【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 55. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 55. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 55 Why are you back again? Why are you here? Rong Le. You should come with me. I am sure you should know by now… that the poison inside of you
is the Destined Poison. You should also know… I am the only one who can
remove the poison for you. What are you going to do this time? I told you. I am taking you with me
to cure you of this poison. Don’t bother waiting for their rescue. If I can reach this room, I would have already get rid
of those who will stop me. If you wish for them to be safe, and you hope for your child to live, you must come with me. This is the only way. I… You have to trust me. You don’t want your child to
be born with a damaged body… or lose his mother. Rong Le. If you promise me to come with me, I will make sure both
you and your child are safe. Trust me, will you? What? Man Yao is gone? Yes, when we went back, Consort Rong Le is already gone. All the men I sent to
keep watch on her… are all drugged by someone. After they are awake,
Her Highness is nowhere to be found. I have informed the Hidden Ones… to set up checkpoints around Qingzhou. All the routes are sealed off
for investigation. I am afraid if she passed
the border of Qingzhou, it would be like searching
a needle in the haystack. If she is kidnapped, with her brilliant mind,
she will find a way to contact us. Unless… she left just to
avoid seeing me again. The world is endless, we might never find
any tracks of her again. Your Highness, she is still
carrying sickness. We can’t let her leave. Even if she left the south, you can always send letters
to the neighbouring nations. Be it Chen or Western Qi,
we will figure out a way. I can go to the north for you. We can ask for Prince Regent’s help. Very well, I am sending him a letter. Please, hand it over for me. Are you certain you will
leaving on your own? We can always fight together. Come with me to Zhongshan,
we will move on to other places. It’s better than
searching on your own. Just like we did before, we can help each other. I knew it all along. You have always been there to
protect and look after me. But this is different. How is this any different? You said you will forget about him
and wipe him from your memories. Are you afraid to see him again? This has nothing to do with Fu Chou. It has nothing to do with anyone. After going through so much, lost and found, and then lost yet again. These experiences made me strong. I can fend for myself. I have the strength to
protect those I care about. If that is the case,
why won’t you come with me? Because I know… since we were kids, you have always been in love with me. I… have unknowingly got used to
stay under your protection. You were always there
to shield me from danger. But now, I need to leave the shelter
you provided me. I hope… you can live a life for your own sake. Stop making so many sacrifices for me. If you knew it all along, you should understand… that I did everything
out of my own free will. You may pursue whatever you want.
As for what I wish for… is to follow you all the way. This time, we will split up. We will meet when
fate brings us together again. I will be waiting for you. Sure. So long. So long. The place you tried so hard
to bring me to… is this house? Indeed. Back then, you brought me to this place… showed me the memories of the past
and told me about the life I had. But I can’t even tell… which of those are lies. Bringing me here was
never your true intention. You seek the Book of
Mountains and Rivers. Did you poison me just because… you wanted to get
your hands on the Book? You lied to me saying that
I am your sister. But your true motive was to take
my father’s work for yourself. Calm down for now. You don’t want anger
to hurt the child. I am warning you. Don’t you dare try to hurt my child. We have come this far. I don’t expect you to
cure me of anything. If you have any intention
to hurt my child, I assure you, you will never get any information
about the Book from me. This child… is the second chance
fate bestowed upon you. If you redirect the poison onto him… Not a chance. I will never trade a
child’s life for mine. I knew it. Even if you went through so much pain, your resolve will never waver. -I’ll get a doctor for you.
-Never mind. Let’s have a look at the village. I wonder if the road
of this village… still looks familiar to you. Come on. Sir, you are back. Sir, you are back. Sir. -Mrs. Yu.
-You are back! Yes. I have been cleaning the house
to await your return! This is great. Madam, it’s been years.
You look even more gorgeous now. Are you going to stay here for good? -Madam?
-Mrs. Yu, while we are here, we will be staying for some time. Good. Here. I can’t take this.
Please, I can’t accept this. I was only cleaning off some dust. It wasn’t any hard labour. All the money you sent over the years
are more than enough for me. You just got back
and it’s already dusk. Why don’t you have a dinner
at my place? I appreciate the offer. But she… is getting heavier.
She needs more rest. Madam, you are expecting a child? Now that I think about it,
you’ve been married for years. Is this your first child? Yes, this is the first. Mrs. Yu. -Please, no.
-You need to accept this. I still have a favour for you. -Sure.
-My wife here… got a bit of bad temper
ever since she got pregnant. I am taking her out
to get some fresh air. My parents didn’t know about this. If someone asks about us, just tell them we are your
distant relatives, that we are here to ask for your help. -I am sure you understand.
-I understand. With wealth comes gossips. You can count on me. Not just the outsiders, not even the officers
will get anything from me. Thank you for your help, Mrs. Yu. Man Er. Try to be nice here,
we will talk about it at home. -Goodbye, Mrs. Yu.
-Sure, goodbye. Come on, Man Er. -Have a nice day.
-Goodbye. Watch your steps. Isn’t this Lord Qi from the back hill? His wife is such a nuisance. She should be grateful to have such
a thoughtful husband. She even ran away from home. Who knows where she has been to
all these years? Lord Qi always came here depressed. Watch your steps. Why did you call me ‘Man Er’? Have we… been here before? You need to remember
what I said just now. All you need to do is
to play your role. Remember, in this village, ‘Man Er’ is your name. I will find a way to cure you. But in return, you must
fulfil one wish for me. The is the only wish
in my entire life… that is mine alone. What is it? We will stay here for some time, a life not bothered by anyone. A normal life. How long will it take? Around five to six months. Once the child is safely born, I will cure you of the poison. You will be free to go. No. It takes too long. I am afraid… I won’t so much time to live. My child, I must hand him over
to Wu You myself. I need to tell him… to love this child with all he has. Are you afraid you can’t live
to see Wu You one last time? Don’t worry about it. You will live. I will give you back
the time you lost. But you need to be sure… that Zongzheng Wu You is
the one love that you want. I will do whatever I can to make
your wish come true. Definitely. Let’s go. You have my word I will stay. Why do you keep making
all kinds of requests? Why did you even bring me here? How about some greengages? They were your favourite once. Why don’t we pick some for ourselves? I am not eating those. Who says greengage is my favourite? You gave me your word… you would fulfil my requests
for the next six months. Man Er, come down here! Be careful with the child! Man Er! Come down! I promise you, I won’t make you
do anything you don’t like. Man Er! We can brew greengage wine
just like that? Correct. This is how we used to brew
greengage wine together. It’ll be just in time. We will use this wine
six months from now… to mark our farewell. Very well. Six months from now,
we will finish this wine. We will be even from that on. I always thought
I couldn’t hold my bottle, but after some drinks
in the Northern Realm, I might actually be a mindless
drunkard before this. As long as you like it, I promise you, while we are here, I will make your wishes come true. Remember what I told you. Live on. Live like every day is the last day
you will spend in this world. You have a long journey ahead of you. If there is anything you wish to do, make them happen. Do you leave yourself with any regret. If the two of us had a normal life, perhaps this simple bliss in life… could have easily been ours. We are not the same. I had my share of happiness. Even if my life ends now, I am content with it. I won’t have any regret. His Majesty is severely ill. He is unable to attend to
our national affairs. I must take on the responsibility
to share his burden. From now on, I shall reign in his place. All the affairs of Imperial Court… shall be decided by me. Your Majesty’s wish is our command. Get up. -Your Majesty.
-Speak. Keep searching. There is no way an ill man like him… and a woman carrying a child… can hide from the whole world. Yes. This tree is beautiful. When the autumn arrives, the whole yard will be full
of its petals. We will be here every autumn
to watch this view, please? Are you curious… why the teahouses here
and in the palace… are decorated with these wind chimes? In the Qin family’s mansion, I saw these wind chimes before. I like the sound they make. Did you tell you… that I like wind chimes? So, are you the one that hung… the wind chimes here and
in the palace teahouse? Why don’t we… place these wind chimes together? Should I hang it here? A little higher. Higher. -Here?
-A little to the left. -Here?
-Higher. A little higher. Higher! Brother Qi, that is
not the way to do it.When all the desires…have burnt off with the good,I know that we can’t go back anymore.I know that I have to leave you.Ignorant is bliss.The sound of flute from my memory
reminds me of the love we have.
Man Er, get your meal. Man Er? Man Er?When the cloud and the rain
hears about your life,
even they will stop and wait for you.I can saw you turning
your back towards me.
I weep for the good times
we had that was broken.
I have so many memories of you
but it’ll never be enough.
The pain is unbearable.Maybe this wasn’t meant to happen.What? Rong Le went missing? Yes, she might have been
kidnapped by Rong Qi. Prince Li ordered his men to search
all routes out of Qingzhou. But we couldn’t track them down. I just arrested another man
from the Creed. After some interrogation, I found out Lin Shen might
have gone to Western Qi. I suspect… this conspiracy could be connected
to Western Qi as well. Right. Didn’t Prince Li send his men
to search in Western Qi? I received news from the Hidden Ones
when I reached Zhongshan. They found some traces. But most point toward
the Northern Realm. Which is why Prince Li had to send
me here and ask for your help. Will You Highness send some men
to search the area… and see if Rong Qi has sneaked Rong Le
into the Northern Realm? Rong Qi is a mysterious person. He is unpredictable. It’s not entirely impossible
for him to sneak into the land. Right. Pass this letter to Prince Li. Tell him about the missing
of my father. This letter contains
all the clues I found so far. Your Highness, if you reconciled with Prince Li, why don’t the two of you
talk about this together? Do you have other plans in mind? You know me the best. For so many years, I mistook a demon for my mother. I committed countless sins. I must find Fu Yuan myself… and avenge my birth mother. I have to find my father as well. Take it as I am repenting. But if you head to Western Qi alone, you might run into dangers. Bad news! Thirty thousand soldiers
of Wei are approaching the border! The officers are waiting for you
to devise a retaliation with them. Your Highness, according to the
Hidden Ones, reports about Rong Qi… sneaking into the Northern Realm
might be false news. It’s likely that he and
Consort Rong Le are in Western Qi. The Hidden Ones are searching
for them in Western Qi. I should go there
personally this time. I am afraid not. We just received reports. Thirty thousand soldiers of Wei
are approaching our border. With the current strength of our army, we can’t hold off the invasion. Perhaps Wei already knew… the south and the north
will soon be united as one. They want to use this last chance… to seize the north as first step. In that case, order the Hidden Ones
to keep searching for Rong Le. I will lead our army to
rendezvous with Wu Chou. Your Highness, the peace treaty
doesn’t have a conclusion yet. Even if you go,
they might now agree with you. From the aspect of duty,
the Northern Realm is a nation. An invasion is upon us. We must save the people from war. From the aspect of kinship, Wu Chou is my twin brother
who shares the same bloodline. I must lend him my aid. Muster the troops now. -Follow me to the north.
-Yes. -It smells great.
-Indeed. It has a nice scent. This greengage wine tastes
so familiar to me. One last drink. Of course.Man Er. We had our toast.This is our…last goodbye.When I went on this route
to seek refuge in the south, I made Man Yao and
myself a promise. I will bring order to this nation. I will earn the people’s trust. Wei has surrendered. The north and the south
are united as one. Your ambition is realised. But Agent Wu from just
sent a message from Western Qi. The Emperor of Qi is ill. The Empress Dowager
took his place at the throne. Agent Wu tried everything he could, but he never saw Rong Qi. I fear Western Qi is still scheme
in place for the whereabouts… of my father, Rong Qi and Man Yao. An old handmaiden told me once. Our father used a poison named
‘Destined Poison’ on Fu Yuan. If we could find our father, we might get a cure for that poison. Rong Le would be saved. In this life I have, my only wish… is for her live well and safe. Indeed. In all these years, we lost too much. We lost our father… and our mother. I made up my mind. I will set out on a journey
to search for our father. And of course, Fu Yuan as well. Right. I asked you here today… because I have a favour for you. What is it? I have decided to withdraw myself
from the Imperial Court. This vast land… and its people… will be your duty and responsibility
from now on. All right, join me for a walk. Sure. I understand now. So, this is the secret of the Book? Brother Qi!Why would I call him that?Did the two of us…went through something together?Your hand, how did it get hurt? See? This statue is almost done. Do you like it? You carved this statue yourself? It doesn’t matter who made this. I am glad you like it. Brother… Man Er? Man Er? Man Er! If the Hidden Ones
haven’t found anything, we won’t be able to know
the exact location of Rong Le. So… let’s not alert the enemy for now. Your Highness, I know
where Consort Rong Le is. Madam, push harder!
You need to push harder! Madam! Madam, push harder! Madam, you can’t fall asleep! Madam, pull yourself together!
Push harder! -Push harder!
-Rong Le. Man Er. Man Er, open your eyes! Man Er, hang in there! I feel so tired. You need to keep your eyes open!
You need to hold on! Think about the child! Think about how much you went
through the past few months! Are you… Are you going to give up now? Are you going to give up
on your child? My child? My child? Don’t you want to see him? I sent my men to inform him. You need to hang in there
if you wish to see him again. Did you hear me? Wu You? -Wu You?
-Yes. Zongzheng Wu You is on his way here. I swear to you, I am not lying. Madam, you need to push harder. If the child doesn’t come out, both you and the child
will be in grave danger! Man Er, hang in there. Man Er, be strong! Congratulations, it’s a boy. Man Er, did you hear that?
It’s a boy. Bring him here, let me see him. See? He is adorable. Does this boy have a name? He doesn’t have a name yet. Let his father come up
with the name. Lord Qi, give him a name. All right, Man Er. My wife needs to rest. Mrs. Yu, I leave this boy
in your care. Let me see him one more time. All right, Man Er. You need to rest. Let Mrs. Yu take care
of the boy for now. You have plenty of time later. You need to take care of yourself. Lord Qi is very thoughtful. Madam, you have such a nice husband. You have my thanks, Mrs. Yu. Rest well for now. Leave the rest to me. But you said you informed Wu You. Why isn’t he here yet? Who are you?
Why are you taking this child? Who are you people? Man Er, stay here. Lie down, I’ll go and take a look. Greetings, Mother.


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