100 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Catalyst

100 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Catalyst


  1. Thats some quality content right there my friend! Keep it up =) Do something on XRP please, plenty to talk about too =)

  2. Thanks for the video you make me glad I own some bitcoin.I dont know anyone around me that owns bitcoin.When I try to talk about I get really strange look or they laugh at me.But I am still going to buy more as much a i can afford and keep hodling Thanks so much the video.

  3. I'm a Professional Trader and trade Cryptos regularly and I see now that BTC is in a consolidation phase by the Market Makers and other institutions, they're getting their base together now between 9500 and 13,400, the price is destined to move up because of the halving that will occur in May 2020, they know this now since they've made BTC into a commodity. You just don't make an asset a commodity for nothing, they know it will be around for a long time and won't finish mining until the year 2140 so of course, they would make it a commodity. Prepare now for the boom of next year. Do not be discouraged, that's what they want you to do.

  4. Thats why the next step is to stablish socialism in the US, and destroy the country economic system, once the country is destroyed, one coin will rule them all..

  5. Excellent update! Very well done … thankyou. With perhaps 98% of the world still in the dark, there's going to be a phenomenal explosion of interest in Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies!

  6. They are talking about BTC, but it is a diversion. It is Ripple XRP which is accomplishing the Great Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. BTC is not scalable. The lighting network to make BTC fast for payment failed. XRP will be the standard not BTC.

  7. If you are new to learning about bitcoin: be careful, there are many altcoins (all inferior to bitcoin) pumpers trying to misdirect you.

  8. Like many. Trumps tweet only showed he doesn’t understand the technology yet. Once he does he’ll be very bullish guaranteed. President Trump is also a huge gold bull so. A lot of us old school PM bugs instinctively love our metals until we actually learn the true understanding of crypto’s and blockchain.

  9. BTC Bear here. As the concept of it's scarcity wears thin. However, I do have my BTC hedge and it's not in the coin itself.

  10. The powerful people of the world already invest billions in bit coin. No tell me who manipulate the market. The poor people can't buy even a satoshi.

  11. I'm a trader and I want to let everyone here know that it would be very healthy for bitcoin to come back down to 6k usd before it rips right through 20k. Buy the dip

  12. Absolutely the best, well rounded group of facts that are available today regarding the future of transmittable value. This is not only a hedge, it is the future, PERIOD.

  13. All that proves is that Trump is for Bitcoin, he knows there’s a red pill effect and the exact reaction he was going to get to his statement. Master Troll does it again!

  14. Great video. Evidently lots of research and editing. Nicely compiled into a succinct informative video. Keep up the great work. Svaka čast brate. Nastavi da stvaraš ovakve kompozicije.

  15. I didn't like how you pinned a collapse on the fed meanwhile it's really Congress' spending that's ruining everything

  16. Great Video!

    I'm neither bullish or bearish on bit coin and 2019. I just want to accumulate more because I'm bullish in the long haul. What happens in 2019 is not my focus.

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