【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 52. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 52. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

E52 Princess Silver Episode 52 They had saved your life once. Zhao Yun. Prince Li. Zhao Yun is your sister. Don’t think of using her life
to threaten me. Zhao Yun, leave now.
It’s dangerous here. I’m not going to budge. Qian Yi. Don’t set yourself against Brother
Wu You and Princess Rong Le anymore. Give them back the book and
return the power to our emperor. Let’s live a quiet life together, alright? Zhao Yun, stop wasting
your time on him. Other than the power he seeks, there is nothing else
that he cares about. Zhao Yun, don’t be foolish. If I let them go today, they won’t let me get away so easily. I have come so far, there is no turning back for me now. Otherwise… death is my only end. Kill them, do not hurt my wife. Stop! Let them go. Luo Yan. You are using the blade I gave you… to kill me? Do you really… have the resolve? Chen Yu! Not a step closer! Zhao Yun! If I can’t stop you, I shall end my life here! It’s better than seeing you
become a murderer. Zhao Yun, do not make me do this. You know it well. You are special to me. I truly love you. You are cruel and heartless. You never cared about how I feel. I don’t want my child to be born… with a cruel and… power-hungry father like you! Power-hungry? Zhao Yun. This is my last warning for you. Come to my side. Lay down the knife. Fine, I get it now. Kill them. All of you, stop! Your Majesty should be in the palace, what brings you here? Prince Zhen Bei, how dare you! You plan to have a slaughter
inside the royal villa! Emperor of Qi is a righteous ruler. Prince Li and Prince Regent of
Northern Realm are lords of lands. You command the elite troops
without my permission to kill them, don’t you realise this will
make us their common enemy? That is only because they
are having a fight in here. They died from the injury. As for the Emperor of Qi,
he died trying to save his sister. If the Western Qi wants vengeance, they should go to
Northern Realm instead. Such insolence!
No one would believe you! It doesn’t matter what
the others believe. As soon as the three of
them are dead, chaos arrives. Chen will have the chance
to unite and rule the world. We can conquer the whole world! Is this the promise Fu Yuan gave you? She only promised me
the land in south. But what I want is far more than that. Prince Zhen Bei, because
of the power you hold, you never show any respect for me. And now you conspired with enemy
while keeping me in the dark! You even tried to wage war
to the world! Guards! Take him down! Don’t you dare! Ning Qian Yi! This is treason! How could you say that? I allied with the Empress Dowager
of Northern Realm… all for the sake of expanding
the territory of Chen. Your Majesty will rule the world. How is that a crime? You conspire with enemies,
that is a crime! And you even made it sound
so righteous. If you are really doing this
for my sake, why don’t you show me the letter
of alliance to me? Who says we need a letter
to forge an alliance? But Your Majesty came here
in the middle of the night, did someone talked you into this? Ever since you left the palace, the officers all requested
for you to take the rule, they never considered the fact
you are just a child. What are their intentions? To prevent our nation
from falling into the wrong hands, I am willing to be the expandable. Before Your Majesty becomes of age, I must settle all the
national affairs for you. What else do you think
I am doing this for? Do you really think if no one
reads the letter from Fu Yuan, that there is no need
to admit your crime? Zhao Yun, hand it over to me. Luo Yan! ‘I have long heard about
your sharp insight, yet you had to bow
down to a mere child.’ ‘It got in the way of your ambition.’ ‘That is truly unfortunate.’ ‘I am willing to aid Prince Zhen Bei, but you must use Rong Le’s death… as a reason to provoke
Prince Li into fighting my son.’ ‘Aid my son in killing Prince Li.’ ‘When it’s done, half the land
in south will be yours.’ ‘Prince Zhen Bei, you shall have the throne.’ Did everyone hear that? You treacherous fool
is trying to overthrow the nation. What else do you have to say? Luo Yan. I am doing this for the sake
of unifying the land. This was once our shared goal. -Don’t you remember?
-It’s you who forgot. If you get away with this,
people will lose their lives. The united world I long for… is a peaceful time without any war. Even if I am not the one
who wages war, the world will never
know everlasting peace. Hate exists as long as humans live. Prince Li and Prince Regent… may have reconciled as brothers, but they hate each other
for the death of their father, they hate each other
because their loved one. The truth may be revealed, but will they really be able
to let bygone be bygone… and see each other as brothers? You are right. We made a lot of mistakes
because of hate. We paid a dear price for that. But you are different. You thirst for power,
you seize the Imperial Court… and take advantage
of your young lord. You brought this upon yourself. History is written by the victor! All the lords and rulers have
their hands stained with blood. Even your father… resorted to despicable means
to rebuild his nation… and that was how the
Northern Realm could thrive. This is not justice. This is the revelation
of your ambition. Are you certain if the world
is thrown into chaos, you would be able
to conquer it? Or will you seize the throne
for yourself… because of your own greed? All those lies of Prince Zhen Bei
started to fool even himself. All the nations are living in peace. People are living a good life. How could you say waging war
is for the peace of the world? Does the lives of countless people
mean nothing to you? Rong Le is right. In this world we live in, living a life is probably
a luxury for many. You, Prince Zhen Bei,
enjoyed the luxury of life. But you would risk ruining
everything for your own gain. You may sacrifice
your own life for your goal, but will you give up on the life… of your loved one as well? Prince Zhen Bei
conspired with the enemy. He tried to seize the throne. As for the rest of you
who fell for his lies, lay down your weapons
and you shall be spared. Guards, take Prince Zhen Bei
to the prison so he will be tried! Hold on! Prince Li. Back at Lady Yun’s tomb, I invited you to have
a toast together. I felt like in the whole wide world, the only person who
deserves to be my rival… is none other than you. I failed today, but I didn’t lose to anyone. I lost to myself. Guards, bring forth the wine. A request from a dying man. Prince Li, will you accept this toast? If you were my soulmate, I don’t mind having a drink with you. But the truth is, you only ever wanted power. The people’s lives mean
nothing to you. The man who is fit to be my rival… will not be lowly being like you. As for this toast, save it for yourself. Zongzheng Wu You, you still don’t have the courage. -Your Highness!
-Qian Yi! Qian Yi! Promise me. Do not let our child know… he has a failure like me as father. Qian Yi! -Rong Le!
-Man Yao! Man Yao! Man Yao! Man Yao! Is Man Yao suffering from illness? Why did she pass out? Prince Li, the Consort passed out because
of fatigue from recent events. Worries are unnecessary. I should congratulate Your highness.
Consort Rong Le… is indeed expecting a child. Man Yao, we are going
to have a child. Congratulation, Prince Li
and Consort Rong Le.What’s done is done.Young Master,
there is no turning back.
Your only choice now…is to keep going on this wicked path.Chou. Come on here. Why did you get yourself
all sweaty again? Our father… is still alive. Your Majesty, Her Highness
is still not awake. Please come again later
for your visit. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Xiao Sha. Do you know why I sent
Xiao Ke to you… instead of keeping her in Western Qi? You mean, it wasn’t
to keep her as a hostage? If it wasn’t for Xiao Ke, will you still betray me? Both you and Xiao Ke are with Rong Le. You are both loyal to her. This is the outcome I was hoping for. Rong Le. You would even hurt yourself
for his safety. But you are now a wife and a mother. You need to take care of yourself… and cherish your health. Is that clear? Seeing that you are well and safe, I am relieved. Now that you have forgotten
all the memories we shared, I hope you will never
recall them ever again. Your Highness. What do you want? Zongzheng Wu You,
don’t you dare get into my way. I am taking her back to Western Qi. -She will…
-Wu You. Man Yao, you are awake. I am glad you are fine. I am glad you are all right. Haven’t you heard?
We are going to be parents. You mean… we have a child now? You passed out just now. I thought you were
having another relapse. But it was actually because
you are expecting a child. Your body has become weak. You have always liked kids. Now, we will finally
have one of our own. I am fine. Did the injury at my abdomen… hurt the child? I inquired the doctor.
The child is fine. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. If you have any wish to complete, I am willing to help you. Never mind. Xiao Sha, stay with Princess Rong Le. Keep her safe. Your Majesty, you came all the way here to Chen… to bring Princess Rong Le
back to Western Qi. Are you certain you will
return empty-handed? If she wants to stay,
I shouldn’t take her by force. Let’s go. When I listened
to the music you played, the melodies are crisp and clear. I could tell you are not
one blinded by desires. Maybe you had other matters
on your mind. But the melodies
you played just now… are tranquil and momentous. Perhaps your mind is cleared
when you played the music. It was the same song. Be it the audience or the musician, with different moods come
different sensations. You heard the tranquility
and momentum in it, that is because you have
a pure heart to begin with. We are no longer master and servant. Stop addressing me as your mistress. Chen Yu. Luo Yan. That is my real name. If you won’t let me address you
as my mistress, you can address me by my real name. From now on, we have
no secrets for each other. Very well, Luo Yan. Actually, I am rather
curious about your past. I remember what you told me
when you were playing a song. There are something in this world… that is more important
than loving someone. Those are in the past. Back then, I thought… acquiring the Book of Mountains
and Rivers is my mission. But I have strayed far from
my goal to one that leads to regrets. I even betrayed our friendship. In times of turmoil,
loyalty may seem like a luxury. I remember the time… when we talked about
our own plans for future. Long Yue, Wei, Ling Yue and even you, you all have your own goals. Now, it does seem like we each
have our own calling. I realised the choice we made… was a decision made
out of desperation. As long as we feel no regret, it doesn’t matter what the people say. This is rightfully yours. I am returning it to its owner. But… My past was a simple tale. When civil war spread
throughout the land, my family died in the battles. I was saved by a young hero… and I survived. He told me that… a ruler needs a strong army
to unite the land. I thought… acquiring the Book of
Mountains and Rivers… will allow Chen to unite the land… and prevent war from
breaking out again. I shared the same idea. I went to the Northern Realm
in search of the Book… for the sake of my nation. I even went as far as
to hurt someone. I blamed my brother for this. I blamed Wu You and Fu Chou
for my suffering. I blamed those who
lied to me and used me. But now, I am freed of
those burdens. I have no hate. I am glad this realisation
didn’t come any later. Man Yao, you have a heart
for kindness and sympathy. This is why I feel like
you should have the Book. Perhaps you can understand
the true teaching within. Only those without any greed
or vile intention… will never take
the land for their own… but to bring peace to the people
and save them from suffering. That is when the land
will truly be united as one. I hope I won’t let you down. Luo Yan, what is your plan for the future? I have been wanting
to travel the world. Now I have the opportunity… to search for a path of my own. Prince Li, if you may. Only one of the statue is a
match for the stallion of Chen. You may have a guess. If your choice is correct, of all the stables in Chen, you may pick a thousand stallions
and bring them back. If you make the wrong choice, you shall return with nothing. If my guess is correct… and I could reveal the meanings
behind the other two statues, will Your Majesty grant me
another request? It won’t be a problem. I appreciate this, Your Majesty. As for the stallions, I won’t disrespect
Your Majesty’s offer. I will be taking this. How are you so certain
it’s not the other statues? After overthrowing the
previous dynasty, Chen returned to rebuilding its army. You see horses as precious
as human lives. Which is why… you won’t mere silver and gold… or woods and grass that rot easily… as its symbol. But the clay statue in my hand… is fused with the high spirit
of Chen’s troops. It’s made with the clay
of their homeland… and melded with high heat. This is how the statue represents
the empathy of your stallions. I am deeply impressed
with your insight. Before you leave, you may bring a
thousand of those stallions with you. May those stallions protect
your people and your home. You have my words.
For the next a hundred years, Chen and Northern Realm
will forge an alliance. There will be no war. You have my word. Prince Li, if you may. As for your request from earlier, do you wish for me to spare
Princess Zhao Yun? Your Majesty is wise indeed. I had everything arranged. For the house of Prince Zhen Bei,
except for Ning Qian Yi’s crime, all the others who were
kept in the dark are spared. Ning Qian Yi’s ambition
was for his own, the others are innocent to begin with. Your Majesty, you have my gratitude. I will take Princess Zhao Yun
away from this land of sorrow. I envy her a lot. If I could have a brother
that truly cares for me, that would be great. I am going back to Zhongshan. Whatever her reason is, I must get an explanation from her. Those are memories of the past. Right. There is something you should know. What is it? I heard Ning Qian Yi and Chen Yu
talk about the Book and Qin Yong. Hen Xiang is actually
Qin Yong’s daughter. Her real name is Qin Xiang. The Qin family are loyal. The whole nation is aware of this. But because the wine
they brewed was sent to the palace, the whole family was executed. A whole family was
slaughtered over a night. All the officers mourned for the loss. Do you know if Hen Xiang has a sister? I am not sure about that. Your Highness, it’s time to leave. Well, take care of yourself. Goodbye. You… Have a safe journey.I can’t help but to ask after you.Our hearts are lifetime apart.No one was here for us.How to we keep living this life?Finally, I’ve learnt how to trust.But I’ve underestimated love and hate.We have thrown away
the fate that we got by chance.
I have to admit to my mistakes.I regret the one mistake
that I made so much.
All hopes are lost,
how do I start over?
I asked for too much,
I hesitated for too long.
I blamed the mistake
that happened too soon.
You were standing right behind me,mocking the promise I made for you.I must give it all I had…to accept the lies of affection.Yun!-Not another step closer!
-Zhao Yun!
It never ends, love will fade.The blossoms fall,
and I waited in silence.
I cling onto the past
despite the pains.
I won’t let our love be a regret.Live without sorrow,
die without any hate.
This is the leniency
that you’ve shown me.
We are not holding hands
but you are holding my heart.
Although this might not be forever,I’ve locked you in my heart
and I’ve locked you in my dream.
It’s my fault for falling in love…with you.Zhao Yun. Don’t be too upset. We are here for you. Let’s go home. Move out! In search of the remarkable
breed of stallions, Consort Rong Le was framed
by those with ill intentions… and suffered great humiliations. The stallions from Chen have arrived,
her mission is completed. His Highness has ordered us
to tell the world of the truth. We shall now welcome
the return of the Consort! Welcome, Prince Li and
Consort Rong Le. -At ease!
-Much obliged, Your Highness!How love and hatred fool the people.Time is passing and
your lover is waiting for you.
I’m lost in thought,
thinking about my lonely fate.
The world is warm
but sincerity is easily gone.
Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager
went into the mountain for recovery. She hasn’t returned in over a year. While I was away for
the past two weeks, she hasn’t come back either? Yes, none of us has seen her. -Dismiss.
-Yes. ” Lone Frost Tome ” I was too late. You had everything planned, when will you finally leave me… and Rong Le in peace?


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