๐ŸฅšPerfect Egg Maker review: 3 types of eggs tested on the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker

๐ŸฅšPerfect Egg Maker review: 3 types of eggs tested on the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker

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ride and now let’s get to today’s review alright so today we’re going to be
looking at the perfect egg maker by copper chef I love eggs this thing says
it’s perfect I always botch my hard-boiled eggs and can never do them
right either took too long or not enough I can’t peel them so I’m really excited
to try this out because I love hard-boiled eggs so let’s unbox it and
then we’ll get to some test runs what do you say alright so I open it up the
first thing I see is an owner’s manual which is important I’ll look at that
later and then I have what looks like the entire unit in here I have a lid of
sorts a plastic ring some plastic trays and then I have a metal base lecture you
know what just this area is metal this is all plastic and then also has this
weird little measuring cup that has some sort of a needle here on the bottom
oh it’s sharp so don’t don’t touch that so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna read
through the directions and just see what I’m supposed to do here and then we’ll
test out the product I did my unboxing I don’t know how I missed these two things
but there are actually two trays also very plasticy this one is used for
omelets and this one is used for poaching eggs I’ve never poached an egg
I don’t even think I’ve ever had a poached egg before so that will be
interesting it also comes these two trays so what happens is there’s seven
egg spots on each tray so if you want to hardball 14 eggs at one time you can you
put seven here then you put this tray on then you put seven more and then you put
the lid on all while on top of this machine and when I put this machine
together what does it look like it looks like an egg that’s kind of cool and
clever so I really like what I see here this measuring cup touches how much
water to use during each step and it’s supposed to be really really user
friendly and kind of like gets rid of all the errors like I said I’ve been no
good at hard-boiled egg this thing is gonna take me to the next level so let’s
test it out and hard Wells and eggs first let’s go to the coop and get some
eggs we go if there’s some eggs down there
good chickens alright put them in the basket take him inside get them washed
off and try them out and our perfect egg cooker so we’re gonna cook three of these eggs
I’ve already punctured holes and two of them but I wanted to show you how this
works there’s this needle that’s underneath here and you just push it
down a little with a little bit of force but it goes through pretty easy instead
a larger side of the eggs and then there’s a little hole and the hole stays
up okay now I’m only gonna do three eggs so it
tells you to fill it up to about 75 milliliters so we’re just gonna take
some water and do that which is almost this whole thing and then you just pour
the water into this reservoir here like that okay so then we put the cap on it make sure it fits tight and there it
goes I’m gonna plug it in and turn it on it
says it’s supposed to take between 18 and 23 minutes to complete and the
lights on you can see it right there and it shuts off all by itself even
though there’s not an external timer so let’s come back in 18 minutes and see
how these eggs hard-boiled are so it’s been going for a few minutes here and I
just wanted to show you how it’s steaming up in the lid and I guess
steaming from within there are the two vent holes that something our warm air
is coming out so I just wanted to show you what it looked like during the
cooking process so this flicked off in 16 minutes so it
just turned off right now that’s a little concerning to me but the deme
take the fall 18 minutes I’m gonna take the lid off you hear that sizzle I guess
because the water is out I’m just going to take these and quickly blanch them
and some water to stop the cooking I guess because the water was all gone
it was done though so now I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take these out let’s do a
little warm alright let’s let’s see if we can crack this let’s see what kind of
a hardball day we got for 16 minutes not the full 18 like it said wow look at
that feels pretty easy um go over the shell there but that’s okay alright so
here’s the moment of truth let’s break this thing in half it’s still warm
Wow look at that what a pretty looking inside a little more soft and hard but
that’s okay I am impressed they are fully cooked through now what do you say
let’s make an omelet I like omelets do you let’s check out this machine and
see how it does so now we’re gonna make an omelet and the directions say you can
use up either one or two eggs you mix them up in the bowl and then you can add
whatever you want so I had a cheese and bell pepper and I added some pepperoni
and then salt and pepper now you’re also supposed to add some water so we’re
gonna pour this rate still a little hot from the last time I used it and there’s
a little line here that says omelet right there if you can see it that’s
what I filled it up to and it doesn’t really tell me how long it’s supposed to
go for but I’m guessing since it’s the same size of the medium egg on the back
it’s about nine minutes alright so what I did before putting this egg mixture in
here is I use spray Pam to go all the way around it says to cover it and spray
Pam or you can white butter or whatever you want just to make sure there’s some
sort of thing there as far as spraying on the device so now I’m put the lid
here make sure it’s nice and tight let’s push
this button and there goes I’ll check back in in about nine minutes so the
omelet just stopped or the egg maker just stopped it was about six minutes so
let’s reveal what we have in the inside and you can see it’s got a lot of steam
coming out there I don’t necessarily want to touch it cuz it looks hot but
let’s uh maybe use a spatula to get our get that egg out of there all right so
let’s take a look pretty nice alright so let me see I’m sure doesn’t feel too hot
I did have this thing spray coated so let’s see if our egg will come out oh
and a perfect egg but look at that I was a little runny it’s actually too runny
for me I’m gonna see if I can put it back in I’m gonna see if I can put it
back in and go for a little longer because that was yucky alright so I’m
gonna fill this water back up and we’ll try it again six minutes was it long enough all right
so I’ve gone through two full runs with this let’s um see what it looks like
this time on the bottom hopefully it’s cooked yeah much better so what I would
do if you’re gonna do an omelet I would fill the cup up all the way to the top
not just the line that’s in the middle so let’s do this let’s cut this omelet
in half to see how it looks like in the middle all right look at that got some
pepper there’s some cheese there’s some pepperoni looks pretty good in there
let’s see yeah it’s well cooked all right now let’s poach an egg anyone
up for a poached egg I’ve never had one before let’s try it out
I’m gonna do one cuz I don’t know if I’m gonna like it so all I did was crack an
egg and I put salt and pepper in there and I’m gonna go carefully on this I
only filled this up to that middle line remember from before because I read
online that says you can over poach an egg and as quickly as ten seconds so I
don’t want to go over so we are gonna try this I’ve got the lid I’ve got one
egg in there I’ve got my water now let’s hit start and come back in about six
minutes hopefully that yolk is still runny the moment of truth we’re gonna
take out or a poached egg and see how we did alright so the key to a poached egg flip
it over where it looks a little nicer the key to a poached egg is that the
white is cooked and then there’s some yellow that’s still running so let’s
just see oh it looks as though we accomplished our goal so today we did an
omelet we hard-boiled an egg and I poached an
egg for the first time all on the copper chef perfect egg maker okay so I’m ready
to give you my final review on the perfect egg cooker I bought it for hard
boiled eggs and that’s exactly what I’m gonna use it for it did an amazing job
no don’t get me wrong it did a great job on the omelet and it did a great job on
the poached egg too I’m just gonna use a pan to make those kind of things though
and I don’t really eat poached eggs so I probably won’t even make one of those
again but the hard-boiled eggs it did a great job now I will say it does take a
little bit of trial and error if you are gonna use it for the omelet or the
poached egg just to make sure you have the right amount of water in there
because this thing shuts off based on the steam and when it knows that somehow
it knows the water is gone so it shuts off so like I I said when I first did
the omelet I only filled it up to the omelet line but it needed to go some
more so I have thought up to the top so that thing you might just have to play
around with but you know what it was delicious so for you today I ate three
hard-boiled eggs I had two eggs in my omelet and I had one poached eggs man
that’s a lot of eggs but you know what they were all delicious and this machine
did a great job and that’s my final review hey this is Jeff with Jeff
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  1. Lol I love it Jeff. I mess up my eggs everytime my wife says. My wife actually bought as rice maker so I didn't mess that up either lol. Great review my friend. Hope you have a great day & weekend!

  2. Love boiled eggs.. Soft and hard.. Cooked well… Omlette.. Cheese pepper pepperoni.. 9min..done in 6 minutes.. Great perfect egg.. Runny though.. Round 2…cooked thru… Fill cup to the top.. Well done.. Pouched.. Great.. Copper chef.. Great for boiled eggs..

  3. Now you can make deviled eggs ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  4. Hello. This would be great for a house warming gift. I could also purchase this gift when my family does secret Santa during the holidays. You have given me so many ideas. Nice video

  5. Oh I just got through boiling eggs a few mins ago before checking my phone for your video launch review! Yea you can say Iโ€™m way late and I donโ€™t really use my iPhone much because I hate it and canโ€™t find my tablet! But wow what a weird thing to stumble on after I boil eggs for egg salad sandwiches ๐Ÿฅช!!!

  6. I'm not exactly huge on eggs, but this definitely seems like it worked a charm. Glad you have a good hard boiled egg machine now for those fresh eggs! Great review! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’œ

  7. This thing is a great alternative to classic boiling and you donโ€™t have to worry about the time. Just let it go! Nice review. Ok now whereโ€™s my salt shaker! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Thatโ€™s a great review Jeff. When I first saw you take it out Iโ€™m going what kind of contraption is that LOLโ€ฆ Iโ€™m glad that you showed the tip with the water also. Thanks

  9. You need to pour the water in before you put the egg tray in so it will get all the water that is probably why it did not cook it's full time

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