【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 53. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 53. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 53 Chang Jian,
I don’t care what it takes, I want you to find out where
Fu Yuan is at all cost. Your Highness, there is no one
in the Lingxiao Palace. According to the guards, the Empress Dowager
went missing three days ago. We searched everywhere,
she is nowhere to be found. I suspect this might have
something to do with Lin Shen. Witness said Lin Shen went
into the Lingxiao Palace. -Maybe the two of them…
-She’s been working with Lin Shen. It’s just that we never found out. Fu Yuan was never my mother. Perhaps… she never even sees me as her son. Very well, you may go now. Yes. Chou. Kill them! Kill them. Chou. Kill them! Kill them! Zhao Yun. Wu Yu? How are you? I am fine. It’s been two years, how have you been? Look what I have for you. Flowers are blooming on the hill,
come on and pick some plum blossoms. Pretty lady, are you a guest here? Will you join us? Don’t be rude. She is not a guest. We are not going for the flowers. Go on without me. Ke? Zhao Yun, don’t take this wrongly. You can stay here all you want, don’t think of yourself
as an outsider. For me, you have always been like a family. You are also… Go after her if you want. Never mind. She is Captain Xiao’s sister.
Her name is Xiao Ke. She is always so reckless
when she talks. But on the inside, she is
actually kind and gentle. I doubt she will be angry
because of this. Wu Yu. You still don’t understand
what a girl really wants. When she is truly
in love with someone, but he never cares much for her, she will surely be upset. I remember the time
when Qian Yi had to travel far away, so he ordered his men
to sent me a stem of plum blossoms. I didn’t understand at first. But he explained to me
when he returned. ‘In the land full of wonders, these plum blossoms
shall be my token for you.’ This is a token of love and yearning. And now she is giving you
this as present. Don’t you see what
she is trying to tell you? She is not the same as other girls. Grab onto the chance
when it presents itself, do not let regret take its place. Wu Yu, you missed your chance once. Do not let her down this time. Ke? Brother. -Did someone upset you?
-I am not upset. You on the other hand
have been gloomy lately. You are always here
and you don’t talk to people. How are you feeling? Ke. If something is bothering you,
you can always let me know. If you keep it inside your heart, you might never get
the chance to say it again. Well, since you talked me into this, I don’t mind letting you know. Actually, it was you who has been
keeping everything inside your heart. I wanted to talk to you,
but I don’t where do I start. Brother, Ling Yue is already… She is gone, stop thinking about her. Even you have learned to cheer me up. It seems like you are
no longer just a child. Of course. I know a lot of things. But all of you keep
protecting me like I am a kid. Can you tell me who upset you now? It’s all because of
that stinking Wu Yu! I asked him to pick
some flowers with me, but he chased me away. What? He chased you out? I can’t allow that,
I should teach him a lesson. It’s all right. He has always been nice to me. But a pretty lady was there too. He didn’t want to
leave her there by herself. Ke, be honest with me,
are you in love with Prince Chen? No way! So, why are you blushing? Stop being so jealous. The lady that talked to Prince Chen… was Princess Zhao Yun. She is Princess Zhao Yun? Princess Rong Le mentioned her before. She was married to Chen
for the sake of Northern Realm. She is amazing. I have been wanting to know her. I should have give her
a proper welcome. Are you still mad? I was never mad at all. It’s all because of
that stinking Wu Yu! Greetings, Prince Chen. Your Highness. This is the peace treaty signed by
Prince Regent himself. As token of good will, our troops
at the border have retreated. I wonder where Prince Li is right now. Prince Regent ordered me to hand it
over to His Highness personally. Sir Chang. What rank do you hold
as of this moment? I am now the captain of Royal Guards. You are only a captain. Why should my brother be summoned
by someone like you? You should be glad
that I am even here. If Fu Chou is showing any good will, he should have come here personally. Ever since His Highness
came back from Chen, he was very tired and
is now busy with national affairs. He doesn’t have the time to come here. He doesn’t have the time? He hurt my brother and
poisoned Rong Le. And with this insignificant letter, he is trying to get our forgiveness? My brother and Rong Le may
have a generous heart, but I won’t let it pass so easily. Wu Yu, have some manner. Brother. I will be accepting
this letter for treaty. My troops in the border
will retreat as well. Brother. -You are letting him go?
-Pass a message for me. Once I have everything in order, Man Yao, Wu Yu and I will… pay our father a visit in Zhongshan. In that case, I take my leave. -Brother!
-What is it now? If you have nothing better to do, I do have a task for you. I am sure you know Man Yao
and I are going to have a wedding. How are you going to prepare it? Why are you asking my opinion? Ask your beloved brother in Zhongshan. What has he done to
prepare your wedding? Wu Yu. Both the north and the south
are withdrawing their troops. There will be no war at the border. Prince Li will fix a date… for his wedding… with Consort Rong Le? A double delight! A day worth celebrating
for the nation! Great! -Great!
-Such a good news! Great!Brother Wu You, Princess Rong Le,forgive me for leaving
without a proper farewell.
I appreciate your kindness
for taking me in these few days.
You will always be my family.You taught me how to be brave…so I could be strong enough…to leave the shelter you provide…and live a life of my own.Me and my child…will send you our best wishes
from a land far away.
I am surprised, Zhao Yun is much stronger
than any of us thought. I am worried because
she is all alone. And she is expecting a child. Man Yao, this might be for the best. Calm down. I am sure Zhao Yun will
take good care of the child. She will give the child
a normal yet happy life. They won’t follow the
footsteps of Qian Yi. Don’t be too worried about this. Think about the child
that you are carrying. Wu You, do you want our child
to be a boy or a girl? Either are good. What matters is we need more children. They will follow you
like little flies. They should be following
you like little flies. You will get your hands
full with them, they would be a great nuisance. No way. You are always so patient with
the kids in School of Wisdom. Besides, I have you by my side. Man Yao, you have my word. I will do all I can… to create a world of
peace for our children. I will not let them… suffer the same fate as those children
in School of Wisdom, to be born into
a world of chaos… and couldn’t decide their own fate. Wu You, I have faith in you. All I hope for our children… is for them to be born safely
and watch them grow up. I want them to have a happy life
with their loved ones. They could witness the peace
of this land. Your wish will come true. -This is a good news.
-Great! The whole nation
should celebrate this. The south was once
plagued by war, the people lived in suffering. But the land is now prospering
and people have a quality life. The peace treaty is ratified.
The civil war is over. From now on, you don’t
need to live in hiding. You are right. I blamed my father when I was little. If he hadn’t rush to his death
for those his wishful pipe dream, I wouldn’t have lost my family… and went through so much
pain in the Creed. But from what I see now, his dream might finally
come true after all. All thanks to Prince Li and
Consort Rong Le… for executing the
People’s Reformation. Reformation? You mean Rong Le? You were cooped up inside the house. You didn’t know many of the policies
were Rong Le’s ideas. I heard… she once got her hands on
the Book of Mountains and Rivers. Indeed. She lost many things
because of the Book. When she came back from Chen, she found the Book once again. That was truly fortunate. Xiang Ying, do you still go to
Prince Li’s manor often? I am too ashamed to face them. Let’s go. Fine! Your Highness, I just
returned from Qingzhou. The letter for our treaty
has been passed to Prince Li. He agreed to withdraw the troops. Send this letter to Prince Li
as soon as possible. What’s wrong?
Did something happen? Your Highness. Prince Li will soon
marry Princess Rong Le. They will be holding a wedding. Your Highness, aren’t you going to
tell Prince Li about… the missing of the Emperor? They are getting married. Let’s not spoil the mood
for them with this news. I don’t… I don’t wish to bother them. How about this? Keep tracking down my father. When you found him,
send your men to inform Prince Li. Yes, I shall go now. Chang Jian. Hold on. Come with me. All of these… are the stuff Rong Le left in
the Tranquil Garden. Get your men and
send these to Qingzhou for her. Yes. Ke? This stomachache is killing me! What’s wrong? Stomachache! You are just fine. This is a clinic,
leave if you are not sick. I got this half of a tome for you. I have tonnes of them laying around.
I don’t need another. But… Lone Frost Tome? But this belongs to my master. I have been searching for years. Where did you get this? It was from a veteran. He found this half a tome by accident. He gave this to me as a tribute. I thought you would like this, so I am giving it as a gift. Stop being mad at me
for what happened that day. It was my fault.
I apologise for that. I regret every second of it. I was about to go after you, but I couldn’t leave Zhao Yun
standing alone at the yard. After all, she just lost everything. You know who Princess Zhao Yun is. Anyway… Get out of here, now! I know it was my fault. I am sorry, please forgive me. I didn’t mean it. Ke? You accepted my gift! Why are you still mad at me? Ke? Ke? How long has she been sleeping? Your Highness, Her Highness has been sleeping
since this afternoon. -Bring Miss Xiao Ke here.
-Your Highness. She was here this morning. She said being narcoleptic
is a normal sign for pregnant women. I will get her right away. She needs to be groomed have
her meal when she wakes up. Understood? Heat up the food. Yes. Change the water in here. -Yes.
-Your medicine has gone cold. Follow the prescription
and prepare another dose. Yes. You, stay here. Tell me, was there anything unusual
about her daily routines? Your Highness. I heard Consort Rong Le is expecting
a child, I came to pay a visit. Congratulations, Your Highness. I appreciate the visit. You came just in time,
I have some questions for you. It’s all right, ask away. How old were you
when the Creed took you in? I was too young when
they recruited me. I was an orphan,
I didn’t know my exact age. How was your life in the Creed? The children the Creed took in… are either orphans or abandoned kids. The training was harsh and cruel. In each and every training, we were divided into teams
to slaughter each other. Only one from each team… can survive by sending
the others to their deaths. I was able to survive
because Young Master… Fu Chou saved me. Did he went through the same
bloodshed just to survive? Just the same as us. That was how he survived. There was even… more cruelty than we had. There was a rule in the Creed. Any who are able to
kill the Young Master… can regain their freedom and leave. While the rule was in effect, he was the target of many
assassination attempts. Not only that, in order to fuse his mind
with more hate, he had to suffer the pain… of being pierced by hooks. When we were just kids, your so-called father hunted me down. I lost my name and my home. I was on the run and
there was no shelter for me. Your Highness. Seeing that Consort Rong Le
is safe and sound, I shall not take
any more of your time. I should get going. Why did you disguised yourself
to sneak into the Man Yin Chamber? Hand this to Rong Le for me. Are you trying to hurt her again? I won’t do anything to harm her. I have important questions for her. Please, trust me. I have been sleeping for so long. After such a long sleep,
you must be starving. Bring in the food. I can’t possibly eat so much. They say your appetite will change
when you are pregnant. I had no idea what suits
your taste the most. Ke? Ke? Ke? Is there anything wrong with my child? Ke? How is Man Yao? It’s nothing, both you
and the child are fine. Both of you are fine. Princess Rong Le, I just remembered
the tonics are still on the stove. I have to go now. She looks so distracted, she must have quarrelled
with Wu Yu again. Should you check on him? Enough about him,
take your medicine. Okay. Ke? What’s wrong? Leave me alone. It’s all right. I won’t ask. Let it all out. Wu Yu, I have a question for you. I have no idea how I am going
to solve this. What is it? So, if a woman had to choose
between saving herself… and the life of her child, what would be the right choice? Silly girl. You are crying because of this? You are still young, you are not married yet
and have no child. Thinking about this problem
will only make you anxious. -You don’t understand at all!
-What? -Your Highness.
-Brother. Why are you here? Your Highness. Princess Rong Le’s health
is getting worse by the days… not because of any illness. She is poisoned. She ordered us to keep you
in the dark. I got this tome recently. I realised the poison in her body
is actually the Destined Poison. The cure to this poison… is to use a golden needle… and transfuse it to the child
during the labour. With that done, the poison
can be completely cleansed. But the child… have to use medical substances
to prolong his life. The vitals will become weak, he might die at anytime. Brother. Don’t be too upset. At least we know there is a cure now. As for whether we are using it or not, let Rong Le make the decision. We cannot let Man Yao
find out about this. From now on, only the three of us will
know this secret. Go. Come on.I wait for the warmth of your gaze…to melt it.I am destined to fail as I met you.” Victory for Zongzheng “I miss you but I can only gaze
at you in silence.
You are keeping me out with your care.
Although we are together, I feel lost.
I will wait even if it takes forever.I endure all the
loneliness just for you.
My child, look. This is what your mother looks like. You will need to keep this in mind.I will shield you from
the coldness of night.
As long as I can be with you,
I’m willing to choose the cold
Man Yao. This statue doesn’t
resemble you at all. Man Yao. Can we bring the wedding forward? I can’t wait any longer. Sure. You can have the wedding
anytime you want. I am fine with your choice. Actually, we don’t really need a grand wedding. I am well aware of… your love for me. Right. I recently received the stuffs
Fu Chou sent from Zhongshan. I even asked the messenger he sent. There was no letter for you. We have no news on the Emperor. Maybe he is still frustrated. He couldn’t put those
feelings into words. That is why he didn’t send us letter. Do you still… hate him? I thought about all the
plottings against us. I bet Fu Yuan is the mastermind. But I fell for her trickery. I accused him with all the blames
without any evidence. If I had stayed calm, if I had exposed Fu Yuan’s scheme, maybe all of us would know
the truth sooner. My mother… would have been… It’s not too late. As long as we are alive, we can still make it in time. Ke, the medicine is all dried up. Princess Rong Le,
what brings you here? I am sorry for spoiling your tonic. I will brew another dose for you. Ke. I know it all. I just want to hear it from you. Princess Rong Le,
don’t worry about it. I will think of another way
to save the child. The most pressing matter now
is to cleanse the poison in you. The child? What’s wrong with the child? What happened to my child? Judging by the look on your faces, I thought I am having another
relapse from the poison. I was worried I might not be able
watch him grow up. What happened to my child? Tell me! Say something! Tell me the truth, Ke! Ke! This is the only way
to remove the poison. Princess Rong Le! Princess Rong Le? This Destined Poison… actually has a cure? Did Wu You… know about this? Man Yao. Where were you just now? Man Yao? What’s wrong? Can you feel it? I hope our child… can be away… from all the harms and pain. I want him to live happily
for the rest of his life. Wu You. Do you understand what I meant? You know everything? -Man Yao.
-I am sorry. Please, forgive me. I can’t agree to your plan. Not a chance. This is our child. We can’t be so cruel. What about me? So, you are willing
to leave me behind… and be so cruel to me? I couldn’t leave you. But I cannot bring myself
to trade his life for mine. Man Yao. Listen to me. We can figure out a perfect plan. We can have the child first. Cure yourself of the poison
for the time being, Ke will use every remedy she has
to extent our child’s life. Trust me, we will have time
to look for a cure for him. -We will make it work, trust me.
-No! I am willing to take the risk, but I can’t let our child
be in danger. I have suffered enough
from this poison. I can’t allow my child
to suffer this all over again. Wu You, think about this. What if our child comes
into this world… and in the best days of his life, he finds the love of his life… but he has to bid
this world farewell? Don’t you know
how cruel this is for him? After all of those hardships,
we are no longer young. I’m doomed to live
in loneliness forever. It’s bad but I can’t help it. Are you suffering just like me?
Are you in turmoil as well? This is why you carved this statue? So that in the future… I could tell him… his mother has died? Is that it? Let’s drink to forget our worries
and bottoms up for… you who have turned Gray.


  1. My tears fell when she said “imagine him meeting his loved one and having to bid the world farewell” and I immediately thought of RongQi

  2. I cry so hard when he walked in the room and she's carving a statue and said to her child that this is her whenever you miss mommy you can see the statue looking at his face it just broke my heart I just love how they do the story

  3. Why is life cruel 😭 to our gurl like I mean 💔 we all saw the fall n this is happening 😭😭😭 my gurl we all feel the same way but at same time we want to see happiness other than saddest 😿💔😤😭

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