever considered the outcomes?
If the war breaks out, the people of Western Qi
will be ravaged by chaos. None of these is your concern. As long as you hand over the book, return to Zhongshan
and marry Fu Zhou, a year from now, everything will be over. I will create a distraction. When the spy of Western Qi
becomes a traitor, I am sure you know what
the outcome will be. Run, leave me! Brother. Do you really want
Long Yue to die for you? Honour and loyalty
can never coexist, Your Majesty, Your Highness,
this shall be my last wish! Long Yue! Long Yue! -Long Yue!
-Run, run while you can. -Long Yue!
-Run. Long Yue! Long Yue! Long Yue! Long Yue! Long Yue! Rong Le. Stop resisting. You will never get what you want. I lied to you about the book. I never found it. You will get it over my dead body. Even without the book, you must return to Fu Chou… and fulfil your duty. Then all he will ever get
from me is a dead corpse. Bring them in. You… Long Yue is already dead. Do you honestly want these people… to die for your sake? Your Majesty, I left the trace for… Princess! Princess, save me!
Princess! What are you waiting for?
Keep it going! Princess! Stop! Please, spare their lives. They have nothing to do with this. They don’t know any details. I will go with you to Zhongshan. I will marry Fu Chou. Whatever you want of me, I will do it. Very well, let’s go. Man Yao? What happened here? By order of the Empress, from now on, we will
be serving Your Highness. We wish you all the joy
for your wedding with General Fu. We are grateful for
Her Majesty’s courtesy. Leave the stuffs here. This wedding robe is so beautiful. Nonsense, it’s not the robe, it’s the Princess that is beautiful. General Fu is has a dashing look, you could make a
perfect couple together. Fine, enough of your chatter. Leave us be.
The Princess needs to rest. Go on, leave us be. Princess Rong Le, I still think
my brother Wu You is better, but if you choose General Fu
over him, I will still support… Aren’t you Miss Man Yao? Princess, you look just the same as
Miss Man Yao from the Teahouse. Could it be… No, I need to tell
Brother Wu You about this. He is searching for you
like a mad man. Princess. Princess Zhao Yun is just
being ridiculous. I hope you don’t mind her. Your Highness, I was a coward. If I had let them kill me back there, you wouldn’t be trapped
in here like a hostage. It’s all may fault. ” The Princess’ Manor ” Congratulations. We wish you all the happiness. Thank you. Thank you. After today, I will never let go of you. There is no need to regret this. Brother, this is all my fault. When I saw Man Yao on the street, I should have taken her with me. But I the personal bodyguard
of Princess Rong Le… came out of nowhere
and was looking for a fugitive. We fought just like that. -She got away.
-What did you say? It’s Man Yao… You said when you met Man Yao, -you had a fight with someone?
-Brother, I didn’t mean it. It’s their fault.
They took me for someone else. But they are from Western Qi. I can’t argue with them. When you met Man Yao, you also ran into Xiao Sha,
Princess Rong Le’s bodyguard? Yes, it was Xiao Sha. Princess Rong Le is
unreasonable and insistent. But Miss Mao Yao is
sensible and lady of wisdom. There is no way
they are the same person. Besides, Princess Rong Le
is from the royal family. She is used to a life of luxury. She can’t be the mistress
of a teahouse. But if she is the princess, why did she make ripples
in the bath water? Unless, someone just dived into the water. That stirred the water.
She was trying to cover it. Brother, where are you going? Brother! Brother Wu You, I have
something important for you. Princess Rong Le is Miss Man Yao
from the Teahouse. What are you talking about? Brother. Rong Le and Man Yao
are the same person? -Yes!
-How is this possible? Xiao Sha, Rong Le’s bodyguard… showed up the same time as her. My goodness, we have been fooled! Congratulations. Congratulations. Thank you. -Congratulations.
-Thank you for the blessings. Thank you. Thank you. -Sir Yang.
-We wish you all the joy… in this marriage. Thank you, Sir Yang. Congratulation for marrying
such a beautiful wife. Thank you for the blessing. General Fu, before the consummation, you can at least show us… what your wife actually
looks like in person. Yes, the Princess have been
in our country for months. But no one has ever seen her face. Before this, she said
it’s the custom of Western Qi. The mask must be removed by
the husband on wedding day. Now that you are marrying her, why don’t you take off the mask
after the wedding ceremony? Show us just how much
of a beauty she is. Indeed. -Take the mask off.
-Yes. Greetings, Crown Prince. Don’t you dare make a fuss here. All of you backed off when
the Princess proposed. Enough of your chatter. Back off to where you came from. Greetings, Crown Prince. Greetings, Lady Xiang. Congratulations. You are devoted to
serving the country, a role model for all
the officers here. If Wu You could see the
big picture like you do, my father wouldn’t have been
so worried for him. It’s a bliss to marry
Princess Rong Le. General, it’s time for the ceremony. Very well. The marrying couple, pay your respect. To heaven and earth. To the parents and ancestors. To each other. Hold on! Prince Li actually came to my wedding. I appreciate this greatly. Your Highness is right on time. I hope you can calm down. After the ceremony is done, I will be there to serve you. Prince Li, this way please. Good. This is great. But I would like to see just how
Princess Rong Le looks like… and whether the rumours are true. Prince Li, you are
being too hasty. I advice Your Highness
to have more patience. As for the wedding veil of my wife, I think it’s more adequate for me
to take it off. Your concerns are unnecessary. General Fu, the ceremony
is not complete yet, you are not husband and wife. So, how does it count… to make us a married couple? After the consummation. I believe Princess Rong Le
would agree with me as well. How shallow your mind can be?
They judge a book by its cover. Even Prince Li has the same habit. Your turned me down that day. You were so determined. And you came all the way
here today to unveil me? What do you want from me? Is Prince Li trying to make
a mess out of this wedding? Prince Li, stop it! It was your fault for
being so arrogant. You refused to marry the Princess. General Fu sees the bigger picture… and marry the Princess for peace.
You have no right to be so angry! I was ordered by His Majesty
to witness this wedding. If you ruin the peace
between the nations, I will make a report to
His Majesty right away! Go ahead. Even if His Majesty is here, I am still going to see her face… and find out how she looks like. Guards! Prince Li wishes to have bloodshed
in my manor today? Xiang Ying. I never wish to have
a feud with anyone. If Your Highness insists on
forcing my hand, then I shall not hold any punches. Since you are married to me, you are my wife. Don’t worry. I won’t let you suffer from any harm. I thank you for the concern. But there are some matter… that only I can put an end to. If I let Your Highness see my face, will you finally give up on me? It’s you? It really is you. You have been feeding me lies. You saw what you want. Can you leave me be now? Perhaps I should go with you. Where are you going? What do you think? General Fu and I
finished the ceremony. Where else would we go? Are you really going to marry him
and go into consummation? Don’t you remember
what happened that night? I don’t care if it means
anything to you. You are mine now. Other than me, you will marry no one!
Come with me! Your Highness. Prince Li doesn’t have the
slightest respect for me. Today, I am marrying Princess Rong Le. You came here without any invitation. I take it as you are
sending your blessing. But you insulted my wife. And now you want to take her from me. Do you even remember that… this marriage is bestowed
by the Emperors. Fate of the nations is at stake. You are acting on arrogance. Don’t you have any loyalty
to His Majesty? Do you honestly think… all the ladies in this land… can be owned and
ditched as you please? You are no righteous man yourself. You have no right to lecture me. If I want to take her as mine, I don’t need to smear her honour. Prince Li, mind your words! -There is no way the Princess…
-That is enough! I thought you just wanted to use me. But I was so wrong about you. This marriage alliance is set. If you do have some love left for me, you wouldn’t push me
to such desperation… and place us in this predicament! I don’t understand… why you are doing all of these. Do you really not know… why I am doing this? I don’t. I never understand your thoughts. Brother! Man Yao? It really is you. How could you do this? You were flirting with my brother… while planning a wedding
with someone else? What about my brother? What’s done is done.
I have nothing to say. The marriage alliance
was interrupted… all because of me. I will take on all the responsibility. Your concern is not needed. All you need is a divorce. Now that we paid our respect
to the heaven and earth, we are a married couple. No matter what happens next, I… will always be there
to share your burden. General Fu really is a
person of great sentiment. This is touching. But if you want to spend the rest
of your life with my woman, you must go through me first. I will take her with me! Don’t you dare stop me! Brother, run! What did you say? How insolent can he possibly be? He charged into the manor
and took General Fu’s wife! He is out of his mind! Father, calm down. Maybe Wu You was just
acting on impulse. He may have been blinded
by Princess Rong Le. How is Princess Rong Le
the same person as Man Yao? Good question. The Princess’ plan was
well thought and deliberate. I wonder what kind of scheme
the Western Qi has in place. How are we going to
resolve this situation? I sent my men after him, however… However, the place he went into… it’s not where I dare to trespass. Where is he now? Why are you doing this? Zongzheng Wu You,
what do you want from me? What else could I want? No matter how much I love you, it’s not worth it to take by force! Yes, the mighty Prince Li
is no ordinary folk. You used all sorts of tricks… -to make me fell for it.
-Tricks? Didn’t you do the same to me? You are the Princess of Western Qi. But you disguised as a mistress
of the teahouse. While we were writing
down our wishes, you were planning
to marry another man! Who am I to you? Yes, I was planning
to marry General Fu. What’s wrong with that? You plotted against me
at every corner. You used me to get the
Book of Mountains and Rivers. You never had one bit
of true love for me! I had no love for you? If I had none, what did you have? You wouldn’t tell me
who you really are! You planned every step
and kept me in the dark! Don’t you dare lecture me! Yes, I am in no place to lecture you. We are both pawns for each other. We fed lies to each other. But I failed because
you were one step ahead. You took everything from me. And what did I take from you? I took you with me? Did I stole you heart? Right. Or is it you that took
the book from me? How is that book yours? You said Qin Yong was your teacher. Your father had him killed. You killed the whole family. And now you take his work
and made it rightfully yours? It’s just like how you took my heart. You think that people has no heart, you see us as your property! -This is madness!
-This is sacrilegious! What is the General going to do now? This is insane. What do we do now? We had enough troubles. Long live Your Majesty. At ease. Where is Wu You? Your Majesty, His Highness
is inside the royal tomb. Open the door! His Highness sealed the entrance. A contraption was installed
when we designed the place. Once it’s sealed,
it can only be open on the inside. Otherwise, the tomb
would have been ruined. He is been in there for so long. What if he never comes out? Brother! Brother, just come out! It’s me, Wu Yu! Our father is waiting for you! Brother! Insolence!
What does he want this time? General Fu. You knew the owner
of Moon Embrace… is Princess Rong Le all this time? I was unaware of it. You didn’t know?
When she was making her choice, all the men were afraid to be chosen. But you stepped out and
accepted her cup of tea. Your Majesty. This marriage concerns
the peace of two nations. Since both Prince Chen and
Prince Li turned the Princess down, I as the officer of Northern Realm… is willing to share this burden. Are you telling the truth? If Your Majesty doesn’t believe me, I will hand in my Armour and retire
in order to earn your trust. Father. All of these happened because
Wu You turned her down. General Fu is not at fault here. Your Majesty. General Fu serves the army for years
and achieved countless feats. He is trying to do
what’s best for Your Majesty. If he retires now, it might deal a significant blow
to the army’s morale. Please, reconsider this decision. Please, reconsider this decision. When are you going to let me go?

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