【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 58. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 58. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 58 My master… recorded another way to remove
the poison on another tome: blood for blood… a life… for a life. From now on, your life is my life. I’ll make sure to protect you well. I already found a way to
neutralise your poison completely. As long as you agree to go
to a place with me, I’ll make sure that you
and your child will be safe. Why? Why? Hen Xiang, what are you waiting for? Alright. Hen Xiang! Your Majesty. Nian. Chou. Go now! Nian. Chou. You’ve done very well. And you’ve protected… both of the children well. Chou. I’ll find you again… in my next life. I regret the one mistake
that I made so much. All hopes are lost,
how do I start over? In your next life, don’t meet me anymore. I blamed the mistake
that happened too soon. Wu Chou. It never ends, love will fade. The blossoms fall,
and I waited in silence. I cling onto the past
despite the pains. I won’t let our love be a regret. Live without sorrow,
die without any hate. This is the leniency that
you’ve shown me. Nian. Nian. Live without sorrow,
die without any hate. This is the leniency that
you’ve shown me. Don’t worry. I promise you. I’ll take good care of your child. Wu You. From now on,
we don’t owe each other anymore. Luckily, a ray of light has
shone into my life… before I’m totally swallowed up
by dark hatred. Father. Father. Father. Father. -Father.
-Father. Father. -Father.
-Father. Father. Father. I know that my life
is coming to an end. So, I’m holding on
to my last breath… to wait for both of you here. All these sins. They should be bore by me alone. Back then, because of my wild ambition
to rebuilt the country, I had played with other’s feelings. And the price I have to pay… is to see both of you brothers
destroying each other. Father. Crown prince. Wu Chou. And your children… Father. have become the innocent victims. Both of you… have to remember the mistake I made. In the future, don’t fail to live up to… the people of our country. -Father.
-Father. Father, we haven’t met
each other for so long. I still have many things
to report to you. Yun. Father. Father. Father! Zongzheng Yun He! This is your karma. Your karma! Cut the nonsense. Where is Man Yao? You have… searched the whole palace for her… but you couldn’t find her. It means that… she is dead. Wu You, we have searched the
whole palace from the inside out. And we couldn’t find Consort Rong Le. But Xiao Sha is still looking for her. I don’t believe you. Give her back to me. Man Yao. Man Yao. Brother Qi. Wait for me. Brother Qi. Wait for me. Stop right there. You… Why are you still alive? How is it possible that my Qi is dead? Although he has contacted
the Destined Poison, for the past 20 years and more, I had carefully used the most
valuable medicine to prolong his life. You must be… the reason behind his death. Brother Qi is dead? Brother Qi. Why are you still here? Are you… afraid that your mother
will suspect you? Are you afraid that your mother… will stop Ke from getting rid
of the poison inside me? You have already given
your blood and life to me. Now, you even use your dead body… to protect me. No. That is impossible. That is impossible. Brother Qi. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have forgotten about you. How could I have forgotten about you? Then, why don’t you… die together with him? You are not worthy for all the things
that Qi had done for you. You… should have already been dead
when you contacted… the Scorpion Toxin. If Qi had not saved you… by putting the medicine… in your snacks to protect your heart, you wouldn’t have gotten off
with just white hair. But in order to save you, do you know what
punishment he received? You are unworthy of being a mother. The things that I did… were nothing. The physical pain Qi felt… is nothing… compared to the heartache
he felt when he knew that… you had fallen in love
with Zongzheng Wu You. In order to save you, he gave you to others
with his own hands. He had to put his pride
in his pocket… and he had to put up with
your hatred towards him. No. It’s all because of you. Fu Yuan. My father had indeed hurt you before. But my mother had forgiven you. Wu Chou had respected
and taken care of you. Man Yao had helped you before. And the people from
several countries… had protected and served you. But because of your own hatred, you have hurt so many people. And you almost… incite war between us few countries. Reprisal breeds reprisal. But the people are innocent. When you willingly let yourself
be swallowed up by hatred, -you should have expected this ending.
-Everything that all of you did… is fake and insincere! I have nothing now. Everything that you see
can be fabricated. So, you have to believe in your heart. I’m the one who wishes for
your happiness the most in this world. What I can promise you now is,
your child will be fine. Your child will be safe. I won’t lie to you. I promise to neutralise
your poison for sure, Man. I just hope that you can
trust me for one last time. Man. Since… I won’t be able to
bring you happiness, I should just… give you my blessings. Man, don’t forgive me. Continue to hate me like this. Because, when the people
you hate leave you, you won’t be too sad about it. ” Here lies Zongzheng Wu Chou
and Qin Xiang ” Wu Chou. Mother had taught me this song. I hope that you’ll like it. Whenever she thought
about her other lost child, he will play this song alone. Unfortunately,
you didn’t get to hear it… when you are still alive. Man Yao… is still not willing
to leave Western Qi? Consort Rong Le is
not willing to talk much. She just sits in the tearoom alone… and wanders around the Cold Harem. If that’s the case,
no need to disturb her anymore. All of us are not able to
blot out our past… and the deep hatred that is
engraved in our heart. A few years ago, I might force her
to come with me at all cost. But time has changed. Sooner or later,
we will understand that… putting down things that
we are persistent on… is leniency towards ourselves. Your Highness. When Emperor of Qi was still alive, he had asked you to
help him with something. Greetings, Your Highness. When His Majesty was still alive,
he wrote this letter… and instructed me to give it
to you and only you. Prince Li. This letter represents me. My life is going to end soon. But I still have
some regrets in my life. Although we are not close, in this world, you are the only one
generous enough… for me to count on. My mother had sinned
throughout her life. As her son,
I’ll repay it with my life. I hope that her victims will be able
to forgive her for her crimes… and let go of their hatred. Me and Qin Man’s destiny
has ended a long time ago. You are the only one she loves… in this whole wide world. I hope that you can
keep your promise… to respect and love her forever. Western Qi is poor and weak. Our people are suffering. I’m afraid that my death will
lead to the destruction of our nation. I hope that you can
take care of my people… as a benevolent ruler. I can saw you turning
your back towards me. I weep for the good times
we had that was broken. I have so many memories of you
but it’ll never be enough. ” Five years later ” I tried to capture you
but I’ve broken your wings. Separation is our only end.
I promise you with my burning heart. If you are willing to
believe in this world again, please remember that… I once loved you. ” Here lies Brother Rong Qi ” Xiao Sha. Thank you for taking care… of my brother all these years. If His Majesty can hear us
from the underworld, he can definitely hear your grief. I still feel guilty
after all these years. When you and His Majesty were in Chen, His Majesty had insisted
to take you away… because he had found the other half of
the medical book of Lone Frost Sage. If I had chosen to
believe in him back then, we might be able to
turn things around. You are not to be blamed. Destiny is called destiny… because… it’s about the choice
you make with your destiny. Somebody… will sacrifice their own child… to save themselves. Somebody… will sacrifice their own lives… for others. Brother Qi is that somebody. Since birth,
he knew that life is short. That’s why he could
sympathise and forgive… the sufferings in this world. He rather sacrificed himself… for others’ well-being. Consort Rong Le. Have a chat with His Majesty. I’ll take my leave now. Brother Qi. The green plum wine this year… is much more sweeter
than the previous year. I wonder if your wishes… have come true in your next life… where you can be a normal person… who lives without
the torture of illness… and one who can live
a simple and happy life… with the one you love forever. ” Linan Door ” Rong Le, the Elder Princess
of Western Qi has arrived. Why isn’t Prince Li here… to welcome the princess in person? If Wu You doesn’t wish to do it,
nobody can force him to. My advice for you is to
go back as soon as you can. Stop the carriage. I think of you when the moon is full,
when it’s a crescent… and when it’s white. You who came to a strange
land to build our lands together. I think of you when
night has fallen… and when the fog has parted. My yearning for you has
turned you into my reason. You are my happiness,
my worries and my abyss. Finally, my wait has come to an end. All these years, I… I don’t want distance but
I stayed away from you. I want to do it but I can’t. Say no more. I understand. ” Yu and Ke Apothecary House ” Now, the country is peaceful
and the people are rich. There are less and less people
who come here to be treated. I’m glad to be in this idle life. You know that in this life, I just want to be a free man who
drinks and writes poems as I please. Yes. I know you want to visit
the public house every day. Are you jealous? All these years, it had taken us a lot
to bring peace to the world. And the transformation
is successful too. When I come back to
the capital this time, I didn’t talk to any
other ladies at all. I had accompanied you every day. This apothecary house has
almost become my home. Enough. We have nothing to do anyway. Let’s go out and have a walk. Alright. ” Closed ” The coronation is in two days’ time. Even my brother has gone
into the palace to help. But you are still here,
doing nothing every day. Are you really not going back
to the palace to be a prince? -Actually, I…
-Isn’t this Prince Chen? -Prince Chen.
-Prince Chen. Isn’t this Prince Chen? -Come in. Come and play.
-Prince Chen! So, you brought me out because
you want to visit the public house. No. This is just a coincidence. Purely coincidence. I don’t care anymore. I’ve already decided to treat
patients for the rest of my life. If you can’t bear to separate
with your public house, you can go back and be a prince then. Of course I can bear it.
For you, I can bear anything. In the future, if you want to sample
all of the herbs in this world, I’ll travel the whole
wide world with you. If you want to publish medical books, I’ll prepare the ink
and brush for you. But, about that thing, when are we going to do it? I don’t know what
you are talking about. You had already
promised me before this. Since you pretend not to know
about it, I’ll ask you again then. Xiao Ke. When are you going to marry me? I don’t know what
you are talking about. I don’t understand. -You already…
-Ke. What Wu Yu meant is, when are you going to marry him? -That’s right, Wu You, Rong Le.
-You are here, Princess Rong Le. When did I promise to marry him? Is that right? Ying has called you aunt
for so many years. I didn’t see you
correcting him about it. That’s right. Although Ying
is quite naughty since young, he has done well with this. Wu You is right. Ke, come. I have a solution. How about… Let me tell you. Wu You, help me. Alright. Alright. I’ll do as
Princess Rong Le says then. Take a guess.
Which hand is holding the flower. -If you managed to guess it right…
-You’ll marry me. -It’s a deal then.
-It’s a deal. I’m guessing that it’s
in your right hand. -I got it right.
-How did you know? I… How dare you cheat. I don’t care. We have to do it again. -You already promised to marry me.
-What are you doing? -You promised to marry me!
-Let go of me! Let go of me, Wu Yu. All of you are so shameless. No. -We have to do it again. Let go!
-No, I’m not going to let go! ” School of Wisdom ” The class starts now. We are going to talk about The Book
of Mountains and Rivers today. Back then, Prince Li and his consort
were brought together by this book. The world thought that the book
contains brilliant military scheme. And those who have it
will rule the world. So, many countries
had their eyes on it. But those who are buried by the
lust for power didn’t know that… more than 10 years have passed since. The mountains and the rivers
have changed… and more so for the people
and things that live in it. In this world, there is no
monotonous art of war. ” The Book of Mountains and Rivers ” Aunt Luo Yan. What about this Book of Mountains
and Rivers that you gave us then? There is nothing… in our Book of Mountains and Rivers. Ying, Nian. Do you know what was
written inside the book… that everybody is fighting for? Do you know? I don’t know. -How about you?
-I don’t know as well. That book contains some drawings
of mountains and rivers… as well as some boring poems
written during one’s free time. Father, mother. Don’t be rude. Uncle, aunty. It is a drawing book
used by my father… to teach me and my sister back then. It’s called The Book
of Mountains and Rivers… because he wants us
to have aspirations… as lofty as the mountains and rivers. After that, somebody had
spread false rumour about it… until there was a huge issue
because of it. The strategy used by my late teacher,
Qin Yong, to strengthen the country… was by being generous to the people… and with the whole world in his mind. He used his courage,
knowledge and wisdom alone… to take care of the people… and to protect the world. So, the blank Book of Mountains and Rivers
is for you to fill it up… with new aspirations
and bold visions… when you grow up. Study well. Don’t be naughty. Let’s go now.. Let’s not disturb
the children anymore. Emperor Wen watches from the heaven, Emperor Wen watches from the heaven, shining bright and brings us light. shining bright and brings us light. The Zhou kingdom has it’s age, but the fate of nation
is yet to be known. Wu You. How unlucky we are… to be straddled in a chaotic world… and to be strapped in other’s plot. The world is warm but
sincerity is easily gone. And how lucky we are… to be able to lay down the
foundation for a peaceful world… while keeping our aspirations in mind. There are greed and jealousy and
people’s hearts are unpredictable. Actually, there is
no absolute destiny. One’s destiny… is up to oneself after all. Some were utterly helpless. Some betrayed themselves. Some had lost their way to darkness. Naturally, there were some who
came back to their senses completely. Some who seek and explored. And some who sacrificed
themselves for others. I just hope that from now on, I can be with you until
we are old and Gray… to walk determinedly… on this path… that we had chosen. How love and hatred fool the people. Time is passing and
your lover is waiting for you. I’m lost in thought,
thinking about my lonely fate. The world is warm but
sincerity is easily gone. How right and wrong the people. Time is passing and
your lover is hurting. It’s inevitable that we part but
I just wish that it won’t be so cruel. After the harsh winter,
comes spring again. After the harsh winter,
comes spring again.


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