【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 32. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 32. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 32 Who was it? -Your Majesty?
-Summon the physician! Yes, Prince Fan Yang. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. What is going on?
What happened? Who was the assassin? Imperial physician, please check on
His Majesty’s condition. Roger that. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. -What happened?
-Prince Fan Yang. His Majesty is already weak, to begin with for he has
worked hard every year. It’s not suitable for His Majesty
to go into war. We already have a harsh journey. His Majesty is plagued with
dizziness and stiffness. Moreover, His Majesty
was assassinated… and His Majesty lost too much blood.
That’s why… You are really an useless physician. -You…
-Guards. Off with his head. -Yes, General.
-Spare my life, General. Spare my life, General! -Spare my life, General!
-Your Majesty. Who holds such boldness in him? How dare he barged into the
army base to assassinate the emperor. Are all the soldiers outside useless? Tell me, who’s the perpetrator? -His Majesty addressed him as Wu You.
-Nonsense! Impossible that Prince Li will
come here to assassinate the emperor. Where is the assassin? General Fu, that assassin is too strong. I’m not his opponent at all. But when I was fighting with him, I accidentally took off
his black mask… and saw his real face. Who is the assassin? Prince Li, Zongzheng Wu You. -Prince Li. How is that possible?
-That’s right. It’s impossible. -That’s right.
-Impossible. I can’t believe it. I think it’s because
at the court last time, His Majesty had sent him
back to southern fringe. He has no hope for the throne. So, he killed His Majesty
in a fit of rage. Maybe he’s already
bringing in troops… from southern region
to seize the throne now. General Fu. We need to go back
to the city immediately to stop him. Such nonsense! His Majesty doted on Prince Li
and trusted him. And Prince Li values
filial piety and righteousness. He won’t commit patricide
to seize the throne. Just now, you said that you are
not the assassin’s opponent… and yet you are able
to take off his mask. All of the soldiers you
brought along were dead. But you don’t even have
any major wounds. You contradict with yourself
and it’s not convincing at all. Tell me. Who are you working for? How dare you accuse Prince Li. I know that Prince Fan Yang
thinks highly of Prince Li. But I never thought that… you will be so bold… to gang up with Prince Li… to assassinate His Majesty. Stop spitting lies, General Fu. How dare you accuse me? This army base has tight security. Before this, nothing
has ever gone wrong. But as soon as you reach
the army base, an assassin came in to
assassinate His Majesty. Why? Is it… a coincidence? You ganged up with Western Qi
and wanted to turn against us. His Majesty brings you along
to give you a chance. But not only you
don’t repent your sins, you arranged for this assassination
and blamed it on Prince Li. You’ve lost your mind. Guards, arrest Fu Chou! Fu Chou, are you really
going to revolt? I have the Tiger Emblem.
I want to see who’s the one… trying to revolt today. This is His Majesty’s Tiger Emblem.
Why do you have it? That’s right. General Li and I had
a meeting with His Majesty today. His Majesty has purposely
sent you away. His Majesty has lost his trust
in you completely. Why would His Majesty give the
Tiger Emblem to you? Before departing for this war,
His Majesty has felt that… somebody will take
this chance to rebel. So, His Majesty had entrusted me
with this Tiger Emblem. I never thought that… General Wei and General Li… are the same as Prince Fan Yang. All of you are working
with Zongzheng Wu You. His Majesty has given his order.
If there’s any accident, those who rebelled… -will be punished to death.
-You! This is the law of the nation. A general follows his emperor. The Tiger Emblem commands the army. Those who disobey… will be treated as traitors… against the nation. We will obey you, General! You… Everybody knows that Zongzheng Wu You
has assassinated His Majesty. General Wei, General Li
and Prince Fan Yang. The three of you have ganged up
with Zongzheng Wu You in secret. I think I should… chop off your heads
as warning for others… to set the law straight. Wait! Don’t believe the nonsense
uttered by this fake gentleman. He is the real traitor here. Such a foul man you are.
How dare you accuse me! I’ll fight you to death. Arrest them. Kill them! You are not Fu Chou. Fu Chou has braved the battlefield
with his soldiers for so long. Even if he’s no longer loyal, he won’t sacrifice
his soldiers like this. Who are you? Look at you. You still wanted to make an excuse
even though you are going die soon. How about this? Three of them ganged up
with a traitor… to assassinate His Majesty.
That is unforgivable. You’ll be rewarded with
200 tael for one head, three-rank increase for two heads… and for three heads, you’ll have an audience
with Crown Prince… to be given the title
as first-rank general. -Looks like we will die here today.
-We’ll fight to our last breath then. Bring him back to me. -Yes, General! Come with me!
-Yes, Sir! Listen to my command. Prepare the troops to send
His Majesty back to the capital… and to stop Zongzheng Wu You… from seizing the throne. Roger that! ” General’s Manor ” General, we have a letter
from the army base. The mutiny is successful. What about the casualties? It wasn’t mentioned in the letter
but the letter did say that… His Majesty is gone. What did you say? -He is dead?
-Please stay calm. Master said that it’s
because Lady Rong Le… barged into the army base suddenly… and exposed the truth in public that
you are still in the General’s Manor. So, he has to act ahead of time. That’s why we are left
with this result. Where is Rong Le now? We can’t locate her after
she left the army base. Send someone to look for her now. Search every crook and cranny
from the army base to southern fringe. Find Zongzheng Wu You and Rong Le.
Don’t let them meet. Inform me once you have the news. Pass on my order.
Ask them to start now. -Yes, General.
-Wait. Don’t let Rong Le get hurt. I understand. Don’t worry. Captain Xiang. Did you realise that the Crown Prince
is acting really weird recently? When father was still in the palace, at least he reined himself in. Now that father has gone to war,
he’s acting like an unbridled horse. Isn’t him afraid that father will
punish him when he comes back? It is indeed strange. But now, Crown Prince is not the
only one who is acting strange. Someone is being restless among
the royal guards as well, trying to stir up troubles. Who is so bold to provoke you,
Captain Xiang? The vice-captain of the royal guard, Zhao Yi Sheng. Zhao Yi Sheng? What does he want? I think he is the vice-captain
for too long. He wants to exchange
his position with me. To try something new. Impossible. My father trusts only you. As long as my father is here,
nobody can take your place…. as the captain. Alright. I’ll go back first. Keep a close eye on the Crown Prince. Don’t worry, Prince Chen. Who dares block my way? Who are you? Why did you tie me up? Do you know who am I? The captain of the Royal Guard,
Xiang Cheng. Of course I know who you are. But you might not know who I am. Fu Chou? When did you come back to the city? Maybe you should ask me, why… am I still here in the city. I saw with you with my own eyes. Is that a fake Fu Chou? -Then His Majesty…
-His Majesty is not here anymore. How dare you murder the emperor! Fu Chou, how daring you are. I’m going to kill you for His Majesty. You’ve killed me once for him already. What do you mean? Sixteen years ago,
when I’m still a child, you had chased after my life
with your men for five years. From the city to the suburb… and from the mountains to the rivers. In those five years, I had never once had a
full stomach or a good sleep. Do you still remember… about it? I killed you… and you fell into the river. I had played hide-and-seek with you
for five years. I know you very well. If you know that I’m still alive, you won’t stop from hunting me down. I was tricked by you. Xiang Cheng. Don’t you think you should be… thankful to me? Because everybody thought that
I was dead. That’s why, you are able to sit in this position
as captain of Royal Guards today. Hunting down a kid… is the most disgraceful thing… that I had ever done in my life. But His Majesty has his own reasoning. As his servants, I have no rights
to question his decision. I can only follow his order. I can’t disobey him. Your loyalty… is so touching. It’s my mistake… for not completing my mission… back then. Now that I’m in your hands, I have no one to blame but myself. Just do whatever… you want with me. You are a real man. -Guards.
-Yes, Young Master. Give him… -a fast ending.
-Yes, Young Master. I heard that after His Majesty left,
Crown Prince… is having fun every night… and he treated the
national affairs casually. He doesn’t have the poise
of a Crown Prince. As his wife, you should advise him. Ask him to rein himself in. Looks like… you are very disappointed in me. Greetings, Mother. It’s already bad enough that you
act so wildly in your own palace. How can you be so rude to your mother? Your mother is lecturing you
for your own good. Shut up! You slapped your consort
without any reasons. Are you doing it as a show for me? You are just a Crown Prince
right now… and you’ve already treated me
with such disrespect. If you become… the emperor in the future, are you going to kick me out
from the palace? You’ve exaggerated. I’ve always been filial to you. I’ve respected you. But all these years, because father dotes on Wu You, everything Wu You did was correct… and everything I did… was just nuisance to you. Do you think that Wu You will
be the successor to the throne? That’s too unfortunate. The one who’s sitting on the
Crown Prince’s position now… is me. And I’ll be the successor
for the throne. Mother. Looks like… I’ll have to disappoint you. You… I still have work to do. Farewell. The Creed of Vengeance
is very capable, right? What time is it now? Why do you have no news
about Fu Chou yet? Do not be anxious. No news means that
the time is not right yet. The time is not right. The time is not right. When will the time be right? This Fu Chou. Why isn’t he taking any actions? What is his plan?
Why didn’t he tell me anything? He’s the same as the rest of them. They never take me seriously. When I sit on the throne, I’ll make him… Fu… General Fu. Why are you here? I thought that you had departed
together with my father. Of course I have my
own reason to be here. Just now, what did you say
about making me pay… after you sit on the throne? I’m talking about those… who had never taken me seriously. Of course I’ll punish
them accordingly. General Fu. You are different. You are my most trusted man. If you can tell me about your plan, when I become the emperor, I’ll be thankful for your help. I didn’t tell you about the plan… because the time is not right. General Fu. General Fu. Is it the right time now? Today, I’m here to tell you something. Zongzheng Wu You… bears grudge from being
banished away from the capital. He infiltrated the army base
to assassinate His Majesty. What? His Majesty is too heavily wounded. So, he’s now on his way
back to the capital. You said that Zongzheng Wu You
assassinated His Majesty? Impossible. General Fu. General Fu. This is your plan, right? Is my father… really dead? You didn’t tell me that
you’ll kill my father. I think you know better
than anyone that… there can only be one leader. From the day you’ve decided to revolt, this is what you should have expected. Your Highness, are you
so naive to think that… you’ll have a chance to take the
throne if His Majesty is still alive? I think the army… will send this news
to the court very soon. Suppress this news.
Don’t let our enemies know about it. Alright. As for the captain of Royal Guards,
Xiang Cheng, I’ve already taken care
of him for you. What? You can appoint vice-captain,
Zhao Yi Sheng as new captain. When that time comes,
the Royal Guards will be ours. As for Prince Chen,
no need to worry about him. The court will run itself. No. There are more suitable candidates
for this position as captain. -I want Zhao Yi Sheng. Your Highness.
-You! -Just do as I say.
-You! Stop right there! Fu Chou. Have you forgotten about
who’s your master? I am your master. This is the Eastern Palace. You come and go as you please. You didn’t tell me your plan. And now, you even order me around? Guards! Arrest this man! Greetings, Young Master. What? You are the young master
of the Creed of Vengeance? I see. So, you’ve been lying
to me all along. I’ll kill you. Fu Chou. You’ve planned all of these
since the beginning, right? You tricked me to gain my trust. You asked others to instigate me
so that I’ll fall into your trap… so that you can use me, right? If you have no intention to fight
Wu You, you won’t fall into my trap. If you have no intention to rebel, you won’t be like this today. You made your own choice. Nobody forces you to do it. You want to kill me because
you know that His Majesty is dead. Now, you can control the Royal Guards. And it’s perfectly justifiable
for you to take the throne. You have troops that can help you
to fight off Wu You now. You don’t need me anymore. But I want to make things
clear to you. Royal Guards without Xiang Cheng… is like a headless chicken. They won’t be able to win against
the army of southern fringe. They can’t even win against
The Hidden Ones. So, Your Highness, you are still far away from success. If you want to get rid of me
as soon as I’m out of use, I think it’s still too early for that. Without me, death will be upon you. Think carefully. Let go of him. Will he kill me? Xiang, will he kill me? I don’t know if he’ll kill you or not. But I know that… if you think about killing him again, I’ll kill you first. You… You are… That’s right. I am a part of Creed of Vengeance too. I came here to help you under
the young master’s order. As long as you are obedient, that almighty title
will still be yours. But if you don’t, I’m afraid that I’ll have to think
of a way to make you listen. You are a smart person. You won’t make things
hard for yourself, right? Xiang. We are husband and wife, right?
There is love between us. The Creed of Vengeance
has a kind of medicine… called Love Potion. Those who took it will dream
about romantic scene. So, the love that you mean… is just your imagination. Although I’m an assassin, I won’t give myself to others easily. Do you know that… every time you touch me, I have the urge to chop off each
and every one of your fingers. You are a perverted,
useless and immoral man. If it wasn’t because of our
young master, do you think… you have the rights to fight
Zongzheng Wu You for the title? Not only you are ungrateful,
you thought about eliminating him. You have overreached yourself. You should be thankful that… we have the same goal now. Rather than being arrested by Wu You
and punished for treason, how about you cooperate
with us nicely? Let’s defeat
Zongzheng Wu You together. That’s the only way for you
to sit on the throne without worries. Only then can you stand at the top
to order others around. Don’t think about leaving
this place to get help. -No.
-This palace… is occupied by many of our men
from the Creed of Vengeance. Take care. General! We have news about Lady Rong Le.
She’s at Qingtong’s frontier pass. -Ready my horse for me.
-Yes, General. Why did you hunt me down? Don’t come near me. You are not Fu Chou. Fu Chou is not as cynical as you are. Who are you? Why did you dress up as Fu Chou
to harm His Majesty? Looks like you understand him
quite well. Unfortunately, he’s not here. He can’t hear what you said. Since you know that I’ve harmed
His Majesty, it means that… you were in the tent back then. If that’s the case, I won’t let you escape. I’ve told you many times. Don’t hurt her. She already knows about our secret. That is my business. Not yours. Don’t forget about your promise
and your mission. You are getting more
and more controlling. And you are getting
more and more reckless. I asked you to keep the troops
under your thumb. But you’ve cause a massive killing.
I haven’t even… punished you for that. So, the reason you are angry… is because Zongzheng Yun He is dead. Don’t tell me that you still
treat him as your father. But even until the moment he dies, he never admits that you are his son. He thinks that… he has to kill you for the benefit of
the country. He doesn’t regret it. Let me repeat myself again.
I’ve already told you… to spare his life.
I still have use for him. But you disobeyed my orders. At first, I don’t plan
to kill him so early. But because you didn’t keep
Rong Le in line, she had ruined my plan. I don’t have a choice. But this is good too. Now, he can ask for your mother’s… -forgiveness in the underworld.
-Don’t use Rong Le as excuse. Don’t think that I’m blind. You’ve always wanted to kill him. That’s why you’ve forgotten that I’m
the one to decide if he lives or die. Even if I want to kill him, I should have been the one to do it. As for when is he going to ask
forgiveness from my mother, it’ll be entirely up to me. Although you’ve established
the Creed of Vengeance, all the troops in this country
are under my control. Let me warn you. If you go head to head
against me again, I’ll have to take you out. Your Highness, about the food issue
after they’ve gone into war, after days of discussing between
Ministry of Revenue and Prince Chen, they have attached a proposal
together with the report. Have you read about it? Your Highness. Your Highness. The Minister of Revenue is asking you
about the report on the food issue. Report. What report? Did the Crown Prince
drink too much again? You didn’t even remember
the latest report from yesterday. I’m very busy lately. I didn’t get to read it in time. We’ll discuss about it again
after I’ve read it. Dismiss. I don’t feel well today. Report to me again tomorrow
if there’s anything. Dismiss. Emergency report! Crown Prince, emergency report
from the army base. Make it quick. Crown Prince, what happened? Prince Li ganged up with the generals
in army base to assassinate father. Father is gone. -What?
-What nonsense is that? This… Who had faked this report
from the army base? -It’s such a nonsense.
-Whether it’s fake or not, Sir Yang will be able to tell it. Sir Yang, take a look. Your Highness, this is the real seal. But there might be a
misunderstanding about… Prince Li assassinating His Majesty. Prince Li has always been
a person like that. All these years, he had always
set himself against father. He never listened to father… and he disobeyed him
every chance he had. This time, he even disobeyed
his decree in the court. He was banished to southern fringe. He is dissatisfied with it. That’s why he sent someone
to assassinate father! Such an abominable man! Wu You is not a person like that. It must be you. You’ve ganged up with
Fu Chou in secret. You take advantage when father
is not here to fake evidence… in order to frame Wu You
and get rid of your competitor. What are you doing? There are more than one who saw
Prince Li assassinating father. You want to destroy
the evidence, right? Go ahead, tear it! I don’t believe it. Father is so brilliant. How could
he fall under Fu Chou’s trap? Father must be well and alive still. When he comes back to the capital, I want to see how are you going… -to keep your status as Crown Prince.
-What did you say? -Say it again!
-So what if I say it again? Calm down. Calm down, Crown Prince. This news about His Majesty’s death
is too sudden for Prince Chen. He is too upset. That’s why he has uttered those words. Your Highness. We are desolate, petrified and uncertain
with His Majesty’s death. I think the Crown Prince… must have felt it more than us do. If you are unsure about
Prince Li’s assassination, no need to fight with Crown Prince. You can just send someone to the
army base to find out the truth. No. We can’t leave the war
against Wei unfinished. We have to keep this to ourselves. -Wu You!
-Your Highness, this… Prince Chen. -Where is Captain Xiang?
-Captain Xiang? Caption Xiang didn’t
come into the palace today. Prince Chen! Captain Xiang! Captain Xiang! Captain Xiang! Captain Xiang! -Prince Chen.
-Is Captain Xiang home? Captain Xiang didn’t come back
since yesterday night. Our lady has sent someone to look
for him, but no sign of him yet. This is real bad. Guards! Guards! You, inform Wu You that something
real bad had happened in the capital. -You, ready my horse for me.
-Yes, Prince Chen! Prince Chen, what happened? No time to say.
Pack your things and leave at once. I’m going to leave the capital to
investigate about it in the army base. I don’t think
you’ll be able to go out. When I came back just now, I saw that
every city door is heavily guarded. Now, they can only come in
but nobody can go out. What? -Brother, you are back.
-Xiao Ke, good girl. -Did you get the princess’s medicine?
-I… What are you doing? Crown Prince’s order. Prince Li’s
assassination case still in progress. So, everybody in his manor
can’t go out without permission. Those who disobey will be
decapitated on the spot. Prince Chen. I’ll have to trouble you
to stay here for the moment. Zhao Yi Sheng. You are so bold. Before he left, father has ordered me
to help out with Crown Prince. And I have total command over
the Royal Guards. As vice-captain of the Royal Guards, not only you disobey me,
you even cage me in. I won’t dare do it. But I can’t go against
Crown Prince’s order. Although the Royal Guards
is under your command, captain of Royal Guards, Xiang Chen… was found dead outside of
the city yesterday night. Somebody saw that… he was last seen… with you, Prince Chen. Crown Prince has no choice
but to keep you here. He is protecting you. Such nonsense! If something had really
happened to Captain Xiang, you are the one behind it. First, you faked a military report
to frame Wu You. Now, you want to accuse me? I’m going to get out from here today. Those who stand in my way… will be killed without mercy! Your Highness, don’t be reckless. You can’t solve anything
even if you kill them. I’ve heard a little something
about the military report. I don’t believe that Prince Li will
assassinate His Majesty as well. But the whole capital is under
Crown Prince’s control now. Even if we break free from Prince Li’s
manor, we can’t leave the capital. What should we do then?
Are we going to resign ourselves? They say that the troops
are on their way back. I believe that Prince Li will hear
about it soon and come back at once. Rather than going head to head
with Crown Prince, how about you control yourself so
that you can be of use to Prince Li. Then both of you can work together
from the inside out. Listen to my brother. There are so many people here.
You can’t win and I can’t save you. I don’t care if you
want to stop others. But after my medicine is done,
someone has to send it to her. Who do you mean? Of course it’s Princess Rong Le
from the General’s Manor. Princess Rong Le is ill. Miss Xiao was hired to create new
medicine for her in a quiet place. They are about done.
If we can’t send it out, can you bear the responsibility
for it if her treatment is affected? Since it’s medicine
for General Fu’s wife, of course I won’t stop you. When they are here to take
the medicine, I’ll let you go. No need to be so mad, Prince Chen. I’m just doing it for show. As long as you don’t send
a message to Prince Li, I won’t disturb the people
in this manor. I’m just going to post my men
on the outside. You can do as you please in the manor. When Prince Li is here,
we’ll leave immediately. Get lost! Guard all the exits! Retreat! He said that he’s doing
Crown Prince’s bidding. But he’s just following
Fu Chou’s order. I didn’t get to see His Majesty
when I went back to Western Qi. I didn’t get the medicine too. On my way back, I heard that
Princess Rong Le has gone missing. So, I searched for her… and I found out that someone brought
her back to the General’s Manor. I’m very worried about
her condition right now. I need to go to the General’s Manor. What’s wrong with Man Yao? Long story. Prince Chen. I’ll entrust my sister and
Ling Yue’s safety to you. Don’t worry. As long as I’m here,
nobody will dare touch them. But Man Yao is ill.
Don’t tell her… about what happened today
in case she worries about it. I know, farewell.


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