【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 49. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 49. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 49 Any progress on the item
I ordered you to search? This is why I came here. This is half of the tome
that I found on Mount Lone Frost. The information you want
is in this tome. Twenty years ago, someone asked the Lone Frost Sage
for this tome but was turned down. In the middle of the argument,
the tome was torn into two. The first half was taken. The other half was hidden by the Sage
inside the Cave of Zephyr. Not even Xiao Ke, the Sage’s
student has seen this tome. Don’t bother searching
for the other half. I know where it is. Back to your work. Yes. Rong Le. Wait for me. Because of the cursed Lady Yun, he sent me to the Emperor of Qi
to be violated! West? Is this the word west? Ever since you came back, you hate anything
that gives reflection. But why… are you in the mood
to look into a mirror now? We all… have to face our scar eventually. Keep running away from it… will not solve anything at all. -Dismiss.
-Yes. Ever since you came
back from the south, you barely visited me in
this palace. Even when I invited you
to a dinner, you turned it down
by saying you are busy. That day, you mentioned the
Emperor of Western Qi. I bet that was Rong Qi’s father,
Rong Yi. Mother, do you know him well? Chou. You look a little
under the wind today, did our men in the south… bear any news? Your update on the
situation in south… seems to be ahead
of everyone. As for the question just now, -did you and Emperor of Qi…
-I am tired. You should go. I remember when I was little, I hated this very palace. The owner of this place
never acknowledged me as his son. In this place, I never felt a moment
of warmth from anyone. Not even… the warmth of foods. But after I left, I wanted to come back here. After all, I am the elder son
of the emperor. All of these are rightfully mine. I sacrificed a lot because of this. I finally become its owner. But then it crossed my mind. Is this place… rightfully mine in the end?I can’t help but to ask after you.But I’ve underestimated love and hate.We have thrown away
the fate that we got by chance.
I have to admit to my mistakes.I regret the one mistake
that I made so much.
All hopes are lost,
how do I start over?
I asked for too much,
I hesitated for too long.
I blamed the mistake
that happened too soon.
You were standing right behind me,mocking the promise I made for you.I must give it all I had…to accept the lies of affection.If you had chosen me… the first time we met; If I never used you for my plans; If… I never fed you that poison
with my own hands; If I recognized you at once, perhaps… we would still be together. But the reality is… there is no such thing as ‘If’. Your Highness. -What is it?
-I received reports. Consort Rong Le was ambushed by
the Seven Asuras at the border. She was rescued by
Prince Zhen Bei’s man. What? Because of Rong Le, he once gave up on his pride
and his very life. And now he sent the killers after her?
What does he want? Maybe he loves her too much. He can’t allow any flaw
in their love. He can’t tolerate betrayal. When the scandal took place, he lost all his senses of judgement. I heard… it was because the ashes
of Lady Yun are lost, Prince Li and Consort Rong Le
grew apart and barely met again. Their love was not as
impregnable as before. That is why he believed his wife
was keeping a beau. He sent the Seven Asuras to
hunt her down, it seems like he is really
trying to end her life for good. Is he trying to avenge Lady Yun? For the sake of the army’s morale,
he gave up on Rong Le. Where is Rong Le right now? She is in Chen, the Emperor of Qi
is heading there as we speak. Get everything ready,
I am heading to Chen. Your Highness,
if Empress Fu found out… If she finds out, tell her I am going
there to purchase cavalry horses… for our elite troops.
That is all you need to tell her. Yes. Zongzheng Wu You, if you
followed the same mistake as mine, I will never let Rong Le return
to your side again. You ordered me
to go into hiding for so long. And now you summoned me here. What if Fu Chou finds out? He is now on his way to Chen. He is still worried for Rong Le. His worries… is just what we wanted. He completed so many missions
just for the sake of my revenge. But when he realised I am alive, his guilt for Rong Le becomes
even deeper. When the Creed is destroyed, I knew you would be mad at me. But I had no other choice. You helped me in
using Rong Le for my bidding, forced Zongzheng Wu You
into surrendering, some sacrifices are necessary
to calm Fu Chou’s anger. I understand. I wasn’t mad at you. After all these years,
no matter what happens, as long as you would
do something for me, even when you allow
me to make you a cup of tea… or you simply spare me a smile, I will risk my life for you. I would stay by your side
just to protect you… and chose to became a eunuch. Your kindness for me… will not be forgotten. I asked you here… because I need a favour from you. You can’t live without me. Have a seat. For over a year, I demanded Fu Chou
to invade the south, but he refused. He even went there alone
for his own death. How disappointing. Since he won’t listen to me, you shall go to Chen
in my place. Find a way to help him. If… his stubbornness persists, my vengeance… I understand. In order to protect Rong Le,
Zongzheng Wu You… even turned his hair white
just like Rong Le. I thought… he would continue to defend her. But his action… is simply out of my expectation. Losing her mother’s ashes… took a toll on his mind. It doesn’t matter. We… still have another plan in place. I assure you, this time… I will make the plan
a reality for you. Why is taking them so long? Did they run into trouble on
their way here? Li Wu just sent us a letter. Rong Le is now wounded. They went to a clinic
to treat the wound. So, the carriage
couldn’t move too fast. Yun, don’t worry too much. Rong Le is now inside
the border of Chen. They have Li Wu as their escort. There is nothing to worry about. Watch your steps. -Zhao Yun.
-Princess Rong Le. I am fine, don’t worry about me. Yun, Rong Le is still carrying injury. They travelled a long journey.
Let’s talk inside. Rong Le, after parting
with you a year ago, Zhao Yun and I miss you a lot. I remember the time when we were in
the Northern Realm with Prince Li… and having tea together. Stop mentioning the things
that spoil her mood. Fine, let’s move on
to another topic. Rong Le, we are worried when
we heard what happened to you. I sent Li Wu to escort you. But I never expected an
ambush from the assassins. I heard they are the Seven Asuras
from the Hidden Ones. Is it true? The Seven Asuras? Aren’t those Brother Wu You’s men? -What happened?
-Princess Zhao Yun. You should have seen Prince Li. It’s like he as become
an entirely different person. Princess Rong Le is being framed, not only did he not trust her, he even sent the assassins
to hunt us down. He is trying to kill Princess Rong Le! No way, that is not
the Brother Wu You I know. There must be some kind
of reasons behind this. -I must write him a letter.
-Zhao Yun. This is not the first
fallout I had with him. What’s done is done. There is nothing I can say. Please, stop mentioning his name? I just want to be in peace
and get well. She is right. Your recovery comes first. Yun, whatever happens, the two of us will be on
Princess Rong Le’s side. Isn’t that right? Rong Le, you can stay here
without any worries. Take it as you are keeping
Yun company. -He is right, Princess Rong Le.
-Yun. How many times have I told you?
Do not press your belly. Yun, you are expecting a child? It’s only been over a month. Congratulations. I was worried for you at first. But after seeing you, I can tell you are
having a happy life. Your Highness, a special guest
asked for Princess Rong Le. Welcome, I am sorry
for the lack of proper welcome. I apologise for that. Not at all, Prince Zhen Bei. I didn’t send any letter to
inform you of my visit. This may be all too sudden.
I hope you are not offended. Not at all, I have heard about
how sharp and dashing you are. The rumours are true after all. Come on in. Please. Your Highness, we are here. Please. Your Majesty. Your Highness, there is another
special guest. Rong Qi? What are you doing here? It’s been over a year
since we last met. You became the Prince Regent
of the Northern Realm. Yet, you lost your manner as well. For someone like yourself, I don’t need any manner. Today must be a special day. Even General Fu is paying us a visit. Wait, I should address you
as the Prince Regent. Your Majesty, Prince Regent, let’s continue inside the house. If you may. Did you come here to
harm Rong Le again? I have no idea what
you are talking about. Rong Le is the sister I love the most. I have always been kind to her, why would I harm her? As for you, I married her to you so
you could treat her well. But in the end you almost
got her killed. I understand why
the two of you came here. You are both here
for Princess Rong Le. Right? I heard she is here. I have urgent matter to
discuss with her. Please, lead me to her. You will try to hurt her. Prince Zhen Bei. if you wish to keep
Rong Le safe, allow me to see her first. Please, stop arguing. To be honest with you, Rong Le is indeed in my house. However… Is she wounded? She is, but it was no serious injury. When she came to my house
and met Zhao Yun, they cuddled together
and started crying. They have more tears than words
for each other. Even mentioning
the name of Prince Li… is too much for her to handle. I know the two of you wanted
to see her very badly. But she doesn’t want
any guest for now. If I insist on taking you to her, she will definitely leave at once. If something happens to her, none of us could help her. How about this?
I can send the two of you… to the royal villa of our palace. I will let Zhao Yun talk to her. When she is in a better mood, I will make the arrangement
for you to meet with her. How does that sound? Prince Zhen Bei, you and your wife
have my thanks. Sure. How about… I send you to the Qianlin Garden? If you may? I am surprised the Emperor of Qi
and General Fu are here. Princess Rong Le, I assure you, if you don’t want to see them, I won’t let them bother you. Zhao Yun, you don’t need to
see me off to my room. You are expecting a child,
you need to rest. It’s all right. I want
to keep you company. For the past year,
other than Qian Yi, I have no one to
talk to heart-to-heart. I wish I could return to the
good old days. I had you, Brother Wu You and… Princess Rong Le, how is Wu Yu doing all this time? He is fine, don’t worry about it. I am glad to hear that. When we bid each other goodbye, I thought I will never fall
in love with another man. I was depressed when
I first came to Chen. I felt like my life is meaningless. But Qian Yi tried the best he could
to cheer me up every day. When I fell ill, he hired the best doctor
to treat me. When I couldn’t get used
to the food here, he hired a great chef from
Northern Realm for me. As long as I gave him a smile, it would make him overjoyed for days. I had never felt so much
love in my entire life. My feelings actually matter
so much to someone. It looks like he does love you a lot. He must have spent a
lot of time with you. Before this, as soon as he got home, he would keep me company. But for some reason, he seems to be
getting busier lately. He rushed to his study for work
as soon as he got home. Who is she? I don’t know. Aside from me and
the female servants, there hasn’t been any
other woman in here. Let’s take a look. Princess, no. That is Qian Yi’s study. No one can step inside
without his permission. Not even you? That is the only place I haven’t
been to in the whole manor. Do you know that woman? I feel like she looks familiar. Prince Regent, how may I help you? Prince Regent. How dare you get in my way. No, I won’t. Little Xun. Leave us be. Yes. Tell me why you really came here. The last time we met, your temper wasn’t as bad. This… is the famous bitter tea of Chen. Have some tea. Enough about last time! Do you take me as a fool? It was you who sneaked
into my house… and swapped Hen Xiang with Rong Le. You made her suffer. You are her brother,
how could you do this to her? Rather than asking me, you should be asking yourself. You had your chances to
save her from dangers. But you did nothing at all. Yes. That was my fault. But you are the cause of all pain. You made me lose Rong Le. Do you even know what is
the true meaning of loss? She never loved you and
she was never yours. How is this your loss? I know, you couldn’t
wait to end my life. I wish I could
do the same to you. However, I take pity on you. Even until now, you have no idea who
the true enemy is. You have my sympathy for this. Do not taunt me with this. I know. All you wanted was to use me… so I could kill
Zongzheng Wu You for you. I have stated my stand clearly. This time, I will not work with you. Even if I have to kill him, I would rather make it a duel. Do not think you have
seen through everything… and understand what I have in mind. You are the only person who is
still blinded by lies. Fu Chou. If I were you, I would return to
Northern Realm at once… and do nothing. Otherwise… you will realise soon enough… just how foolish
your entire life has been. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, Prince Zhen Bei
wishes to see you. Greetings, Emperor of Western Qi… and Prince Regent of Northern Realm. Prince Zhen Bei ordered me
to send this message. Five days from now, he will
hold a feast at Qingtian Chamber… for Your Majesty and Prince Regent. His Highness and Princess Rong Le
will attend that feast. Understood. -Dismiss.
-Yes. Little Xun. Yes. See the Prince Regent off for me. Yes. Please. This is where the Princess
grooms herself. What are you doing in here? Her Highness ran into a lot
of dangers, I am worried. We are in the house
of Prince Zhen Bei, do you really think someone
would try to hurt her? Fine. Both of you must be tired
from the long journey. Get some rest. You don’t need to keep watch here. But Your Highness,
you haven’t taken the medicine yet. I will prepare it for you at once. You can take a nap if you are tired. I will wake you up when
the medicine is ready. Did anything happen
in the manor today? Your Highness, Miss Luo Yan is back. -Very well, dismiss.
-Yes. What did you promise me
back in the School of Wisdom? You would never put yourself
at risk again. You won’t let me be worried again. I know you are mad because
I hurt myself again. I broke my promise for you. I am sorry. This happened all too sudden. I want to resolve this properly. But someone is trying to frame me. This scandal is all
over the Imperial Court. There is an outrage
from the officers. Even the witnesses
are being killed off. If you stand up for
me again this time, people and the army will
lose their trust in you. So you forced me into
playing along with your plan? You want me to watch… as my blade pierced into you? What do you think
that made me feel? Wu You. You believe in me, right? ” Bear with me ” No one will believe we had a
fallout unless I do that. Wu You. If you plan to invade the north, you need to earn the trust
of the army. Because of the lies about
the Silver-Hair Demon, the soldiers are starting a mutiny. This time, I cannot allow myself
to be the reason… the soldiers are wavered. You gave up on the
throne because of me. Your mother was even… What happened to my mother
was not your fault. For the past few days, I have been thinking. I let my mother down. But if I were given another chance, my decision would still be the same. I cannot abandon you for something… that is yet to happen. I was so anxious. I want to launch an assault
to Zhongshan. I want to avenge my parents by
defeating Fu Chou and Fu Yuan. But I cannot sacrifice you… and make you the expandable. Man Yao. I lost both of my parents. I can’t lose you too, understood? You have my word. I know my limits. You are planning a
conspiracy in my nation. You are even asking me
to join your cause. What makes you think… I would agree to work with you? They are good friends of mine. What you are asking of me… is to make me… a loathsome traitor. Your so-called gratitude… are just insignificant kindness. It’s nothing compared to… your grand ambition and vision. My ambition and vision? My goal is not something
a nameless man like you would know. Besides, the master you serve was
the princess of the previous lords. Why should I have any trust in her? Because of this. This is the letter to offer
an alliance from my master. With her status and power, I am sure you are well aware of… what this letter means. As long as Your Highness… is willing to help my master
achieve her goal, I will aid you… in getting rid of the obstruction
on your path to realise the ambition. Half the land in south
will be yours as well. When the time comes, not only can you
expand your territory, you can even seize the
throne for yourself. This is the perfect opportunity. -This is an urgent matter!
-Please, Lady Zhao Yun. I will inform His Highness right away. Never mind,
I am going in there myself. Your Highness,
Prince Zhen Bei is having guest. This might not be convenient. Not convenient? Not convenient for him
or the guest he is having? -But…
-Stand aside. I must go in there.
I need to see… what kind of guest he is having
in the middle of the night. -Your Highness.
-Zhao Yun? What happened?
What’s the matter? I just had a dream. You were marrying another woman. You don’t love me any more. It was just a dream. I thought it was about
something serious. It’s all right now. This is serious. I came all the way from
Northern Realm to Chen alone. I don’t have a kin or friend. You are all I have. If you don’t love me, I will have nothing. Qian Yi, be honest with me. You never let me come into your study. Is it because you are hiding
another woman in there? So, you are here to see if
I am keeping a woman in here? Since it worries you so much, let me show you what’s
actually inside. Come on. Take it slowly. Greetings, Your Highness. You really do have a guest. Why? Do you really think
I would lie to you? Silly girl. When did you learn to be jealous? Well, that does make me feel happy. This means… you care a lot more about me now. I am going back to bed. Keep an eye on her,
don’t let her fall. So this is why you are hesitating. You are just the same
as Zongzheng Wu You. Your love for a woman… is holding you back. This is the last warning. Do not try to harm her. I am not the same as
Wu You and his brother. If someone hurts the woman I love, I’ll launch a full frontal assault… and make him pay. Prince Zhen Bei, you worry too much. As for your letter,
I will be keeping it for now. You will get my reply in three days. Li Wu. See our guest off. -Please.
-I believe… the decision you make… will be wise and sound. Luo Yan, you are here. Your Highness. It’s just the two of us here.
Formality is not needed. I heard about your return. But I didn’t expect you to be here. Let’s talk outside. I am sure you overheard the
conversation I have with Lin Shen. Yes, I heard it all. There is a matter
that confused me. You haven’t made the decision, but you accept their
letter for an alliance. Your Highness, do you really
plan to join hands with them? If you haven’t made up your mind, allow me to speak my thought on this. Do not work with them. They are trying to harm your friends. Especially Princess Rong Le, she once saved you with her life. Luo Yan, did you spend too much
time travelling… and forgot your goal? I never forget my goal. When a civil war broke out in Chen,
war ravaged the land. As a young man,
you rushed to battlefield… and saved countless people. Your Highness was like a saviour
to me, one with a grand ambition. You once asked me… if I have any wishes. I told you my parents died in war, so I wish for war
to never happen again. You said… you have the same wish.


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