1. Hahaa my engagement ring cost only 99€ that is about 106 dollars in us 😂😂 and it is 18k gold ring with some julery stones (not dimonds i dont care for those) 😂😂😂 beaytiful vintage ring from 1940's 😍

  2. Mine is a gorgeous amethyst center with two iolite (blue) with eight 1/10 karat side diamonds in 14K rose gold. It was on sale and the salesman had two $100 off coupons. In total fiance paid $691

  3. Ochre Objects just did not impress me whatsoever. I appreciate the idea. I also love elegance in simplicity. However, the samples shown seemed plain and lacking in character. Nothing I'd feel excited about.

  4. 10,65? if only that was it…… the wedding band was $7k, the rock was 37k……..10,65 would have made my day….

    these peopl3 dont know how to buy a wedding ring and rock – just use blue nile

  5. Bro it’s a search for the ring … we know what this is … is it too late to say I gotta a crush on you Steven:)

  6. It's interesting because when they review foods, for their "cheapest" food, they always find a restaurant that is a very good deal for its price. However, for the $1,065 ring, this is the worst deal of them all, since you are literally paying for that hipster person's "artwork." There is nothing intrinsically valuable to what she has done, and the diamond itself is laughable. They should have found a maker that makes maximizes the value by getting the most significant center diamond (or another less valuable gem) while having the simplest cast, so that the engagement ring is presentable to someone who isn't 100% a Bernie Sander's supporter

  7. The rose gold diamond is definitely my favorite I really do love the vintage one though it's really beautiful and has more meaning behind it

  8. hello,, i have gallery and i have some vintage collection. if you think worth it for wedding ring i choose you for thinking about colour. some color get cheaper with clarity, carat and cutting same, such as champagne diamond. thanks

  9. My engagement ring was $150 at Zales. My wedding band was $400 at Kay. 🤣 Both are 10 carat white gold & a ¼ carat diamond.

  10. Crazy price. My custom design gold and sapphire wedding ring cost below USD200 after conversion hahahahaha! What's the point? Better use the money for holidays, home and future

  11. Honestly I must be cheap as all Hell, because if someone spent $1,000 on a ring…that is too much! I feel nauseous just thinking about that. Honestly if I were to he proposed to and have a ring I would prefer to be in the range of $250 to $750 at the most. I am cheap and I don't care.

  12. So no word on how DeBeers owns and controls most of the diamond industry. With them controlling and making advertising for so long they force a market on literally trash stone, with it's best purpose for use in industrial processing? You can go get a sharpening stone with more diamond than a ring for 0.001% of the price

  13. Go to Jared. I got a beautiful over a carat emerald cut with diamonds around and a band with diamonds..$4k. Lifetime warranty and cleaning 😃 and it was gorgeous!! Clear clean..soo pretty. Comparable to Costco 10k or more rings.

  14. I kinda like the 1st ring, it was a simplistic design and not over the top

    also i'm one of those ppl who think the fact that you need a piece of metal around your finger to show you have a partner is a bad idea

  15. You can tell it's 2019 when nobody is commenting/reacting upon seeing this humongous whale, I mean "big-boned" woman. Most people are basically scared of their own shadow.

  16. Seriously, if you want beautiful Jewellery you need to go to the Middle East – they have so much gold, silver and precious stones that it's not even that expensive 🙂 (especially in Iran)

  17. Watching this as a Jewelry Designer is quite interesting. I love the range they showed and options for engagement rings. No matter your budget, style, ethical or environmental concerns, you can find a ring that satisfies them all.

  18. They should have specified Diamond engagement rings. You can get a much higher quality engagement ring with a 2ct moissanite center for under $1000 and it will shine brighter than diamonds and last just as long.

  19. When my husband proposed me with out a ring. Then we got married still don't have a ring because at the time we couldn't afford a ring. So our first year anniversary bought me a anniversary band. Then 13 years later he bought me a beautiful engagement ring.

  20. Folks if you're looking for a ring go on Etsy. They have waaaayy prettier rings for about 1000% less then what these robbers ask for.

  21. Alrighty or instead of getting a Diamond, which is not actually that rare plus you can still crack it (hardness doesn’t mean its not brittle), get a labgrown diamond. If you want a natural stone, get a white sapphire which has a good hardness and good refractive index (sparklyness).
    Or if you want MORE sparkle than a Diamond (!) get a Moissanite, which has a hardness of 9.25 and a higher refractive index than a Diamond, plus is like 20% of the cost of a Diamond.
    Use the money for a house or travelling

    Also, Vintage is older than 20 or 30 years in Jewellery.
    Antique is older than 100.

  22. As a geologist it irks me to no end when I see diamonds in jewelry. It does not actually qualify as a precious gemstone. To be one it has to be RARE (diamonds are super common stones). It's basically highway robbery. They are worthless. It's why you can find them in the hardware store (just not cut nicely). Diamond tipped tools are not that uncommon. There are actual warehouses filled with diamonds. The price is inflated artificially.

  23. A friend of mine, the wedding photographer Oisín Gormally, is doing an FREE international ENGAGEMENT SHOOT Giveaway:

    the link wont't show here, so you would have to google him

    He pays his own travel costs and would be happy if you tell him about your perfect engagement photo idea.
    Thought people who are thinking of buying a ring could be interested so,

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    Thank you BuzzFeed for the interesting ring experience!

  24. 11:53 you can see why its an SI1 stone. The inclusions are pretty obvious but if you don't mind then go for it. I wouldn't buy a 3 caret SI1 diamond though. Go down in size and get a nicer stone

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