【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 45. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 45. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 45 In your eyes, this is who I am? Did you say this because
you hate me too much? Don’t think too highly of yourself. I thought I would hate you
my whole life. But for the past year, my life was happy. I realised one can
erase hate with love. My heart is filled with
my love for Wu You. There is no room for hate. I know there must be a place
for me in your heart. You won’t give me
the chance to be hated? Don’t come any closer. We haven’t met in a year. I came all the way here… and risked my life… not because I wanted to hurt you. I just want to see you, just like I would with an old friend. I just want to talk. In your eyes, am I really so terrifying? Isn’t that the fact? You are just as vile as a snake to me. Before I am certain you will die
by my own hand, I could only run away. Rong Le. Rong Le. If my death… can wipe away your fear for me, then I will die by your hand. As everyone knows, half of the Northern Realm
is now mine. But what they never knew… is that… death is the only relief
I could ask for. Run! -Help!
-Save them! Watch out! Princess Rong Le, I am glad
your vitals weren’t hit. You need to rest well
for the time being. Stop going out again. Very well.
Ke, you have my thanks. You may leave now,
I need to talk to Wu You. Yes. Wu You, I didn’t consider
all the risks this time. I didn’t know it was him
until I was already there. He came here… because of the Blood Raven Root. But I can’t tell if he is lying. Perhaps he has other motives. But whatever he has in mind, I will have nothing to do with him. I will never forget… the harm and damage he did to us. As for his Blood Raven Root, I won’t accept it. I won’t accept his kindness. I have work to do. Rest well. It was a girl that saved Fu Chou. Someone else was helping her. The weapons they use are
these rhombus darts. They are both well trained
and coordinated. Is this the weapon used by
Creed of Vengeance? I checked, the Creed never
used such weapons. But the way they operated
is similar to the Creed. Send in more guards. Track them down secretly,
use man-hunt as a cover. Clinics, inns, residential areas
and all possible hideouts. Search every inch of the land. Consider it done. Your Majesty, Sir Chang is here. At your service, Your Majesty. Sir Chang. How long have you been
serving the Prince Regent? About a year. Do you think His Highness would see… a servant that followed him
for only a year more important… than his own mother? I dare not compare
myself with Your Majesty. His Highness is my master. Your Majesty is his mother. Naturally, Your Majesty is
my master as well. Tell me something. Ever since his reign started, did he ever go to Lady Yun’s tomb? Never. That place would remind him
of his sad past. I doubt he would want to be there. But from what I heard, His Highness ordered you to
keep the tomb well taken care of, just as how you take care of
Tranquil Garden and Moon Embrace. I was only following orders. I have another question. Is the woman inside the tomb… still lying in there… unscathed? Yes, the body was never moved. Zongzheng Wu You… actually left his own mother… in Zhongshan all along? Such a disgrace of a son. Even Fu Chou is taking better care… of a mere dead woman than he is. Dismiss. Tomorrow, accompany me to the tomb. But His Highness gave us order. None can enter the tomb. Understood. I will make the arrangement. I shall go now. Yun. He left me with no choice. Yun. Do you know?
Fu Chou went to the south. Now that he is there, I wonder what will happen? Now, the children are all grown up. It will be a great show to watch. However, Yun, you left this world too soon. You won’t get the chance
to witness this great event. Allow me… to watch it in your place. After so many years, you haven’t changed one bit. You look just the same
as 16 years ago. A living person like myself… is even bested by a deceased like you. You’ve been sleeping inside
this coffin… for so many years. Why don’t we… let you get some sunlight? Have you seen this man? -Have you seen this man?
-No. Go. Come on. Stop, have you seen this man? Hold on, I am dressing the wound. Go. -Madam.
-If you want to leave in one-piece, you must tend to his wounds. -Yes, madam.
-Go on. We may not be born as one, but, I have made up my mind… to die by your side. You disguised as her
and ruined my plan. I simply gave you some punishments. -And now you put on her face again…
-Young Master! just to set me up! I wish I can just end your life here! I almost thought… I have left those memories behind. For one year, I never get any news about you. I never mention the time
we spent together. I thought I could let it go. But when you showed up
right in front of me, I realised all of my efforts… are just a waste of time. The last time you listened to
my words so peacefully… was over a decade ago. When we trained under the Creed, you were so nice to me. You kindness made me feel like… we could spent the rest
of our life together. I worked hard to realise that dream. But you slowly became
more and more distant from me. Even after we have a child together, I am not even sure
if I should tell you. These cuisines… are your usual favourites. Try them out. They all have a mild flavour. What happened to your hand? There are some work that
I must see to. Enjoy your meal. Wu You? -Wu You.
-Stay right there. Don’t go. These are the herbal soup
Princess Rong Le prepared. Four of those herbs are hand-picked
by Princess Rong Le herself. There are sicklepods, Cynanchum, Betula and platycodon Your Highness, the herbs are… She wishes to apologise. But what do I have to forgive? Do you really have no idea
what my concerns are? Do you really think
I would be jealous… over his affection for you
and play tantrum? Wu You. I will be at the School of Wisdom
tomorrow afternoon. You should come too. I will be waiting for you. Prince Li! Prince Li! Prince Li! Are you looking for Princess Rong Le? She hid herself somewhere. You must find her yourself. Off we go! Let’s go. From now on, you will never have to look for me. Wherever you are,
as soon as you open your eyes, I will right there in front of you. Fine. No matter what
the future holds for us, you will be the first
that comes to my mind. I will make myself
even more cautious… and stay away from danger. Since you understand my concern, it doesn’t matter who you are meeting, you can’t take the risk alone,
understood? So, will you forgive me now? I was never mad at you. There is nothing to forgive. Man Yao. I am not mad. I am afraid. I know. I know you don’t wish
to see me get hurt… or be tricked by anyone. You don’t what the tragedy
to happen again. I understand all your concerns. I assure you, it won’t happen again. I will take good care of myself
so you don’t have to worry. Same goes for you,
don’t make me worry again. I won’t. Does it hurt? When you set the kite flying for me, you said it was a custom. Then, I also heard that… on the wedding day,
husband and wife… will each cut off a
strand of their hair… and tie a knot with it. It means the couple will live as one. Till death do they part. Married as a couple, faithful till the end of time. The whole south… is full of your wanted posters
and soldiers are hunting you. There are checkpoints
at the city gates. If you plan to leave
this place on your own, you are as good as dead. This place is rather remote. You can stay here and
recover for a few days. But you can’t stay for too long. Now that you are the
Prince Regent of Northern Realm, someone will be here
for your extraction. I have to go now. Madam, have mercy on me! I tended to that man’s wound! Please, don’t kill me! My daughter just had
her first birthday. This is the present I bought for her. I promised her I will
bring this back to her. She is too young, she can’t live without a father! Madam, I swear on my life, I won’t tell anyone about this place. Please have mercy on me! Spare me my life! Madam! Please, don’t kill me! If you tell anyone after you left… No, I won’t say a word. Get out of my sight. Thank you, madam! For the first time, you actually spared someone. People will change. No one is born cruel and heartless. Are you leaving? We’ve been searching all day. This should be the last house. Come on. Do not alert the enemy
unless it’s the last option. Is anyone home?
We have order to search the house! Follow my lead. I must have been blind
to marry this heartless wretch! You heartless fiend! I gave it my all to treat you well
for all these years, but you are loving someone else! I never planned to marry you. You asked for this. What did you say? Who else can you marry? Even without her, I won’t spend any time on you. -You…
-Silence! This is official business! Have you seen this man? What do you want?
Can’t you see we are fighting? -Get out of my house!
-Insolent fool! What are you trying to pull off? Turn around, show yourself! Report! Captain, we found this dart outside. Go. The dart that came in for your aid… -was Xiang Ying’s plan.
-Yes. Since you saved me, all the grudges we had
are now water under the bridge. You can go now. Do you think that if I stay here, I won’t stop bothering you? I am no longer the fool that
lives just to please you. As of now, I have another will that drives me. I didn’t save you out of love. It’s because we once
fought along side each other. Xiang Ying. I distracted the guards. But they might come back here again. This place is not safe,
Young Master… I am not longer your master. The Creed is gone as well. There is a saying. People left and only memories remain. Xiang Ying. If she saved you and you pledged
your loyalty to her, you shouldn’t have betrayed her. You knew? When I punished you, I never meant to kill you. I punished you so severely… not because of your failure. It’s because… you did it on purpose for Hen Xiang. You thought if Rong Le is killed, Hen Xiang would get
what she always wanted. You disobeyed my order
for your own selfishness. But conscience got the better of you. So you started serving Rong Le. Do you honestly think… I don’t see what’s in your mind? If you know everything, why did you let me go? That is because… we were once brothers in arms. This swords saved you. You told me… that you pledge your loyalty to me, that you will follow me
to death without regret. I trusted you. In the ten years you
served in the army, we slew the enemies together. You had my back. You never disappointed me
or let me down. But this time, because of your love, you almost got Rong Le killed. Yes, I betrayed my promise. Whether you believe it or not, I never truly betrayed you. I never told anyone a word
about your past. If you want me dead, then my life… is yours to take. Xiang Ying! Xiang Ying, you know me well. When I deal with traitors, I never showed any mercy. You saved my life. We are even now. If we ever meet again, the three of us… are no longer master and servants. We don’t owe each other anything. You don’t need to help me. I won’t spare any mercy
for any of you. You should go. Before we leave, I have an advice for you. The greatest pain in life… is not getting what you want. If it’s beyond your reach, you shouldn’t be obsessed. Why don’t you let it all go… and spare yourself the pain? You made it sound so easy. But only few people can make it. I wish people’s feelings… can be just the same as the curtains. A single word… and a blade drawn… are all it takes to severe it. But in reality, not having the desired… is the reason we have obsessions. There is something… I should let you know. -We actually have…
-Hen Xiang, we must talk. Come with me. Let go of me. Have you thought this through
before telling him? Why shouldn’t he know? The daughter is ours. It’s a blood tie that can
never be undone. But you didn’t get your daughter
in a righteous way. You disguised as Rong Le
and fooled him. He lost his wife because of this. It’s his greatest pain. Do you think he would let you stay
just because of the child? He won’t. Even if he acknowledges this child, he will only take her away from you. Do you want to lose your daughter? Hen Xiang. You lived a year of
peaceful life without him. You are born a prideful person. But you lost all your pride
when it comes to love. Let it go. I will. But I must make sure
Fu Chou leaves safely. When the time comes, I will let everything go. I will forget about him. You still don’t understand. You are in danger.
You will be exposed sooner or later. He wants you to leave… so you won’t be risking
your life for him. He doesn’t wish
to owe you anything… and he wants to severe all ties. The longer you cling
onto this relationship, the harder it is to let go. I know. But I cannot leave him alone here. Xiang Ying, you can’t
talk me out of this. This is the last time. I must make sure he reaches safety. It seems like we just can’t
escape the inevitable. Ke. You have always been honest with me.
This time, don’t hide any details from me. I keep feeling dizzy lately. It’s the same symptoms
I had a year ago. Is it because… the poison inside of me is
acting up again? Princess Rong Le. I thought not having
any relapse in a year… means the poison is receding,
it’s just not entirely cleansed. But judging by your pulse, there is indeed sign of poisoning. The only cure I know
for this poisoning… is the Blood Raven Root. But someone got ahead of me
and took the herb. Ke, you once told me… we need the favour of fate
to find a herb. Perhaps it was my fate
not to have the Blood Raven Root. In the past, being poisoned was actually… not a bad thing. I had too many obsessions in the past. I was obsessed with… finding out who I am… and what’s right when
it comes to love. But I am a dying person. None of these matters anymore. I must cherish the present. I must love with all I have… and be with Wu You. Princess, I was told my life would end
in a few years. But then I met you. You brought me the Leave
of Seven Locutions. You didn’t have any relapse
for one whole year. Maybe the ingredients I used
in the remedies… actually helped to subdue the poison. I am going to flip through
all of those prescriptions again. Your Highness, why are you here? Blood Raven Root. Where did you find this? Use this in the medicine. Do not let Man Yao know. But, getting this is a good news. -What is the secrecy for?
-Do not ask. Just do as I said. But… She doesn’t want me to be worried. She never told us
about her conditions. I am aware of that. I am doing this for her own good. Keeping this a secret is the only way
to make her take the medicine. Princess, you heard it all? Are you all right? This herb feeds on human blood. It takes a toll on the feeder
and causes great pain. You cannot touch it. Go. Just go on. Wait. Go on. You, hold on. Go. -Hold on.
-Stop staring, keep moving. Don’t cry. You, stop here. -Let’s go.
-Hush. Where did you see this man? I… Hen Xiang? What happened? The Hidden Ones
found this place. Let’s go! You need to leave! Sir! Sir, we received reports. Some riders broke through
the checkpoint with a carriage. -Inform Prince Li.
-Yes! Your Highness. Report from Agent Wu. We found tracks of Fu Chou
at the border.


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