🔴 Peter Schiff Talks Gold & Potential Sovereign Debt Crisis | Real Vision Classics

🔴 Peter Schiff Talks Gold & Potential Sovereign Debt Crisis | Real Vision Classics


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  2. I have so much respect for both these gentleman. Wrong or right on opinions, both these guys actually know how to have a conversation.

  3. The greed of the banker class will never be tempered by government policies that reward failure. Bailouts and meek prosecutions are a prescription for more fraud.

  4. Haha. Brent and Peter having an interview instead of a debate. How interesting. I still firmly believe that Brent has no fundamental understanding of basic economics based on the debate from January.

  5. The media videos were bad. They made the media look so incompetent they will never recover. I don’t know how things will end. It is hard to live in a world we’re you cannot trust anything being said.

  6. Everyone wants you to believe the fed and and all the others are evil and have some plan. It is worse they are stuck in an economic theory based on economics models that are completely wrong. They believe in something that is wrong and they don’t know it. Now they don’t know what to do.

  7. When we went off the gold standard I don’t think anyone changed their views on anything. They payed no attention to controlling credit. Or imbalances in global trade.

  8. The federal reserve theft of my livelihood has made you both famous and infamous and with no inflation the many likes mean little but posterity?

  9. They don't have Peter on because he speaks too much truth AND the media companies have a vested interest in the low interest rate – fiat monetary policies of the central planners.

  10. Don't you think bitcoin would be a better investment than gold? Gold has lost 50% in the eight years while bitcoin has seen over 1000% increase.

  11. Hahahah Mr. Broken Clock, constantly wrong for last decade or so. But hey recession will eventually come and Broken Clock will proudly say "I told ya".

  12. Schiff says “Liberals think with their hearts.” ‘“ these people make decisions based on intentions not based on results”

    Oh yeah that’s why conservatives voted for George Bush and the $7 trillion failed search for WMD and the real estate bust. Then they used their power and money to tip the democratic nomination to get crooked Hillary nominated. Now the conservatives are 85% behind trump. Oh yeah conservatives are much smarter than liberals.🤔🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤣. What 💩🐃.

  13. I was a client of this idiot. Must have lost around $50,000.00 with his lousy stock picks. Some of them went to zero. Some of them went down 40-60%. Just because he could predict a housing bubble was imminent (as a lot of people could at that time), doesn't mean he knows how to pick stocks. He missed the biggest bull market in U.S. history. Do your own investing.

  14. Sounds like the gold money thing is a copy of Karatbars International. Which is funny because someone is behind a smear campaign against them

  15. Peter is one of the few I can stomach to listen to on economics… Love his debates on Bitcoin vs Gold too. Has given him even more notoriety lately : )

  16. Paul Volcker was a criminal and this why I don't agree with everything Schiff says. Volcker had connections to the parasitic elites and carried out their policies like persecuting and wiping out the Hunt Brothers and being the first Fed Chairman to begin manipulation of silver market. The Hunts actions did very little in taking silver to $50 in 1980! Volcker is a criminal who attacked Americans when he crushed the people's money, Silver! Guess this is why Schiff is just a Gold bug and loves Volcker? And makes you wonder, does he really care about the Peoples constitutional rights, etc? Brent should have grilled him on Volcker about this issue! Even Ron Paul understood this and held a silver coin in his hand during debates on Constitutional money! This is why I think Schiff cares more about the ways of mammon rather than a Constitutional Republic for the People, similar to how Trump thinks as a big business man ravenously barking at China over tis for tat business and currency wars.

  17. The dollar may still rise temporarily because everyone else (euro, pound, yen, etc) will be crashing harder and piling into and buying cash dollars along with gold and silver.

  18. "Before Barack Obama leaves office, there will be a currency crisis. The US dollar will collapse, and prices in this country for consumer goods are going to go ballistic, and so will interest rates, and we are going to be living in an economy with unemployment closing in on 20% and double-digit inflation and double-digit interest rates."

    -Peter Schiff, 2010

  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Schiff heavily invested in the Chinese Fintech boom? A lot of these quick witted investors are making most of their money from China and I can't condone it considering China's ruling elite think nothing of the long term consequences of looking for the cheapest labor and lousiest working conditions to achieve economic supremacy.

  20. These doomer claims never turn out to be right. I just feel bad for his followers. He has some fundamental errors in his logic.

  21. Peter, the markets aren't free. They are rigged. And socialism is alive and well but its not for the masses, it's for the corporations. Ironically, we do have a large degree of public socialism because corporations benefit from it and if not there would be no schools or roads. Capitalism in this current form is a failure and it is not even capitalism, it's gambling and gaming. It is a massive ponzi. Get off the ideology and look at the facts You are not a libertarian and none should be. It doesn't work and neither does our economic system except for the very rich.. Look at history, how long can this last? Every empire fails for the same reasons and we are on that rail now.


  23. You claim an ideology but you aren't driven by it. You speak in terms of reality, facts and logic, math if you will, isn't ideological. Face it Peter, you are a realist/ Drop the handles and just be the independent thinking person you are.

  24. Cut the military budget in half, problem solved. The can is then kicked way down the road rather than just one quarter.

  25. Stocks don't pay dividends, the game is to pass the stock onto the next sucker at higher price to make a profit. The bond market will collapse and that is the intention, why, to wipe out retirement funds that are integrated, IE get the middle class people's money. ( what;s left of it ) Who benefits? the brokers and the social engineers whose goal it is to make the masses into surfs. Why, move more money up until there is nothing left on the bottom. power and control. That's the big picture and Peter is in the game… Make no mistake, this is a class war and only the top .001% win.

  26. when empires debase the currency, going off the gold and silver standards, the standing example, it is the beginning of the end of empire. In all of history this has always been true. America's empire is already dead, it just doesn't know it yet.

  27. The US government is ISSUER of the dollar, not the USER! To suggest investors will no longer want a fiat currency that's created literally millions of millionaires & billionaires is beyond pitiful.

  28. This guy could talk for 5 hours and not run out of things to say. If Peter was at least a little pro BTC he would be awesome!

  29. Peter Schiff has truly become an icon of knowledge on financial situations for long term standings of the American way, very similar to the founders of the Jeffersonian Independence and Freedom movements.

  30. "The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design." -F. A. Hayek

  31. Bernanke … "part of the administration? …………. He didn't need it, but he "got a check" … his "pay". WHO SIGNED THE FvKKing CHECK? Fed = PRIVATE!

  32. Say what you want about Peter, his opinion always has a fundamental foundation behind it. I may not agree with all of his views, but they’re definitely worth taking into consideration.

  33. You know I had a lot of respect for this channel until you put on Peter Schiff. Pick any year and search that year with Peter Schiff's name and you will find Schiff predicting economic collapse EVEN when the economy is experiencing its greatest growth. Schiff sells gold, he needs a crash and he lives off of gloom and doom and of course a stopped watch is right twice a day. If Schiff predicts a crash EVERY SINGLE YEAR… he should be correct about once a cycle…. how is that any kind of knowledge? How does that make him a genus? ITS NOT KNOWLEDGE, he is man selling gold and he needs people to fear total disaster to sell his gold. This man is a waste of time.
    People should know when a scammer is selling a scam.

  34. The digital economy upends many of his thoughts, but the real shift is from traditional trades and 19th Century Debt Banking and Stock Market-Digital Markets with Sovereign Debt becoming irrelevant.

  35. Peter Schiff is one of the most interesting personality's on the net…I'm following him for years, he has always something interesting to say.

  36. It's a fact that precious metals prices have been artificially held down on purpose. Otherwise debt based money which is Central banks core would collapse decades ago. However, USA and other key countries will be switching to Gold back currency soon. Now is the time for the poor man to invest in actual gold or better yet Silver at its super low price.
    The $200.00 increase on gold this year is our notification to buy silver and gold. Not paper, but actual gold and silver. I started when silver was just over $14.00 an ounce. It will take off within 2 yrs and super growth for next 8 yrs. besides you will want silver at time of changing over to gold backed currency.

  37. I ought and sold 4 houses after 2008. NOW I purchased low and stopped that business. Gold and Silver is key TODAY 2019!

  38. The federal reserve is gonna do whatever they have to do to keep us in slaved . We need to go back to a gold and silver standard and kick The big bankers out of the country.

  39. The Constitution says that Congress should be in charge of our currency, not a bank, which is what the Federal Reserve is. Also, the Constitution says that Congress shall have the power to COIN money, not print it, which is what the Federal Reserve is helping to make happen. What is happening is that Congress spends however much money it pleases and the Federal Reserve emits bills of credit in sufficient quantities to cover their spending. The result is runaway inflation which, we are told, does not exist. The FOMC is persistent in one thing, they want more inflation. They are not telling us the truth about how much inflation they want, but the actually really and truly want more inflation. So, why is this the case? Because our Dear Leaders have spent so much money that there is no way our debts will EVER be paid off. This will NOT end well.

  40. Did he just say "there are some rules that i am not allowed on the network" 05:30 ??! This is what the media is now, fully corrupted, no neutral news, just propaganda…

  41. He keeps saying other countries have been producing and saving but who? No one in the west other than Norway as far as i can see, China hasnt, its so over extended its as bad as America, Japan will come out well but its still going to be rough, dont know S.Korea's or Singapore's details but other than that Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia are all primed for collapse and that leaves India, another country im not up to date on but its an exporter into collapsing economies so how well can it go?
    If it becomes so bad its a depression nothing will be safe, except gold and maybe farms only because at least you can feed yourrself and extended family.

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