💰Iggy Azalea Has ~Fancy~ Taste and Isn’t Sorry About It 💰| Expensive Taste Test

💰Iggy Azalea Has ~Fancy~ Taste and Isn’t Sorry About It 💰| Expensive Taste Test

– I like cheap things, too. Like, I love hot dogs. They’re one of my favorite food, especially from the AMC movie theater. It’s one of my favorite
things to ever do now. (gentle music) What’s up, guys? It’s me, Iggy. This is Expensive Taste Test, and today, I’m gonna be picking which thing I think is the most expensive. I think I’m gonna be really good at this because I’m always over-budget on everything in my life, notoriously, because I love expensive things. I can’t help it. (upbeat music) Oh, I think I already
know which one of these is more expensive for gummy bears because gummy bears that are this color. Gummy bear with an
all-one color gummy bear, a lot of the time,
they’re champagne flavor or rose flavor gummy bear, which is like a boujee gummy bear. And then this is just
regular Haribo gummy bear ’cause I can tell ’cause
they’re my favorite. And I can tell from the consistency. I’ll taste test it. Mm-hmm, this is like a rose gummy bear or something like that. It’s more expensive. Also, these are good, too. I co-sign both these. M-hmm, I know my snacks. I love these, though. They’re so good. – [Producer] We can give
you a box to take home. – Thanks. I’m going on a plane after this. (upbeat music) I don’t even wear extensions, I wear wigs. This one. This one feels like nice,
human hair that’s untreated, and this one feels shiny, like chemicals, and I can tell that
it’s had something on it to make it be chemically straight. And also, this one is sewn on a weave that you can tell isn’t
a hand-wefted weave, but this one, I can
see the inconsistencies and the way that it was being sewn, so I know it got threaded
through by an actual person. See? They’re hand-sewn tracks. They’re thinner so they
sit on your head better, so you can’t see see
your track sticking out. (upbeat music) Yes, perfume. It’s hard to know just based off smell if perfume is expensive or cheap. It’s really hard to tell if
a perfume smells nice or not when you just spray it on the card because when a perfume’s on
your body and it sits there for a little bit, it gets its own smell, and that’s when you can really
know what it smells like. So if I get this wrong, it’s not my fault, is basically what I’m telling you. I’m gonna smell. Mm, this one is intense, and
it smells like a grandma, which might mean it’s expensive because an old person with more money could afford to buy it. This one smells more tropical, like maybe has a bit of a fruity or slightly coconut-y type of a smell. Mm, I vote this is
expensive, and this is cheap. But this is better. So if I get it wrong, I’m still right ’cause this is better. Yeah, well, I’d rather smell like this. It’s better to smell like the beach. (upbeat music) I like chocolate truffle, but
I don’t like mushroom truffle. This is the only truffle I like. For chocolate, I’m gonna
look at the bottom, and I already know that this
one might be the cheaper one ’cause it’s got a print on it, which means maybe it was
on a manufacturing line full of the brand, whereas this one doesn’t. Or maybe it’s wrong. Maybe it having its name on
it makes it more expensive because it looks like
it’s some foreign word that I can’t say. I don’t know. I’m gonna taste it, and I bet you, the one that’s the least tasty
is the more expensive one. Hm, this one definitely tastes
more dark chocolate, so. (upbeat music) This one is smoother and tastier, but does that make it cheaper? I don’t know. This is hard, this one. Is truffle supposed to be smooth? I can’t tell. I’m just gonna say the
tasty one is more expensive, even though I might be wrong. But whatever it is, this is better. Yes. It has a fancy word underneath
that I should’ve known. Just gonna taste it. I like cheap things, too. Like, I love hot dogs. They’re one of my favorite food, especially from the AMC movie theater. It’s one of my favorite
things to ever do now. (upbeat music) Oh, water, that is really hard. I don’t know. They both look like water
that look exactly the same. (upbeat music) Mm, that has a bit of a taste to it, and I don’t mean in a
good way necessarily. This one seems like it’s
more expensive than this one. But I did hear that New York
has really good tap water, so. I mean, cheers to you if
this is the crappier one, but this one’s better. It doesn’t taste like anything. This one has a flavor, like maybe it came out of your bathtub. Sometimes I get thirsty in the shower, and that’s what this tastes like to me. I don’t know, I vote this. Yes. Oh my God, I’m so, I can
tell what’s expensive even when it’s invisible. (upbeat music) I love lemonade, it’s my favorite drink. It’s very summary, and
I love Arnold Palmer’s. They’re my favorite drink, with mint leaves in it. It just looks rich, so I’m into that, and it tastes great. And also, if you don’t wanna
drink an alcoholic beverage, ’cause I don’t really like to drink, well, if you put mint in your drink, people assume it has alcohol in it and they leave you alone. That’s what I learned. I think this one’s cheap ’cause
it looks like Minute Maid, pink lemonade type of vibe. And also, it has no pulp in it. And this one has pulp
and looks like a more real strawberry color. I’m gonna do a taste test. (upbeat music) Mm, that has a more
authentic strawberry flavor. That tastes like it might
not even be from a lemon. I vote this one. Yay. I really do think that I’m a
great taste tester of things. I have great tips for snacks and things involving taste, tastiness. So apparently, I have the
best expensive taste record. I’m the champ. Somebody has to beat me. If they do, let me know. If you enjoyed this video
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snack advice, hit me up. I’m always available 24/7. Bye. (upbeat music)


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  2. Love AMC hot dogs especially when you know they been cooking on the rollers, I hate when they cheap out and just nuke the hot dogs in the microwave.

  3. Alright hold up, got 5 seconds into the video and this girl just said she like cheap food "like hot dogs from the amc movie theatre" BRUH THAT SHIT IS EXPENSIVE LMFAO EVERYBODY KNOWS MOVIE THEATRE PRICES ARE RIDIC

  4. I wish Iggy 💋Would just Relax and Give it to us!! Your super Gorgeousness Girl,Who Needs No Explanation 👑

  5. Usually perfumes that smell more fruity are always cheaper because the ethers used in t aren’t as complex as they are in expensive ones

  6. I love Iggy but…
    Did she say Harbro instead of Haribo??
    I mean it was either me or she did say it but I’m not hating on the way she says it.

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