$1,000,000 Gold Digger Prank on Cheater Girlfriend!!! | 2018

$1,000,000 Gold Digger Prank on Cheater Girlfriend!!! | 2018


  1. I’m sorry but I’m on the girls side with this one. If they were on a break then yea saying he was a “friend” is a true statement. And she’s allowed to give her number to whomever she wants. Serigo was persistent af I would have said yes and when asked if I had a bf I would’ve said no bc truthfully I don’t. The guy is insecure and should have never put her to this test. She seems like a good woman who just needs space to think and feel and be young. Was it completely ok to give her number out maybe yes maybe no but she did it and it’s not like she agreed to go f*<k the guy. How tf does lunch or dinner turn into hey let’s have sex. Chill out!!

  2. to all the dumb whores so i'm on a break i can fuck anyone i want now great. even if we agree to get back together in two weeks that's two weeks of open lags

  3. Wow! Why do I feel like these women only care about money, it’s like they are trading there soul for something that made out of Chinese news paper.

  4. Did any one else see that adorable squirrel on the rocks behind them while Sergio was asking Gia out on a date? I went back, watched it again, & could hardly believe my eyes…. that little squirrel was twerking!!!!!
    (Edit: it starts from around 7:47).

  5. Typical gold digger…liar as well and women who want a break is looking for better options it's a women's natural pattern hypergamy at its best. guys any women who want a break from a relationship wants to fuck other guys she is just trying to be nice and does not know how to be honest. That is the cold hard facts of life. Trust them to be women and don't trust them. pump and dump is the best strategy.

  6. Quick discussion. Does this test boil down to asking the question, would you dump the person your dating for a million dollars (or close to it).

    When I think about it that way, the answer seems more diffcult then what I initially suspect. If I had a wife the answer is more clear because of the dedication of marriage, but would someone I have known for less than half my actual lifetime be the person who might stand in the way of my dreams (or possible dreams) that $1,000,000 unlocks.

    What do you all think? Does the answer to this Question seem more difficult?

  7. Yo Phil and Sergio are wrong this time. If they on a break, then she can go get all the nookie she want. He tripping tripping. You can't say you wanna go on break then get mad when the other member is talking to other people.

  8. Sorry but if ur on a break then there's something wrong with the relationship to start with, so she would be able to go on a date with someone else.

  9. 13:26 phil: "what happens now gia?"
    really dude? after catching her you still ask for her decision? just walk the fuck away. grow some balls you simp!

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  11. I feel like this was unfair a little bit. If a chick says go on a date to me & drops a million in front of me. Yes yes I would and I’m texting bae my damn self. Doesn’t mean I’m getting with her just letting bae know we in there together 👍🏽

  12. 🤣 Hahahaha! The start of this video made me so excited! Hahahaha! Sitting on the throne! This is so funny and exciting! Thank you!

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