12 Arcade Claw Machine Wins (We Fixed the Broken Crane Game)

12 Arcade Claw Machine Wins (We Fixed the Broken Crane Game)

12 arcade claw machine wins after we fixed the broken crane game we are back at Golden Corral gonna check
out the restock day it’s not working again look but it’s because the thing is
stuck on its totally stuck on the look that’s not gonna come off
there’s a thing stuck right there the string is totally hung on me I’m gonna
try to knock it off okay like this machine got them being totally
stuck on it we’re gonna see if we can get it off the toy shop so I’m just
gonna see we can unbreak it look there’s a Mojo Jojo right by the shoot – yeah
it’s stuck on here we’re gonna see where you get it off yeah there’s a string
hanging right around that screw yeah yeah we’re gonna try to hit it on the
glass and see if we can knocked it off yeah you can reset it yeah it needs to
be we need to drop it on the glass and see if it’ll come up so stop it go back
farther Samantha go back farther nope yep see if it hits the glass and
pops off they’re still on there so it’s got a no it’s just a string hanging over
try a couple of times it’s even get off you’ve just got a push and pop it off
this is okay right nobody’s it’s not coming off it’s move it’s almost it’s the tag
that’s stuck so okay we almost got it it’s just a tag that’s stuck okay we’re
about to get it let me go get it off on the next turn I thought it was a string
but it’s just a tag so I think it’s gonna come off all right so we get this
thing unstuck we might just be able to let’s see see
this will get it off yep all right got it
there hit – good one – no he’s kidding you have to wait some turn got another
Mojo Jojo and so we got Brutus that was choice a double T that’s why it may be
why I got stuck your double tag Bluto all right well it’s out of the way now
that spins right should get right between its legs that’s not fast enough
that wasn’t fast enough green neon green Pig I’m gonna start a
new video in a second I’m gonna try get that generic thing closed right spot
in the Fox here we go here we got the Fox thought like a stomach part of this
sauce she’s trying for the wonder of our key dude he might be to the side too
much let’s see I grabbed his chin maybe the claw didn’t open so the second time
this one’s been broken so we’re gonna try to hit it on this stuffed animal and
that should open it up hopefully and if it doesn’t then we’re gonna have to just
hit it against the glass to make sure it opens and you can’t get anything if it
doesn’t open there you go it open okay might get that unicron for grabs a chin
just right did you went too far forward oh man almost that was pretty good yeah come on grab his chin no it’s pretty
good clamped really good all right oh man II don’t almost didn’t make it Mickey Mouse well I had a debate Sachin cut that
thing’s hit that other thing and knocked it just perfect oh no believable well so
much that one probably getting a good clean okay you
got to get it now you’re gonna get it you’re gonna push it
down into the dead zone all right see we can finish off this green bear
pick them up meet twice and drop them I’ll go towards the body ready all right
there man it’s may be clamped okay maybe I almost had to to annoy him with the
unicorn all right so we got that green they’re gonna try to get this unicorn
he’s upside down now maybe a little harder to get like that’s yeah I don’t
know about that no I said again you can rake him for you got plenty of time okay
nope right in the middle of his head over there just keep pulling okay do
that and then drop it as you’re falling apart you’re gonna run out of time maybe the slides off right it’s around
his neck okay you got the tag Oh get into it all right we got to do another
turn oh yeah we got the thing that was stuck yeah yeah she’s really good at
come on machines all right chimpanzees right under Jim I got a pretty good grab
let’s see if I’ll knock this other thing in all right no it’s this thing does not
want to go in down a little better Bella’s in close
fast enough oh that woman’s getting closer and
closer why is that you don’t want to go in all right what about the crab it’s a
big ball I think you get that redness it’s just like a big round got this
octopus from that sparkly collection and the wonderheart simply a princess one
mini sitting right here you can might the elder grab like we did the Mickey
because they’ve got the stiff ears big chin look at that Oh dead zone day maybe I don’t know yeah
it was sitting you had it just barely fall Scooby’s gonna do the same thing it
grabs his chin I mean you’re gonna grab it the same way of just weather hangs on
or not come on Scooby move Minnie a little bit all right well you got Scooby
Minnie’s Donald there’s a lot of air under in the back now so okay because
you want to get rid that hole see right there it’s perfect
hold on all right Donald that looks okay
hold it oh man he always follows yeah I don’t think you’re getting his head
Donald we go for I can’t see you know what you’re doing do you thing one more
time Clinton thought maybe might hold his foot hold on to him all right well
now you gotta try to get it it’s gotta get underneath his arms there you go
that should do it I think there we go excuse me maybe no it’s hidden too much stuff okay
that’s good let’s see what you got and then we’ll get our drink so we got
Scooby Fox Mickey Mouse wonder what else Sugar Loaf Big Bear sparkly octopus I
guess goofy duck Mojo Jojo you know that was stuck when we got here
we take for some reason you


  1. Try to trap door machine stub please I always go to Dave and busters every other Wednesdays you know. Truck door machines will give you lots of prizes than sugarloaf machines for sure of machines you can’t win anything at all that even happens to me too.

  2. Just try to trap door machine instead I meant I mean I always go to Dave & Buster’s every other Wednesdays you know trapdoor machines will give you lots of prizes and sugarloaf not sugarloaf has a week claw so Sugarloaf prizes cannot give you anything at all that means you’ll get nothing from the sugarloaf machine that’s the fact to everyone.

  3. Nice job guys! Piece of youtube advice try to use ear phones. It makes a gud microphone so air and background noise will be reduced when making videos

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