【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 26. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 26. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 26 I’ll hold on to your hands forever. You can rely on me
without any worries. Is Princess Rong Le
back at the palace? You have nothing to worry. I sent my men to escort her back. Before she left, she left the job of protecting you
in my hand. Thank you. Your Highness’ love for my sister
is true and sincere. I appreciate it. This is as far as I can send you. Have a safe trip. Much appreciated, Prince Li. Prince Zhen Bei. Please. Yun. From now on, I won’t let you shed another tear. Even if you do, that would be the tear of joy.Love was never easy to come by.If a couple that loves each other
must be separated,
isn’t it better just to be strangers?Which is why we need to
be together all the time,
till death do we part.From now on, we will have no home.The whole world can be our home.We will wander the land
without any wealth.
We will be partners in arms
on the road to glory.
But we will live without
any shelter and money.
We will use every second to
enjoy our life to the fullest.
Zhao Yun. You must live a good life, a life better than the time
we spent together. Wu Yu. Let’s go. Sir Xiao. You can have it back. You gave me this for the wound. My leg is feeling much better now. Thank you.
You can have it back. You should keep it. You… You go out a lot. I don’t know why you
are going out so frequently. But I hope you won’t turn your back
on Her Highness again. Princess Zhao Yun is gone. Her Highness… We are the only friends she has left. I will keep you safe. My lord! You are finally back! -Come.
-Come inside! Sir, join us and have fun! Please, come in. Master Chang, it’s been a long time. Hong, take good care of him. I will. -Little girl.
-What? Do you know what is this place? Why would a little girl
like you come here? Madam. Madam, the man with
a sword from earlier, does he come here often? Why? Who is he to you? You don’t need to know.
He and I are… Little girl. You shouldn’t cause any trouble here. He is a man. Even with a beautiful girl
like yourself in the house, he can still put up an act
and have fun in here. I will be honest with you. Your gentleman… has been coming to our
business quite frequently. Right, he got into a fight
with someone over a girl. Is he all right? He is an amazing warrior. The man he fought with… is the brother of the
Crown Prince’s wife. There was a dozen of men
surrounding him. But they failed to beat him. However, he did offend
the official in the palace. I am afraid your gentleman
might be in deep trouble. Please, talk to him. Tell him to apologise and
make up for his mistake. Beat it, don’t bother
my business here. Are you sure Xiao Sha went into
the House of Fragrance? He even got into a fight? I am certain of it, Your Highness. I followed him to the
House of Fragrance. Madam Qin said it herself. He… He may seem righteous
and calm all the time, but who knows he would
be charmed by the ladies there. I am sure he is not. There must be some kind of reason. Let me go with you. No, Your Highness.
You can’t. You are still a patient. I do have someone
that can go with you. Welcome, my lords! Do you need anything? -Are you new here?
-Yes. Such a dashing gentleman! I will come back for you later. Miss Chen Yu. Can you please keep it down?
People might suspect us. I can tell who is new and
who worked here for a long time. As for you, stop keeping your head down.
You are drawing too much attention. Follow my lead and I promise you
I will search the whole place… and find your Sir Xiao. Miss Chen Yu, he is not mine. Fine, keep searching. Remember me when you come again! Ping. You are… Miss Chen Yu! Where have you been all this time? I miss you so much! Why do you dress like a guy? How is it? Is it convincing? This gentleman here is very handsome. No wonder Miss Chen Yu
never visits us again. So, this handsome man won your heart? Ping, enough about this. I have some questions for you. Did someone come here and
get into a fight? I know the man you talked about. This is the medicine for Her Highness. Any order from His Majesty? The Northern Realm and Chen
formed an alliance. His Majesty wishes to know… why you keep missing your chances
and failed to kill Ning Qian Yi. The Princess was involved in it. Things got complicated. This is my letter for His Majesty. I explained in details to His Majesty. I hope you remember. His Highness has
the leverage on you. Captain Xiao, we serve the same lord. I don’t want to threaten you
for His Majesty. I simply wish to remind you. As long as you do your job, I can ensure you
the safety of Miss Ke. I appreciate that.
I know what must be done. But I have to see her today. Otherwise I won’t have
the ease of mind. If we got into a fight with
another debauched guy… and put her in danger, you will pay with more
than just your life. No. His Majesty ordered her
not to see anyone. What if I insist? Sir, you are forcing me
to let her go… and make a fuss to draw attention? Indeed. -Let’s go.
-Wait. We are leaving him behind? Didn’t you hear him?
Miss Ke is still here. But this place is huge,
how do we find her? -Come with me.
-But… -Pick up the pace.
-Okay. This wine is good. Not bad. She must be here. Those men are not the workers here. They must be working with
that man from earlier. What do we do? -Come with me.
-We must keep an eye on her. Don’t worry about it. Stop standing there, help me out. This is so heavy. What is this hole doing here? I dug this. You dug this? What is it? Who are you? Are you Miss Ke? Yes. We are here to save you. -Me?
-Come. Come on, get out of there. Watch it. Who is it? Let’s go! We need to hide!
Come with me! This way! Come over here. Quick! Are they catching up? Cover your nose and mouth. What is going on here? Ke, what did you use?
You knocked them out. Curse you! How dare you lock me up! -And you too!
-Ke. -Ke!
-Eat this! All right, we need to go. They will catch you again. We need to leave. From Qian Yi;
I hope you cherish it. Your Highness. Miss Chen Yu and I brought the lady
back from House of Fragrance. Miss Chen Yu is serving the customers.
She can’t come with me. Who are you? Fear not. I am… I mean you no harm. I just want to talk to you. Who is Xiao Sha to you? You don’t need to ask,
I won’t tell you anything. My lips are sealed
even if you kill me. What are you laughing at? Nothing. You don’t need to see me as a hostile. I am Xiao Sha’s friend. Look at you.
Your hair is a mess. Let me groom it for you, okay? Go ahead. You are letting me groom your hair? What if I kill you? Those who groom for me are good guys. You are so innocent. Do you have a name? I am Xiao Ke.From Xiao family?That is a nice name. -Who gave it to you?
-My mother. I bet your mother is a
very beautiful woman. Yes, I know she is. But I don’t remember
what she looks like. Maybe she is as pretty as you. Where is your mother? I don’t remember. You don’t remember? Did you lose your memory too? No. But my master took me
when I was four years old. I have never seen my parents again. Don’t you have any family? Who raised you? My master, of course. I was terminally ill as a kid. The doctors say I won’t live
past five years old. I was playing on the street
with my brother. My brother went to get
some candied berries. My master passed by and saw me. She said she has never
seen my illness before. She got excited and took me with her. What about your brother? A year ago, someone found me
and brought me to him. I can recognize him
with the scar on his hand. I don’t remember anything. But I remember the scar I gave him
with the scalding soup. Is it on his right wrist? Your are Xiao Sha’s younger sister? Do you want to save your brother? What happened to him?
Is he in trouble? Are you all right? Ke? Ke is missing. Sir Xiao, come home with me. Let’s go. Ke, these are for you. Eat heartily. Ke. -Brother!
-Ke! -Brother!
-Ke! -Ke!
-Brother! It really is you! It’s me! I am so sorry. I didn’t take good care of you. I lost you. It’s all my fault. From now on, I will never
let you leave my sight again. Come, let me look at you. Are you hurt? Did someone bully you? Of course not! I am a healer myself,
why would I get hurt? Yes, you are a healer indeed. But Brother, you are hurt. It’s all right, I am fine. Right, Princess Rong Le said
she will save you. Come. I lied to Your Highness.
I deserve to be punished. From now on, I will leave Zhongshan. I will hide my identity. But this has nothing to do with Ke. Please, Your Highness.
Spare Ke’s life. It’s okay. I know you have your reasons. Your sister was imprisoned
and my brother used her as hostage. He forced you to assassinate
Prince Zhen Bei at the lake. But I was there so you
failed the mission. I can tell you still have
some attachment for us. You are still loyal to me. From now on, I will
take good care of her. I won’t let them hurt you again. Your Highness’ kindness… shall be remembered to the day I die! Ke, help your brother up. Brother, get up. Ke, tend to his wound. Xiao Sha. Your life is mine as well. Please take care of yourself. I put you in danger for times. I failed your trust. This isn’t your fault. But I never thought that… even if you grew up
together with my brother, he still blackmails you. For him, loyal officers
and his own sister… are both expandable for his ambition. When I see you,
I finally realize that… this is what it meant
to be brother and sister. Your Highness, the Emperor is… Do not say his name. After all that happened, I lost my trust in him. Sir Xiao, get the wound dressed. Princess Rong Le,
you can trust my brother. You know, my brother talked
about you all the time. He said you are beautiful and kind. Your treat your servants like
they are your friends. He found me a few days ago. He said he wounded you by accident. He wanted me to treat your injury. But for some reason,
he said you don’t need me anymore. He is always see-sawing
with his words. Ke, don’t talk about nonsense
in front of Her Highness. It’s okay. Ke is an innocent girl, I like her. Right, I heard you know about healing. You learned it from
the master that took you? Your Highness, Ke’s master
is the Lone Frost Sage. Zhao Yun’s marriage is a reality. This is her decision. We must respect her decision. You are here mourning for losing her
and forgot about the world. She wouldn’t want
to see you like this. Brother. I know you are right. But I just can’t forget about her. I was too stubborn. I only wanted to have fun. I should’ve responded
to her love sooner. I always see her as a kid. I want to wait until she grows up. But I never thought… the one person that never grew up… is me. I only learned the same
lesson recently. Sometimes, we can’t control everything. Perhaps by the time
you learned to give up, that is when you finally grow up. Your Highness. Your Highness. It’s all right, go on. Your Highness. Prince Zhen Bei sent this for you. In order to repay your rescue
and as your friend, while you have this token,
he will fulfill one request for you. No matter when or where,
if Your Highness needs help, this token can be used
to get the help from him. The other jade pendant was
given to Princess Rong Le. This is his offer.
We should accept it. How is Prince Zhen Bei’s journey? According to the report
of Hidden Ones’ agent, they made it past the border.
Everything went well. Fu Chou didn’t make
any suspicious move. Good. -You may go now.
-Yes. Brother, you had everything planned. I was too obsessed with my own loss. I never thought about how
to ensure her safety… and take care of her. After this experience, you will surely learn about love. If you are still frustrated… and have some free time with you, perhaps you can run
an errand for me. What do you need from me?
It’s time to get back on my feet. I want to share your burden. The agent of Hidden Ones told me… that bodyguard in General’s manor… fought with the brother of
Crown Prince’s wife… over a girl in the public house
because of jealousy. Even the Empress knows about this. Even Xiao Sha started to spend time
at that dissolute place. But Brother, do they need us for
this trivial matter? Zhao Yun ran into so much danger
because of the marriage. Man Yao risked her life to
save Zhao Yun. Don’t you think you should be
in the General’s manor… to express your gratitude? Right, you have a point. I should thank Man Yao for saving her. Then, I can send
your regard to Man Yao. How is she? Are you sure you know? Ling Yue, be patient. Ke is the apprentice
of Lone Frost Sage. Her knowledge in healing
must be top-notched. I heard that Lone Frost Sage… has vast knowledge about healing
and is known by many. She is called the healer of miracle. But she is arrogant and
has a bad temper. She always comes and
goes without a trace. She doesn’t like helping either. Your Highness is right. His Majesty sent the Hidden Guards
to search for her, hoping that she would help. But they returned without any success. But recently, they found Ke
at her hideout. Yes, it was those bad guys… that brought me to that strange place. There are women everywhere. There is that stench
of rogue powder too. They also threatened
my brother that… if he failed his mission,
they will kill me. Ke, enough about this matter. You have been reading
Her Highness’ pulse. Did you find a way
to heal Her Highness? Princess Rong Le is poisoned. This poison is very powerful,
I haven’t seen that before. But the medicine she takes
prolonged her life. Yet, the effects of the medicine
clashes with the poison. It caused headache and memory loss. Princess, the poison invaded
your body and made you weak. All I can do is to make you
live as long as possible. However, we might find a cure. Ke, don’t be ridiculous. Her Highness is healed.
She is perfectly fine. Ling Yue. Ke, thank you.
After so long, you are the first to be
so honest with me. From now on,
you can stay here with me. Let me protect you, okay? Okay, we can be good friends.Princess, the poison invaded
your body and made you weak.
All I can do is to make you
live as long as possible.
However, we might find a cure.Time flies like an arrow. But as I reach the end of my life, I feel like there are much to be done. Your Highness. Ke was just being ridiculous. It wasn’t so bad.
She was exaggerating. You don’t have to cheer me up. I don’t see this as a problem. After all, Ke might still
find a cure for this poison. It’s just that… I don’t want to live a life
without any purpose. I want to know who I am… and what I am capable of. Your Highness. You are still young and beautiful. Why would you think about your death? I just hope… I can have a chance… to escape from this cage
that binds me. I must control my own fate, live a life of my own. Your Majesty. I have escorted Prince Zhen Bei and
Princess Zhao Yun to Chen. -Everything went smoothly.
-At ease. Much obliged. Nicely done. The alliance of the
two nations is now formed. Prince Zhen Bei sent us
the first-rate horses. It will help strengthen our cavalries. The campaign against Wei
must be set in motion. The Crown Prince and I have
been planning for this campaign. I think His Highness is the
best man to lead our forces. Never mind.
I have someone… for that task. Prince Fan Yang. What does Your majesty need? Go and find out if Wu You
is busy with any work. Bring him to the royal study
to discuss our tactical plans. I am putting him in charge
of the campaign. Father! Wu You is always busy. I am willing to take his place… and give it my all for the campaign. Very well.
In that case, I have something of
utmost importance for you. Yes, Your Majesty.
Your wish is my command. The first-rate horses from Chen… have arrived. I assign you to supervise
the breeding process. If they can’t produce horses
that are capable for the battle, you will be responsible for it. Father. I don’t know anything… about breeding horses. But I have a feeling… you are best suited for this job. -But I am…
-Are you seriously… trying to make a bargain with me? I wouldn’t dare. I am grateful for Your Majesty trust. I will carry out my duty. These are the first-rate horses
from Chen. Take good care of them. If this gets in the
way of our campaign, you will answer for it. Your Highness, you are asking
for the impossible. There is this saying. We each have our own purposes. Same goes with the horses. Some are born to be
the best of its kind. Some are born to be useless. You… What is the meaning of this? You are mocking me with the horses? How dare you! -Your Highness!
-You said I am useless! Your Highness, this was
a misunderstanding. That was not what I meant. I have other matters to see to. I must get the best feed
for the horses. If Your Highness is in a hurry, you can have a look at the horses. -What?
-I have to leave now. Stop right there! Guards! Guards! -Stop standing there!
-Your Highness. Scram! A bunch of insolent servants. Get lost.
Get out of my sight. Get out of here. Help me get changed
before you leave! You… You have never ran away
so quickly before. What happened, Your Highness? Enough about it. The job my father gave me… is hard and tiring. That old fool is trying
to make a slave out of me. General. This is all your fault. If you hadn’t help
Zongzheng Wu You… in the matter with
marriage alliance of Chen, none of these would have happened. Your Highness, the two of us… are in the same boat.
If I fall, so will you. Blaming me won’t bring you any good. I got my power and status
because of my achievements. I can still stand tall in the
Imperial Court without you. As for you, without me on your side, do you really think
the Imperial Court… will have a place for you? You are right. I was being rude. I hope you are not offended. Okay? The two of us… are now mutually dependant. If you wish to get what
you always wanted, you will need my help. Yes. I will listen to whatever
you have to say. What you need to do now is to
change His Majesty’s view on you. Such as… staying away from women. Greetings, General Fu. Greetings, Lady Xiang. Your Highness. I have to go now. Sure, General Fu. Xiang. Xiang, from now on, you need to keep
your distance from me. I must focus on my work. I need to earn my father’s trust. Yes. Xiang. Help me get changed before you go! But you did tell me
to keep you at a distance. I must follow your order
and leave you be. You… A bunch of ingrates! You have no respect for me at all! I must thank you for earlier. I know. After so many years, if you made me a promise, you always did your best to help me. Right? But you cannot let your guard down. You come and go from
the palace too often. It’s easy to make a mistake. I know. But it’s different today.
Today is a day for your vengeance. On this day every year, I must be here for you. Okay. We should get going. Every time you come here, you set up a reminder for yourself… that you cannot forget
all the vengeance you have. I have never forgotten
about this day. I think you got used to it. A little blood and wound… weren’t enough to make you
hasten the progress. You… are a disappointment to your mother. Let him go. Don’t bring up my mother on this. This is my own mission. It has nothing to do with the Creed. Don’t forget what you said. You need to be decisive. You need know you are
born for greatness! Don’t worry, Master. Fu Chou has set
the plan in motion. Good. So this is the Princess’ house? It’s so big! It’s huge, isn’t it? Xiao Ke, remember to
have fun here, okay? Stay here. Ling Yue. Greetings, Prince Chen. I am here for Man Yao.
Please inform her. Yes. Who are you? Are you the new servant here? You are quite the bold one. How dare you stare at me. Man Yao never bothered
to lecture the servants. -He is so annoying.
-You are the first to be so rude. He is so annoying.
Stop talking! You have quite the sharp tongue. But you do look like a cute girl. What is this smell? I feel so itchy! -What did you do to me?
-Nothing. I sprayed some of my newly
invented poison powder on you. You shouldn’t have disrespected me.


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