10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers

10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers

[Music] facts first presents the ten most unbelievable gold diggers number one V stiviano nice TV on O is the former mistress to the former owner of Los Angeles Clippers Donald sterling while they were dating he was 80 years old and she was just 31 he showered her with gifts throughout their relationship the gifts totaled millions of dollars after a very hostile breakup V leaked recorded conversations of Donald making racist comments about Vee bringing black people to Clippers games the leaked conversations got Donald banned from the NBA and she walked away with three expensive cars and a 1.8 million dollar duplex soon after Donald’s wife sued her and B was ordered to pay back 2.3 million dollars number two Crystal Harris crystal Harris is one of the many women who married Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner when the two were together she was 27 years old and he was 86 years old in 2011 the couple was supposed to get married however right after she appeared on the cover of Playboy she called off the wedding one year later the couple tied the knot while he did make her sign a prenup all of the perks of living in the mansion and being his wife will make her millions of dollars according to Hugh the drastic age difference doesn’t mean a thing he just wants to spend what time he has left with his beautiful bride number 3 and a Nicole Smith for a time a former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith was the definition of a gold digger in 1994 the 24 year old Anna Nicole was working as a stripper when she met billionaire oil tycoon J Howard Marshall soon after the pair met they were married nobody in Marshalls family was happy about the marriage and when he passed away he left her nothing in his will after his death Anna Nicole started a legal battle over a share of his estate during the decade long legal battle she posed for Playboy starred in films and had her own reality television show sadly Anna Nicole passed away after a drug overdose not long after her son was born she did not live long enough to see a resolution of the case number four Gabriel Aubry the term gold digger is not pertained to strictly women Gabriel Aubry is a Canadian model who got Halle Berry to fall in love with him the couple started dating in 2005 after meeting at a photo shoot they had a child together and separated in 2010 during the divorce the pair became involved in a nasty custody battle he wanted full custody of their daughter along with $20,000 per month in child support in the end he was awarded $16,000 per month and an extra 115 thousand dollars in retroactive pay Mary calls her ex a bum and she says he needs to get a job rather than living off child support number five Oksana Grigorieva oksana grigory ewa is a russian songwriter who became involved with mel gibson and then had his child in 2009 she is the same woman who leaked Mel’s phone message that made Mel look really bad during the break-up Mel’s legal team offered her a fifteen million dollar settlement in court she made a huge mistake and refused the courts only ordered her a settlement of $750,000 she came back seeking $100,000 a year in child support a friend of hers revealed in an interview that she was always on the lookout for a sugar daddy number 6 Elisabetta Gregg Araki Elisabetta Gregg Araki is a 36 year old Wonder Bra model who found herself in the middle of a scandal it got out that she was offering sexual favors for a job as a showgirl for an Italian television company later in 2008 she married a Formula One racing manager named Flavio Briatore a he was 66 years old when they met the couple as a six year old son named Falcone and have been married for eight years Flavio was once married to supermodel Heidi Klum they also have a son together who Flavio has no contact with number 7 Alfonso Diez in 2011 Alfonso d’Este year-old civil servant and is one of the most unbelievable gold diggers ever known he ended up marrying Katja to Fitzjames Stuart she is the 18th Duchess in Alba in Spain she was 85 years old and her face was horribly disfigured from having multiple plastic surgeries Diaz was able to look past that the reason is likely because she is worth over 4.7 billion dollars her family members were angry when the couple Wed and called him a con artist who was taking advantage of an elderly wealthy woman to make the children stop opposing the marriage she gave her children their inheritance before she died number 8 Darva Conger Barbra Conger is a former emergency room nurse in 2000 she was selected as the winner of the reality television show who wants to marry a multimillionaire at the end of the show Rick Rockwell a supposed millionaire chose Dharma and the couple was married on the spot in addition to winning the wedding of her dreams she was also given a three carat diamond ring and over $100,000 in prizes just seven weeks after the couple were married Darva was seeking to have the marriage annulled stating that Rockwell lied about being a millionaire later that year she posed for Playboy for 1.8 million dollars number 9 Heather Mills model Heather Mills gained attention when she lost her leg in a police motorcycle accident seven years later she got even more attention when she started dating Sir Paul McCartney in June 2002 the couple were married which was four years after McCartney’s first wife died of breast cancer the couple were married for six years and had a daughter and Heather filed for divorce she was seeking 125 million dollars in the divorce she ended up being awarded seventeen million dollars and remarried another wealthy man media tycoon Rupert Murdoch number ten unknown the story behind this photo is that this rather unattractive man won 181 million dollars in the lottery and two days later he met this beauty according to the story she fell in love with him at site subscribe for more weight 181 million dollars are they married yet maybe he would like me


  1. I had my chance with a lady banker BUT those unattractive personality traits surfaced The saying is so very accurate about those true colors showing through in time Sooo i being a "po-boy " that will get married for love only is my only choice i learned a few things about myself and her in the end after calling off the engagement She got engaged to some guy that changed her flat tire on the freeway near her home in Wisconsin this was 2 weeks after i kicked her to the curb going on with my life now is Great just me and my canine buddy LittleBear out here on the backside of this here lake in the hills of Arkansas

  2. In Halle Berry case it is clear that if a man says to a woman that she needs to get a job instead of getting child support there going to be a huge stinky boom. And when she says it to him it stills uncommented by these gender equality activists.

  3. Anna Nichole Smith od’d shortly after the birth of her daughter Danny Beth definitely not a son which begs the question, is the rest of this video accurate??

  4. I'd rather have a regular plain Jane than some chameleon from hell that walks around with all her stuff hanging out just to get some attention.

  5. 2:10 to 2:16 Anna Nicole died shortly AFTER her son died NOT shortly after her son was born. She died shortly after her DAUGHTER was born. Do some research you dumb bastards.

  6. I don't feel sorry for any of these hoes!!! Hoes is hoes!! Hug slays me man..Age doesn't mean a thing.No shit dude that trepid old penis…To you and you only..Green makes these women all fall in love..Or is it you're just so handsome???

  7. 16K a months not much…..Not for a millionaire poor poor black girl..Half black girl. Oh well baby you're a feminist….take it up the ass..

  8. Ur wrong about Anna Nicole Smith!!! She died not long after her son did NOT long after her son was born!!
    She died not long after her DAUGHTER was born!!💯💯

  9. Can I just fall asleep with a decent guy? A police officer cut me a break on a ticket today. That to me was nice and romantic. I wanted to fall asleep on his chest.



  12. Halle Berry is not exactly 80 years old or 450 pounds. I’m sure many of us guys would be thrilled to go on a date with her. But ya that guy pulled a dick move.

  13. Her "son was born" )… no she didnt have son borned her son died. Anna Nicole Smith's, and she wasnt a bad person.

  14. Wow I'm learning new things I did not know celebrities was gold diggers why would anybody want to be a gold digger I don't understand money is not happiness actually money is sadness yes it helps but you don't need all of the money you just need a little to make it through love is happiness😍

  15. Wow, the last pictures look`s like Natacha Peyra(Elena Bell) from Sweden. She changed her name a lot. She is from my hometown. Famouse from reality soap called Paradise hotell, Swedish housewife, glamour model been in playboy etc. Living in LA right now with her rich american boyfriend. Must be a fake photo but some will say she is golddigger. She has been with Dani from A-teens aswell.

  16. I perfectly hate all Gold Diggers why because they are all EVIL as Terrorists are in other country's around the world…. I mean let them all Die Poor someday Yes Gold Diggers of the world because all they do is act like a Black widow to its mate that is the female eats it husband game over if your suckered in….
    P.S. The only way to Destroy a Gold Diggers is to starve them poor….

  17. What about the formula one group founders wife?? Shes 28 years younger than him and is a model who got 1.2 billion dollars in the divorce

  18. unattractive man: watches this video
    narrator: "this unattractive man won $181 million"
    unattractive man: single tear

  19. Anna Nicole died not long after her DAUGHTER Danielle was born, not son.and she ROCKED! Dont be talkin smack bout her! Lok


  21. All gold diggers p*ssies are rotten and loose like throwing a bowling ball down the hallway smells like a bunch of s*** to me f*** all you gold diggers I want to watch you burn in hell while I'm sitting next to Jesus Christ on his throne

  22. I don’t understand how gold diggers are judged for being whores but the husbands are not judged for be shallow perves who only like them for their looks.

  23. Damn I'm disappointed Melania Trump didn't even make the list, she should be gold digger number one to marry donald j trump the fat fucking slob, and what's funnier is when donald dies she'll go find herself some big black cock to ride on for the rest of her life while she buys her new pimp boyfreind new cars houses, plenty of extra whores and be happy just to suck some black cock for a change!

  24. I go on pof all time soon as say I ain't got a car poor out of work thy don't want to know bar few very few, gold diggers I tell ya.

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