💈 History and Haircut with National Treasure Guardian Angel of Route 66 | Seligman AZ

💈 History and Haircut with National Treasure Guardian Angel of Route 66 | Seligman AZ

[Barber] Good morning good morning, how are you sir? [Harry] I’m pretty good. [Barber] May I help you? [Harry] Yes, I would like to get a haircut. [Barber] One haircut coming right up, okay boss [Barber] I’ll pretend like I’m a barber … [Harry] No need to pretend you are defiantly a barber! [Barber]. … and we will fix you up. [Barber]. I learned my trade at the central
commercial butcher shop you still want a haircut? [Harry]. I am game for anything! [Barber] Okay, the book says I should wash
my hands first. I do everything by the book. [Harry] That is always good! [Barber]. I hope I don’t forget anything
because I lost the book about ten years ago! [Barber] So I can’t consult the book anymore. [Barber] Okay [Barber] Would you like a free haircut ? [Harry] Oh. a free haircut sounds good. [Giggle] A free haircut always sounds good. [Barber]. I get to choose the style. [Harry] Absolutely you can cut my hair any way you like! [Barber]. No hair! [Barber] If you want me to cut the hair the way you want then it is gonna cost you! [Barber] Okay, we understand each other then! [Laughter]. [Barber] Okay Jose, here we go! [Barber]. Hold onto your hands. First we test it and see what you have
up here besides hair. Harry has nothing but hair. [Barber] Okay would you like just a
regular haircut? [Harry] What’s your favorite haircut? No no no I’m gonna cut it the
way you want it. Do you want it very close very short light trim. [Harry] Let’s go for close but not too close! Got it. Okay, hold on to your hands ‘cos
once they start in I don’t show no mercy So far so good You have a nice head hair. Thank you Okay enough of that. Now we’ll do a
little bit of this. Now we’ll get the neck a little bit … and
take a little bit off and show you what we’ve been doing … to see if you like it
a little shorter. If you like it a little longer don’t tell me. It’ll take about three weeks to get longer. okay Harry? [Harry] Yeah, that’s good. Is that about the one? And you like your sideburns this long or longer or shorter? About this short? [Harry] Yeah, that’s pretty good. Fantastic! Oh, gee whiz. I just got here a few years ago myself. [H} Oh yeah when did you get here? April 19, 1927. That’s just a few
years ago! {laugh] You’ve been here that whole time? All the
time? Outside of going to barber college in Pasadena California July the 7th 1947 and serving a two-year apprenticeship Williams Arizona I’ve been here though the rest of the time. I went into business at nine o’clock … may the 22nd 1950 here Seligman. [H] In this locatiion? No, I opened up my father’s old pool hall and a barber shop … the building is one block South one block West on old route 66 He went broke during the worldwide
depression … nineteen- thirties, and the highway used to go right in front of his business. This is a new alignment of 1933 They moved it and about 1933 and so
between the depression and … losing tourist business he went broke
everybody everybody moved to other locations and he went broke but I
graduated from high school and I go to barber college and served a two-year
apprenticeship Williams and 48 49 50 and then open my dad’s old pool hall and
barber shop on May the 22nd 1950 at 9:00 o’clock. Then moved into this location September 1972 with the three pool
tables Then we were bypassed September 22nd 1978, at about 2:30 in the afternoon … they finished building 100 miles of freeway
from Kingman to Ashfork we were bypassed. [H] And what happened? Statistics has it that there were 9,000 automobiles using this Route 66 through town every 24 hours. When that happened, the town died. The tourists took to I-40 like ducks take to water and we were forgotten for 10 long years. you folks don’t know what it is to be
forgotten for 10 long years people in the world except those communities have
been bypassed you don’t know what it is to be forgotten for 10 long years it was
hard to put beans on the table I get emotional to get angry thinking about it
our government didn’t do nothing for us it was all we’ve used you we don’t need
you anymore you’re like an old shoe you don’t count
anymore oh brother so then what did you do sir
what what did you do after the 10 years or what did I do
yeah it’s a good thing I have a wife that knows how to make new clothes out
of old clothes needle and thread needle and thread
it’s a good thing that I have a wife that knows how to wash clothes the last
10 15 years it’s a good thing I have a wife that knows how to what to do with
leftovers some of the best meals I eat at home like this morning leftovers from
yesterday my wife and I were raised during the
World War World Depression so we we learned how to live with a lot less but you know what we humans are incurred
over from we are creatures of habit the traveling public were so tired of
traveling on a narrow two-lane highway you couldn’t make any time if you got
stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle punishment there’s 810 cars stuck so
funny when they got a 40 i-40 they took to it like duct stick to water they got
what they wanted you don’t know what you have until you lose it oh yeah
so they got what they wanted but like I said horrible
we humans are creatures of habit then they got lonesome for America of
yesterday they got lonesome for we the people we the people that take care of
people on the interstates you are waited on by the conglomerate big businesses
you stopped at a McDonald’s you put your order in they give you a piece of paper
you’re number 112 you go sit down you wait for your order for your orders done
number 112 you cease to exist exist you’re just a number here on route 66
you are an individual I have had travellers tell me in the last 2530
years I left Chicago ten days ago for never enough to write now you people
over 66 are like one big family we treat people like we used to 30 40 50 60 years
ago do you think and that’s what the world
in general has lost so much I was gonna say do you think that do you think that
uh the US or America today is missing that precisely yeah
immensely for the last 25 30 years ago our conversations with people from the
United States and international people they’re all telling me the same thing
we are moving too fast we’re not near as interested in one another like who used
to be all these modern gadgets that young people have and older people have
has been laws you know we get a lot of tour buses here lesser tour buses from
America and international the tourists of course the drivers or
most of them Fong and the two leaders are most often from America
well this bus driver enabled we get to talk in the same conversation yeah he
said we stopped in Albuquerque to eat people went got on the tables
this man is why they sat down she sat down on that end he sits down here they
get their things says they didn’t have no conversation just they played with
those things yeah yes no conversation the world has is forgetting about
conversation the world is forgetting about morning good morning how are you they’re so busy and occupied with
themselves but they have time for no one nobody else yeah and this is with
fathers and mothers special with fathers and mothers they are not given their
children that tools that they need and those tools are teaching them to be
respectful to do for themselves does every sixteen-year-old today know what a
hammer is a pick a shovel a crowbar a screwdriver they don’t know the
slightest things about that yeah there’s a business down the street they gave him
a push broom to sweep the sidewalk but the push broom is long you’re supposed
to put oh he was way down there he did not know how to use a push broom it is sad sad sad and now we have a
generation or two it took my wife years and years and
years and years to accumulate what we have a young people in the twenties and
thirties and man they want everything right now who owns a tool I don’t know
what you them they always through themselves that they think society owes
them no siree society doesn’t owe anything when we will bypass I begin to
talk to him anyone that will listen to me how to get the economy back anyone
would listen to me on the chair here on the street to purchase some chamber
commerce and I was vice president no one listened to me I chose only shame for
commerce if you don’t like my idea I’ll do it myself
by this time some of the traveling public were missing America yesterday
and he trickled into Seligman this was still a barber shop in there three pool
tables ping pong jukebox pop machine they came in here men and women in there
you know older ones 50 60 70 s men and women all sounded like a recording they
set right on the chairs that we had there and told me when I was a little
boy when I was a little girl this is the highway that my parents used to go to
California when acquit raining in the Midwestern
states for five years I heard that over and over I says me hmm
they’re looking for a miracle of yesterday so I finally call that a
now-famous meeting for February the 18 1987 here in Seligman at one o’clock I
invited people 15 people came to the meeting we formed the first ever the
historic route 66 Association of Arizona we wrote the bigwigs and Phoenix
department transportation totally totally ignored they never answer our
letters what those people down there didn’t know who they were up again out
of the 15 people who came to this meeting five of us jailed including my
brother one of the world snowcap five of us jail like one us five guys grew up
during the oppression when we did not know the word no we were taught either
you do it or you’re not going to eat we were taught respect we were taught
determination desire discipline dedication what isn’t taught today
generally so for most people Phoenix then acknowledges Vaden phases we stayed
on we stayed on on I’m not going to go into details November of 1987 they
finally made historic route 66 from Seligman to Kingman Arizona since then
our United States government has declared given route 66 from one end of
the state to the other the scenic byways and the all-american
highways and some people congressmen are getting ready to give it the old trails
name just goes on and on we the people help to help ourselves we
had to fight the Garmon and for you fight City Hall you win you lose
but we were a group of with not Chargers so I’ll tell you what there are 14 15
businesses that sell Russ 66 memorabilia that town is alive and well what these
newcomers don’t understand and they may not appreciate that they’re doing well
but they don’t realize that for 10 long years there was nothing here yes I can’t
help it talk about the 10 long years whoa but I’m happy they’re here yeah believe
me I am so happy they’re here we have probably put to work 50 or 60 people
here silly and the sales tax money that goes out of
this little town to our state coffers I’m not gonna give you the amount it is
enormous just from this town the sales tax money enormous our government knows
exactly where we’re at our elected officials they know exactly what money
the amount we sent for that when this year’s over is enormous it’s like it’s
not true just think the money that is being
generated just for the communities from one out of the state to the other on
route 66 if we’re sending that bundle of money from here what is the state
receiving from the communities it’s got to be and did the gold give ruff success
historic rebirth was a congressman state lawyer was a one of our bright business
history teachers of our colleges it was We the People and that’s what
journalists and worldwide people understand the American Dream is alive
and well because of we the people we the people did it if we don’t we don’t
elected officials we don’t starve to death did you purchase her in the middle or
just coming back I let it go anyway anyway so well let’s see if let’s see if
we kind of know it won’t go this year they’ll go from this side I don’t think
I’ll go here it might go from this side I’m going to do a little bit of Elvis
here there won’t go too good but give you
just a short version of elbow sir it doesn’t go too good so we’ll just going
straight welcome but I consider that a finished product I hope you think the
same thing well considering how shaky it was when I
came in then comes it Michael my hair was shaggy when I came in so it was like
it’s definitely not finished so you think that’s the right thing yeah no
it’s good we try to get every little video well
hair that has been cut so you don’t itch itch itch itch I have never learned you roughly a
thousand times by the news media national international four days ago I
was interviewed by Japanese television Japanese television nice you speak
Japanese ohayo gozaimasu and that means what that
means good morning okay we hear all of us that take care of the public we speak
about seven eight languages we can greet them thank them and they are delighted
when you can say something in their language makes them feel at home but
like I say at our conglomerate business number 62 you’re just a number number
with a man with money that’s it that’s all there that’s all get that dog if you were from Harlan I would say for
Morgan if you were from Germany I would say good to Morgan and what what do they
say in Seligman in Seligman what do they say in Seligman Seligman yeah what’s
your how do you how do you say good morning in Seligman buoyancy yes good
morning oh yeah Buon Giorno need Internet in Italian Oh looks good
well that work that works good fantastic thank you very much angel you’re welcome
hurry I hope you and your friends stay healthy and happy we hope so too and you
likewise I hope you have a good think few more years I
I plan to be here because I have orders a healthy select from people I have
orders from fee for worldwide they tell me I’ll be back in five or six or eight
years and I expect you to be here okay yeah I think it took us what three years
to come back so I haven’t yeah I have you haven’t changed which is good you
were here three years ago three years and I haven’t changed and you haven’t
changed no you know who I’m yeah what okay what is the secret come
on it’s your fault no it’s his fault and her phone on his
phone yeah all the people come in here they are so happy and appreciative
uh-huh tell me to be happy if you were said what doctor could you go to that he
could fill your prescription doctor also said I want to be happy you can so there
we have it you’re either happy or you’re not and these people come in here they
thanked me and thanked me and thanked me I come a I just had the idea it was we
not i but they thanked me and thanked me and they’re so happy and and the people
that work here is not a job they’re just happy so it’s your fault so you were
here three years ago yep yeah Oh murder and we’ll come back in another three
years I’ll be here okay sounds good did I cut
your hair back then no just the shape I saved you yeah Wow I’m still shaving
people we did it huh yep thank you very much
you move you’re most welcome Hey oh my god good morning how are you come in
come in who are you from Ohio thank you much
welcome home did you want to take a photo


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