【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 31. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 31 Why do you keep following me? You are going wherever I go, can’t you make your own decision? -This is not fun at all.
-Are you going to gather the herbs? Your Highness, movement at
General Fu’s manor. -What is it?
-Miss Xiao just came out, the guards are following her. That fool. Let’s go. Miss Xiao. You are going
to the eastern outskirts, how do we end up in the western city? I didn’t mention the
eastern outskirts. I said western outskirts. Did you hear that?
Did you get it? Listen closely, I am going
to western outskirts for herbs. It’s the bamboo forest
at western outskirts. Let’s go and gather some herbs! Hey, pay for that!What is taking him so long?Where is she? Search for her!
Don’t let her get away! Yes! -Split up and search!
-Yes! You actually came here. Of course. With my wits, I can easily
tell you are in trouble. So, I came to your rescue. You silly girl, what have
you got yourself into? Why are the guards after you? How would I know what
they want with me? They started following me
after I came out from the manor. I couldn’t shake them off. Same goes for the garden entrance.
Soldiers are blocking it. I have been locked up for three days. I must come out before
boredom kills me. What about Man Yao? She couldn’t get out. She sent me to get help. I saw you at the market
and I thought you can help. Nicely done. You actually know I can help you. But judging from the circumstances,
there is no other way. We must charge right in there. While Fu Chou is gone, I can get reinforcement
and save Man Yao. Okay, I will inform
the Princess right away. Where are you going? Why would you want to
go back into that hellhole? Come with me. What is taking Xiao Ke so long? Maybe she is compromised. What do we do now? Xiao Ke was our last hope to get help. I can’t just wait here.
I need to escape. This is still a safe place. You can stay here for now. Your Highness, you are going by yourself? Yes. Wait here. I will find a way to
get you out of here. Be careful. Prince Chen,
what is the meaning of this? Someone broke into my house. I have been tracking the thief. I found out the thief is
in General Fu’s manor. Stand aside, I am going in
for investigation. I am afraid you are mistaken. Your house is heavily guarded,
why would anyone break in? What thief would be bold enough
to hide in here? I saw it with my own eyes. I am certain of it. I must search this manor. Don’t you dare get into my way! Search! -Search!
-Yes! Someone is in here. Come out! -Come!
-Let go of me! Your Highness, we found a girl. Ling Yue? -Let go of her.
-Prince Chen. -Where is Man Yao?
-She couldn’t wait for help, so she got out on her own. She escaped? If she is in a hurry to leave, it must be about something important. Could it be about my brother?No one is living in this shack.Why is someone sending food here?Your Master, have some food.Fu Chou?Isn’t he on the march
with His Majesty?
Why is he still here?How was his resolve after I left? Is he wavered? Not at all. He longed for that position. Now that the opportunity
presented itself, he will surely hold onto it. Young Master. He is much more avaricious
than we expected. If he gets what he wanted eventually, not only will he kill
Zongzheng Wu You, your life will be at risk too. He wants to kill me? I doubt… he is capable of that. Keep an eye on that Crown Prince. This is the moment when
all of our patience is tested. Tell him to be patient. I don’t want him to ruin my plan. I understand.
You need not worry. What’s the matter?
How is your wound? It’s been years.
I’ll be fine. I believe this will be the last time. Soon, Zongzheng Wu You will
experience the pain I suffered. It’s been over two decades, over seven thousand nights. Not a second goes by without me
waiting for this day to come. -He and his father owe me this.
-Xiang Ying? Lady Rong Le, come with me. I am sorry but you must
hide in here for now. Ling Yue is still at the manor. Can you get her out of there? General Fu will soon
realise you are gone. The manor will be heavily secured.
I doubt I can even get inside. But don’t worry.
Ling Yue is your friend, General Fu won’t hurt her. You have my thanks. Please, do not say that. Like I said, your wish is my command. I will not regret my decision.After the attack at Lake Qingliang,General Fu punished me.He left me at the shack.No one came to my help.Xiang Ying? Xiang Ying? Xiang Ying? You were following Fu Chou’s
order for the attack. But I never thought he would
hurt you so badly. This is too much for punishment. It’s his order. He wants me to keep you
safe at all cost. I failed my duty and
failed to protect you. I deserve this punishment. I have no complaint for it. But you saved me despite
what I did in the past. I am eternally grateful. From now on, I shall follow you. I will give it my all to serve you. Xiang Ying, did you know
Fu Chou is still here? I didn’t know. He secretly came back
and hide in the shack. What is he planning? He no longer trusts me. I have no access to these
important information. Do you know anything
about his background? I swear I will serve you
to repay your kindness. I can do whatever it takes
to fulfil your order. But he was once the master
I sworn to serve. The General’s past… is not something I can betray to you. Very well, I shall not pry. Get up. I have an important favour for you. This is the tactical layout plan
I found in Fu Chou’s study. The troops deployed inside and
outside the capital are marked. I overheard Fu Chou’s
conversation with Hen Xiang. They have an agreement with
the Crown Prince for a mutiny. What is your next plan? I need to stop this. -You want to expose his plan?
-No. I must stop this tragedy
from happening. No matter how carefully planned
a mutiny is, there are sure to be casualties. Bring this and rush to Prince Li. Tell him what happened. What about you? I am going to the main camp
and talk to His Majesty. Okay. I will do as you ordered.
Please, watch your back. Rong Le must have gone
to the south for Wu You. Bring her back to me. If you fail, only death awaits you. Yes. Why isn’t His Highness here yet? The Court started hours ago. Yet the Crown Prince is still absent. What exactly happened? Right, what happened? The Crown Prince arrives! Long live the Crown Prince. At ease. Thank you, Your Highness. I stayed up all night
to read through your scrolls. My father’s duty is not an easy task. As his son, I couldn’t do much to help him. That is indeed my fault. You made it sounds so noble. You were clearly drunk last night. I bet you couldn’t
wake up this morning. -You…
-Isn’t that right? Ever since His Majesty
left with the army, the Eastern Palace has been
filled with joy and ecstasy. Do you really think none
would find out? You… Your Highness,
I have a plan to suggest. -Speak.
-Your Highness. His Majesty leads the march. But the army needs more provision. The eastern region
was struck by disaster. The yield is much less
than previous years. All the people have now
are the seeds for planting crops. It’s almost impossible
to get extra provisions. What’s wrong with seeds? The warriors are fighting at
the borders, they can’t get starved. Besides, my father is leading
the army himself. We will take everything,
including the seeds. Yes, Your Highness. We cannot let His Majesty and
the warriors get starved. But this concerns the harvest
of the following year. If Your Highness ignore
the consequences… and force the people
to hand over the seeds, I am afraid without the seeds
to plant the crops, we might cause an uprising. If there is an uprising,
just suppress it. We have thousands of soldiers. A few farmers can’t harm us. Absurd! How could you
make such decision? We may have thousands of soldiers, but the people is the foundation
of our nation. Not only are you going
to take their food, you even threaten to kill them. You are nothing more than a tyrant! You are the merciful one. Then you should get the provision. -But…
-Send out my words. Prince Chen will be in charge of
getting the provisions. He has ten days. If he fails, punishment
by martial laws. -You…
-Dismiss! But this is… General Fu arrives! At your service, Your Majesty. I just came back from the patrol. I was informed Your Majesty
wanted me to join the meal. I was surprised and
worried at the same time. Sir Fu, you mean having a meal with me
is too formal for you? No, Your Majesty. I am grateful for
Your Majesty’s kind offer. We are in a camp, not the palace. Formality is not needed. Have you seat. Much appreciated, Your Majesty. Our priority for this battle
is the pre-emptive strike. We need to be one step ahead. Our army marches before
the enemy does. We need to hasten
the march afterwards. General Fu, do you have
any plan for this battle? I think Your Majesty’s plan
is well thought. I went on countless battles
when I was young. I claimed many victories. I still carry the ambition. But age got the better of me. It can’t be helped if I feel
the lack of strength in myself. General Fu, you are young and strong.
You are a great warrior. With so many years of experience
in leading the troops, you should be giving me
advice on the strategy. Yes, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, we have reports to make. -Let them in.
-Yes. We left in a hurry and
didn’t carry enough provisions. We have only left for days. But the provisions are
what make the army whole. Precautions are needed. General Fu, write a letter for me
to the capital. Urge the Crown Prince to get ready. Yes, Your Majesty. -Your Majesty.
-Your Majesty. Your Majesty, we have reports… General Fu. You may leave now. Yes. Generals. -Your Majesty!
-Your Majesty! Your Majesty. Have a seat. What’s wrong, Your Majesty? Are you all right, Your Majesty? His Majesty is not feeling well. -Get the royal physician now!
-No! It’s been a long time
since I led the troops. We left the palace in a hurry. I am simply not used
to the environment. I am fine. If you summon the royal physician now, it will draw attentions. The morale of the army will waver. But Your Majesty’s health
comes before everything. Your Majesty was feeling unwell
in the palace. The main camp of the army
is even more crude. The march could be tiring.
I am worried for you. Your Majesty,
maybe we should turn back. Imbecile! -Your Majesty.
-The army is marching. We cannot turn back during a march. If someone had said the same thing, I would have punished him
for disrupting the morale. I apologise, Your Majesty. I apologise for the mistake. Please forgive me. At ease. What you have to report, Generals? Your Majesty. Who is it? Insolent woman. This is the army base,
you cannot enter. Leave now! I am the wife of General Fu Chou. I have an urgent report
for His Majesty. Inform him now! If you delayed this
important information, you will pay with your life! These two strongholds are crucial. We need to take down
these strongholds. With them out of the way, the Wei army will be
pushed to a corner. Your Majesty, a woman claims
to be General Fu’s wife. She wishes to see you. Rong Le? Why is she here? Eunuch Chen. -Your Majesty.
-See if it really is her. If she is here, bring her to me. Don’t let Fu Chou see you. Yes, Your Majesty.
Consider it done. Generals, you may go now. Yes, Your Majesty. Greetings, Your Majesty. At ease. Much appreciated. Eunuch Chen, keep watch outside. Yes. Did something happen
back in the capital? I came here… to advise you to withdraw the army. When the people know peace
and everything is calmed, we can still take down Wei. Who sent you to tell me these? -Your Majesty.
-The outcome of this campaign… will decide the fate
of the Northern Realm. I planned this for so long,
I can’t possibly withdraw now. If you came after the main force. to try what Wu You did… and persuade me to
cancel the campaign, then don’t waste your time. -Go home.
-That is not what I came for. There are some situations
in the capital. The Crown Prince is
conspiring with others… to launch a mutiny while you are away. Isn’t this weird? Princess Rong Le came
all the way here. But she didn’t go to Fu Chou. -She is meeting His Majesty instead.
-This is odd. Did something happen in the capital? I bet this has something
to do with Prince Li. If Fu Chou and Prince Li
stand against each other, which side will the Princess choose? Who cares? Our duty is to serve
the Emperor and win this war. Don’t worry about the other matters. You are right. The Crown Prince
is working with someone? Impossible. I have everything ready before
I left for the march. The Armour Troops stay in Zhongshan. Fu Chou is right by my side. The Armour Troops won’t
make any sudden move. The command of Royal Army
is with Wu Yu. Wu You will secretly deploy… the army from the south
to the capital as precaution. If the Crown Prince
tries anything foolish, he would be digging his own grave. General Fu is here? This isn’t right. I saw him in the manor
before I came here. Fu Chou is in his manor? Impossible.
I just summoned him moments ago. General Fu. General Fu, why are you here? His Majesty is planning
the strategies inside. No one should bother him. If there is anything,
please come again tomorrow. Your Majesty. I have urgent report to make. General Fu, His Majesty
didn’t say anything. Perhaps you should
come again tomorrow. The military affair cannot be delayed. Pardon my intrusion. General Fu!
You cannot go in there! General Fu! Get out! Yes, Your Majesty. At your service, Your Majesty. What is so urgent? What is so urgent that
you ignore my order… and charge into my camp? Weather Prophet Qin forecasts that… there will be a downpour tomorrow. It will go on for two days. Our camp is located in a lowland. I think we should be ready
to leave tonight. Before the downpour arrives, we must find another spot
for our main camp. That is our best option. We shall proceed as you planned. Please grant me the Tiger Emblem. I shall deploy the troops tonight. Very well. Order General Li, General Wei
and the other officers… to my camp to discuss it. I will see to this matter myself. General Fu. You are bold enough
to disobey my order. What do you plan to do
with the Tiger Emblem? You gave me the order
when we were having the meal. You want me to assist you. The march is tiring. Your Majesty is getting old. Relocating the main camp… should be left to me instead. Your Majesty. Please grant me the Tiger Emblem. You really are a devoted officer. You remember every word I told you. Do you still remember… when you returned victorious… after you pacified the skirmish
at the south? We had a tour around the
Royal Garden together. I told you that… you remind me of my younger self. Of course I remember. Your Majesty values my talent. I will remember that till
the day I die. Liar! We never go to the
Royal Garden together! You are not Fu Chou!
Who are you? Guards! Guards! -Yes.
-Search for the girl. Yes! Rong Le came without permission. What did she tell you? What made you suspect my identity? You are right. I never went to the
Royal Garden with you. But I do remember that… you once told me… you looked a lot like me
when you were younger. Do you remember that? You… General, she is not here. Where is Rong Le? Where did she go? She… She is gone. She is gone. General Fu, everything is in place. All the entrances are sealed off. What exactly are you planning? Guards! Stop wasting your time. All the officers in this camp… are working for me now. General Fu, a letter from your manor. Send out my order. Split up and search for Rong Le. Remember. Capture her alive. -Yes!
-You… You… What did you do to me? Why do I feel so weak? I can’t even muster any strength. Your Majesty, calm down. Fear not. This is just a special brew from
the royal physician. He used two different herbs… to mix into your meals. It will render you immobile for now. You will live. How dare you! Who are you? Even if you really are Fu Chou, I have rewarded you
and granted you ranks. I made you the first rank general. I gave you the right to command. I gave you the reward you are due. Why did you conspire
with Western Qi… and try to kill me? That is a good question. Your Majesty, don’t you remember? You once sent your men after a child. You are Fu Yuan’s son? Impossible. That child is dead. Captain Xiang said… the child fell into the river. Please understand that… this is known as
‘rebirth from the ashes’. If you hadn’t thought he was dead, how would he survive? He would have died. So you joined the army… and climbed up the ranks… just to have revenge on me? Fu Chou? A name of vengeance. I never expect it to
have such meaning. You are not my son! I raised you in
the Cold Palace for years. That was more than merciful for you. Blame Fu Yuan if you must! Fu Yuan set you up… because you betrayed her first! You are not Fu Chou. No one… would address his mother by name. Who are you? You… are as disgusting as you were before. You are the eunuch that served
Fu Yuan, you are Lin Shen! So, you still remember me. If you remember who I am, you should be aware of… how cruel you were to me and Fu Yuan! Do you remember? Now that you know who I really am, I cannot allow the others… to find out. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Where is the Tiger Emblem? You… You always thought… you have control over everything. But you never realise… the whole army… is now under my command. Guards! -General.
-Keep watch here. No one enters or leaves. Yes. Your Majesty? Your Majesty, how you feel? Are you all right?
Your Majesty? Your Majesty? Your Majesty? Are you all right? Your Majesty? Your Majesty? Your Majesty? I am taking you out of here. Wu… You… Wu You? You want me to go to Wu You… and tell him what happened here? Lady Yun… Lady Yun’s tomb? The jade… There is someone suspicious.
Search over there. -Yes.
-Your Majesty. I am taking you with me. Your Highness, this is
His Majesty’s order. You should leave now. The camp is under their control. Leave before it’s too late. You can’t escape if you
take him with you. I can stay and look after His Majesty. Prince, go before you ran out of time. But you will be in grave danger. My life doesn’t matter. I hope Your Highness… won’t let His Majesty’s trust… and Prince Li’s love for you
go to waste. -Your Highness.
-No, I can’t. I must take you out of here. Go, Princess. Just go. You are out of time. Princess, just go! Stop right there! Stop. Report! Lieutenant, Prince Fan Yang
has returned. What? Inform General Fu right now! -I will stall him.
-Yes! Prince Fan Yang returns,
who dare block his way? Order from the General.
No one shall enter the camp. His Majesty is in the camp. Which general gave the order? Stand aside and make way! His Majesty appointed me
as the vanguard… and must be deployed
to the border against our enemy. But there have been some situations. I must report to His Majesty now! But someone told me
the camp is sealed off. Not even I am allow to enter. Is it true? Your Highness misunderstood. It was His Majesty that
gave us the order. We didn’t mean to stop you. Princess Rong Le, General Fu’s wife… came into the camp without permission
and obstructed our operation. His Majesty is furious and
wishes to punish her. But she got away. We couldn’t find her. We are ordered to search for her. -Princess Rong Le?
-Assassin! Stop right there! Arrest him! Stop! Your Majesty! Your Majesty, what happened to you? Brother, what is going on? What happened here?
Who was the assassin? Brother?Guards! Who was it? -Your Majesty?
-Summon the physician! Yes. Your Majesty? Your Majesty? What is going on? What happened? Who was the assassin?

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