110,000 Gold Giveaway Fun by Tarou – World of Warcraft Cataclysm

110,000 Gold Giveaway Fun by Tarou – World of Warcraft Cataclysm

What’s up guy and girl players of World of
Warcraft. Tarou here bringing you the footage from my latest giveaway of 110,000 gold! For
more FREE WoW guides, check out my website at tarouwowguides.com So, last month since I didn’t give away any
gold, I decided to do a huge gold giveaway on my server, Burning Legion – US. Before
you go transfering over to it, know that I won’t be on it for too much longer. I’ll be
heading over to a different server to play with friends. I’ve premade five questions that I’ll post
in the trade channel for anyone, any level, to answer. I wanted to start at 6pm but knew
some people who watched my video about the contest would be a little late. That’s why
I moved it to 6:15pm. My goal was to give out 100,000 gold to 50
people so, 2,000 gold each. One of you guys or girls made a lot of sense in the comments
telling me 50 people was better since it was my 50th weekly WoW report. While waiting for 6:15pm to hit. I go over
the rules and what everyone can expect. This is around time when trolls and skeptics start
to paint doubts in trade chat. Those are always the people who stay average or worse in life.
Always skeptical about everything. Thinking someone is somehow going to take advantage
of them. Some random player calls me a douchebag. I’m not sure how giving away 110,000 gold
makes me a douchebag but naturally he won’t be getting anything from me or anyone. People
need to live more and be nicer or karma will just keep kickin their ass. Some people were super impatient starting
to trade or would just randomly trade hoping I’d accidently give them gold. Every time
I give away gold it’s such a headache when dealing with impatience and cheaters. But,
rather than let them screw it up for the nice players, I continue to give away gold every
month. A couple players were too low to invite to
a raid so I had to trade them seperately. This person Felz wasn’t very cool or just
made a mistake but.. they tried saying I only gave them 200g. I have video of everything
so after a playback, saw that they got 2,000g and were likely just trying to cheat me. People
wonder why others aren’t nice and it’s because greed and selfishness take over. These types
really do ruin it for everyone and the sad part is these are generally good people but
the taste for gold just takes over. If you’re wondering why I have Hurleypak in
a seperate window it’s because he spams way too much. I wasn’t very picky about the answers to the
questions. If it was close, it was close enough to win. Honestly the only reason I have questions
to begin with is just to have an easy way to find winners. Other times I’ve given away
gold I asked for people to dress up a certain way or just randomly walked around handing
out gold. So this guy Magikarp or something just kept
trading me and I asked him to stop but wouldn’t so a simple /ignore did the trick. Only problem
was he got pissed and was spamming over my question. Luckily though with the new spam
limit, he was quickly locked out of the trade channel and everyone could see the questions
that followed. Towards the end the trolls really start to
go crazy in trade chat saying all kinds of nonsense. I find it very entertaining and
love to watch the people that really know what I’m all about that appreciate my videos
and guides. Haters will hate and also provide me with free entertainment. I love the detectives as well. “So you gave
away 2k to that person and did three questions.. doesn’t add up.” Ofcourse it doesn’t detective
when you assume one person wins per question. Simple math of three questions with ten winners
each @ 2,000g a pop equals 60,000g. While it was actually an accident, Hurleypak’s
spam cost him by getting put in a seperate window. Atleast he admits to spamming. I don’t
feel bad though, he won 4,000g anyhow and was still asking for more. Some people don’t
know how to be appreciative. After the five questions were done, I decided
to give away a bonus 10,000 gold to one person. At the same time I keep messing with Hurleypak
because I want to be nice but at the same time I hate spam and greedy people. My bonus question is “What number am I thinking
of?” Looking at the screen you see I pick 7. Within two seconds I was spammed to no
end and Kkthxbye who must have extremely awesome luck, immediately answered 7 making them the
bonus 10,000 gold question winner. For the next few hours I was bugged for gold
by mostly people who had already won. Was pretty funny and sickening as well at how
greedy people can be. Well, that’s it for 110,000 Gold Giveaway
Video Recap and I hope you liked it. Please subscribe and visit tarouwowguides.com
for more FREE WoW guides and news! Thanks for watching^^! “Now Go Have Fun or Something!”


  1. TAROU… i didnt know u were on sargeras… i saw a character named "Maybetarou" and whisperd him asking if it was you… u said no -.- then i explaind who he(YOU) was and what he did to you.. lol

  2. No way I could do something like that. It's not that I don't have the gold to do it, it's just that id crack from the stress of it all and probably end up weeping in a fetalposition on the floor..

  3. @hitman93926 Get to 85, you would make more gold from quests and dungeons than farmign, and when you get to 85 you can make way more gold overall

  4. @hitman93926 look for stuff that sell well on AH that that you can farm and farm then sell them. Alternativily level up and you will make a hell of alot of gold as you make your way to 85

  5. hello ๐Ÿ™‚ i would like to see a new WoW Gold Guide for Alchemy because the prices are very low, and not only with timelapse and u are talking ….normal speed show how u do that ๐Ÿ™‚ it would be easier for me, because i live in switzerland ;D.
    I play on the german realm MalGanis

  6. I dont think i could do the farming, im dragged out after an hour and a half :/ but seeing you getting gold capped gives me the drive to work harder. Thnx for the guides Tarou!

  7. @buzzeven still you can only have 10 accounts on one server so that makes it a max of 10m, and even then it is a unreasonable/stupid request

  8. back when i played, i had an 84 BE warrior i had to delete to make more room on my server and i had like 6k gold total after i sold all my stuff and i did the give away and people were just like this

    it doesnt matter if you're alliance or on a different server, people will be greedy

  9. Wow cant believe people r so greedy, wait yes i can lol. wish u were on my realm giving away gold that is awesome of u! I have a tailor and i goto the new character starting areas and give out 16 slot bags and a few gold to help out lowbies. good job ill keep watching

  10. When i quit wow and i was giving away all my gold, I went on a low level alt asking for help from random people. When a nice person was actually willing to help a random lowbie such as myself i suprised them with gold ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I just quit WoW. I held a big dueling thing leading up to me. The one that beat the crap out of everyone.. about 10 people.. until he got to me.. lost. I had a fire mage. Everyone had a ilvl around 351 and my ilvl was 351. Everyone was pvp geared.

    The last fight was me vs a shadow priest. He lost but i still gave him 29k gold.

  12. @blaqui1234 only? you act like he is obligated to give gold away. they got 2k gold but even if they did get 200 they should be happy they even got it.

  13. please send me some gold on wow i will be very greatful i will subscribe tell all my friends and give it a like as many times as possible remeber this is my character's name Halein and is on the server maiev

  14. i got ripped off i bought mine off of amazon and the code was already
    used so i couldnt use it im so sad i dont get cata

  15. Dude I Got so Much Respect for you ! You Make All this gold To Give Away Massive Chunks to People Who End up Blowing it all and Cry For More ! .Just Your Solid Patience With Those People is Admirable ! I've been Playing WoW for 2 Years on and Of and Am Always Sitting at about 2k gold Which is Enough for me with only managing 2 Characters Wouldn't know what to do if i hit the 1million Cap ha! id be as giddy as a school boy ! Anyway Just to Say Great Guides and Hope You Throw out More Out Soon!

  16. this looks so stressful, you got a good heart to do this every month! would be an honor to receive any amount of gold let alone 2k. and to still be greedy to say hey gimmie MORE pfft selfish. thanks for the great videos and all the time you take out of YOUR day to help us learn to play this game!

  17. No good deed goes unpunished – acts of kindness backfire on those who offer them. In other words, because life is inherently unfair, those who help others are doomed to suffer as a result of their being helpful.

  18. tarou please make a giveaway for your fans, and not just random people in Trade, post it on YouTube or something and it will help with the trolls.

  19. the ingratefulness is sad :/ i'd take the 2k and then use your guides to turn it into 1 mil! At that point youve given them the start and how to make it to the end! Thanks for the vids tarou!

  20. HI ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm on the sever Drak'Thul and i got a couple realms…but if you can come to my realm and mail Kkungfuupann or Doomisdealth that your still here i will mail you back~!

  21. Lol some people were saying why would.You give a lvl 21 10K gold and its like wtf hes the only one who gotbthe answer right so give it to him btw love ya man gd videos.

  22. My name is cajunjosh you can add me I need help whit a achivement vile of sand please craft it or buy it for me please

  23. Hey i just became a follower u know a lot and i dont play but i plan to if you could give me some tips id love to learn i dont plan on asking for anything because that would ruin the game for myself but like i said i dont play i plan too so tips or in game help would be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Honestly, this gave me a ton of respect for you.. Most of the rich players i've run into have the "in your face" jerk attitude.. It is really nice to finally see someone who is nice enough to give back to the community which he has been getting his gold from.

    Anyone who is on Moon Guard – US my character name is Zaetune!

  25. You must have a good system cause it must be lagging like crazy and with recording at the same time and no lagg. Thats nice. Guys if you have time please visit my channel im new to YouTube and i make short wow movies/clips

  26. i give gold on my realm to new players. ill look for ppl that around lvl 20ish with no boa'sย  and give themย  a few thousand here and there

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