【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 46. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 46. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 46 Your Highness. Reports from Agent Wu. They found Fu Chou at the border. Your Highness,
Lady Yun’s tomb collapsed. Her remain was stolen
and nowhere to be found. Fu Chou! I will end you with my own hands! Princess Rong Le. You are still on the fence
about the Blood Raven Root? In order to save me, he got the herb… and burned his own hand. I don’t want him to be
upset or disappointed. But I don’t want to owe
Fu Chou any kindness. I am confused about what I should do. I am no experts in this. All I know is your health comes first. The Blood Raven Root can subdue
the poison in your body… and even turn your hair dark again. It can also revert the effect of
Ageing Frost on Prince Li. You mean… the Blood Raven Root can
heal the damage of Ageing Frost? Yes, the herb can suppress all
kinds of poisoning effects. That includes the Ageing Frost. I will render the Blood Raven Root
into a remedy. Both you and Prince Li can take
the medicine together. If the herb can revert
the effects of Ageing Frost, -well…
-Princess Rong Le. Princess, Prince Li just left. I heard the men from
Hidden Ones came here. I don’t know what they talked about, but Prince Li looked terrifying
when he left. Your Highness, the Tong Pass
is just over this hill. Please, you must hold on. From the moment you
stepped into the south, you should have seen this coming. Even if I must die by your hand, I have no regret for coming here. I am standing right here.
If you must, come on and kill me. Stop! I always thought… you were just being mad
when you said… you won’t accept the herb I sent. But now that I see the two of you… both have white hair
despite your young age, I realised… all the effort I put in… was only for my own wishful fantasy. And this is all thanks to you. Stop pretending like you
are the victim here. You are the future ruler
of Northern Realm. You can’t carry the sin
of killing your own brother. Allow me… to do it for you. For my whole life, I resorted to all kinds of
plottings for my revenge. But this time, I simply followed my heart
without any planning. I don’t care whatever reason
you have to come here. I will not show any mercy
with my blade. I will have no regret
for ending your life. Today… is the day I severe… all the grudges we have. My vengeance for him
is greater than all hatred. Even if I will be loathed
by the people, I must end him myself! History is written by the victors. Today, I fall by your hands. Kill me if you must, do what you want. To seize the throne, you killed
my father, the Crown Prince… and other officers. For your own revenge, you used Man Yao for your bidding
and her life as a bargaining chip. To disrupt the order in the south, you conspired with Sun Ji Zhou
to spread lies. You caused the mutiny. Your crimes are more than
what words could describe. Now that you are in my hands, you even tried to use your life… to leave Man Yao with guilt. Fu Chou, I will never let you
get what you want. Tell me. What did you do to my mother’s body? Where is she now? You are Sun Ji Zhou’s student. Me? Conspiring with him? This is ridiculous. As for your mother, she is lying in her tomb. If you remember your duty as her son, you should sneak past
the enemy line… and visit her yourself. Do you even have such courage? I just got the report. The tomb collapsed
and my mother’s remain is missing. I do hate you. I hate her as well. But I will never use a deceased
just to hurt you. Zongzheng Wu You! If you dare hurt my son, I will make you feel
the pain your whole life! Please, save my son! Let go of my son! Your son? Fu Yuan? You are still alive? Good. You want to save your son? Then hand over my mother’s body… all in one piece! If not, I will kill him! Guards! Prince Li, is this… what you asked for? Fu Yuan. What did you do to my mother? An idea came to my mind. I wanted to visit my sister
at her tomb. But she sobbed her frustration to me. She got bored of that ice-cold tomb. She wanted me to take her away. I had no other choice
but to agree with her. But I never thought… you would spat at my kindness. If you lay a finger on my son,
I will not show any mercy. Don’t you want your mother’s remain? I gave you the chance. It was you who wasted it away. You even destroyed my mother’s remain. All I have to do
is to kill you and your son. I will apologise to my mother
once I am back in Zhongshan! Wu You. You knew the remain… can only be preserved by keeping it
in the crystal coffin. But you moved Lady Yun’s remain… from her tomb. What exactly do you want? Tell me, is her remain… still intact and safe? She has been dead for over a decade. Of course the remain can’t be
preserved outside the crystal coffin. When you abandoned your nation
for a woman, you should have seen this day coming. This is the last chance you have. I want my mother’s remain… returned in one piece! Otherwise… I will behead your son
right in front of you! I dare you to do so! If you dare, let’s see if it’s easier
to kill someone… or to crush this wooden chest. -Stop!
-Wu You. If it’s his life you want, we’ll have our chances. But your mother… This is too great of a risk. Fu Chou. I swear in the name of heaven, you won’t get away alive next time. Hold on. We will let him go. But you must hand over the chest. As soon as my son is here, I will lay the chest on the ground. You can take it yourself. If you play any tricks, I will end both of you
with a dreadful death! Get on the carriage. Hand the chest over. Mother. I am sorry.The snow falls on my palm.I just want to gaze
at you one more time.
I wait for the warmth of your gaze…to melt it.I am destined to fail as I met you.I miss you but I can only
gaze at you in silence.
You are keeping me out with your care.Although we are together, I feel lost.Fu Yuan!I will be your hearth
in the coldest of places.
Wu You! Wu You! -Chang Jian.
-Yes. Pull over. Chang Jian. Give me your horse. Your Highness. Send Her Majesty to the palace. -But…
-Wait. Chou, what is this about? Mother. Chang Jian will send you back. I… I must go back there. Going back? Do you really wish to
get yourself killed? Zongzheng Wu You hates you
to his very bone. If you turn back now, he will not let you
leave with your life. I know you are trying to save me. But why must you use
such a cruel mean? You may be unfeeling in the past, but you have become
much more gentle after we reunited. But I never thought… Are you surprised that… I made Zongzheng Wu You
watch as her mother… fades into oblivion? Mother. How could you… make it sound so lightly? Everything I told you… was taken lightly as well. You risked your life
and come here alone. If I hadn’t arrived in time, you would have died by his blade. But I have to go back there. If I don’t, I will never be at peace. What about the peace I deserve? I was all alone… in the palace full of sinister eyes. I am worried for your safety. I went through every plan
I could think of to finally… figure out a way to save your skin. But this is unnecessary. This is unnecessary! If you rush to your own death, you won’t be the only life
that is lost. There will also be the soul… of your pitiful mother you abandoned
in this cruel world! What are you waiting for? Help His Highness to the carriage. We are leaving this place! Help His Highness to the carriage. Your Highness, let’s go. Your Highness, you need to rest well. Thank you, doctor. I shall take my leave now. Your Highness, there is a
contraption under the chest. Once it’s opened, the bottom of the chest
will open on the slightest touch. I am afraid Lady Yun’s ashes… are already blown away by the gust. Is my mother asleep? Yes. She said she is tired
from the journey all day. She went to bed. -Dismiss.
-Yes. Do not bother His Highness
unless it’s urgent. -Yes.
-Wait. -What is it?
-Your Highness. Prince Li and his soldiers retreated. But his consort is still there. Rong Le? What is she doing there? She kneeling in the snow
and digging for something. -Dismiss.
-Yes. Your Highness? The doctor just advised you
to rest well. You must take care of yourself. Ready the carriage. Ready the carriage. Yes. Rong Le. Stop digging. Rong Le, stop it. Rong Le. Rong Le, stop digging. Rong Le, stop it. Rong Le, stop it! Rong Le, stop it. Let go of me. Rong Le. It’s pointless to dig for ashes now. The wind is too strong. All the ashes are blown away. Even if you dig a grave here, there is nothing to be buried. There is nothing! Rong Le. Rong Le. Leave me alone! I spent a year… to walk out from the
shadow of the past. As soon as you are here, I lost everything. Zongzheng Wu You
is the reason you are happy. That isn’t your fault. Do you honestly think
there could be any happiness for us? Your mother is right. In order to save me, he gave up on all that
could have been his. He gave you the chance to hurt him. So tell me, how is this not my fault? I am to be blamed. Zongzheng Wu You
won’t blame you for this. Yes, he won’t. But he will blame himself
for his mother’s fate. He will never shake away this guilt. Fu Chou. Leave my sight now if you
understand how much I hate you! I don’t want to see you again! Perhaps… I shouldn’t come here at all.Wu You.Wu You.Mother. Come to me. Your Highness, reports from
the prison guards. Sun Ji Zhou escaped. I have ordered the men
to conduct a man-hunt. Your Highness. My condolences for what
happened to Lady Yun. I must avenge my parents’ deaths! Send out my order. Gather the troops and provision. I am launching an
assault on Zhongshan! I swear I will slay… both Fu Yuan and Fu Chou! Your Highness,
I just received reports… that the Consort is yet to return. Should we search for her? Anger caused blood congestion
at your heart last night. I panicked. So I chose to send you
back as a priority. The Consort said she has work to do. I assumed she would be back soon. Man Yao? Man Yao? Man Yao? Captain Xiao, there is
no sign of Sun Ji Zhou. Captain Xiao, we found nothing either. You, search every corner of the house. Yes. What do you want? Captain Xiao, these are just
some clothes and jewellery. There is no suspicious letters. Your father just escaped the prison. And now you are in a hurry to leave. Are you meeting your father somewhere? I don’t know what you
are talking about. If you refuse to confess, then you shall come with us. With you around, your father
will surely show himself. -Take her away.
-Yes! -Come with us!
-Miss Sun! -Let go of me!
-Miss Sun! -All right, dismiss.
-Yes. Princess Rong Le,
the medicine has gone cold. You should drink it now. Why does this soup
has the taste of blood? I brewed this soup
with the Blood Raven Root. I am not drinking it. No, Princess Rong Le. You knelt in the snow for so long,
it took a toll on your body. The coldness of the snow
is causing a relapse by the poison. It wasn’t easy to nurse you
back to health. You are still in a bad shape. If you don’t take this medicine, we won’t have enough time
to search for a cure for your illness. She is right.
Please, take the medicine. So be it then. You did your best. I tried all I could. This is my fate. There is nothing we can do. Princess. He killed my father… and now my mother is gone. I hate him just as much. But compared to your life, owing him a favour for the herb… is no big deal. Don’t think too much. Rest well. Wu You. I am sorry. This is all my fault. Do not blame yourself. I made this choice. It’s not your fault. Rest well. Your Highness, Sun Ji Zhou
is waiting outside. Even if he runs from me, I still have score to settle with him. This could be good. He actually come here by himself. Let him in. Yes. It’s been a year, how are you? I am fine.
But you on the other hand… is not doing so well. I turned over a new leaf. I will get back on my feet. But there is something
that worries me. Turning over a new leaf? Do you mind enlighten me
how you are supposed to do so? My daughter is still in Qingzhou. I am willing to trade
military secret of the south… for you to invade Qingzhou… and reunite me with my daughter. Sir Sun, why do you think
I would agree with this deal? I have known you for years. I think I have aided Your Highness
in some way. Because of your deed
in the battles of south, you became a renowned general. Because of my support for you,
you became the Prince Regent. And now, I have top secret
information of the south. I can aid you in your campaign.


  1. This is my fifth time watching this drama and I can't get enough of it. I like how they portray the characters. You can clearly see the raw emotions that will also make you feel the same. We are already nearing the end and I am, once again, trying to ready myself for the pain that this drama will bring me. It has the happy ending that we all wish and yet it also brought me a beautiful pain as I learned the past of our main and sub characters.

    I am still excited for the next episodes and at the same time, feel like I am not ready just yet. Without a doubt, I will rewatch this all over again and again.

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