12 Year Old Darci Lynne ♡ The Singing Ventriloquist ♡ Gets Golden Buzzer ♡ America’s Got Talent 2017

12 Year Old Darci Lynne ♡ The Singing Ventriloquist ♡ Gets Golden Buzzer ♡ America’s Got Talent 2017

My god, I think they do talented am I gonna remember this You’re gonna do great just be yourself My name is Darcy Lin, I’m 12 years old. I live in Oklahoma City Oklahoma and today I’m going to be doing ventriloquism There’s so many good people here I brought my puppet petunia She’s a rabbit and she’s a little shy kind of like me For me it’s always been hard to talk to people I’m not good at guy contact and things like that. I First saw ventriloquism at my church something clicked and I was like I want to do that I thought that the puppets like kind of a friend there to help me along the way My parents surprised me with a puppet on my 10th birthday ventriloquism kind of helped me find my voice It’s really helped me come out of my shell My shyness is getting better. But there’s gonna be a lot of faces out there looking at me. I have to be confident Hopefully I kind of block everything out and I kind of get like a little spunky Puts up my puppet with me. I never would have imagined walking out on to the America’s Got Talent stage How are you angry why you laughing What’s your name? My name is Darcy win. Okay. And does he who’s that? My name is petunia. I told Is it a bunny? Yes Is that a real bunny? Why did you both decide to enter the show well, it was one of my big dreams But also I would really like to keep ventriloquist I’m alive because it’s not common, you know, so well listen to us you best of luck. I really hope you both so much Are you ready? Yeah, I’m all ready hit it what you’re gonna see. Oh boy Let me ask you something How long have you been doing this two years? No No Just two years. I Believe that that rabbit is a real separate person. You have all the nuance Exactly that. I love you and I believe you’re gonna go far. You just changed your life tonight young lady What made you start doing this two years ago, well, I used to be really shy and I asked my mom for a puppet to help me and she surprised me with one on my 10th birthday and Here I am That’s any what’s important Darcy we had an actor earlier on we were very good but I said I’m not gonna remember them in an hour I’m gonna remember you in a week and month in a year And when you’ve got it you’ve got it What you do is really special and I want to know where you found that bunny because wow that buddy can sing so beautifully It was perfect from beginning to end and I loved everything about it. Thank you You’re poppin I’m guessing is exactly like you very charming and adorable You make my heart melt you are brilliant. I’m trying to describe how amazing it was Oh my god Well done I’m surrounding you and I’m so proud of you I Know it Ohmygosh best day of my life


  1. I wonder if Darci has Asperger Syndrome? She certainly has some of the traits associated with it. I was a lot like her at the same age.

  2. Her closing comment right at the end of the video? "Oh gosh, the best day of my life." But no, Darci, NOT the best day. That came for you at the far end of the competition when you walked away with the big prize. You'll go far, young lady. Far indeed.

  3. Do you no what is so special about Darcy. She's no spoilt brat or a show off .just a fab nice girl hope she goes far in the future

  4. one thing I now thay have never rang the buzzer like that be for but  I think your great keep up the great work god bless you

  5. I must have watched this video a couple of hundred time over the past year, and every time Mel B hits that Golden Buzzer someone near by has started to cut onions. And I'm a 60 year old bloke.

    On another topic. The mysterious case of the vanishing and reappearing members of the audience.

    When Darci first walks on stage, at 1:48 there are two blonde girls behind Simon and a dark haired one to his left.

    When Darci starts to sing at 2:51 and the camera pans onto Simon there are two men behind him and the girl to his left has changed also.

    At 3:12 when Heidi says "Wow" there are two men behind her one in a red shirt. Plus a lady that looks Asian. At 3:40 everyone has changed again.

    At 4:14 when the audience stands up the girl to the left of Simon has a shirt and jeans on. But at 4:41 she has changed again plus there is now a woman in a red dress.

    At 4:50 the girl in the shirt and jeans has reappeared and the woman in the red dress has vanished.

    At 5:47 to Heidi's left is a man with a beard. At 5:54 the man in the red shirt has reappeared, plus the Asian looking woman.

  6. My idol was Paul Winchell when I was a little boy. I wanted to be a ventriloquist! Now that we have Darci, I don't feel so bad about him being gone!

  7. I watched this vídeo a thousand times probably. She is so funny, charismatic and sweet! And she sings wonderfully, even with the mouth shut!

  8. She really is convincing as a shy and timid new talent but this girl is a ringer, she has natural stage presence and was already a veteran performer way before this show. Amazing skills.

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