$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

– What would you do for a donut? – Kill a man. (Andrew laughs) – Adam, Andrew, you all ready for season 2? – Yeah. – Let’s do it. We’re going to open up
this season with a bang. And that bang is donuts. Today we’re going to have three donuts at three drastically
different price points, to find out which one
is the most worth it, at its price. This season may be the season that people call the Gold Season. – The Golden Years? – The Golden Boys. That’s who we should be. I’ve heard that if you eat
gold, you also poop gold. – I don’t become a little bit more gold? – No, you excrete it. – Don’t love that word. – You ready for donut number one? – I am ready for donut number one. All right, let’s go. – Hi, my name is Teresa. I’m the owner of Blinkie’s
Donuts in Woodland Hills. And I’m really happy to be here. – [Andrew] You’ve been here since? – [Teresa] 2002. – [Andrew] And is this
a family business, or? – Yes, my uncle was baking today. Mom’s at the register, my son, she won’t let go to the register. Everybody’s part of the Team Blinkies. We’re all a big, happy family. Today, we’re going to have
a regular glazed donut, that’s the most popular one that we sell. It’s very simple. We’re just going to start with
a regular yeast donut dough, mix it, put it in a proofer, cut it, proof it again, fry, and glaze with our
regular glaze icing. – [Andrew] How do your
donuts differ from sort of the mass-produced donuts,
in terms of flavor? – [Teresa] We just try to find
the best ingredients we can that’s available on the market, and also make it budget friendly, so that everybody can come in, and afford a donut at our place. – This is the encyclopedia
picture of a donut. Let’s bump donuts. It’s like the inside of a croissant. That’s amazing. – It’s so fluffy. – My finger just disappears
inside this thing. – It’s a very gentle
donut eating experience. This is truly the best
donut I have ever had. – [Teresa] So the black and
white is really popular. It’s like a glazed donut. This is same dough. Fry, and then we just let
it cool down a little bit, and then we put on vanilla icing, and our chocolate icing, which is a secret recipe. – [Andrew] You were saying you use a lot of different kinds of chocolates, why is that?
– Yes, we used five different types of chocolate. We’re quite picky on our chocolate tastes. And we want to make sure that our customer feel the same way, and have the best experience. – They call it the black and white donut. But others call it the
V, or the Batman, or the, tuxedo. – I like this. The icing on most donuts
can be overwhelming. But actually, it adds a
perfect kick to the donut. – [Andrew] It’s got that same great base. – [Steven] And that chocolate is so rich. – The chocolate really is good. Because you only get that streak, you can really enjoy it, and pick your bite a little more. It’s not overwhelmingly chocolatey. – I thought the streak was weird at first, but I like that it’s only
covering a little bit. – Steven thought it was weird. – I don’t think it was weird.
– I’m telling. – Yeah, go ahead. Oh my God. – I need to stop myself. Adam, would you like a sample? You like that? Go ahead and take the rest. – That’s the stuff. (Andrew singing) I don’t know how anybody
can beat that donut. Just based on value, experience, quality of donut, like it had everything. – Watching her uncle work, that guy is a straight donut wizard. The Donut-dore. – The Donut Dumbledore. – Dumble Dorenut. Dumbledonut. Yeah, Dumbledonut. I’m ready for a light and airy donut fact. – [Steven] Donut Fact. It is believed that the dutch
are actually the ones who brought the donut to America. During that time actually, donuts were not called donuts, they were called, the translation is, “Oily cakes.” – Say the word though. – I think it’s olykoeks. Olykoeks. Olykecks. – I like when a name for something is just literally what it is. – It’s like manslaughter. – We’re going now to a very
different donut experience. And this time it’s a Brioche doughnut. – Does fancier mean better? This is what we do. We find out. We’re the Fancy Boys. – Welcome to The Church Key, I’m the executive chef, Ryan Ososky. We’re going to be making
our brown butter glazed Brioche doughnuts today. – And how did you come up with the idea to have donut on the menu? – [Ryan] I knew I wanted
a brown butter glaze something on the menu. Our pastry chef kind of just said, “I’m going to take what chef wants, “this brown butter glaze, “and I’m going to put it on a donut.” And we never looked back. We have the dough that’s been proofed, doubled in size. We roll it out here. We cut our donuts out. Do the second proof of the donuts, before they go in the fryer. Then we take our portion donuts, we serve three donuts. We fry them at 325 degrees, for about five minutes. We make a brown butter glaze, which is brown butter,
powdered sugar, salt, vanilla. So it’s going to get salty, sweet, kind of a nutty flavor, from browning the butter. I think what stands out
donuts out is the glaze, and serving them warm, I think is truthfully the deciding factor, on what makes our donuts great. – About to consume three
delicious donuts with a milk shake on the side. We’re not sipping at the same time. You can start, I’ll go next. – I’m waiting. All right, here we go. Mm, it’s mostly the PB, the J is a little more hidden. But I like that it streaks
around the outside. It’s a very pretty milkshake. Nice, right? – It really is like a, can you get out of my milkshake? It’s nice and thick, which is what I like about it. – Let’s move on. – This one is weighty. Last one was fluffy. This could be a weapon. – It is very cute though. – It’s such a perfect glaze. Donut bump. – Did not expect that salt hit. – I feel guilty eating this. It’s like taking a bite of
a delicious stick of butter, that’s coated in all of
these amazing flavors. That’s how melty it is. – The icing is a little bit
bitter from the brown butter, and it really makes this
a very satisfying bite. It’s like an evolving
flavor story in your mouth. – It is. – Why did you– – I agreed with you. – Why did you moan when I said that? – I agreed with you, and it just came out that way. What’d you think? I thought after place number one, that Blinkie’s would win. But now I’m like, “Okay,
got some competition.” – That Church Key donut opened up my mouth to a whole other avenue of
flavor called saltiness. Whatever you’re eating just gets, just explodes in your mouth, bases your tongue in its flavor goo. – Ew. Moving on. – Here’s a fact you donut want to miss. Donut Fact. The world record for the most jam donuts consumed in one minute is three. – That’s it? – Yeah, I feel like I
could beat that, easily. – We’re on our way to the final spot. The golden donut. I’ve never eaten an item
of food covered in gold. Why do I want to eat gold? It’s gold. – Yeah, it’s gold. – You don’t eat gold.
– That’s why you want to eat gold. It’s gold. – Hi, I’m Joanna. I’m the assistant general manager, here at Birdies. And this is Katie. – I’m the manager and sous chef, here at Birdies. – [Steven] What is this magical
place we’re in right now? – [Joanna] Basically,
everyone loves fried chicken and donuts. Our co-founder’s restaurant
toward Keith Bae, and celebrity chef Jay, decided to combine those two things, and this is how they came up with it. – [Steven] You just make
fried chicken and donuts? – [Katie] Yes. – [Steven] How is that life? – It’s messy. It’s messy, but fun. The donut you guys will be having today is going to be a chocolate cake donut. We start off with dark chocolate dough, which we roll out, we fry off. Once it’s cooled down, we cut it in half, we fill it with strawberry jam, that we make in-house. Fill the ring with Nutella. Then we spoon our champagne glaze over it, and cover it with gold leaf. The champagne glaze will get
absorbed into the actual dough. So you’ll get a little bit of that champagne seeping into the dough. It’s not just going to
be covered in the glaze. – [Steven] How does it
feel for you as a chef, laying gold on a donut. – [Katie] I think the first time I saw it, I was like, “Really? “Like we’re going to do this, really?” But I guess, now that I do
it so often, it’s normal. – [Steven] Steven gold
donut is not normal. I’m excited. But feel kind of weird. – [Andrew] Chocolate, Nutella, strawberry, champagne, gold donut. – I don’t feel like anything
in my life has prepared me for this moment. – [Andrew] I’m really excited. Not specifically because it’s gold, but it looks like something
that you shouldn’t eat. – [Steven] Lady and the Tramp. – Absolutely not. There’s no way that
your mouth and my mouth are going to exist on the same plane in time and space. – This is dense. Powerful. All right, here we go. It’s like I kissed– – A leprechaun. – [Steven] It is a really moist donut too. – [Andrew] What do I do
with the gold on my fingers? – You lick it.
It feels like a waste to wipe it off.
– Don’t, eat it. – [Andrew] I gotta take another bite. – [Steven] Yeah, I do too. – [Andrew] There is this
kind of alcoholic back taste, a little bit with the icing, which is really nice. – [Steven] It’s a very magical experience. You’re eating gold, but you’re also drinking a
glass of champagne as well. – Here I have this solid gold nugget. It seems like I just
broke it off a chandelier, ate into it, turns out it’s filled with jelly. That’s a magic that I think
is worth experiencing. A colleague of mine, she claimed that she pooped gold. That’s going to happen? – I’m really into that. – Great. Okay, Adam, you’re getting in there. I kind of feel like my
throat is coated in the gold. Like I have kind of an itch
at the back of my throat. – I feel great. Which donut was the most worth
it at its given price point? – The Church Key was really
a special tasting donut. The salty, caramel whole. Blinkie’s is probably
the most worth it for me. That basic glazed donut that
they make is just so good. Adding anything to it, it’s just downhill from there. – The gold donut, one
of a kind, literally. It was legitimately a very good donut. But I gotta say, Blinkie’s is also my Worth It winner. After, what, 50 years of being open? They’ve just completely
perfected the donut craft. – Adam, who’s your Worth It winner? Did we just three-way on a donut? – I think that’s called a Worth It Trio. – I think it’s called a Worthagatois. – No. – [Man] Oh yes.


  1. Before y'all say that 100 dollar donut is worth it, consider that u can buy 100 donuts at blinkies. Yes u will get diabetes but still… WORTH IT

  2. Gold on food doesn’t add to flavor, texture, or overall quality. It’s just a pretentious visual topping….”worth it” is fun- but I think gold on food as the top price in so many of the videos boring.

  3. all those little asian family run stores always have the best donuts we have one where i live and they’re great always run out of almost everything by noon

  4. You can buy edible gold for like 10 dollar for 5 off those slices off gold. That donut is like worth 3 dollar. So they payed 13 for making the donut.
    Labor 5 dollar thats 18 lets make it 20. They payed 80 dollar extra for a goldenndonut

  5. I was eating a donut while watching this and it is almost as good as watching Willy Wonka, while eating a chocolate bar 😂😂😂

  6. I hate chocolate, and it’s a gigantic problem when someone buys donuts and comes home to share it, and all of them are chocolate donuts and it’s a huge disappointment for me.

  7. After reading comments from another video of how the bread part of the donut was made for Tim Hortons. Then watching this video is different

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