【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 44. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 44. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 44 Ya Li. Did Prince Li mention
how he will punish you? He didn’t say anything. He did nothing either. It’s just as I expected. Because of old times’ sake,
he won’t hurt you. What old times’ sake? He and I never shared
any old times’ sake. All he has is the newly found hate. I hope that he’ll do something to me. It’ll be better than him
ignoring me like this. It’s just like I’ve never
existed to him. Ya Li. Wait for me in the manor. Even though I might not be able
to stage a comeback, I will find another way… to bring you away from here
and give you a better life. What do you mean? You are still unwilling to give up? -Or are you planning to escape?
-Ya Li. I’ve always taught you that… if you have something that you want, grasp it tightly and never let go. Even if you might lose
your freedom for a while, but as long as you live, you’ll have a chance to get it back. Stop forcing me to accept those
false reasoning of yours. I’ve always listened to you. But what did I get in the end? The love that I want… is used by others… and in the end, I am cast away
like a pair of worn-out shoes. I want to have status but now,
I’ve fallen into a bottomless pit… and I’m trampled by others. What more chances do I have? And what more chances do you have? Ya Li. Everything that I did,
I did it for your sake. I don’t believe it. I only realise it when I heard about
the things that they blamed you for. The father that I had
admired and respected… is a traitor that brings disaster
to the country and to the people. Why should I listen to you again? Ya Li. Others don’t believe me. You don’t believe in me too? Yes. Because of my selfishness, I had made up lies about
the Silver-Hair Demon. And I’ve killed those
who stood in my way. But I will never admit that… I’m a traitor to this country. If I want to rebel, why did I try to marry you off
to His Highness? The 13 lives in the northern camp
and the mutiny riot… have nothing to do with me. Father. I can never tell if you are
lying or speaking of the truth. And I don’t want to know. The justice, virtue, loving father
and filial daughter are just lies… that you’ve portrayed to cover
the ugliness in your heart. Ya Li. Why would you
turn out to be like this? Why would I turn out to be like this? Because you’ve never tried
to get to know me. Of course you don’t know
what kind of a person I am. I have always been
your filial daughter. I’ve always been the daughter
of the illustrious Sun family. The people that I like,
the life that I want to live in. Sometimes, even I,
don’t have answers for them. Because I don’t dare to think about it
and I don’t dare to do it. Finally, I’ve mustered the courage
to take a step forward. But I’ve ended up with
such a sad ending anyway. It’s not just you. Even I, don’t know why would I
turn out to be like this. Ya Li. This is my fault. I shouldn’t have been
so strict to you. But now, you have to believe in me. And you have to listen to me. Or else, this will be the end of Sun family. Father. Do you know? When you show me this
kind and loving face of yours, it means that you are going
to use me again. I prefer the cold treatment
that you had shown me… when we just came to Qingzhou. At least I knew back then that… your dislike for me was real. And I didn’t need to guess
about what evil plans… are you plotting next
under your façade. This time, it’ll be the end between us
as father and daughter. I don’t care if you want
to escape or what. From now on, your plans have nothing to do with me. They have nothing to do with me. Ya Li. Ya Li! Why can’t you understand? You are my daughter. I will not hurt you. And I won’t leave you
behind unattended. You can’t do this! You can’t take it away! Go away. Finally, you are back, Miss Sun. You went to visit your father? How is he? Don’t mention him again! Do you want to announce to the world
that I’m the daughter of a criminal? I don’t mean to do that. -You say it.
-Just say it. Miss Sun. You know about the
current situation in the manor. The properties in this manor, including us servants
are supposed to be… -confiscated as well originally.
-That’s right. Now, His Highness has
shown mercy and let go of us. -But what about our wage this month?
-Yes, what about our wage? How can you be like this? How can you be so ungrateful? Miss Sun has treated you so well. The whole manor is empty now. -Where to find money?
-What about our wage then? -That’s right, what about our wage?
-Stop it. Miss Sun. We know that everybody has left. And this manor is now an empty shell. But, we are sure that there are
still some valuables left in here. Rather than letting them
confiscate those valuables, it’s better if you can give
some of them to us. -Yes, that’s right.
-It’ll be better to give them to us. Get lost. All of you, get lost! Let me tell you. I rather smash all the things
in this manor… than giving them to you! -Are you mad?
-That’s right. She has gone mad. Go out! All of you, go out! Go out now! What is her problem? No. No! Miss Sun. Miss Sun, what’s wrong with you? Help! Miss Sun! Wake up, Miss Sun. Wu You. Ke told me that… when one took the Ageing Frost, he will suffer unimaginable pain. And death will be a better choice. Plus, his life will be
deducted by 10 years. How are you able to endure that? Everything is in the past now. We are both fine now, right? During the Lantern Festival back then, I had vowed to hold your hands
until we are old and Gray. Looks like I’ve fulfilled it earlier. In such a short day, you’ve made me go through
the most immense pain. But at the same time, you’ve given me the
greatest happiness. Man Yao. From now onwards, there will be only happiness. No more sufferings. Marry me. Tonight, now. Let us love each other. I don’t want to wait anymore. And you don’t have to wait anymore. Yes. I accept. The moon will be the witness. The sky and the land will
act as our matchmaker. I, Zongzheng Wu You, am going to take Man Yao as wife. We will be together… until death drew us apart.You are in my thoughts for so long
without you knowing about it.
Who is going to talk about
this love between us first?
Luckily, I am attentive to myself.That’s why I let you
turn back the time.
The western wind is preventing you
to accept the spring here.
But I’m still waiting under
the rain with you.
Although the future
is unpredictable…
These cups of tea… will be our nuptial cups of wine.Half of autumn is gone.And it’s still a long way with winter.But I’m already waiting for
spring together with you.
In order to preserve your naivety,I’ll fight for the world
to be peaceful again.
This chill will bridge the path
for two lovers who are apart.
Man Yao. After we wipe out our
previous humiliation… and reunite Northern Realm, I’ll give you a grand wedding. It’s already very good like this. We are married because of love… under the sun and the moon. I like it a lot. And I have no regrets. Although a ceremony is important, it’s not as long-lasting as
the sky and the land. I just hope that as long as
the moon is still there, I’ll always be by your side. For us to become husband and wife… is what I’ve always dreamt about. Now that it has become a reality, it is so unbelievable to me. It’s like I’m still in a dream.But I can’t help but to say it to you.Fate will tear down my mask for me.Through the mirror,
I saw that you are so quiet.
Now, do you still think that
you are dreaming?I wish that you can hear my call
and come back to this world.
I’ll tell you that I’ve never left.I have gone through life…in one day’s time.And you are still the
only one I’m waiting for.
Although there are a lot to take in,
I don’t want to live in regret.
Because of this love,
I have found my happiness again.
Man Yao… is calm and pure in nature, virtuous and refined, friendly, kind, smart and courteous. I, Prince Fan Yang, is here
to officiates the wedding. Prince Chen will become the
witness for this wedding. I hereby enthrone Man Yao as
the fair consort of Prince Li. She had contributed to the policy
to help make it successful. So from now on,
she will attend the court… together with Prince Li… and they will rule together. The ceremony is now over! Greetings, Prince Li. Greetings, Consort Rong Le.We won’t be apart.Father. Mother. I have an important thing to report. Me and Man Yao have a mutual affinity. From now on, she will be my wife. And we will be a family. I believe that both of you will be… glad about it too in the afterworld. Please protect her well. And please guard over us. Let us be safe and
our lives a smooth sailing. Let us hold each other
to the end of our lives. For your journey back to defend the
border with General Luo Zhi this time, I won’t be sending you off. You’ve been training for
quite a while in Luo Army. I believe that you know the situation
in the border better than I am. As soon as there’s any
movement from the north, report back to me immediately. Wu You, you too, think that there will
be movement from north soon, right? From Sun Ji Zhou’s case, it’s clear
that Fu Chou hasn’t given up yet. He made up this story
about Silver-Hair Demon… because he wanted to use
Man Yao against you… to affect the southern fringe. When we first came to Qingzhou, I told you that… there will be a huge battle
between you and Fu Chou in the future. Wu Yu. Wu Yu had told you back then. The sudden downfall of Zhongshan… was possible because
Fu Chou was selfish… and he did it without caring
for the people’s lives. Wu You won’t be like Fu Chou. We implemented the
transformation here… to recuperate and rest. When the people are strong
and the country is rich, and when we have recuperated
enough and are ready, we will take over the world
with the smallest price. We can wait. But Fu Chou wont’. Wu You, Rong Le,
he has made a move already. Rather than letting him
gain the upper hand, how about we attack him first? I already ordered Leng Yan
to let Serene Hill Inn… operate as usual again
without tipping them off. We already know that… this is where Sun Ji Zhou colludes
with the enemies in secret. We might be able to catch
some preys that fall into our trap. As soon as Fu Chou makes a move, I will fight him back. Wu You. Whenever we hold a memorial for
our parents in such a faraway land, I’ll blame myself. I kept thinking that… if I was smarter… or more capable back then, father wouldn’t have
turned out to be like that. And now, we can’t even set up
spirit tablets for… father and Lady Yun. We can only grief for them
beside the river in a faraway place. Whenever I think about that, I wish that I can go into… a life or death battle with Fu Chou
who had murdered our father at once. I understand. I blame myself too. And I’m in pain as well.Father, mother.I’m not sure if I have
the rights to call you those.
I’m sorry.If it wasn’t for me back then,Wu You won’t abandon Zhongshan.And Lady Yun wouldn’t have to stay
in Yun’s Tomb all by herself.
He has been blaming himself.But in order to not
make me feel guilty,
he has never mentioned…about this unfilial sin
that we’ve committed.
I’m willing to bear this sin alone.Please don’t blame Wu You for it.Here. You just recovered
from a serious illness. It’s like you’ve came back
from the death door. You’ve gone through
a calamity in your life. Ya Li. You have to live well from now on,
understand? Here, Chun Ni. If Chun Ni didn’t tell me about it… and if the physician
couldn’t get here in time, you would have been in real danger. Now, everybody… is trying to avoid me at all cost. And I don’t want to trouble others. But… I never thought that you’ll still
be willing to visit me here. I’ll remember this friendship… that you’ve extended to me. But now, I have nothing to repay you with. Ya Li. No need to think about that. I’ll be satisfied if
you can live well. Moreover,
if you didn’t live your life well, how would you have
the chance to repay me? If there’s one day… when I need you to repay me, you better be generous with me. Don’t worry. I’m not joking. In the future,
I’ll give you anything… that I have. You are not that good
with children, right? Why did you bring me here
all of the sudden? Ever since we came back from
the river, you seem depressed. And you even have to massage
your head when we were in court. I’m afraid that you’ve used
your brain too much. You’ll feel better to come
and meet these new children. And your body will feel better too. -Brother Li!
-Sister Rong Le! -Brother Li!
-Sister Rong Le! -Such good kids.
-All of you are new here? What is your name? Brother Li gave me a name.
I am Ya Ge. -I am Zi Jin.
-I am Bo Yu. I am his brother,
my name is Bo Rong. Emperor Wen watches from the heaven, shining bright and brings us light. The Zhou kingdom has it’s age, but the fate of nation
is yet to be known. How glorious Zhou Kingdom is. It has done as the heaven says. Emperor Wen walks up to the heaven. And how mighty he is,
standing beside God. Bo Rong, your turn. What’s next again? You taught them all of these? Brother Wu You has hired
a teacher for us. We are going to serve
the country when we grow up. -Good boy.
-Good boy, Zi Jin. Go back to your studies. -Such good kids.
-Let’s go. Wu You. Why did you teach them
this poem specifically? My late teacher used to taught me
this first when I was young. It’s really rare for me to hear
about your childhood. When I was young,
I was a troublemaker. I was not as obedient as they are. I remember that when I was
playing swing one time, I almost kicked the maidservant
into the water. My late teacher gave me that swing. He purposely hired someone
to build it for me. He said that I had been
studying too hard. So, he wanted me to do
some physical exercises. After that, I made
a wind bell for him… as a return gift for him. This is for you. -Thank you, brother.
-You are welcome. After that, I rarely touched
that swing anymore. I was immersed in learning
how to fight with weapons. Brother Li, teach us how to write. -Sir said that your writing is good.
-Sure. Here. I’ll teach you how to
write the word… -‘Yao’, alright?
-Yes. Is she me? Who is he then? Wu You… or… -Man Yao!
-What’s wrong with Sister Rong Le? Man Yao. Are you alright? Are you having headache again? Here. Let’s go back and ask Ke
to take a look at you. Let’s go. Man Yao. Did you really have no relapse
for the past one year… or have you been hiding it from me? Your Highness, are you doubting
Princess Rong Le or me? I am The Physician. I’ve been
treating Princess Rong Le for a year. And she has been so lively
and has never fallen ill. Maybe it’s your fault. Did you work
Princess Rong Le too hard? Is that the reason she has headache? You are not lying to me? Or course not. I never lie. Before this, you went out
with Wu Yu for quite a while. -Where did you go?
-I… didn’t go anywhere in particular. We are just walking around for fun. Wu You. Look at here.
Her face is all red already. She must have had some secrets with
Wu Yu that she can’t tell you about. I don’t have any secrets with him. We just went out together to
collect some herbs. Collect herbs? What herbs? Show me. We didn’t get to find it. You didn’t get to find it? It’s true. There. I’m looking for this. It took me so long to
find this magical herb. But somebody has
already taken it away. Blood Raven Roots. Ke, stop hiding the truth
from us anymore. The reason for you,
Wu Yu and Agent Wu… to collect herbs together… must be something that is
connected to Man Yao’s illness. Tell me the truth. How is her condition? How is the treatment working on her? Princess Rong Le’s illness is… Princess Rong Le, you didn’t have
headache for quite a while already. Maybe the countless weird concoctions
that I had made are truly working. Ke. Remember. If someone ask about
my illness from now on, tell them that it’s just
a normal headache. Don’t let them know that
it’s because of the poison. Especially Prince Li. If he asks you about it, don’t mention anything about poison. Just tell him that you’ll be able
to cure me from my illness. But Princess Rong Le,
I don’t know how to lie. Ke. I know I shouldn’t
teach you how to lie. But there are a lot of things… where ignorant is bliss. Alright then, Princess Rong Le. I’ll keep it a secret from Prince Li. I don’t really know him anyway. I’ll just avoid him from now on. If he knows that I’m poisoned, he’ll let go of everything
to find the cure for me. He’ll only wish to live with me
for the rest of my life. But he has lofty aspirations… and an implacable debt of blood. I’ll hate to let him let go
of them again because of me. Princess Rong Le’s headache
is not a huge issue. I just heard that Blood Raven Roots
can cure headache. And it can darken the hair. But it grows in the most
dangerous place in Youji Mountain. That’s why I had asked
uncle and Wu Yu to go with me. I didn’t tell you because I don’t want
to disappoint you if I can’t find it. See. I didn’t get to find it
in the end, right? Ke. Why are you so nervous, Ke? We know. You went to collect herbs, not to have a date with Wu Yu. Look at me. I’ve already recovered.
Don’t be so nervous. You are scaring Ke. Enough. Don’t give Ke
a fright anymore. Let’s go back now. ” Serene Hill Inn ” Is he really here? You are getting better and better
at hidden weapon now. It’s not because of my skill. It’s because you make
good hidden weapons. We’ve been in hiding
for the past year. And we didn’t dare to use the
martial arts we had learnt before. We are able to save ourselves many
times because of your hidden weapon. Thank you. Is she getting better now? The physician came just now.
He said that her fever has gone down. Her fever has indeed gone down.
She should be fine now. Ever since this child is born, you are the only one who can coax her. After giving birth to my daughter, I just realise that besides fighting, I can do nothing and I know nothing. If you weren’t here
for the past one year, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t be able
to come into this world healthily. You’ve done very well already. Now, in this world, there are only you, me and this child
where we can depend on each other. Both of you are my
only family in this world. Of course I need to do my best
to protect both of you. But… What is it? Something happened? Pack your clothes, take this money
and leave Qingzhou now. Leave Qingzhou? It’s not easy for us to find
a place where we can live in. -Why do we have to leave suddenly?
-Don’t ask. Just do it. After you leave Qingzhou, go south. Mark the way with our usual code. I’ll catch up to you soon. If you don’t tell me why,
I won’t leave. I heard rumours about
Silver-Hair Demon in the village. -Is it…
-This has nothing to do with us. Believe me. Leave now. It’ll be the best choice… for you and your daughter. We had been through so much. No matter
how dangerous the situations were, you had never asked me
to leave by myself like this. Even if there’s any danger, we can still retreat together… just like we did in the past. I don’t want to tell you… because I have a reason for it. Some things, I think it’s better
if you don’t know about it. In the past, no matter where
you want to go, I’ll let you. But this time, for your daughter,
please believe in me for once. Time is pressing in.
We can’t delay anymore. Take care of yourself. Xiang Ying. Xiang Ying! Look, Princess. The people in southern fringe
don’t dare to critique you anymore. They only talk delightedly about… the deep conjugal love
between you and Prince Li… until both of you have turned Gray. It’s a story that will be
praised far and wide. It might even be
passed down for eternity. Instead of being known for eternity, I rather hope that… I can have a simple life
with Wu You forever. Princess. ” Invite from an old friend. Come to
Gunian Pavilion in Serene Hill Inn. ” Ling Yue, what is the time now? Eight forty-five in the morning. -Get me my hat.
-Yes, Princess. Princess. He said that he’s an old friend. I really want to see who is
this old friend of mine. He has taken such
great pains to invite me. Ling Yue. I’m going out now. Remember. Don’t alert
the people in the manor. If I didn’t come back in
four hours’ time, inform Wu You then. Remember, four hours. Princess… Waiter, get me some water. ” Gunian Pavilion “I can’t help but to ask after you.Our hearts are lifetime apart.No one was here for us.How to we keep living this life?Finally, I’ve learnt how to trust.But I’ve underestimated love and hate.We have thrown away
the fate that we got by chance.
I have to admit to my mistakes.I regret the one mistake
that I made so much.
All hopes are lost,
how do I start over?
I cling onto the past
despite the pains.
I won’t let our love be a regret.Live without sorrow,
die without any hate.
This is the leniency that
you’ve shown me.
We are not holding hands
but you are holding my heart.
Although this might not be forever,I’ve locked you in my heart
and I’ve locked you in my dream.
It’s my fault…for falling in love with you.You are afraid? You are the old friend? Sir Leng, I need to find
His Highness at once. -His Highness has gone out just now.
-He went out? Princess Rong Le has gone out as well.
What if something happened to her? Princess Rong Le has gone out as well? Here. This is bad. His Highness
just received news that… someone has seen
Fu Chou in Serene Hill Inn. Fu… Bring some guards along
to go to Serene Hill Inn with me. -Yes, Sir!
-Yes, Sir! No need to be afraid. I’m just here to give you something. I think this can help you with… You mean this
Blood Raven Roots, right? You are the one behind… the Silver-Hair Demon rumour. You spread the news… so that I was castigated
by the people… and Wu You was condemned and
forced into a corner by the public. Now, you display this kind of
false affection to give me this. What is you purpose for doing that? In your heart, I’m just a person like that? Or did you say it on purpose
because you hate me too much? Don’t think too highly of yourself. I thought that I will
hate you forever. But for the past one year, I have lived very happily. I found out that love
can melt down my hate. Now, my heart is
full of love for Wu You. I don’t have enough space
in my heart to hate you.


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