【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 54. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 54. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 54 This is why you carved this statue? So that in the future… I could tell him… his mother has died? Is that it? Your Majesty. We are running out on the medicine. If Her Majesty still
doesn’t come back, -your body…
-This is not the first time. When did my body… ever belong to me? When it’s time to come back, she will be back. You may leave now. I won’t wait anymore. Since you are so heartless… and wouldn’t let go of us, when you come back, let’s see… who is the more ruthless one. Impossible. Impossible. He must be Wu You. He must be Wu You. Brother. He treated me like that. Impossible that it’ll be him. Impossible. Impossible. ” The Book of Mountains and Rivers ” Wu You. No matter what danger
we will face in the future, I’m willing to bear it alone… for you and our child. Ke. Ke. This is weird. Where is she? She’s the one who has
asked me to come here, right? Wu Yu. -Ke.
-I like you. I want to marry you. I was supposed to die when I was five. So, I’ve always had
this theory that… one more day in life
is another gain for me. And I’ve always felt that my life
is fulfilled when I saw… the morning sunlight of
each and every day. But, ever since I know about
Princess Rong Le’s situation, only then did I know that
fate in this world… can come to an end just as easily. Let me finish. I know that Princess Rong Le will
definitely sacrifice herself… for her child. Prince Li and Princess Rong Le
love each other so much. But they have to be
separated by death. Wu Yu. I don’t want to waste time anymore. I want to tell you about my feelings. I want to be with you. I… I… It doesn’t matter
if you don’t like me. After all, I’m the one who
have fallen in love with you. I already feel better after
my confession to you. I like you too. I want to protect you. We will be together with
each other for sure. ” Man Yin Chamber ” Somebody. Where is Consort Rong Le? She left a while ago by herself. She wouldn’t let us follow her and
she didn’t tell us where she is going. Consort Rong Le. I need to go out for
some urgent matter. Sir Xiang will escort me. No need
to report this to His Highness. Alright, Your Highness.
I’ll do as you say. ” Royal Manor of Qingzhou ” Can you follow me along
to go and meet a person? She asked me to give this to you… and said that you’ll understand
when you see it. Consort Rong Le.
I promise that she won’t hurt you. Xiang Ying, I trust you.
I’ll go with you. Maybe this thing… is the only chance I have
to know about my real identity. I can’t miss this chance.Actually, Hen Xiang is
Qin Yong’s daughter.
Her real name is Qin Xiang.Xiang Ying, speed up. Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness, I’ve already found her. She the maidservant who came with
Empress Fu more than 20 years ago. After Empress Fu
was sent to Cold Harem, everybody else was
silenced with death. She was kicked out before that
because she made some mistakes. And she has been living among
the people with fake name. Yes, Your Highness. Don’t be scared. I just want
to ask you some questions. I am the son of Fu Yuan. -You don’t look like him.
-I don’t look like him? Do you mean that I don’t look like
His Majesty or Rong Yi? Your Highness, please spare my life. I don’t know anything. But I remember that… more than 20 years ago,
when Northern Realm was rebuilt, His Majesty had invited the emperor
of Western Qi, Rong Yi… to Zhongshan to form an alliance. After the alliance meeting, His Majesty was so disgusted with
Empress Fu Yuan suddenly… and he sent her into the Cold Harem. After that, Empress Fu Yuan gave birth
to a son in Cold Harem. Am I right? I… Nobody should have known about it. And Empress Fu should have
forgotten about it as well. His Majesty had killed off everybody
that came with Empress Fu. And he forced her to drink poison… so that she can forget
about everything. He wiped off her memories with poison? Starting now,
tell me everything you know… from the beginning to the end. If I find out that you are lying,
you won’t be getting out alive. -Do you hear me?
-Yes. I wouldn’t dare to lie to you. Tell me. Empress Fu was once
the princess of Chen. The father and brothers of His Majesty
were too incompetent until… Northern Realm was
swallowed up by Chen. So, His Majesty and the rest of
the royalties from Northern Realm… had to serve under Chen instead. After that, His Majesty met Empress Fu
who was still a princess at that time. She insisted to marry His Majesty. And from then on, His Majesty gained the recognition
of the emperor of Chen… and was entrusted with
the military power of Chen. After that, His Majesty started a rebellion
with Rong Yi and Chen was broke apart. His Majesty got Northern Realm… and Rong Yi got Western Qi. As for Fu family, after the family
was annihilated, it had been replaced by the
Ning family we see now. They plotted and managed
to usurp the throne to Chen. And because of that, His Majesty had… invited the emperor of Western Qi,
Rong Yi after that… to Zhongshan to form an alliance. But he never thought that
something will happen… during the alliance meeting.
Am I right? Yes. Rong Yi saw the beauty of
Lady Yun by chance… and he asked His Majesty for her. His Majesty and Lady Yun had
love each other since young. And they managed to get back together
only after the country was rebuilt. Of course he wouldn’t let go of her. But Northern Realm was too new. He didn’t dare to turn down
Western Qi just like that. So, he fed Empress Fu poison… and gave her to Rong Yi. His Majesty had always
seen Empress Fu… as the witness to his humiliation
for surrendering to Chen. He had never treated her
wholeheartedly. After she was abased by Rong Yi, His Majesty sent her straight
into the Cold Harem. In order to conceal the ugly truth, His Majesty had killed off
all the people that served her. And he gave her a poison called
the Destined Poison… so that she will lose
all of her memories. It’s alright. You can leave now. It’s him! Don’t kill me,
Zongzheng Yun He! Because of Lady Yun that wench, he’s going to give me to the emperor
of Western Qi to be humiliated! You’ve fooled for more than
20 years in order to… In order to take revenge
on my real parents. If I’m not your son, then who is the child that
you had given birth to… in the Cold Harem? Is he still alive or is he dead? What other evil plots you have
that you haven’t told me yet? I really pity you. Until now, you still don’t know
who your real enemy is. I feel really sad for you. Your Highness. Write a secret letter to
the emperor of Western Qi. Now, Rong Qi might be the only one… who knows the truth. Yes, Your Highness. Go. Hen Xiang. You have some questions
for Consort Rong Le, right? Xiang Ying. Can you go out for a while? I have something that
I need to ask her in private. Long time no see. What is the purpose of you… asking for me? Nian. Nian. Good girl, don’t cry. Don’t cry, Nian.
Be a good girl. -Nian.
-Can you let me hold her? Come. There now, don’t cry. There now, don’t cry. Such a good girl. She is very naughty. Besides Xiang Ying, you are the second person
who can handle her. I heard that you are pregnant as well. You’ll be a good mother. Unlike me. I don’t know. I just hope that our children
can grow up safely. I don’t want them to
drift around the world like us… without family and friends. Can I ask you a question? The old manor of Qin family, that became Yu’s family fort
after that has a secret room. You went into it before, right? The woman who had fought
with me back then… is you? So, not only you know the strategies
for the People-Based Transformation, you know about the secret
of Qin family’s old manor. How did you know? This wind bell. Somebody gave it to you, right? Xiang! What is it, sister? This is for you. So pretty.
Thank you, Sister Man. I like it a lot. You are Qin Yong’s daughter, Qin Xiang? Yes. I am Qin Xiang. Qin family has another daughter. Her name is Qin Man. Although I’ve lost my memory, ever since I reached Northern Realm, I’ve always dreamt about… two little girls in my dream, playing swing together, sitting on the wooden horses… and reciting a poem. When I was young,
father always told me that… daughters are not
necessarily inferior to sons. So, we should study about books,
music and have our own aspirations. So, others had learnt about… Guan Ju’s poems first… while we… had studied about… the Grace of Emperor Wen first. Emperor Wen watches from the heaven, shining bright and brings us light. The Zhou kingdom has it’s age, but the fate of nation
is yet to be known. How glorious Zhou Kingdom is. It has done as the heaven says. Emperor Wen walks up to the heaven. And how mighty he is,
standing beside God. The reputation of the
diligent Emperor Wen… spreads far and wide forever. God awards him with Zhou kingdom… and blesses all of his descendant. All of Emperor Wen’s descendants are
blessed with unbreakable bloodline. And the ministers who work for Zhou
are honoured and respected forever. They are honoured, respected and
with great vision and farsightedness. Many people with great talents
are born in this kingdom. The kingdom grows into power
because of them as the pillars. With so many capable people around,
Emperor Wen can finally be in peace. Sister. Finally, I’ve found you. Sister. ” Spirit Table of Qin Family “Father, mother.Finally, I’ve brought back my sister.Wu You.I want to be alone…to think about the future
of our child.
I have to leave your side
for a while…
to make a decision…that only I can make.I have someone with me…who will protect me.Don’t worry about me.And don’t look for me.When it’s time to come back,we will meet each other again.” To: Wu You ” Wu You, I just heard that
Man Yao is gone. -What is she…
-I’m worried that after this, she is going to end
her life alone in peace. What? Send someone to look for her
at once then. Wu You, you always did as she said. But this is a life and death matter. She can’t be so wilful about it. That’s right. I’ll send someone to look for Man Yao. Wu Yu, look for Ke now. If Man Yao’s body
can’t take it anymore, I’m afraid that she will
ask Ke for her help. We can’t let Xiao Ke keep
Man Yao’s secret from us anymore. Yes, Wu You. Don’t worry. Ke has become more mature. She knows what is serious
and what is not. How about… you stay here tonight? Do you want me to ask Xiang Ying to
send a message to the royal manor… so that they won’t worry about you? I don’t want to go back yet. When I leave, I’ve already left him a letter. I asked him not to look for me. Sister, is something
weighing you down? Whenever you look at the child, your eyes look so solemn. That’s not true. I just feel bad that I couldn’t… remember everything
from the past still. How about you tell me… something from our past… and about how you’ve
survived all these years. I… In a nutshell, I didn’t fulfil any of
the hopes that father… had put on us back then. Creed of Vengeance has turned me
into a scary person. It even made me hurt you
like that back then. You’ve done very well already. The world is not a kind place. It’s good that you can live well
like this with your own family… and your own child. If our parents were still alive, I’m sure that they would be
happy for you. But until now, I still haven’t
avenge our parents yet. The royal family of
Northern Realm has… annihilated our family
and separated us. I had the chance to kill that useless
emperor while I was in the palace. But I was too soft-hearted. I never thought that he’ll die
in other’s hands. He has been let off lightly. Luckily you didn’t commit
the crime of murder. Actually, although His Majesty is
the master of the nation… and in control of others’ lives, he never thought that… he’s actually the same as us. All of us are fooled by destiny. He is separated from
his child as well. His real son… is just beside him. But he had treated him like an enemy. I just heard that the north and south
are going to negotiate for peace. Are you saying that Fu Chou… He and Wu You… are actually twins who
belong to Lady Yun. Qin family was exterminated… as a part of Fu Yuan’s
revenge as well. His Majesty was the one who gave
the order, but he was tricked as well. And even as to why
we were separated… and why I lost my memories, I’m afraid that they were the doings
of Fu Yuan and Creed of Vengeance. They are our real enemies. What? How could it be like this? If I had targeted the
wrong enemy for half of my life, then I had been living in the
biggest joke ever in this life. Fu Chou as well. He had suffered so many years
of bone-piercing pain. If he knows about the truth, how is he going to face it? How could it be like this? How could it be like this? How could it be like this? Xiang. We should be grateful that… we get to know the truth before
it’s really too late, right? Come. If you are worried about Fu Chou, have you ever thought about… bringing your child
to go and meet him? No. It’s already the end between us. I won’t pester him anymore. I can live very well by myself. Now, I’ve found you again. God has already been very kind to me. Don’t worry about me, sister. The most important things now… is for you to take care of yourself
and the child in your womb. Rest earlier. Suddenly, I remember the time when
we were both drunk in General’s Manor. We had slept together
without our guards on. Maybe this is our destiny
as sisters in the unseen world… that has brought us together
without us realising about it. Arrival of Her Majesty! Greetings, Your Majesty. Where is His Majesty? I left the palace for
one year already. Is His Majesty still avoiding me? Your Majesty. His Majesty has a message
to be passed on to you. He said that… he will no longer be a part
of his parents’ revenge. He doesn’t fear death.
He just wishes for his freedom. He won’t allow you… to create another half-dead person… just like him anymore. He is my son. Nobody knows him better than I do. ” To: Wu You ” Your Highness. Still no news from Western Qi? Yes, I had urged them a few times. But the person we sent there
heard some news. Word is, the emperor of
Western Qi is not in the palace. And nobody knows
if he’s still alive or dead. Your Highness, about His Majesty
and Fu Yuan’s disappearance, should we inform Qingzhou about it? I understand. I’ll continue to
search for His Majesty. Have you sent half of the… medical book to the person
who needed it? Yes. I think Zongzheng Wu You… knows how to neutralise
the poison now. The most painful thing… in this world… shouldn’t be experience by me alone. I want to see… what kind of choice… will Zongzheng Wu You make. I’m afraid that this good show… will be ruined by Rong Qi. He has left the palace. I’m sure
it’s because of that girl again. It’s your fault… for being so incompetent. You let him destroy our plan in Chen. I already told you that… there are a lot of things
that we need to do behind his back. Since our previous plans
are not successful, how about we do something
more straightforward? Use a life to force Zongzheng Wu You
and Fu Chou fight against each other. We have more than one… bargaining chips in our hands. I’m tired. You can go ahead… with your plan. Miss Ke, it’s me. Why are you here, Xiang… Miss Ke, you have to come with me. Consort Rong Le has relapsed again.
She has been unconscious for one day. Please go and check on her in secret. Don’t alert His Highness. -But…
-Say no more. This is an emergency. Let’s go. Just now, I want to tell you that… you won’t be able to keep it a secret. Xiang. Sister. You are awake, sister. Sister. Finally, you are awake. You’ve given me a fright. You’ve been unconscious
for a whole day. I don’t know what to do. Xiang Ying has gone out
to get a physician. I’m fine. I just have hypersomnia… because I’m pregnant. Sister, don’t lie to me. I’m a mother too. Even pregnant women
won’t sleep so long like that. Before this, I already heard that
you have an old illness. Now, you insist on not
going back to the royal manor. What had actually happened? Are you sick? Or there’s something wrong
with the child in your womb? Tell me. What happened? I was in the Creed of Vengeance
for so long. You won’t be able to fool me. Alright. I’ll tell you then. What did you say? Why don’t you proceed with that cure? He is right.
You can still have children later. But your time has run out. Xiang. You are a mother too. If you are in my shoes, are you going to
risk your child’s health… for your own survival? -But…
-Enough. Don’t be sad. I’m hungry.
Go and get me something to eat. Hurry. Go. I’m hungry already. Go now. Hurry on. Go now, quick.The snow falls on my palm.I just want to gaze
at you one more time.
I wait for the warmth of your gaze…to melt it.I am destined to fail as I met you.I miss you but I can only gaze
at you in silence.
I will send someone
to guard this place. -Take good care of her.
-Yes, Your Highness.I will wait even if it takes forever.I endure all the loneliness
just for you.
Princess Rong Le. I miss you so much. I’m going to
come in and read your pulse now.I will wipe away your sorrows.Wu You. I don’t dare to see you… because I scare that I will give in… to do as you say… and ruin the life of our child. Is Rong Qi the one who put… the poison into Man Yao? I really don’t know. But the cure that she
had taken before this… was indeed found in Western Qi only. There is another thing that I… didn’t dare to tell you and
Consort Rong Le before this. What is it? When Princess Rong Le
fainted in Chen… and was diagnosed with pregnancy, His Majesty had cut his own palm
to feed Consort Rong Le… with his blood when
you were not looking. -He gave her his blood?
-Yes. Not long after that, she woke up. And by then, you were already back. At that time, I thought that
it’s just a coincidence. Now that I think of it,
I wonder if she woke up… because she was fed with his blood. Don’t be a nuisance. Of course I want
to bring her back to Western Qi… -to neutralise…
-Wu You. Man Yao. You are awake. I’m glad that you are fine. What is his purpose? Now, it’s confirmed that Man Yao is
my late teacher’s daughter, Qin Man. So, how did she become Rong Le,
the Elder Princess of Western Qi? Wu You. If that’s the case, even if the Destined Poison
in Miss Man Yao… is not Rong Qi’s doing, he is closely related to it for sure. How about I bring a few members of
The Hidden Ones to Western Qi… to investigate on this
mysterious Emperor of Qi. Maybe we’ll be able to find
another way to neutralise the poison. I’ll have to trouble you then. Teacher. Both of your daughters
are living well in this world. If you can hear me
from the underworld, you can be rest assured now. I’ll do my best… to protect your daughter, Man. No matter the cost. Why are you careless.
I asked you to get a physician. But you get me a girl who
has a loose tongue. Finally, we managed to send her away. But now, we’ve made my sister sad. What are both of you
talking about in secret? It’s nothing, sister. We are discussing about how
are we going to take care of you. That’s right.
Ke has given us a prescription. She reminds you to take your medicine
on time and don’t sleep too much. I’ll go out and get some medicine. Be careful, Hen Xiang! You like my sister, right? I… If you like her, chase after her then. Go now. Be careful then, Consort Rong Le. If they are together for real, I’m sure that you’ll be happy too, right? Why are both of you back again? Why are you here? Rong Le. Come with me. I’m sure you already know that… the poison you have contacted
is Destined Poison. And you should already know that… I’m the only one who can neutralise
the poison in your body completely. What are you trying to do this time? I already told you. I’m here to bring you away… to neutralise the poison for you.


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