【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 51 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 51 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 51 Gunpowder. -Chase after him.
-Yes, Your Highness. ” Qingtian Chamber ” Princess. This is the hangover soup sent here by
the consort of Prince Zhen Bei. Here. Drink it. Ling Yue. The incense burner’s smell over there
is making me ill. Take it away. Princess. -Princess, are you alright?
-Ling Yue. Why do I feel like… I’m a little bit unwell? Are you alright, Princess? Princess. Princess. Princess! Leave her to me. You don’t have to worry about
what will happen next. I have an order from my master. I have to send her to
Qingtian Chamber. Your master is cooperating
with our prince. We had agreed to follow
our prince’s orders. You don’t trust our prince? How could I ever doubt
Prince Zhen Bei? But this is my master’s order. I can’t disobey him. Help her up then. Your master asked for one result only. As for how to get that result, our prince is the one
who will make that call. Xiao Sha. I’m so scared. I thought I’m going to die. Luckily you are in
Prince Zhen Bei’s manor. You knew everything already? You didn’t even drink
the hangover soup. No. You aren’t even drunk. You just pretended to be drunk. Qian Yi had given me
the same kind of wine before. I know that I won’t get drunk
no matter how much I drink it. When did you start
to guard against me? You approached Sun Ya Li, provoked her… and intensified the
conflict between us. You secretly let an outside man… to come into my manor. You killed Chun Ni… so that the man can disguise
as her to come into my room. And then you accused me
for having a beau. You hid fake evidence under my bed… and pretended to defend me
in the great hall. But actually, you put the blame of
Sun Ya Li’s death on me in public. Let go! You thought that… you had done these things flawlessly. You thought that I suspected nothing. Earlier on, in order to cover for yourself,
you framed Lian Xin. And you repeatedly advise
Princess Rong Le to submit to Fu Chou. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see through
your façade earlier. Who is the master that
you were talking about just now? What plan does he have
by ganging up with Ning Qian Yi? Tell me. Because of her, you lied to me. And now, you want to kill me. I already gave you a chance. I told you that… we are in debt with Princess Rong Le
and none of us should betray her. I’ve never been loyal to her.
So, how can there be a betrayal? Xiao Sha. Actually, we are the same. We are sent to her side
by others to spy on her. Why do we need to be loyal to her? I’m different from you. Back then, she was forced to marry
Fu Chou in order to protect you. She still tried to find a way out for
you even when her life was in danger. Even if you don’t treat her
as your mistress, you should be grateful for the
kindness that she had shown you. Since young, the person who had
trained me told me that… love is the best weapon. Do you think she is
any different from me? But Zongzheng Wu You and
Fu Chou had her fooled all around. So, she has lost her own weapon. You don’t have feelings. You don’t know the value of
a relationship between two people. When the time comes,
use this to knock her out… and bring her to Qingtian Chamber. After this is done, can you let Xiao Sha off? Are you trying to bargain with me? Don’t forget about
your other identity, Qing Hu. What evil plot do the one behind you
and Ning Qian Yi has? What are you trying to do by
bringing me to Qingtian Chamber? I won’t tell you.
Don’t waste your energy. You think that I won’t kill you? Xiao Sha. I know that it’ll kill you
to have to kill me, right? You said that you like me. You want me to become your wife. Let’s knock her out… and bring her to Qingtian Chamber. Help me complete my mission. And then I’ll marry you. That way, we can live
happily every day… and we don’t need to serve
under anybody anymore. Alright? Alright? You put this at the entrance
of the kitchen, right? Thank you. I’m giving it back to you now. Your Highness,
Princess Rong Le is gone. -What happened?
-I waited outside… Qianlin Garden with a carriage. But Princess Rong Le wasn’t
brought to me after a long while. I sent someone to check on it… and found out that Princess Rong Le’s
maidservant, Ling Yue… and the person we sent were murdered. But Princess Rong Le is
nowhere to be found. Who brought her away? Is it Zongzheng Wu You
or is it Fu Chou? Could it be… Send someone to check on
Zongzheng Wu You and Fu Chou. I’ll pay Rong Qi a visit. Yes, Your Highness. Prince Zhen Bei, please stop. Prince Zhen Bei, please stop. Prince Zhen Bei, please stop. Where is the emperor of Qi? He is asleep already.
Please stop here. He is already asleep
although it’s so early? But never mind. I’ve brought along
my royal physician to read his pulse. We just need to be quiet. No, Prince Zhen Bei.
I don’t think this is appropriate. His Majesty is already asleep. Little Xun. Let him in. I’m terribly sorry, Emperor of Qi. I’ve disturbed your sleep. I heard that you are ill.
I am very anxious about it. If I don’t bring along my
royal physician to treat you tonight, I think I won’t be able
to fall asleep tonight. Prince Zhen Bei. His Majesty’s old illness
attacks again. He can’t be exposed to wind. How could that be? You look so pale. I can see that it’s not
a common illness. Royal physician,
come and read his pulse now. Make sure that he is alright. Yes, Your Highness. Prince Zhen Bei, thank you for your kindness. This illness has stuck
with me since young. It’s not anything serious. I just need to rest. Although you say so, I can’t stop worrying about it
until your pulse is read. If that’s the case, I’ll have to trouble you then. Don’t worry, Your Majesty, he is our best physician in Chen. There is no illness
that he can’t treat. How is it? His Majesty is fine, right? I have read pulses for
more than 10 years. But I’ve never read such
complicated pulse before. Forgive me for my incompetence. I don’t dare to simply
give him any medicine. -You may leave now.
-Yes, Your Highness. Even the royal physician says that
there’s no need for medicine. Looks like it’s really
not that serious. If that’s the case,
I’ll take my leave now. -Sorry for troubling you.
-I won’t be sending you off then. Get me some tea. -How is it?
-From his pulse, he might die soon. This is the effect of
medicinal overdose. I’m afraid that he won’t be
living for long. Have you searched everywhere? I’ve turned almost all of
Qianlin Garden upside down. But I couldn’t find any traces of her. -Leng Yan.
-Yes, Your Highness. -Go and check out Rong Qi’s chamber.
-Yes, Your Highness. Prince Li, Prince Regent has
asked me to send this letter to you.If you want to meet Rong Le,
come to Qingtian Chamber now…
and let’s have a showdown.Your Highness, I found
the person who set up the bomb. He went to meet Prince Li. Zongzheng Wu You? What is he trying to do? On my way back just now,
I heard the guards said that… Princess Rong Le is impossibly drunk
and she has gone to Qingtian Chamber. She wants to meet Prince Li
to know why he abandons her. ” Qingtian Chamber ” His Majesty wants to meet you. Greetings, Your Majesty. You are the one… who bombed away
Qingtian Chamber, right? You’ve put Rong Le into
death trap again and again. Aren’t afraid that you’ll
cross my baseline? You know that… I’m just following orders. You’ve already used Fu Chou
to take away the throne. And you used Rong Le… to make the two brothers
destroy each other. Is it not enough yet? For our master, as long as there’s a survivor
in the Zongzheng royal family, this grudge… will never end. Zongzheng Wu You has to die. And he has to die in Fu Chou’s hands. When Zongzheng Wu You
and his brother are dead, I’ll announce Ning Qian Yi’s crimes… to the public. Then, there’ll only be a
child emperor in Chen. He won’t be a problem. When that time comes, this world… will belong to you. When the time really comes, I think I’ll be the one
who has to die then. That won’t happen. Our master has done
all of these for you. All these years, the pains that you have suffered… are because of Zongzheng Yun He. We did all of these… to take revenge for you. Do you think I am Fu Chou? Do you think I’m him who you had
pumped with hatred since young… and one who will fall
for your words easily? How can he be comparable to you? You’ve been smarter
than others since young. Unlike Fu Chou. Until now, he still doesn’t know
who his real biological mother is. Tell me. If he knows that Lady Yun
is his real mother… and Zongzheng Wu You is his
twin brother of the same mother, what will he look like… when he loses all the hatred
that he had held on? ” Qingtian Chamber ” Don’t come here! Stop!I think of you when the moon is full,
when it’s a crescent…
and when it’s white.You who came to a strange land
to build our lands together.
I think of you when
night has fallen…
and when the fog has parted.My yearning for you has
turned you into my reason.
I’m such a fool. I’m really a fool. How could I be so naive
to think that… both of you have really broken apart? Zongzheng Wu You, you’ve been… wanting to avenge your mother, right? Come. I’m right here. Come over here. Come over here. Come at me! You can’t kill each other. Because you are twins
with the same mother. How are you, Young Master? Lin Shen. Why are you here? For the past one year and more, I couldn’t find your trace at all. So, you had been wreaking havoc in Chen. Why do you say so? I came to Chen because of you. Zongzheng Wu You is your sworn enemy. If you don’t want to kill him, I’ll help you to do it. Don’t believe him. He ganged up with Ning Qian Yi
to plot against us. He wants to use my life… to make two brothers kill each other. Fu Chou, Wu You is not
your sworn enemy at all. And you are not Fu Yuan’s son. You are Lady Yun’s son. Impossible. Rong Le,
you are lying to me again. I heard it with my own ears. This is the truth. If he knows that Lady Yun
is his real mother… and Zongzheng Wu You is his
twin brother of the same mother, what will he look like… when he loses all the hatred
that he had held on? I was standing behind the
folding screen just now. I’ve heard your conversation
with my brother. Back then, you and Fu Yuan… bribed the midwife… and when Lady Yun was
unconscious after giving birth, you used a dead baby… to replace one of her children. You made him into
a weapon for your revenge. You used him to usurp the throne. And you want to use him
to destroy his own brother. And you’ll tell him
the truth in the end. You want him to be filled with grief
to push him into the abyss. And that is your
final goal in the end. Come, tell me. What Rong Le said, are they true? Of course they are not. You knew that… only Fu Yuan’s son… was raised and tortured
in the Cold Harem… while Lady Yun’s son… was the apple of everyone’s eye. Think about it. Whose son are you? Back then, my mother… was too exhausted after giving birth. Before she was unconscious,
she saw with her own eyes that… her twins… have dragon-shaped birthmark
on each of their forearms. When she woke up, she realised that the dead baby
beside her has no birthmark. She believed in herself that… her other son is still alive. So, father had sent people to search
the country for a child with… dragon-shaped birthmark
but to no avail. He strongly believed that
Fu Yuan did it. Thus, he locked her
in Senyan Palace… to grill her for answer. But… But I don’t have a birthmark
on my forearm! I have none! How is it possible that we are… You personally cut off… this birthmark from me? Yes, I personally cut off
this birthmark from you. But Young Master, can you really believe it? Can you really believe that the hatred
you lived on all your life is fake? Think about… that five years where
you had run for your life. The ten years of killing
in the battlefield. The bone-piercing pains that
you had suffered repeatedly. Those are your conviction for revenge. If this hatred is fake, then the ones that you had hurt
at all cost will be your closest ones. Can you accept this truth? Do you want to let your life
become a complete joke? Fu Chou. Don’t fall for their words. They had plotted
all of this to hurt you. This woman… doesn’t love you at all. If it was Zongzheng Wu You, she wouldn’t be so cruel
and heartless to him. Young Master, you’ve already made
this terrible mistake. You can’t go back anymore. The only thing you can do… is to follow the original path. He… is still your enemy. Kill him. And you can get back everything that
belongs to you from the very start. No matter how cruel the truth is, it’s better than continuing to make
more mistakes because of a lie. So, you and Fu Yuan… are the real culprits
behind all of these. You took away others’ child… and killed others’ parents! You controlled other’s life
as you please… and build your happiness
on other’s sufferings! You are the evil incarnation! Do you want to die here? This is weird. I saw her came in just now. How come it’s you? No need to look at me like that. I don’t have that kind of relationship
that you think with His Highness. Then what kind of
relationship do you have? Why can you go in and out
from his study room as you please? And what is the purpose
of this secret room? You ask me so many questions at once. How am I going to answer you? Then first, tell me why
are you here in Chen. I have always been a citizen of Chen. During the civil strife
in Chen back then, my father was not willing
to bow down to those in power. So, he was killed. And my mother escaped with me. We ran into a war… and in order to protect me, she was stabbed to death. And then? And then, I met His Highness. He saved me. And he sent me to
Northern Realm for a mission. What mission? Have you heard about
The Book of Mountains and Rivers? His Highness asked me
to kidnap Rong Le… and force Prince Li
to give me the book. Impossible. If I tell you that… not only he asked me
to kidnap Rong Le, he even ganged up with
the Creed of Vengeance… to kill Rong Le… in order to cause a fall out
between Fu Chou and Prince Li, will you believe me? The one you saw in the study room
is the leader of Creed of Vengeance. That day, I was in the secret room. And I heard every word
in their conversation. They have an alliance letter between
them and it’s in the secret room. But I couldn’t find it when
I go in to do so just now. They are going to act tonight. Qian Yi is not a person like that. It’s impossible that he will hurt
Brother Wu You and Princess Rong Le. I don’t want to believe it too. But he has changed.
Do you know that… before I came here,
he had already sent his Elite Guard… to surround the whole of
Qianlin Garden. If you want to save
your Brother Wu You, there’s only one way to do it. Find the alliance letter. Rong Le. I wonder how it is in
Qianlin Garden now. Look, Chen Yu. What a show. I had already seen Prince Li
and Prince Regent in battle before… and they had blown my mind. I never thought that all of you here
are so impressive as well. But now, all of you
should be exhausted already. So, a word of advice.
Please just surrender to me. Don’t trouble me further. Finally, you’ve shown
your true colour. I’ve never tried to hide
anything from you. You are the one who
ignored my advice… and fought at the side garden
in the royal mansion of Chen. You even destroyed
my Qingtian Chamber. If I don’t take you down, how am I going to
explain to the others? No need to give such
highfalutin excuses here. You have… plotted all of these with Lin Shen. Lin Shen asked Ling Yue
to lure me to Chen. Then, he disguised as the
Seven Asuras to chase after me. You brought me to Chen
in the pretence of saving me… in order to rope in
Wu You and Fu Chou. You pretended to be a mediator… but actually, you want them
to turn against each other. You let me and Fu Chou watch
while Man Yao was bombed to pieces. You made us thought that
the other party had done that… so that you can achieve your goal
by making us destroy each other. Too bad you don’t know that I already
have my guard up against Ling Yue. I didn’t drink the hangover soup
that she gave me. After that, I heard her conversation
with your subordinate. I was taken away secretly
by my brother. Then, I found out that they are twins
and I came to stop them. Now that you’ve been exposed, you want to kill every one of us. Looks like I’ve guessed correctly. Tonight, Rong Le… is indeed in Emperor of Qi’s chamber. Even I had been thrown into your plot. I’m sure that this is a
delighted surprise for you. If we can’t break this, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me
to get out from here alive. Rong Le. I need to let them believe
that you are the one bombed to pieces. That’s why I had spent all night to
send a person who dresses like you… to go into Qianlin Garden. I had put in so much effort for you. Because I have already
treated you like a friend. You are lying. You didn’t kill Rong Le… because I lie to you saying that
she is the descendant of Qin family… and the only one who knows
about the secret of the book. Luo Yan. How dare you trick me. Yun. Yun. Are you alright? Didn’t I warn you… not to tell her? I found out about it myself.
Don’t blame her. Zhao Yun, come here first. Do you know? Brother Wu You and Princess Rong Le
are the ones I care for the most. If you still care about me, care about our child, you will let go of them. Zhao Yun. You are willing to
sacrifice your life… for two outsiders? You are going to risk
our child as well? They are not outsiders. They are my closest family. Without them, I would have died. Same goes to you. They had saved your life once. Zhao Yun. Prince Li. Zhao Yun is your sister. Don’t think of using her life
to threaten me. Zhao Yun, leave now.
It’s dangerous here. I’m not going to budge. Qian Yi. Don’t set yourself against Brother
Wu You and Princess Rong Le anymore. Give them back the book and
return the power to our emperor. Let’s live a quiet life together, alright?


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