【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 56. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 56. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 56 Greetings, Mother. So, you do remember me as your mother. Take His Majesty and the Princess
back to the palace. Man Yao! Man Yao! Your Highness. We found this villager
outside the house. Who are you? What happened here just now? Why is there so much blood by the bed? She just gave birth to a boy. The boy? How are they now? Both the mother
and the son are fine. Calm down, tell us what happened here. A group of soldiers
came into our village. They took the child from me. They even knocked me out. I think they said something about… going back to the palace. My son? My son? My son? My son? Do you know what you did? Not at all. No? For so many years… you never thought
about having revenge. You went against me at every corner. If I hadn’t found you earlier, are you really going
to leave this place for good? Mother, calm down. Deep down in your heart, you never cared about my life. You know better than anyone… that my destiny… was already decided by you… before I was even born. That is all… thanks to those who hurt you! Because of them, you suffered years of pains
from the illness. Because of them, you are unable… to realise your vision
of unifying the land. You spent the last two decades… to stage a tragedy for everyone. But in the end, is the hatred finally relieved? You have to live in
the trauma of your past. Only by reading scripture… can you have a moment of
serenity for your mind. What you have done… and what you made me do… are basically pointless. I must have my revenge. But that is not what I want! I just want her to live. I don’t want to defy you. My only wish for this life… is for Rong Le to find her happiness. I wish she could live on
healthy and well. Please, stop getting into my way. Stop hurting Rong Le. Mother. I want you to hand over Rong Le’s son
as soon as possible. Otherwise… Even you… have learned to make demands on me? For years, you bowed down to me
as you had no choice. You never dare to defy my will… simply because you want
that little girl to live. What gave you the courage
to defy me now? I have had enough of this! I may be known
as the ruler of this land, but you control me like a puppet. I couldn’t have my own life. I couldn’t have love. You were in love with
your enemy’s daughter! Back then, Qin Yong… loathed me with vile words! If he hadn’t alienated my relationship
with Zongzheng Yun He… all for the sake of
that cursed Lady Yun, I wouldn’t have been
sent to the Cold Harem. I wouldn’t have been… violated by that cursed… And I wouldn’t have been born. I know. I am the living proof
of your humiliation. But that was over twenty years ago. You killed Qin Yong. Lady Yun is dead because of you. Zongzheng Yun He lives in hell
because of you. Are these not enough for your revenge? If… Zongzheng Wu You must pay
for the sins of his parents, what about the lives that are lost
because of your plan for revenge? How many times do I have to die
just to pay for your sins? In your heart, was I ever truly a son to you? Do you remember… how much I have… went through and
how much effort I put in… just to make you the emperor? You seized the throne for me, but did you do it for me… or was it for your own plottings? I am sure you know it
better than anyone. I think… after over twenty years, all that I have done for you… are already enough. I brought you into this world… I would rather not being
born into this world! Qi! I am a dead man walking. My only wish for this life… is to spend… some quiet time with Rong Le
that is not bothered by anyone. But even this little wish of mine… is too much for me to ask of you. In that case, why would I even care now? Don’t be ridiculous. You are not dying! I will figure out a way… to let you live. My days are numbered long ago. You should know that by now. Why do you keeping lying to yourself? Fine. Stay here and rest well. Starting tomorrow, all the matters of Imperial Court… will be… taken care of for you. Dismiss. Yes. You are still weak. Why are you standing here
for the cold breeze? I need to talk to you.
Follow me to the house. It was you. You took my son from me. You locked me up in here. Your son is safe. Don’t worry. Do you… have your own reason for this? Don’t be paranoid. The most pressing matter now
is your health. Why? Why must you lie to me again? When we were in the hut, I trusted you. I even defended your action. Perhaps all the lies you fed me
and how you used me… were because you had your own reasons. That is why I believed you… and leave my son and myself
in your care. But you… I can assure you that for now, your son won’t be harmed.
He is safe. I won’t lie to you. Man Er, I will cure you
of this poison! Stop calling me that! Drop the acting, I won’t believe
another word from you. You had me locked up because
you wanted to cure me. But when the child is born,
you took him from me right away. You were clearly trying to use
the child as hostage… to control me and threaten Wu You. You said you informed him. But he never came. Rong Le. This is my last request for you,
please believe me. Return my son to me… or you can stop showing up
with your false kindness. Your Majesty. Her Majesty asked for your return. If Your Majesty refuse to go back, she’ll hold the Princess responsible.The Emperor of Northern Realm
killed your family.
It was me that saved you…and brought you to Western Qi.I trained you in this Cold Harem.If you want to avenge your family,do as I say and train harder.Do not leave this place.Do not expose your identity…to anyone else.So that reminiscence does not linger, so that sorrow never lastsThe loneliness and memories
of past fill my heart.
The rain washes everything away
and wake me up from this dream.
The leaves are falling and I wonder
if the promise was pointless.
From now on,you will be the Elder Princess
of Western Qi.
You will be married
to the Northern Realm.
I will help you get your revenge.Was it my goal to seek revenge…so I willingly impersonate
the Princess?
Who was it that poisoned me?What about Rong Qi?How is he connected to all of these?Who are you? Who are you? This is the Cold Harem,
you can’t just come in here. You need to leave. You got the wrong note. I got it wrong? This is where you press it. Then, press on this chord. -Like this?
-Almost there. This is a nice. Come on, I have a gift for you. What is it?
You are being so mysterious. This is osmanthus jelly. This is greengage cake. And this is the maidenhair cake. I made them for you myself. You made these all by yourself? This is delicious. As your reward, I have a gift for you as well. What is it? This is for you. What do you think? Brother Qi, aren’t you a prince? As a prince, shouldn’t you learn to
rule the nation and help the people? You only spend your time
cheering me up. Here is something you don’t know. I am not the kind of
prince you expected. For me, this huge palace… is just the same as what
the Cold Harem is to you. It’s like a giant cage. Don’t worry, I am here for you. I will always be with you. I may be a mere servant, but I can also be your friend. Man Er. For the rest of my life, you will be the only family I have. I will be here for you
and be nice to you. From now on, your life is mine as well. I will do my best to protect you. Do you like it? Have a guess. So that reminiscence does not linger, so that sorrow never lasts. Let me see if your
handwriting has improved. Your handwriting is getting better. This looks great. So that reminiscence does not linger, so that sorrow never lasts. It’s getting dark, I must go back now. You are leaving so soon? I was hoping you could
stay and listen to the song I play. Next time, perhaps. I sneaked out by
climbing over the wall. If my master finds out,
I will get punished again. Very well. In that case,
I hope you still remember… we will watch the maidenhair
together at the hut… three days from now. I am leaving. Man Er. So that reminiscence does not linger, so that sorrow never lasts. Rong Le. I am taking you out
of this Cold Harem. Man Er? Why are you here? I am your sister Rong Le. -Greetings, Brother.
-You… What did you just called me? Brother. I apologise for keeping
this a secret from you. No. This can’t be real. This can’t be real. Why did you lie to me? When we were in the hut, we vowed to marry each other, we made a promise of life. Brother. The servant Man Er never existed. How is a promise with her
even possible? The only person kept in here… has always been me. I am your sister, Rong Le. Man Er, this can’t be happening. You have your reason
to do this, isn’t it? Tell me the truth. Brother Qi. I… The Empress Dowager arrives! Qi. Take your sister out of here. Greetings, Your Majesty. I hope my brother… will pardon my rudeness just now. Absurd. This is absurd! You are the ruler of this land, how could you commit
such unspeakable sin? How long do you plan to lie to me? She is not Rong Le. She is Qin Yong’s daughter, Qin Man! I heard your conversation
with Lin Shen. You plotted against Qin Yong
and got his whole family executed. I won’t allow you to
hurt Man Er again! I am going to marry her. No one can stop me from this. You have grown tough, how dare you eavesdrop on us! Man Er! Man Er! You ordered him to bring me here. You trained me. You want me to impersonate
Princess Rong Le… and be married to the Northern Realm. But you are the murderer
that killed my family! And you, you clearly knew who I was. You knew your mother killed my family. But you said nothing. Since you know everything, then I… have no more reason to let you stay. Mother. What do you want? Man Er, run! Run! Qin Man Er! If you step outside this hall, I will kill him right here. Run! Run! How could you… Because of you, he would even betray me. A treacherous son like him… will serve no purpose for me. This is the ‘Destined Poison’. Either you die, or he will. The choice is yours. Run! Leave me be! Run! Man Er, no! Sorrow and joy. I’m torn between the two. When affections and passion… have burnt off with the good, I know that we can’t go back anymore.
I know that I have to leave you. Ignorance is bliss. The sound of flute from my memory
reminds me of the love we have. When have it changed until
you no longer love me anymore. I’m the one who made you leave me. Man Er. You need to leave. Never come back again. When the cloud and the rain
hears about your life, even they will stop and wait for you. I can saw you turning
your back towards me. I weep for the good times
we had that was broken. I have so many memories of you
but it’ll never be enough. The pain is unbearable. Perhaps it was not meant to happen. Brother Qi. Brother. The murderer of my family! Who was talking to me just now? What is this place? Why am I here? Yes. Someone just told me to leave. I’m the one who made you leave me. It’s the ultimate goal that
I’m trying to achieve. When the cloud and the rain
hears about your life, even they will stop and wait for you. I can saw you turning
your back towards me. I weep for the good times
we had that was broken. I have so many memories of you
but it’ll never be enough. The pain is unbearable. I tried to capture you
but I’ve broken your wings. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, slowly. Your Majesty. The Empress Dowager arrives! All hail the Empress Dowager. Qi. It pains me to see you
suffer from this sickness. As long as… you would just listen to me
like you used to, complete this last mission for me, I will give you the cure. From that on, you won’t have to suffer the pain
of relapse every month… and be controlled by others. Qi. You have done so much for that girl. But your affections
mean nothing to her. She doesn’t even remember you now. She sees you as an enemy. Why must you… keep lying to yourself
and be humiliated? Besides, that girl is already
doomed to die soon. She doesn’t deserve you. Mother. If you try to hurt Rong Le again, I will even give up my life… in order to stop you. Your Majesty? Your Majesty?
Open your eyes! -Your Majesty?
-Qi? Your Majesty? Your Majesty?
Open your eyes! Your Majesty? Your Majesty? Help! Help! Bring the doctor here! Send in the doctor! Your Majesty? Your Majesty? From what I know about Rong Qi, he would have taken precautions. If we invade Western Qi now, he will surely have us surrounded. When the battle starts and
turns into a long fight, Rong Le will be in greater danger. Jiangdu can withstand seige. If we charge in there recklessly, there will be heavy casualties
and innocents will die. Man Yao is still the
Princess of Western Qi. There is nothing wrong
for a brother to take her home. If we openly call for a war, the reason may be unacceptable. There is only one way to save Rong Le. Divide the troops. A stealthy infiltration. Brother, I scouted the area ahead. The northern gate is
their weakest point. They never had a strong army
to begin with. With our strength, a focus attack on this area… will force Rong Qi to
hand over Rong Le. This is the best viable option. We will only need
a hundred elite soldiers. They will disguise as
common folks and merchants, entering from different gates
at different timings. Agent Wu and men from Hidden Ones
are there to aid us. We will split up. When the time is right,
rendezvous in the city. Very well. Eunuch Xun! -Fine.
-Eunuch Xun! Help! -Eunuch Xun!
-I must talk to the Empress Dowager. We will speak once I am back. Eunuch Xun! The food are meant to be sent
to Princess Rong Le in the Cold Harem. But I heard the place is haunted
by ghost who hung herself. I am scared!
Please, Eunuch Xun! Send a guard as my escort! Nonsense! Even someone as delicate
as the Princess… can live in that place. You are a mere servant. What do you have to be afraid? -Eunuch Xun!
-Send the food there now! Eunuch Xun! Eunuch Xun! Come out. -Why are you here?
-I will take you to her. Sure. Sister! Xiang! Why are you here? Sister, it’s my fault
for not protecting you. You hands are so cold. You can’t stay here. Where is your child? Rong Qi took him. I don’t know where my child is… or if he is starving and feeling cold. Don’t worry. Rong Qi took your son… because he wants it as a leverage
against Prince Li. Unless his got what he wants, your child will still be safe. Your Highness. I will escort you out of here. We need to go now. We might be compromised soon. We need to leave this place. Sister, exchange your clothes with me. Disguise as a servant
and leave with Xiang Ying. What about you? I… I can always disguise as
someone else and escape. I am not the one they are after. It’s easier for me to get away. Sister. I finally found you. I finally reunited with you. We lost our parents. You are the only family I have left. I can’t lose you too. Nothing else matters now.
You need to go. Hen Xiang. You must stay alive. -For your daughter.
-He is right. You still have a daughter. -My daughter is…
-She is gone. What? What did you say? My daughter is gone? What happened?
How did she go missing? I just returned from Qingzhou. The foster family
that took her in said… your daughter is missing. Xiang, leave me here. Just as you said,
my son will be safe. You and Xiang Ying should
leave and search for your child. No. I can’t leave you here by yourself. The three of you, come out! Lin Shen? Don’t you think this scene… seems quite familiar?


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