【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 20. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 20. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 20 Long live the emperor! Please rise. Thank you, Your Majesty! General Fu. I have something to ask you. Go ahead, Your Majesty. I’ve received the letter
of credence from Western Qi. They had given me another excuse to
not join us in the war against Wei. This alliance is nothing but a shell. I’m really worried about it. You are married with the princess
of Western Qi for half a year already. Have you heard anything about it? Your Majesty. My wife is just a woman. She wouldn’t know anything
about the national affairs. And I’m an official of Northern Realm. It’s impossible that I’ll have a
private contact with Western Qi. I think that the Western Qi
is going back on their words… because they know that we are
impatient to go into war against Wei. And our nation is in a civil strife. So, they are acting haughty
just to gain an upper hand on us. I think you have underestimated
Western Qi. Just like last time… when you had underestimated
the condition in southern fringe. Please punish me for my incompetence. No need to take this to heart. But, regardless of Western Qi’s plan, we won’t delay our declaration
of war against Wei. I have been planning this for
quite a while with the crown prince. I can prepare a draft
on the strategies… for Your Majesty to go through. No need. My seventh son, Zongzheng Wu You… has contributed in putting down
the rebellion in southern fringe. I’ve decided to reconfer the title
as Prince Li upon him. I’ll summon him to come back
to the capital… to discuss about the
war strategies against Wei. Your Majesty. Lord Wu You is adored by all
in the southern fringe. Everybody knows about his statecraft
and military achievements. I think that he’s a born commander. If he lead this war against Wei, I’m sure that Northern Realm
can come out as the victor. Xuan Ming. Go to Qingzhou
to announce my decree. Don’t tell him about the war
against Wei yet. Just say that I’m going to reconfer
the title as Prince Li upon him. So, I’m summoning him to
come back to receive his title. Yes, Your Majesty. What? Zongzheng Wu You is
going to come back? I’ve already advised you
to tone it down. But you never listen to me. Whenever you did something,
you’ll remind His Majesty about him. If Wu You comes back to the capital,
your place will be threatened. No. Your Highness. Looks like it’s best
if I leave the palace now. Please send me away from the palace. Send you away from the palace? In this life, I will never
send you away from the palace. Zongzheng Wu You is
coming back to the capital. General Fu. Looks like there’s no way… for me to turn back now. It’s either him or me. Please don’t act recklessly. If something happens
to Zongzheng Wu You, they’ll first implicate you to it and
you’ll be the primary suspect. It’ll just be a suspicion. Without proof,
nobody will dare accuse me. -I strongly suggest you…
-General Fu. You may leave now. No need to worry about this. Xiang, pour me some wine. I’ll take my leave now. Please calm down. General Fu is being too cautious. Actually, it’s quite an easy feat
to murder someone in Qingzhou. As the crown prince, you should be decisive. That is what I like about you. You are straightforward. And you never doubt yourself. Xiang. You are really an
understanding person. How could I bear it to send you
away from the palace? Zongzheng Wu You. General Fu? I’m here today… because… I want to talk to you. I’m feeling… doubly depressed today. So, I would like to spend
some time with you. Are you willing to accompany me? I don’t drink. It’s been so long since
I last drink like this. This wine… is so sweet. Tell me. What is the purpose of us
living in this world? As the general of Northern Realm, I’ve risked my life again and again… in the battlefield for my country. But in the end, not only
I was scolded by His Majesty, I was even scolded
by that crown prince. General Fu, are you alright? Don’t call me general. I don’t care about that title! Lady Rong Le. As long as… you stay by my side, I’ll be willing to do anything. Xiao Sha. Princess Rong Le, I’ll bring
the general out immediately. Rong Le. Rong Le. Why are all of you
so lenient towards him? No matter what he did wrong, all of you will forgive him
in the end. But why are you all
so strict towards me? General Fu.
What are you talking about? Yes. He’s all high and mighty. He can do as he pleases. But I can only endure
everything in silence. General Fu is drunk. You may stand guard outside. -Princess Rong Le.
-I’ll be fine. Call me if you need help.I can’t help but to ask after you.Rong Le. Am I that bad compared to him? The things that he can do, I can do them too.Finally, I’ve learnt how to trust.But I’ve underestimated love and hate.We have thrown away
the fate that we got by chance.
I have to admit to my mistakes.I regret the one mistake
that I made so much.
Mother. Don’t die, mother. Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me.This is the leniency that
you’ve shown me.
We are not holding hands…but you are holding my heart.Although this might not be forever,I’ve locked you in my heart…and I’ve locked you in my dream.It’s my fault…for falling in love with you.The Creed of Vengeance.
The crown prince must have sent them. The things that I’ve asked you to do.
Are they done? Don’t worry.
Everything is on track. It’s time. I was… drunk yesterday. Did I do something rude to you? Did I scare you away? You were drunk yesterday.
And you had spent the night here. Nothing else happened. This is a hangover soup. What is it, General Fu? You cooked this yourself, right? Yes. Ling Yue is not here. So, I have to cook it. This hangover soup
is really extraordinary. I’m wide awake… after taking just a sip. I remember that… I joined… the army when I was 12. I have to be on guard every day
even when I sleep. All these years, yesterday night… was the only night that
I had slept so soundlessly. Wu You, on my way here, I’ve noticed that the southern fringe
has begun to recover. Everybody is living in peace. You’ve made a huge contribution. You are too kind. Southern fringe has always
been a flourishing place. But lately, many of the refugees
kept on rebelling… even during the harvest season. I think the reason behind it
is something very complicated. So, my original idea is to
stay at the southern fringe. But since you are here to summon me, I’ll have to go back to thank
His Majesty first and decide after. Wu You, are you really going back? Looks like Wu Yu is impatient
to go back already. Looks like somebody is waiting for you
in the capital city. That’s not true, uncle. I just miss all those
pretty ladies in the capital. Do you know how complicated the
affairs are in the southern fringe? I just want to visit and have fun in
those public houses again. Greetings, Prince Fan Yang. Greetings, Your Highness. Miss Sun, long time no see. You’ve became even prettier. You are too kind. Ya Li. Come, sit beside me. It’s warmer here. I haven’t seen you for so long. Wu You can even take care
of others now. Ya Li, we will be going back
to the capital soon. And I’ve kept my promise to you. Get yourself ready to
depart for the capital. That’s great. Ya Li’s grandmother’s 70th birthday
is approaching. So, she has been asking her
to go to the capital. If you can together with her, I’ll be rest assured. But there are many things that needed
to be done in the southern fringe. When you leave,
there’ll be more tasks for us. So, I won’t be joining you
to go back to the capital. I’ll leave everything here
to you then, teacher. Alright, Your Highness. Leng Yan, you have to pass this letter
personally to Princess Zhao Yun. I want her to be the first… to know that I’m going to
marry her once I’m back. For this trip, I just need you… to go back with me, Leng Yan. I’ll leave Agent Wu here to tie up the
loose ends in the southern fringe. Especially those wealthy
and influenced clans. We need to investigate on them. Yes, Your Highness.
I understand. Wu You. You investigate on other clans
but left Sun family untouched. What are you thinking? Although you are going to
marry Sister Ya Li, you are being too kind
to your father-in-law. What are you talking about? Wu You. Before this, you said that you
don’t want to go back to the capital. Until now only I know that… you’ve decided to go back because
you’ve promised Sister Ya Li to do so. Wu You. Have you ever thought about… what are you going to do
when you go back? Nonsense. Wu You. Don’t you have any other thoughts
about this trip to the capital? For example, I want to go back
to meet Zhao Yun. Do you have anyone
that you want to meet? I want to go back because
the assassins that came at me… that day were from the
Creed of Vengeance. I need to go back
to investigate on it… to make sure that
the crown prince stay put. What? It’s crown prince again? ” Eastern Suburb Inn ” Why didn’t you tell me that
the crown prince… has sent someone to
assassinate Wu You? I didn’t know about it beforehand. Crown prince has never
mentioned it to me. I don’t care what your plan is.
But remember your place. Make sure to follow my order. Don’t make your own decision. I’ve never forgotten about my mission. But I’m afraid that
you’ve forgotten about it. I heard that you’ve
stayed the night… in the princess’s chamber
a few days ago. Now that you’ve gotten your woman, I’m afraid that… you’ve forgotten about your mission. You’re spying on me? I grew up with you since young. For your every flesh and blood… and even for your scent, I’ll know it… if there’s any changes with them. Hen Xiang, I’ll repeat myself again. The things that I do… have nothing to do with you. If you act on your own again, I won’t forgive you. You should be very clear… about the things that I can do. There can only be one survivor
for every test. Survival of the fittest. You won. I’ve known… since I first saw you
when I was 10 that… you’ll be the strongest among us. Your eyes are burning with fire. You’ve made the same choice
as the one you made when you were 10. Don’t worry. As long as I live, I won’t let you die.I’m willing to do…anything for you.But do you really
understand what I want?
We are so similar.That’s why I’ve made myself…into your shadow.How could you… fall in love with
somebody else so easily? Mistress, ever since I found out
that Hen Xiang is from Western Qi, I’ve used all my connections to find
out about her background to no avail. People from House of Fragrance
told me that… she suddenly appeared
half a year ago during that time. She has offered herself
to become a dancer there. After that, she became famous… and she went to the
General’s Manor to dance. As for the rest,
you’ve already known about it. Thank you for your hard work. I don’t think… we need to continue
on this investigation. I understand. Actually, I’ve been to the manor for
a few times in the past half year. You’re living a good life. They say that ignorant is bliss. I think that sometimes, it’ll better for us to know nothing. Maybe I’ve been living
too comfortably. That’s why I no longer wish
to find out the truth. I’m not sure if this is
right or wrong. And I’m afraid that
the faux happiness I have… will turn out to be a dream only. Mistress. No matter what decision you make,
I’ll support you. But half a year ago,
in this very place, you told me that… you won’t be willing to live
a life of falsehood and hoax. And you won’t hand yourself over
to others easily. I wonder if you still feel this way? I don’t know. Actually, I’m just a normal person. When I’m having a headache, I’ll still take those medicine
that I had once doubted. I took it just to reduce
my sufferings. Take our fate into our own hands? Easy to say… but difficult to carry it out. Mistress, don’t give up easily. If you really believe in General Fu, try to accept him. If you still want that book and
you want to choose an unknown path, I’ll go with you too. Chen Yu. Thank you. Your Majesty.
I’ve done as you asked… and have conveyed your
message to Lord Wu You… regarding his title as Prince Li. After he settles everything in
southern fringe, he’ll reach here… in approximately five days’ time,
including his travel time. Good. I have something that
I need him to do for me. Western Qi is a treacherous bunch.
They’ve gone back on their words. But we can’t delay the war
against Wei anymore. So, I’ve decided to form
an alliance with Chen. Chen has an impressive army. If we have them, we won’t be
needing Western Qi anymore. We can go into war
with the help of Chen. -How is that possible?
-We have never worked with Chen. No need to be so anxious. In order to make sure that
this alliance stands, I’ve already sent a secret messenger
to Chen to discuss about it. Although there’s a
dissension among us, the brother of Emperor of Chen, Prince Zhen Bei who holds the
real power greatly supports this idea. He’s already on his way here. Your Majesty, this is too sudden. The Board of Rites knows
nothing about their conditions. Please instruct us on how
to fulfil their conditions. Western Qi and Chen are different. Western Qi is weak. They offered
their country’s princess… and food supplies to us. It’s because they wish
to use our name… as a deterrent for other countries. Chen is poor
but they have a strong army. Prince Zhen Bei will be here… this time to choose a
princess of ours for himself. And the dowry… will include tools, appliances,
money and other valuables… in exchange for their soldiers. They’ll join us in
the war against Wei. Your Majesty, I think we should
discuss about it more. I’ve already made up my mind. We’ll discuss about it again
when Prince Li is here. Emperor if Qi is too impatient. Because of the failure
of this alliance, His Majesty… has lost is trust in me. That’s why he’s set on breaking off
the alliance with Western Qi. You have acted rashly by coming here. Are you trying to… push me into the abyss? General Fu. His Majesty has
asked me to tell you this. He knows clearly about your plan. If you still want your revenge… and to own your real name and status, you have to obey him. If you are not willing
to help Western Qi, we can’t promise that… we won’t show the crimes
that you’ve committed… to the Emperor of Northern Realm. Are you threatening me? I don’t dare to. I’m just asking you
to reconsider carefully. What does the Emperor of Qi want? It’s simple. Before Ning Qian Yi,
Prince Zhen Bei of Chen reaches here, kill him off. Chen is already doubtful
about this alliance. As soon as Prince Zhen Bei
who supports this alliance is dead, Chen will be plunged
into a civil strife. Ask him to wait for my news. Master, Rong Qi is not to be trusted. Do we really have to do that? I won’t be their string puppet. We have to proceed with our plans
as soon as possible. We just need an opportunity. As soon as the war against Wei starts,
this nation will be in chaos. And it’ll be the best time
for you to take over this country. So, not only you can’t
murder Ning Qian Yi, you have to make sure that
he reaches here safely. We have to make this alliance
works for the war to start soon. You’ve heard it just now. The people of Western Qi… are threatening me. I believe that you can think of
a way to satisfy both parties. You can protect Prince Zhen Bei… and silence Western Qi
at the same time. But you can’t bear to do it. Actually, you’ve already
known that it’s my only choice. That’s why you are here to remind me. Yes. I’ve always known you best. Is something troubling you? It’s nothing. Don’t think too much. Why would I think too much? By saying so, you’ve already gave yourself away. You are indeed troubled by something. Can I stay here tonight? Don’t worry, I won’t disturb you. I can just sleep on the couch. This manor was once… a cold and frigid place. I have neither family nor friends. Every time during the festive season, I’ll only dream about… mountain of swords sea of flames
and the gruesome battlefield. Mistress, don’t give up easily. If you really believe in General Fu, try to accept him. Do as you please. Are still awake because
I’m here and you’re worried? Since we can’t sleep, let’s have a talk. What do you want to know? Just go ahead and ask me. I want to know everything about you. I know too little about you. I think you know everything about me. I’m sure that the Western Qi
has told you a lot about me. Everything else about me
is quite normal. Nothing interesting for you to know. Look at you. You are always like this. Your words and your expression… have put so much distance between us. Rong Le. What can I do… to make you open your heart, to lower your guards… and to let me in? Isn’t it good between us right now? -Why do you…
-When I’m with you, I’m not a general. I am your husband. I’m your husband… who will help you and
protect you forever. From now on, can you address me as your husband… or by my name? I’ve known you for so long. I’ve already gotten used
to this form of address. It’s hard for me to
change it suddenly. You can cultivate a habit. You’ll get used to it after
you say it for a few times. I’ve forgotten about… when was the last time
someone used my name. Why does it matter if someone
uses your name or not… or how they address you? Why is it you never see me… even though I’m standing
right in front of you? You remembered that… we’ve known each other
for more than a year. But why do I feel like… in your eyes, I’m just another stranger? General Fu. So what if I can see you? What can it prove? I don’t trust my eyes. So, don’t waste your effort,
General Fu. If you can’t see with your eyes, then see with your heart. Try to look at me with your heart. Can you do that? I’m sorry. My heart sees nothing. It’s better if you
look inside yourself first. Isn’t it good between us right now? We accompany each other… and become each other’s family. If we want to keep
our secret to ourselves, it’s fine. And if we wish to tell each other
our secrets one day, we’ll do it then. So, you are still not willing
to tell me today, right? General Fu. I’m trying to tell you that… although I’ve been hurt, I hope that one day, I can be true to the people
who are true to me. Can you let go of me now? Rest well. If you’re unhappy because of
what I said today, how about you take a stroll… at Qingliang Lake tomorrow? Spring is almost upon us. The scenery at that place
is fantastic. Alright. General Fu, you are looking for me? General Fu. Has Lady Rong Le gone out? She’s about to leave.
The carriage is ready. Bring more men. Nothing can go wrong. Make sure that Lady Rong Le is safe. Yes, General Fu. Remember to go according to the plan. -Yes, General Fu.
-You may leave now. Come out. You’ve finally decided. You’ve put in so much effort on her
for the past half year. If you don’t use her well, it’ll be a waste for
such a good chess piece. I thought that you’ve really
fallen in love with her. It’s not up to you to
question my thinking. This is my last warning for you. You are now a wife
of the crown prince. Your mission is to keep
an eye on the crown prince. Not to spy on me. Zongzheng Wu You is
coming back to Zhongshan soon. Control your crown prince. Don’t let him act recklessly
and make some idiotic moves. Ask him to just do his part well. Should anything happens, I’m sure that you know
the consequences. And, with your current identity, it’s best for you to
stay away from my manor. From now on,
don’t come and find me… unless I order you to do so. I understand. Thank you for your reminder. Go back. Princess Rong Le, General Fu
is so considerate about you. He knows that you are
bored in the manor. So, he had you brought to such a quiet
and refreshing place. That’s so good. Such a tranquil place
is best for fishing. Unfortunately,
I didn’t bring any fishing tools. Princess Rong Le,
I have the tools here. Come over here. Princess Zhao Yun? Greetings, Princess Zhao Yun. I have a complete set of tools here. But I couldn’t even get
a fish after two hours. It’s that fishmonger’s fault. He has roped in all the fish. Fishmonger,
why are you pretending to sleep? Do you really think that
you’re above us all? No need to get angry over some fish. You need to be calm
if you want to fish. You need to remain calm
in all situations. You’ve scared off all the fish
with your temper. I’ve been fishing here every day. But I never have such a good yield. Thank you for sending
all the fish to my way. In order to repay you, how about I give you all of my fish? This is your catch.
It has nothing to do with me. I can’t take your fish just like that. How about I buy them from you? How about this? We’ll have a fishing competition.
Winner will get the fish. Princess Rong Le,
we can’t compete with him. He’ll win for sure. It’ll be so embarrassing when we lose. Don’t worry.
I’ll compete in your stead. We’ll do as you say then.
Let’s begin the challenge. Prince Zhen Bei of Chen has
already reached Zhongshan. He’s now at the Qingliang Lake
in the eastern suburb. I’ve already sent someone
to protect him in secret. I heard that the Emperor of Chen… adores and thinks highly
of Prince Zhen Bei. He has high hope for the prince
to become his successor. The alliance between
us and Chen this time… is very important. If Western Qi knows about it, they’ll eye us like a prey… and try to sabotage us. If anything untoward happens to
Prince Zhen Bei in Northern Realm, the consequences would be disastrous. Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I understand. I’ll try my best to take care
of Prince Zhen Bei’s safety. You’ve not done well with
the southern fringe rebellion. Prince Li has already
taken care of it for you. I’ll overlook that matter. For this alliance between us and Chen, if you do any mistakes again… This time, I won’t let you down.


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