【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 57. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 57. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 57 The three of you, come out! Lin Shen? Don’t you think this scene… seems quite familiar? But you have long forgotten. What do you want? Don’t worry. Your death is yet to come. After you finished your mission, I will send you to
the afterlife myself. Two of the traitor from our Creed
is inside this house. Bring them out of here now. Other than me, there is no one else here. If you don’t believe me, have a look inside. Run! Run! Run! Xiang Ying! If we don’t go now, Xiang Ying will die in vain. -Xiang Ying!
-Let’s go! A lowlife like you is no match for me. The men of the Creed… have no emotions or attachment. You broke the rule. You brought this onto yourself. Hen Xiang. Don’t rush to your own death. You deserve a better life. Wherever you will go, whatever you plan to do, I can be there to help you. You are the only family
I have in this world. I will definitely do my best
to keep you safe. This time, we will go our separate ways. Should fate brings us together, I will be waiting for you. Man Er! Your Majesty, you are awake!
You are awake! I was so worried! I asked desperately for the
Empress Dowager to get some medicine. Your Majesty, she is not exactly heartless to you. Why don’t you just do as she says? Stop risking your life. Your Majesty,
trouble at the Cold Harem. What is it? Princess Rong Le went missing. Please, Your Majesty!
Spare me! We need to go, now! So the Empress Dowager
of Western Qi… really is Fu Yuan. My daughter! Guards! -Yes!
-Search this place! Hide yourself and don’t come out. -Go!
-Sister! You escaped from
the Cold Harem once again. So, you are the mastermind
that staged everything. With your brilliant mind, you should have seen this coming. I sent you to the Northern Realm… as a pawn to alienate
the twin brothers. Just as I expected, they are
madly in love with you. Well done, you didn’t disappoint. We need to be cautious. There are someone else here. -Keep searching.
-Yes! What is going on? The two traitors of the Creed… sneaked into the Cold Harem. Xiang Ying is already taken care of. Hen Xiang rescued this girl. I bet Hen Xiang is
still here with her. Where is Hen Xiang right now? She left the palace. Her daughter is still in my hand. Why would she leave? Where is my son? Send her back to the Cold Harem
and keep watch on her. If anything goes wrong there
before the noon tomorrow, all of you will lose your heads. Yes. Let go of me! I can walk on my own. Why did you bring me here?
What do you want? I just saved you. If I were to hurt you, you would have died
by Lin Shen’s blade. I know who you really are. You are daughter of Qin Yong,
Qin Xiang. You are Rong Le’s sister. I know you are worried for her, I have a plan to save her. But I need you to cooperate with me. Why should I trust you? It was you who took
my sister and her son. You can stick that blade
into me now. But Rong Le will surely get killed. -Who is it?
-Stop right there! Stop! Come. -Man Er?
-Do not come any closer. Put that away. I won’t hurt you. Enough of your pretending. I know it all. Your mother… is that cursed Fu Yuan. You are the child she gave birth to. Man Er. You remember it now? So… -Do you remember we once…
-All I want to know now… is whether I am
poisoned because of you. Or is it… your mother’s plan all along? Were you forced to do her bidding? You were poisoned… because of me. I have a bad memory. I always thought… you were only forced
into being her pawn… and you had your own reasons. But somehow, I may have kept my guard against you, there is always a voice telling me
that you will never hurt me. But in the end, it only made me hate you even more. I did what I did… because I have… I have my own motives. Your motives… are to use my son… and Hen Xiang’s daughter… as leverage against
Fu Chou and Wu You. You want to take over
the whole Northern Realm… and realize your ambition of
unifying the whole land. Yes! All Emperors have the ambition
to conquer the world! But… I don’t regret my actions. If I were to be given another chance, I would still do the same. If I had another chance, I would wish I’ve never been
to the Northern Realm and met Wu You. I wish I have never met you either. Man Er? Man Er? Man Er? Man Er, stay still. The poison inside of
you is acting up again. It seems like I will be the winner. In this little game of
power we are having, I am destined to be the victor. What do you think about my last move? Isn’t it spectacular? Your precious son will be here soon. Have a guess. Is he here to save you… or is he here for his wife and son? Right.
The other man that comes with him… is my beloved Fu Chou. I forgot to mention. The truth is, Chou… was never my son to begin with. Back then, the child I gave birth to
after being violated by Rong Yi… was safely taken to Western Qi as
soon as he was born. As for Chou, do you still remember… your son with Lady Yun
that deceased? That day, I ordered Lin Shen to
get an infant’s corpse… and swapped it with your son
while Yun was unaware of it. I raised that boy by my side. Right under your nose, I shaped him into your enemy. I gave him the name Fu Chou. Isn’t this hard to believe? You once came to the Cold Harem
to check the birthmark on his arm. But I came prepared and fooled you. Are you all right? I will kill him right away! Even until now, you still couldn’t bear to kill him? Because of you, I was willing to become an eunuch. I gave up on my pride… and single-handedly… laced the Shilixiang Wine… Qin Yong sent to the Emperor
with the Scorpion Toxin. From that moment on, my heart… is all yours. But him? He used you. He tortured you. Even now, you still can’t have
the resolve to kill him. Of course I would rather
have him dead right now, but he deserves an end
much worse than a swift death. You have done so much for me, after our plan unfolds tomorrow, you will earn the reward you are due. Our plan for tomorrow… must go on without any error. Send more men to keep
watch on Qi as well. He tried everything
just to save that girl. I just checked. There is nothing unusual at his room. Send out the words now. Tell the world I will
be waiting for… Fu Chou and Wu You to
rescue their loves. You… Wicked woman and scoundrel! Curse you! Curse you! Wait. We still have use of him. You can go now. Your Highness, the Hidden Ones
have confirmed. Consort Rong Le is being
imprisoned inside the Cold Harem. That place is heavily guarded. The men from the Creed are there too. -The Creed of Vengeance?
-Yes, they are here. The Creed has risen up again, they must be planning something. Your Highness, please be cautious. At midnight, I will infiltrate the palace.
The rest of you, stay put outside the palace. Bad news! I just saw the billboard
of the royal palace. At midnight, the Empress Dowager
is going to execute… Princess Rong Le at the Qi De Gate. Man Er. Your love… and hate… are always so resolute. When you love someone, you give up your life… and die for him. When you hate someone, you would be heartless… and spare no mercy. If that is what you think, you should be letting me go… so I won’t hate you even more. It’s my destiny… that when you came into my life, you gave my life… an actual purpose. But in the end, fate can be so cruel to me. It gave me a chance… to meet you, fall in love with you, but I could never be with you. What are you talking about? I don’t understand at all. You don’t need to. I only hope for you to be well. That is all I ask. No plan is perfect. Life is fragile to begin with. That’s what makes it so precious. I want you to live well. You must remember what I told you. Don’t put yourself through hardship… or any suffering. Live on happily ever after. What is this all about? What do you want with me? Man Er. Take a sleep if you are weary. Once you are awake, everything will be over. I made this decision, I am ready to endure anything. From the moment… I decided to send you
to the Northern Realm, I am ready for what comes next. If… I can’t be the one
to make you happy, I might as well… grant you the happiness you deserve. Never forgive me for this. Hate me with all you have. Only when the person
you hate is gone… will you not mourn in sorrow. As of now, my wish came true. I am willing to carry
your hate and love… as I leave this world.I’m the one who made you leave me.It’s the ultimate goal that
I’m trying to achieve.
When the cloud and the rain
hear about your life,
even they will stop and wait for you.Your Majesty, everything is ready. I am ready as well. Are you certain about this? Let’s start. Yes.This is the last resort
I so stubbornly chose.
I promise you that I’ll stop
after everything is done.
If you are willing to
believe in this world again,
please remember that…I once loved you.-There is no one inside,
-She is not in the Cold Harem. This could be a trap. Brother, I will cover you.
Go! You must find our father and Rong Le. Agent Wu, we will split up. You know this place well. I will search the area ahead. Western Qi still have
three thousand Royal Guards… and over a hundred thousand soldiers. They are going to execute Man Yao. They must have known
we are coming. Why isn’t anyone here? The two of you are finally here. Qi and I have been waiting
for quite a while. I wonder if the scenery of
this land… is good enough for the two of you. So, you really are the
Empress Dowager of Western Qi. Chou. I haven’t seen you in some time. Don’t you have the slightest interest
in I’ve been through recently? We are only interested in your death! If you plan to let them die, come on and slay me. Rong Qi! How could you be so
cruel to your sister! Chou. They are Zongzheng Wu You’s
father and lover. Why are you coming
here so anxiously? Even now, you are still
trying to fool me. You may have raised me, but you murdered my parent… and set me against my own brother. You tricked me into
believing you are my mother. And now you are holding
my father hostage. I shall severe all ties with you
once and for all. I know you reconciled as brothers. But I am surprised you
have grown so close. I might as well… give you another opportunity. A chance to save a life. What do you want? The same thing I have always wanted. I want the two of you
to have a death match. I will hand over Rong Le
and your father… to whoever survives. Both of you have great
skills in martial arts. I am curious. Which of you… will come up on top? After all the plottings,
you have only one motive. You want our father to watch
as his sons kill each other. Correct. How about it? Isn’t this game… rather intriguing? Yun He. Who do you think will
be the victor? Who will be bested by the other? Fu Yuan. If Man Yao and my father die here, I swear in the name of heaven, all of you will be the tribute
for their funeral! I was waiting for you to be here, naturally, life and death
don’t matter to me now. Have you made up your mind? I don’t have time… to wait for your deliberation. Wu Chou. Draw your blade. Fine. This is inevitable. I was wondering which of us… will be the winner. Father? Father? Well, you are twin brothers after all. You coordinated to
each other’s move flawlessly. My Princes, wipe that smirk from your faces. The show… is just starting. My child! My child!
Give me back my child! If you hand my child over, I am willing to do anything! This is a beautiful child. Such a shame. Fu Chou. Stop staring at your brother’s child. Look at her. she is your daughter. Hen Xiang gave birth to her… and hid her away
to keep it a secret from you. Isn’t that right, Hen Xiang? I was the one who taught
you the mastery over disguise. Do you think your trick
can fool me? Hen Xiang? Qi, you are rather quiet today. Did you swapped right
under my nose again? Your Majesty, calm down. The Emperor has been ill. He was holding off the pain
just to be here. He had been coughing
before Your Majesty arrived. The Emperor… lost his voice from the coughing. Please, forgive His Majesty’s manner. Fu Yuan! Let go of the child. I will trade my life for them! Come up here. Hen Xiang? Hen Xiang! Do you think… I would fall for your trick again? Take a closer look. That is your sister’s child. If you push your sister’s son
into the fire, I will give you back your daughter. Stop! Hen Xiang. Stop right there. Hen Xiang, listen to me. Fu Chou, look at your daughter. Her name is Nian. She is a year old. Hen Xiang, if you kill their son, I can be sure to tell you
I will never forgive you! I am warning you, Hen Xiang! Lay down that dagger. Chou. You do share the same
trait as your father. You are just as cruel as he is. Qi. Did you see that? In face of desperate choices, everyone can be selfish
and despicable. Only you… would rather betray your mother
and aid these outsiders! Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you trying to defy me again? Qi? Qi? Qi? Say something to me! I won’t force you to do anything. You can talk to me. Say something to me.
Please! Say something!How love and hatred fool the people.Time is passing and
your lover is waiting for you.
I’m lost in thought,
thinking about my lonely fate.
The world is warm but
sincerity is easily gone.
My memories has evaporated and my
longing for you has turned to flowers.
Brother Qi.The wind blows across my cheeks,
sending him away.
I remember… the desserts you once loved. I made these desserts
specially for you. I made these specially for you. They are delicious. Are you thinking about… if the writings on this paper
are actually yours? You liked my handwriting. You often tried to copy me. Your handwriting is getting better. This is… the jade pendant I have been
carrying since a child. Carry it with you. It will protect you… while I am not around. This is for you. Brother Qi. This statue you carved,
is it me? Do you like it?How love and hatred fool the people.Press on this chord.I’m lost in thought,
thinking about my lonely fate.
The world is warm but
sincerity is easily gone.
How love and hatred fool the people.Time is passing and
your lover is waiting for you.
It’s inevitable that we part but
I just wish that it won’t be so cruel.
After the harsh winter,
comes spring again.
Brother Qi? Brother Qi? Brother Qi? Princess Rong Le. Princess Rong Le,
you are finally awake. Ke. How long have I been asleep? Just a while, about an hour or so. Brother Qi, where is he now? I mean the Emperor. Ke. Tell me. Why does this medicine… have the stench of blood? Answer me. Answer me! Princess Rong Le,
stop asking me. All you need to know… is that you are cured
of the poisoning. How did it happen? You told me there was
only one way to cure this. You said I have to transfuse the
poison to my child during the labour. Was there any other way? You found another tome? What is this?
What is going on? Tell me, Ke!
Tell me what happened! Please, Princess Rong Le.
I can’t tell you. Princess Rong Le, where are you going? Princess Rong Le! Fine, Princess Rong Le,
I will tell you. Fu Yuan was once tormented
by the “Destined Poison”. In order to survive, she transfused the poison
to her newborn son. That is why His Majesty
had always been ill since young age. He could only prolong his life
with medicine every month. Which is why… his blood contains the antidote
that will extend your life. My master… recorded another way to remove
the poison on another tome: blood for blood, a life… for a life.


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