$1,000,000 Gold Digger Prank on Cheater Girlfriend!!! | 2018

$1,000,000 Gold Digger Prank on Cheater Girlfriend!!! | 2018

*music playing* In this series that place in emoji on all of our targets where they end up being a gold digger or not in order to Be respectful prevent any defamation and keep you all guessing. Oh, yeah. I also don’t want to get sued Send me your location. Let’s focus on Communicating cuz I just need the time and place to come through Send me your location let’s write the vibration cuz I don’t need nothing else but Today chilling here with the homie fit what I thought, but a manga yet, don’t worry guys. He hasn’t heard Phil now It’s time for you guys to get to know Phil throws actually the songwriter He’s pursuing to becoming professional singer, but you guys know this isn’t a singing episode. This isn’t a music episode know This is a catching gold diggers episode Which means that Phil is here because it was a place his girlfriend to the gold digger text Let’s talk about the girl my girl. My name is Gia. She’s in college right now. She’s a communications major. She’s really sweet The richest guy in the world, but I I’m okay right now, and I do spoil her this like rotten, okay? And I just want to know which you give her guy your number or Johnny look over another guy that has my buddies Cool guys. Well that is exactly why we are here because in about 10 hours We are going to put gia through the gold digger test and it’s gonna be in this test that she’s gonna have her chance to prove her fidelity to Phil and for Phil to see if she really does end up giving another guy her number was a lot more money than he So fingers cross fingers cross fingers cross you ready for this spoon. It’s like I gotta be ready Good morning guys it is the very early morning I inherently here at the location of where this prank is going to happen the rest of my crew is coming in about like two Hours or so I just came early because I wanted to scope out the place I want to find out exactly where I want to set up the cameras and yeah I kind of want to get like a feel for the place and every time you know it is Jesus little nephews birthday today and Go1 the thermal party in the park only problem was she didn’t know exactly which park to throw it out So that’s where we had a fill come in and say yo Gia. I know the perfect park Let me choose a location out for you and guess where that is right Here at these two tables so in a couple of hours fillings You’re gonna come walking down these stairs And we’re gonna have Bill lead gia to those tables over there to set up for her little nephews birthday party little Did you know that? This is the location of the gold digger tag one thing that I always do which I unfortunately forgot to do today before we film Is check the freaking where? It’s sunny right now, but it does say it’s supposed to be cloudy and partially raining by the time We’re supposed to film this prank. Hopefully not though. Hopefully the forecast is wrong and as long as it doesn’t rain We are still good to go Okay guys everything so far is going good Phil is coming in with Jill right now. We’re gonna give it a good 5 to 10 minutes for them to set up then we’re gonna text Phil that he’s okay to make up an Excuse them. Phil’s gonna walk out, and then we’re gonna make her entrance I Think it’s been enough time. I think now it is time to tell Phil that he is good to go Okay, so phil has successfully made up his excuse right now. We’re using these trees and bushes to shield ourselves and here is Phil What excuse did you make up? Did you really I really do Okay, so right now Are you gonna ten just follow Denzel backs with cameras remember to stay hit and stay low don’t let her see don’t make a noise Until we get back, okay, we’re about a minute just discuss. Let’s do this Whoo it looks like it’s gonna be a lip for day Is this for me? It’s just like a welcome How are you turning it’s a birthday party, right? Your balloons are all flying away. What is going on here? You need some tape you need some you need to tape them down You want some help or anything like setting up you want some Setting up this table or blowing up some more balloons or something no you’re good. My name is Sergio I don’t know if you caught it, but my name is Sergio. This is Jordyn nice to meet you That’s awesome what times are happening yet, what happens later? Okay, I’m not gonna. I’m not like I’m gonna roll through another know like I’m I’m wondering what time it’s happening that way I can know if you would have time to go out on a date with me Like if it’s happening like at 2:00 p.m.. We can go out on a date like at 7:00 p.m. No We would make Would you would you like to join me would you like to be my date later tonight? All right So far so good. Why can’t you? It’s not gonna last all night ten-year-old birthday party, it’s gonna be done like three hours for our She’s missing out you know what you’re missing out on Come here, come here. Come here come here. Just stand right here. Let me show you what you’re missing out on Don’t get scared I’m gonna unzip this bag, but don’t worry about anything Gia this is what you are missing out on You probably think it’s just like drug money. This is like criminal money and whatnot this. This isn’t like we actually won The lottery if we hit the freaking jackpot we won two million freaking dollars between them, and I split it half way, that’s million each Well now that you know exactly what you’re missing out on why don’t we go on a date? It doesn’t even have to be tonight like it be tomorrow, or it could be like a new week or something It could be like a single date, just fooling me kind of getting to know each other at first I wanna and then we could do a double date with Jordan I want you being like a hundred percent sure about this like would you like to go on a date with me like Okay what I need you to do now then in that case just put your number my button and Then I will call you either it’s tonight’s if you’re free tonight, I know you said you have family stuff going on sooner Okay Jia I’ll text you either like I said later tonight tomorrow or the weekend or whatever. We’ll talk and everything okay. Let’s go through it honestly, man Some rage boiling up inside I’m really pissed off right here. I really can’t believe yeah like that’s all it takes what happened right now. Then is um I’ll give her her final last chance to back out of this And if she doesn’t end up backing out then we gotta go go running Hey, Jia. It’s er. Do you know how is he setting up for the party gone? Listen the reason for my call was because I don’t want you to feel obligated to go out with me I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you to go out with me like if we’re gonna go on this date Like I want it to be because you want to you know so So you do want to go on a date with me In case you guys were wondering the money that we use for our videos is actually Supplanted by the same company the supply shows at Nauticus and empire their money that company is prop moving money trust me guys their cash looks super legit so if you guys want to pull some epic pranks of your own I recommend you guys go check them out and if Anything go get the aid should look full print stocks, and then blend it with some of your own legal money Which is what we do to make it look even more realistic, but if you guys can’t afford it or simply Just don’t want to spend the money simply follow them on their Instagram because they constantly do free giveaways anyways guys I hope you guys have paused the video to use the restroom I hope you guys have gotten comfortable for the confrontation, and I hope you guys have your talk ease because you guys already know This shit’s gonna be good What the hell is going on to you, huh What are you trying to do to play me you know exactly it’s to pick. You know exactly why we’re coming around We’re having this conversation. Why we I have an idea, okay, so why do you think I’m stupid to you? Why do you think you could just go off and hook up with other guys behind my back And I wouldn’t find out about it no first of all that was saying What was going on the point is that it could have happened to you? It wasn’t going to happen Phil, so I don’t know what he told you but all I did was give him my number No I gave him your number Told him you go on a date with him and tonight that you had anything going on with anyone else because yeah technically I don’t is there anything between you and I yes, there is what wouldn’t it be just around the same page I didn’t simply just tell Phil that she ended up giving you a number These cameras actually been here like way before you even got here because this entire thing was all plans we wanted to see if you Would give another guy your number because of his money And we captured on camera the moment that you did so as opposed to me Just telling Phil that you gave me your number Phil actually saw and heard our entire conversation I don’t know Everything that happened and everything that was so heard everything that was said right I know Moment did I ever say I was gonna hook up with you I don’t even know if you wouldn’t have what I do know is that you gave him your number told him you go on a date with him and deny that there’s nothing going on between you and I guys there isn’t because we’re on a break for the right reasons did not because we don’t want to be with each other right right I know that but I’ve Given guys our number get back with me later right Joe. No Okay, guys you guys have me confused you guys are on a break girl you guys go an hour. What is going on like Basically, yes what we were supposed to be for us to focus not for us to go out and date and hook up with other people right now I’m doing this yeah, you guys are gonna break right now right like you guys think you aren’t together But you guys are on a break But to my understanding what I’m hearing is that you guys have told each other that you guys are gonna get end up eventually getting Back together like you guys. I’ve already planned that out. What’s over there so in that case here You’re saying that just because you guys want to break like even though you’re telling him and promising him Are you guys going to end up getting back together you think it’s okay to go out with other guys everyday I personally would understand that it’s okay for you to give another girl your number because Technically guys. We are on a break we’re gonna get back together. I know Joe Back job is the first time you even gave another guy my number I know that you know if I tell you play like period I’ve never due to the grabbing number See are you absolutely sure? Other guys ever asks for your number of other guys ever asked But I always say no, okay, so why couldn’t you just say no to me? What made me so special? What was so different about me that you ended up saying yes to me in? Greeting on the day and everything I even folds like so many times like hey Are you sure you want to do this? I want to force you into this I haven’t called you up and I told you hey, are you sure you want to do this and you said yeah, I’m down I’m down
I’m down every single time so what we saw was it may be the fact that I had Money the fact that you probably came here your money isn’t nothing to do with that. I don’t know I just told you how many more times I’ve been explain myself to you bill. I gave you my number It was wrong. I get it. I will do it Single that what you want to hear I Don’t give you guys permission to use this for whatever you’re gonna use it for Don’t post it online so what happens now gia What happens now? I don’t know fell you tell me $40 for some why you pack the party’s happening here. No, and I need more. I’m not gonna go over home and finance I’m hard okay. Well I won’t be there completely you don’t want to talk to me right now No, all you’re doing is accusing me of something. I did not even dare Okay, so answer me this question and be 100% completely honest If this was a real thing and Sergio text you tonight to go on a date Would you’re going on a date with him? I don’t know what yes or no I don’t know. It’s not that easy for me to answer right now. Don’t you understand? What do you mean is not that easy it suggests or no question just the fact that you telling me He’s not that he would have done. Yes I Yes, I would have gone out with him. I think I would have Okay, you know what so since that’s how you feel how about this? How about we just say we’re 100% completely single for that way You should go focused whatever the hell you want to do and I’m gonna do what I want to do okay? And believe it full shit, man She’s a gold-digger, you know the money came out. No, no she’s definitely a gold digger though I forgot to give her the show damn it but If you guys would like to see another episode I need you guys to go she’ll feel some love on his Instagram Don’t let him know that Gaea could keep on digging


  1. I’m sorry but I’m on the girls side with this one. If they were on a break then yea saying he was a “friend” is a true statement. And she’s allowed to give her number to whomever she wants. Serigo was persistent af I would have said yes and when asked if I had a bf I would’ve said no bc truthfully I don’t. The guy is insecure and should have never put her to this test. She seems like a good woman who just needs space to think and feel and be young. Was it completely ok to give her number out maybe yes maybe no but she did it and it’s not like she agreed to go f*<k the guy. How tf does lunch or dinner turn into hey let’s have sex. Chill out!!

  2. to all the dumb whores so i'm on a break i can fuck anyone i want now great. even if we agree to get back together in two weeks that's two weeks of open lags

  3. Wow! Why do I feel like these women only care about money, it’s like they are trading there soul for something that made out of Chinese news paper.

  4. Did any one else see that adorable squirrel on the rocks behind them while Sergio was asking Gia out on a date? I went back, watched it again, & could hardly believe my eyes…. that little squirrel was twerking!!!!!
    (Edit: it starts from around 7:47).

  5. Typical gold digger…liar as well and women who want a break is looking for better options it's a women's natural pattern hypergamy at its best. guys any women who want a break from a relationship wants to fuck other guys she is just trying to be nice and does not know how to be honest. That is the cold hard facts of life. Trust them to be women and don't trust them. pump and dump is the best strategy.

  6. Quick discussion. Does this test boil down to asking the question, would you dump the person your dating for a million dollars (or close to it).

    When I think about it that way, the answer seems more diffcult then what I initially suspect. If I had a wife the answer is more clear because of the dedication of marriage, but would someone I have known for less than half my actual lifetime be the person who might stand in the way of my dreams (or possible dreams) that $1,000,000 unlocks.

    What do you all think? Does the answer to this Question seem more difficult?

  7. Yo Phil and Sergio are wrong this time. If they on a break, then she can go get all the nookie she want. He tripping tripping. You can't say you wanna go on break then get mad when the other member is talking to other people.

  8. Sorry but if ur on a break then there's something wrong with the relationship to start with, so she would be able to go on a date with someone else.

  9. 13:26 phil: "what happens now gia?"
    really dude? after catching her you still ask for her decision? just walk the fuck away. grow some balls you simp!

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  11. I feel like this was unfair a little bit. If a chick says go on a date to me & drops a million in front of me. Yes yes I would and I’m texting bae my damn self. Doesn’t mean I’m getting with her just letting bae know we in there together 👍🏽

  12. 🤣 Hahahaha! The start of this video made me so excited! Hahahaha! Sitting on the throne! This is so funny and exciting! Thank you!

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