😛6 Game Room Claw Machine Wins! Time For Smith Sisters To Win Some Plush! Girl Power! 🤑

😛6 Game Room Claw Machine Wins! Time For Smith Sisters To Win Some Plush! Girl Power! 🤑

That went down there You got double Smith Sisters Thats Fun Claw Machine Time Right here Try you have to tip it maybe Over no the other way looks close, oh you got it awesome over yeah try that its hard to say It’s not spinning consistent get in there, thats in there Oh man really Get in there, thats around it Oh my goodness so close think you can get it right It fell oh thats all right maybe that’s right there then Well maybe depends on how it picks it up oh, yes try it again You can get both of those loops at the same time You got around the tire one but I don’t thinks its going to close fast enoughI try to get through the loops right there Poop yeah poo poo right there, forward, no that is sideways Try right there it is going to fall into the chute but I think it will grab the tag Oh just missed it I think Oh almost pulled the Popsicle out from the bottom okay do it again sheridan just like last time Samantha says Go back and to the side a little now forward a little bit towards us forward forward Try right there slide down in between stuff oh it knocked the poop down really far no lets just try to get the get the tag on this one It went down there Oh double loops you got the tire and the cookie awesome 2 in 1 there’s your ball right there oh you put one in my pocket too, you almost grabbed that monkey Its a pig I think the pink one is going to be easier to get now Go behind it Right there, its just not going to get that thing It really wants to pick that thing up though holy crap Hahahaha that’s hilarious grab that thing ok Oh no, lol, oh Sophia She might have gotten, I told you she is terribe She is terrible huh, she might get a 2 in 1 oh no haha it’s not going to come off try for the staff or the other ones though try for the tires try for the tire the loop is right behind it like we did drop the one right behind go farther back into to turn in grab good behind a little fright I just got the closet do you want to fall behind on set so you can have a turn in a second not going to go in go in oh just got it so my keys don’t Oh just got it 😀 here’s really good just for like it don’t look good just subscribe you

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